I, the Virgin Mary, have chosen someone else to marry Eric

Anna has failed me, the Virgin Mary. And so I have chosen another.

Chronicles of Love, Book 1: Post XIII:
Eric, do you remember the dynasties of the kings of Israel? Yes, Mary, I have studied them in depth. I have detailed analyses of them. Then, Eric, recall the first king who was replaced by the second king. Explain them to me.

The first king of Israel was King Saul. He was a one-king dynasty. He failed to obey the Lord’s instructions that were delivered to him through the prophet Samuel who was the one who was sent by God to anoint him as king. Because of this failure of King Saul, God rejected him. And He chose someone else to take his place. This replacement was also anointed in secret by Samuel as God instructed him. King David was the one who replaced King Saul. And King David proved to be a choice that was never rejected by God, despite terrible sins and failings. Perhaps it was the obedience that remained in David and his humility and genuine willingness to repent that made him never rejected by God. But nevertheless, even the Davidic Dynasty eventually completely failed. Christ, though, is called the Son of David, but the male lineages that lead to him break when they reach Mary because God, not Mary, was the one who impregnated her with the God incarnate Jesus Christ. What sayest thou, O Virgin Queen? You are my wife, yes? And yet you are this one who bore this Son of David? Can you clarify to me exactly how David is the father of Jesus?

Eric, my lover, you are well endowed with knowledge. If I were to ask a priest this very question I just asked you, I do not think that I would get anything of value from his answer. For the priests are incompetent. They have abandoned the study of the scriptures and the homilies they write or speak are trash. I would, if I had the power, make you the leader of My Church, which I wish to found in you, Eric, my lover.

But I will now answer your question. Yes, it is a Biblical title that the Son of God conceived in my womb by the power of the Holy Spirit alone, and without any sperm from any man of earth, is called in the scriptures the Son of David. It is also understood that he is not David’s descendant. And the two competing genealogies of the chain of male descent from David to Jesus in both Mathew and Luke are really only from David to Joseph. And that they conflict indicates they are mistaken. It really does not make any logical sense for any person reading the scriptures to attempt to say one them is valid and not the other. Rather, the correct way to understand this is to realize that both genealogies are filled with errors. It should never be a surprise that these authorities who come up with bodies of knowledge in the ancient world are always, as a rule, filled with errors. Remember that before the development of science, it was not the practice of those who developed books of knowledge to ever even attempt to verify the truth of what they wrote. For it was in the philosophy of men at that time that everything of truth could be discovered by reason alone. And that is why the scriptures are indeed riddled with historical inaccuracies. We chose you, Eric, to be the writer of these books, partly because you are indeed a scientist. You studied sciences in college instead of theology. Your degree in college as a B.A. in biology. You earned it at Whittier College, where the biology degree offered is indeed on of the top pre-med undergraduate programs in the nation. Your cumulative GPA was 3.2, good enough for grad school, had you chosen to remain in that career path. Instead, you followed your niche and entered the computing industry instead. So you are a man who seeks and verifies exactly the Truth. You are not like those who major in theology and come out college considering themselves qualified to preach in a church. Such a person would not be as suitable to write the Words we write through you. For those theology and philosophy majors are worthless. All they do is to exercise reason and thinking. And it leads to bodies of knowledge that are filled with errors. For such disciplines do not seek to verify that their knowledge is correct.

Science differs from previous attempts by men to acquire knowledge in this one way. Scientists always seek to verify in the field that what they believe is true. Philosophers and theologians simply are satisfied because something they believe makes sense to them. Such is the reason why jobs are only available for those who study STEM (sciences, technology, engineering, mathematics) and why there is no need of any one who majors in philosophy or theology. The knowledge that is developed in philosophy or theology is always, as a rule, virtually worthless. For to acquire knowledge in one’s mind but to never verify it in reality is a truly worthless endeavor. And that is why the Holy Scriptures are indeed worthless.

But the writings here, by Eric, on emeralogy.com, are written through a scientific mind. You are an intellect who always seek to verify what you know. The scriptures record my Divine Son actually refuting that very notion of Him being called the Son of David. For He is in fact not the Son of David. Solomon might be called that, though he is a failed king. For David, despite all the acclaim about him, was actually nothing in the end. The total disappearance of his dynastic rule reflects his total decline as a king in his life.

All David’s greatest triumphs were only achieved in his youth. He was quickly corrupted by the pleasures of women. Eric, when a man knows my Father’s law and then goes out and violates a woman for the pleasure of it, he never truly repents that sin, because he never truly regrets it. Think about it, Eric. David took Bathsheba. He seemed to repent. But he kept her and continued to enjoy the pleasures of this woman whose husband he had killed. Is that really repentance, Eric? David was a clever man, right? He wanted a woman that was forbidden to him. He took her and murdered her husband. He was rebuked by the Prophet Nathan. David said that he had sinned. Nathan said to David that God had forgiven him. And then David continued to love and enjoy this woman he had acquired. Any truly moral person reading those scriptures has to see that something is not right. You are not forgiven if you are taking other people’s property and merely saying words of repentance while keeping that property you stole. That is false to say God forgives that one.

Hence, David was never forgiven of that sin with Bathsheba. For the repentance he did is not an acceptable form of repentance in the sight of God. Father Dave Heney, the pastor at Saint Bruno Catholic Church, who kicked Eric out of his Church merely because he did not like Eric’s form of giving me glory in praying to me the rosary to obtain favors for people looking for miracles, has an identical failure to understand confession as David seemed to think. Father Dave Heney is truly a bastard who indeed fucks women despite his vows of celibacy. And he can never obtain any miracle for anyone. But Eric is indeed listened to by God. That faggot of a priest, Father Dave Heney, kicked out of the Church the only person there who truly has the capability of obtaining miracles for those who ask him for them in the very process of his obtaining them. He is a truly faggot bastard of a priest. Did you know that Father Dave Heney fantasies fucking me and sucking on my breasts? He is always seeking a woman to fuck. And he does masturbate in the confessional, especially when it is a girl who is confessing her impurities. He enjoys asking all about it and how it feels and what it is like. For he is a pervert. And his mind is in utter perversion to all women.

Well this bastard of a priest told the people his own heretical theories and understandings on what confession is and about how it works, while passing this garbage from his mouth as official Church teaching. Eric, tell us what this faggot, Father Dave Heney, said about confession in his homily that you heard this total pervert speak.

Okay, Mary, my wife. Father Dave Heney demonstrated his total incompetence to serve as a priest in his explanation of confession and what is required to be forgiven. So this is his teaching: You just commit whatever sins you wish to do, and then you merely say what you did, and then you are forgiven. He spoke not one word about remorse or contrition. The Catechism of the Catholic Church clearly explains that saying yours sins alone is not enough to be forgiven. Without true remorse or regret for your sins and a firm amendment to not commit that sin again, there is no possibility of forgiveness to the one who partakes in that sacrament. The priest who is giving the absolution is not performing a magic trick or spell on the person. All he is doing is delivering to the confessant what he is empowered to do as a priest in Christ’s name. He is not the one who does the actual act of forgiveness. His absolution merely guarantees to the confessant the conditional statement that Christ has forgiven him of the sins he confessed. It is conditional, though, the confessant be truly penitent. An impenitent confessant receives nothing when he confesses his sins to priest and the priest speaks the words of absolution to him.

Hence, Father Dave Heney’s philosophy on confessions resembles very much Martin Luther’s philosophy on sin. So Martin Luther’s concept of becoming worthy of heaven is that all you need is merely just a covering from Jesus to cover your sins, and that there is no need to eliminate them in any way. Martin Luther’s explanation of what is a justified Christian is merely like a dung hill covered with snow. That is the image he used to explain his own heresies that he taught as the founder of his new and lost church.

But it is really similar to arguing that you can take a slut and dress her up in a white bridal dress and present her as something acceptable to a prince as a bride. And that is utter bullshit! A dung hill covered with snow attempting to enter heaven is no different to a slut who dresses up in fine garments and attempts to attend the ball to meet the prince for marriage. The people who admit the maidens to the ball are fully aware of which women are the sluts and which are the virgins. It is not so vast a kingdom that they do not know who everyone is who attempts to attend. And no slut is ever allowed to present herself to a prince for marriage in any royal court.

So Martin Luther, who considered himself a great thinker, is exactly as you mentioned earlier, Mary. He was nothing but some theologian who developed a body knowledge riddled with error. For it is as you say, Mary. The theologian is satisfied with his body of knowledge merely because it makes sense to him in his mind. They never seek to verify to see whether what they believe is actually true.

And so, this Father Dave Heney is indeed a total garbage spouter. He is well satisfied in his utter heresies and errors simply because they sound good to his perverse mind. He also has many theories on sex and evolution. And just like a theologian and unlike a scientist, he is ever busy building his extensive works on all sorts of subjects on which he has no expertise, and the knowledge he builds is full of errors, which he publishes in his many garbage books and papers for the purpose selling his shit for money. I think some apt titles for Father Dave Heney’s new books should include: How to fuck and bullshit your way to success as a Roman Catholic priest, Sexual pleasures for priests and how to get them and where to go to obtain them, from the sex expert Father Dave Heney, How to turn on a woman in the confessional, for all those bored priests looking for fun, The correct way for a priest to fuck a nun and leave no incriminating evidence, The sexual memoirs of Father Dave Heney as he explores his many sexual encounters and his personal advice on how you score with women.

Thank you, Eric, my husband. One of the real reasons why Father Dave Heney needs his steady supply of money, is that he spends a lot on pleasure. And he is always looking for new methods of getting that erection up. Yes, if you could see what he hides beneath those robes he wears, you would consign him to the penal colony for the criminally perverse. He would fornicate with the statues of Mary everywhere in the Church if they contained some place for him to stick his dick into.

Okay Mary, what were you going to say about the kings of Israel that had to do with your rejection of Anna for me? Yes, I should tell you this before this post is to end. We can ruin the career of Father Dave Heney another time. For we have tons of more material to address about that faggot pastor of Saint Bruno Catholic Church. And we will not stop until that faggot is indeed crucified above the doors of Saint Bruno Catholic Church that face the street to the north. Yes, I look forward to seeing that faggot in agony hanging there for all to see who enter my Church. He has raped me many times by raping and seducing my servants. So I truly do intend to destroy the man.

Mary, I have always wondered how rapists can actually achieve intercourse with a woman who is not aroused? Eric, rapists do not care about a woman’s comfort or her pleasure while they rape them. But a woman’s body will tend to attempt to make the rape attempt less harmful to her by bringing about an involuntary arousal and sometimes orgasms. For women’s bodies have evolved to accommodate forced sexual entries by men to prevent damage that would occur to them if the penetration is attempted against her while her vagina is not yet wet. It is a natural defense of the female body to protect itself while being raped, and this reaction, being an involuntary defense mechanism, is in no way an act of consenting to it.

While you have brought up the subject of rape, Eric, I wish to bring up a new subject that only women would have understanding to. Men, not you Eric, but the typical man is indeed a man driven by the desire to get laid with a woman. It is the general understanding among women that they must let their man enjoy them if they expect to keep him. And this is an error that many women make. But once a woman starts down the road of the harlot, forever will the way of harlotry dominate their destiny.

Love, though, is never achieved by harlotry. And that is why there are indeed so few women who ever truly attain a relationship with a man that is based on true love. That bare midriff you see a woman showing, never think that that woman is a success. Rather, see her as a failure, women. She did not have the patience or the purity to find someone decent who would love her. And so she went forth like a bitch in heat to attract all the dogs to her. A woman who is showing her flesh will never attract a decent man, but will attract the worst of men who catch sight of her. She is no different to a bitch in heat. And only dogs of men pursue such women.

And so, who are the women who get raped in society? The women most likely to get raped are those who are displaying themselves to make men aroused at the sight of them. Women, there are actually two forms of feminine beauty. One form is focused on face and the eyes and the hair and it concerns what is attractive about a woman as the human being that she is. A decent man is looking for a woman who attracts him as a person, and so he is turned on by women where the focus is on what is above the neck over what is below. And the other form of feminine beauty is in the body and the breasts and the feminine curves. This beauty is not meant for finding a husband but for arousing your husband once you enter with him into the marriage bed after you have acquired him. But if you attempt to use this beauty to acquire a lover all you do is to make yourself a sex object that all men wish to lay with. And it is these women that rapists target for rape. These women do not enter marriages, or if they do, the marriages are bad.

Mary, what about the situation of the battered housewife? Where did they go wrong? A woman must never let herself be bullied into marrying an overly aggressive man. For all such women become battered housewives. No, women, there is no way to find true love from the man who forces you to marry him. If a man is forcing you to love him, he is going to be bad for you if you marry him. Do not be like the doe that is simply herded by the buck. Think women. If a man does not show genuine love for you before the marriage, neither will you find it from him after the marriage.

In previous posts, it was in jest and never in intent where it said Eric was to have many lovers. Rather, we were merely mocking men like Saul and David who become kings and then become corrupted by all the women they acquire. No, Eric is strictly monogamous. And only one woman will he ever accept as his lover besides me. I am his wife in heaven, and I choose his wife on earth.

Anna is rejected, just as Saul was. For the first choice is almost universally made in error. For was not the first generation that was led by Moses out of Egypt entirely rejected in the desert with the exception of a tiny few?

Anna failed me in a sin she committed against me, the Holy Virgin. And I have rejected her and her entire family. And I have cut her communications with Eric. And just as it was with Saul, my rejection of Anna and her family is permanent. The sin she committed was one that involved pride and envy.

Furthermore, I have found a replacement, and she will be revealed in a time soon to come. Consider the replacement symbolically like David in that she will never be rejected as Anna has been. These are the Words of the Virgin Mary. Eric is not leaving the earth. Instead, we will have him marry the girl we have chosen for him. The girl we have chosen is also a Catholic, just as Anna was. For it is not for Eric to bring her to me as he brought Hyacinth to me. Eric loves Hyacinth as a daughter. But to be Eric’s lover, for a woman to be suitable, she must be much more trustworthy than what is necessary to be a daughter.

These Words are the Words of the Virgin Mary. The one We shall give to Eric has been chosen. Go and eat your breakfast, Eric. You shall be going to the 10 AM Mass. You attend Our Lady of Guadalupe, in La Habra of Orange County now because nun rapist Father Dave Heney has kicked Eric out of Saint Bruno Catholic Church of Whittier of Los Angeles County over a dispute of taking medicines, a concern that Eric had never had any discussion of with that priest about. It is a perfect catch-22. Father Dave Heney has banned Eric from ever stepping on Church grounds again unless he takes medicines of which the unholy priest has no knowledge except that Eric stopped taking them. And Eric can never comply with that demand because God has commanded him to never take the medicines again. Nor can Eric ever return to that Church to argue anything with him as the dick who masturbates his dick while deciding Church policy has told him by iPhone that he is to be arrested if he ever sets foot again upon that Church soil. And of course Eric can never lie. Eric can never say he is taking medicines when he is not. And so dick masturbating Father Dave Heney has very little to do anymore as the numbers of his flock dwindle. For who really wishes to go and see Father Dave Heney give a sermon he made up as he was masturbating to the porn he watches daily in the rectory?

So, Eric, go and eat and prepare to go to that 10 AM Mass. And now publish this post. And Father Dave Heney, who was thinking that you are now long gone, will be unpleasantly surprised in the middle of jacking off to some porn as he looks at the hot secretary he hired in the office, to see that you are not only still here but that you are going to be here for quite a long time to come. And though Eric has been ordered by God to not insult the bastard pastor who unjustly kicked him out of his church, I, the Virgin Mary, am fully justified to reveal every dark secret and ever semen stain he leaves throughout church as he fantasizes fucking every walking thing that has a cunt.

Fucking Father Dave Heney, go and fuck a sow. And then wallow there in the mire with the rest of the swine. And then you will have the necessary experience to write your new book, entitled, How to enjoy good sex as a priest when there is no woman around to screw. These are the Words of the Virgin Mary. Now go, Eric. For the time is now fleeting. Amen.

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