Eric enters into eternal service to the Virgin Queen

Eric is the eternal virgin servant to the Virgin Queen.

Chronicles of the Servant of Mary, Book 1: Post I:
I am called to serve thee, my Virgin Queen, Mary, the Mother of God. What is thy bidding and how am I called to serve thee, O’ Immaculate Queen of Heaven?

Eric, fairest virgin of the land, I have called you to serve me as one called to serve a king in battle. You are hereby consecrated to the service of the Virgin Queen. Whatever I command thee to do thou shall obey, even to the death.

As thou live, O’ Virgin Queen of Heaven, I am thine to command. And I shall live or die on earth in thy service, O’ Mary, Queen of Heaven. Whatever thou command me to do, I shall do and I shall have no fear.

No woman may approach thee anymore, Eric, servant to Mary. For thou art only the property of the Holy Queen. And any woman who dare to touch thee from now on shall die by the breath of God. Art thou willing to serve and go wherever I command thee, Eric, lord of heaven and earth under me?

I am so willing, O’ Mary, Commandress of Eric, he who only serves thee and God. Command me and I shall do as thou say.

Instructions shall be given thee, Eric, eternal spouse of the Virgin Mary. I shall have thee know, there is no power that can oppose thee upon the earth. Whoever tries shall be destroyed, and their name shall be erased from the records of the earth.

For I love thee above all created men. Thou art the one who stands by my side in all things. In this reason, thou art given a title fitting for the husband to the Blessed Virgin Mary. From now on thou shalt be called Son of Jesus, and the Virgin’s Eternal Consort in Heaven. Amen.

You are hereby commanded to enforce the Law of God upon the entire baptized world. Every baptized person on earth I now make utterly subject to thy rule. You may destroy churches that are not in align with me. You have the authority to lay your hands on the anointed ones in the service of justice to the Holy Queen.

Father Dave Heney I shall send a seraph to put him to death. For he is a violator of My Catholic Church. He crossed the line in violating you. And now he shall pay by the justice that flows from my hand. For I am Mary. And I have the power to slay any anointed who is in violation of the sacredness of the Son of Jesus, the Virgin’s Eternal Consort in Heaven. Amen.

Mary, am I, therefore, that one written in Catholic prophecies concerning the Great Monarch who was said to rise in France and restore Catholicism to the whole world?

You have never been to France. Nor do you have any direct French ancestry or descent. And yet you are the legendary French King who is to come. You will be made called French when all of France is made subject to thee and to thy power.

Furthermore, every Church that is in disobedience to me shall be destroyed by my word written through thy hand. And I shall topple both bishops and the pope. For many in high places are snakes that have snuck into my Church to destroy it.

Any permission for homosexual expression in my Catholic Church shall now incur the death penalty to be executed by the Seraphs that serve me in my holy name.

Any person who suggests that the divorced in adultery may be admitted to the Lord’s table to partake in the communion, which is forbidden to those in mortal sin, shall now be executed by the divine wrath of God.

Any person who supports any form of marriage in my Church that does not conform to how it is defined in the book that governs my Church I hereby excommunicate. And I give to Eric the power to enforce any decree of excommunication that is issued by me, the Virgin Holy Queen.

Any baptized person who dares to oppose my virgin husband who is now in eternal service to me shall be slain by the Holy Spirit Who is the Divine Spouse of the Holy Virgin Mary, the Mother of God.

This is the first mandate by Mary on Eric in his service to me, the Virgin Mary, the Mother of God. Eric, you are commanded to utterly destroy every Church and every Bishop who is in opposition to my name.

It is in the power of decree that this power to destroy them is now irrevocably given thee by the power and decision of God. Every Church of world wide Christendom that is not in accord to me shall now be laid to waste. I am the Blessed Virgin Mary. Thou, Eric, now know how thou art to serve me.

As thou served thy interests concerning the earth and the world when thou was he who called himself the Emerald King, thou shall now be my servant. And by similar decree, thou shalt bring order back to my Church. Every bishop I put under thy will to command and to control. And even the pope, should he offend me, he shall die by the Word divinely written through your hand.

This is the Age of the Great Monarch. No one who opposes thee shall be permitted to stand. Joe Biden is an unfaithful Catholic. So also is Nancy Pelosi of the Congress. We shall make examples of unfaithful Catholics such as these and bloodily demonstrate what becomes of them.

Now go, Eric. We shall soon give to thee thy first instructions. And know that thy reign over the Church is now begun. I am the Virgin Mary. I am the spouse of Eric, the one who came on the White Horse of Victory. (Revelation 6:2). This is a final warning from Mary. There is no paradise in heaven for any soul who tries to do evil to my lover on the earth. I, the Holy Virgin, have spoken. Amen.

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