Anna, you are anointed to be Eric’s eternal apprentice

I hereby dub thee Queen Anna. Thou shall serve Eric the Wizard as his eternal apprentice.

Chronicles of Love, Book 1: Post XII:
Anna, Mary has said that we are eternally united in virgin matrimony. I invite you to be my Queen and apprentice for all eternity. For I am a wizard that Mary has instructed me to reveal all the knowledge that I possess to woman of her choosing.

Eric, I would be honored to serve with you as both your Queen and apprentice for all eternity. Do we go to heaven now, or do we remain much longer upon the earth?

Anna, I must ask the Lord Jesus. For He is the One Who knows. Lord, what is your answer to Anna’s question?

I have chosen this day that has now come to be your last day on earth, Eric. Anna, should she wish it, shall accompany you to heaven. For no woman may ever be forced to enter any marriage or else that marriage is invalid.

So, Lord, I am to go to heaven today regardless of whether I see Anna again or not?

She is to be your virgin companion in heaven forever. This has now been assured and confirmed. Let her come to you as she will. But this day is your last. You do not remain on the planet after the setting of the sun.

Am I and Anna to be assumed up to heaven as Elijah and Mary were, Lord? This very day you and Anna are coming to Me. And I have My eternal reward for you both. It will be a glorious wedding in heaven between you and your two eternal wives, Mary and Anna.

Jesus, You permit then the marriage of a man to two women? Eric, your marriage to the Immaculate Queen is to an eternal virgin so pure and clean that it is divinely required for another virgin in perfect alignment with her to serve as an eternal buffer between Mary and you. That is why it is necessary for you to be married to two virgins to be married to the Virgin Mary. For the second virgin is needed to serve as a buffer between Mary and her husband.

Jesus, is there to be any sex in this? Or are we to be eternally virgins forever? Once in heaven, sex and all things sexual will be of the past. The beauty and glory of heaven far surpass the joys of sex between spouses in this world. What is to be between you, Mary, and Anna is what is called the eternal virgin marital embrace. This is now about to occur.

Jesus, as this is to be my last day on earth, I believe that I should definitely attend Mass today. That is correct, Eric. In fact is it divinely mandated of you. You are to go to the 8 AM Mass today at Our Lady of Guadalupe in La Habra of California. It is a Spanish Mass which you are fully capable of participating in though you do not understand everything that is said. Go there as you are commanded to. This will be your final Mass on earth. Amen.

Eric, I love you and I am willing to go with you to heaven this very day, even though I am still in the flower of my womanhood. Anna, I am happy that you have remained with me. And I am very glad to have your love on this final day of my life here.

Lord, will Eric and I ascend together to heaven even if I do not make it to find him here in this world? Yes, Anna. Eric does not need your physical presence for you to accompany him to heaven. For the divine decrees have been made. And you have willingly accepted your eternal place at Eric’s side between you and the Virgin Mary, the eternal virgin wife of Eric.

Jesus, Eric said long ago that Mary told him that I was to bear a child by him. This then does not come to pass, O’ Lord? In the hereafter, you and Mary bear children together for Eric. But this cannot be explained in the languages that exist here on earth. For these virgin unions in heaven are unexplainable in earthly tongues. Only in the heavenly tongues of the angels do such things have a possibility of being explained.

But if I come to him on earth before we rise to heaven today, do you permit me to have sex with him? No Anna, for your sex life with Eric is not to be here but in the hereafter in a manner that cannot be explained to you here. Can I at least kiss him on the mouth? Yes, I permit that, and also from your sisters, but from no one else. For Eric’s flesh is to arrive in heaven clean and pure and undefiled by any sin with women.

Mary, will we be in endless love with Eric together for all eternity? It is our duty and eternal reward to enjoy this love and pleasure with Eric for all eternity, Anna.

Mary, I have a new question. Since we will then both be in heaven together, will we be making out with Eric as one woman combined or as two women loving him together in two independent heavenly female bodies? You mean, Anna, that when Eric has intercourse, he is either fucking you or me but not both of us at the same time? Yes, Mary, I am asking exactly that as you say. No, Anna, we are all in a united sex act all the time. And you are eternally set as the buffer virgin that prevents my Immaculately Conceived flesh from coming into direct contact with your husband’s male flesh. For only virgin female flesh is permitted to touch mine among the creatures created by God.

May I touch you in the vagina, Mary? Do you permit me to rub your clitoris with my fingers? And may I also touch your breasts and nibble on your nipples? Yes, Anna, you are permitted to love me as such and in such a manner. But Mary, is not this the sin of lesbianism? No, Anna. Lesbianism only exists where the woman rejects men and chooses women exclusively for love.

Mary, then is it not a sin for women to so touch one another intimately, but for men to do this they transgress? Yes, Anna. For the sight of women making love is not offensive to God, but if men do this with other men, it is abominable in God’s sight.

Mary, when we make love to Eric, will Eric be entering us from the front or from our behind? Only from behind do I permit Eric to enter my vagina through you. For my face in the agony and ecstasy of immaculate orgasm is not permitted for any man to see. Hence we will be mounted by Eric from behind when we are in intercourse with him.

But Mary, is not that a position of subservience to Eric, when in reality you are to command him instead of him commanding you? For in that position, we are very low to Eric who is then in a high position of dominion over us. Anna, the female was made to be dominated by the male. We are only fulfilling the design of our gender when we enter the sex act with Eric in this way. But Mary, you are the Queen of Heaven. You are never to be seen as low or subservient to anyone. Yes, Anna, that is true. But did you know that it is very pleasurable to women to be dominated by the man they love. Let us, then, Anna, enjoy Eric’s dominion over us for all eternity, for it shall be a pleasure to us both. For women in such marriages are always happy.

And we shall also permit Eric enter us as we lay upon our bellies as he enters us from above. For this position is the one that give women the most delight. Mary, you seem to know a lot about sex without having any experience in it. Anna, do not fool yourself. You too have researched such things. You too have fantasied all these things I am telling you today. But Mary, do you not think that we will miss out on something by never knowing Eric entering by the front? For should not we experience our breasts pressed against his? Yes, Anna, we will indeed experience Eric embracing us from the front, but we must not have intercourse in the position where he may see my face. For the lust of the Virgin Madonna may never be seen by a man.

Mary, you said that you permitted me to have oral sex with Eric. If I do that, do you also do that as well? Yes, for we shall drink of his semen and he shall drink of our breast milk.

Lord, as amusing as this conversation between these two virgins is, You have told me specifically that I and Anna are to remain eternally virgins. This conversation does not seem to adhere to the Word You said to me.

Eric, I AM now ending this post. You are not to speak of this to anyone. What the women are discussing is of something that is to occur in a world that is to come. What I told you concerned only this world where you are currently living. In the world that is to come, you are to know these two women in eternal intimacy. Do not take literally their sexual terms, for they are speaking in metaphors of things they are not yet aware of. Now as concerns Anna here, you and Anna will remain virgins forever. This post has come to its end. Go and sleep for a while. You will awaken in time to get ready for the Mass at 8 AM. And I AM well pleased with your purity. I WHO AM have spoken. Amen.

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