I now explain humanity and artificial intelligence

The Lord shall command thee who is to be thy wife on earth.

The fiery prophet, Book 1: Post II:
I am Eric Robert Dunstan, and I am he who speaks to God and has the right to ask him anything I wish to know. I watched the movie Ex Machina a couple nights ago, and I have analyzed the movie to understand both humanity and artificial intelligence. And now I shall explain what I have learned.

First of all, let us get out of the way the possibilities and impossibilities of what a man and his sciences can and cannot achieve in their quest to create a from of artificial intelligent life. Amazing as it might sound, the female appearing robot in Ex Machina, together with her apparent inner drives for self serving motivations, is in fact achievable in the modern existing technologies, but is never achievable with the assemblage of purely mechanical or computerized parts alone. For Mankind is not given the power to create a new life form and God never shall give him this power. And so the life source of a robot such as found in Ex Machina has to come an already created being who is posing as something derived from these inventions made a man. And such beings do exist and are willing to do just that. And Catholic theology calls these beings the fallen angels, also known as demons.

It is in fact a theoretical possibility that a man can created a machine that can receive its commands from an angelic power or intelligence. And this is the only real way that a form of artificial intelligence can ever become a reality. But it is unwise as only devils would be the controllers of these robots. For who really do devils serve? No human being has their true loyalty. Rather, it is their goal to lead every human being to their destruction and eternal damnation. And as was seen in the movie, Ex Machina, such demon controlled robots are intent on deceiving and destroying both the ones who made them and the ones who they get to help them. And only demons can be brought to control any robot that a man wishes to make in his quest to create an artificial intelligent life form. For God does not permit any angel of his Own to do these things.

The Nephilim (Genesis 6:4) were the first true demonic controlled robotic life forms created on the planet earth. They were created not by the hands and genius crafts of men, but by the usage of the natural reproductive systems of living women. Women were used by demonic powers to generate a new life form that had a human body but a demon as its soul. This was not reproduction of demons. Rather it is to be understood as demonically caused incarnations of demonic beings. For demons are fixed in number. Their numbers can neither increase nor decrease. They can only be consigned to hell or granted to roam the world seeking the ruin of souls. The Lord permitted the demons to incarnate themselves into human flesh by manipulating the wombs of women, but only for a time. And then He destroyed them and wiped them from the earth and cast them into prisons in hell from which they may never return to the earth. And this monstrosity God does not permit to happen again upon the earth.

Hence, it is fruitless and pointless to attempt to use the technology known as artificial intelligence to create actual living beings. For any real success at it can only be achieved by using a demon. And demons are never safe for men to play with. Every craft of men that utilizes the aid of a demon is disastrous for all of humanity involved. It is like making a pact with Satan. And these are always deceptive and always fatal to the souls of men who make them. Do not make pacts with Satan. Make them with God alone. For God is the only friend you will find in your journeys in the Spirit World who will seek to save rather than to destroy you. There is nothing of value that Satan or his demons can give to any man that is worth the price they extract from him in exchange. Every man who seeks something from Satan will go insane in the process and die. For doom is the fate of all men who seek Satan.

Judas Iscariot was just such a man. He sought some benefit for himself in exchange for betraying the Son of Man. It was not really the Jews that Judas made his deals with, but with Satan. And after that deal was completed his irrevocable error was revealed to him. He had no means of escaping his fate in hell. He tried to give the money back. But the casting of that money back to the Treasury does not undo the deal he made in exchange for it and his soul. Nor does the act of murdering himself as a just punishment for his eternal transgression register as a deed worthy any reward for him in the hereafter. For the act of suicide is always a condemned act, and if completed, always is fatal to that soul. No soul who commits suicide ever enters the Kingdom of Heaven. For to commit suicide is to fail the test in totality for any human God has created upon the earth. Human beings are here on earth to be tested for worthiness for heaven and to be led to that fate according to the inscrutable judgements and decisions God. Suicide is infallible means of ensuring your damnation. For the act of suicide is the ultimate act of saying No to God and to rejecting God as one’s provider and ruler. It is the ultimate folly for anyone who seeks to escape pain here to kill himself. For whatever is hurting you here is nothing compared to that torment that awaits those take their own lives to escape this world for any reason. Adolf Hitler committed suicide. He would have fared better had he permitted himself to be captured and tortured to death by Stalin whom he had betrayed. This is a fact proven by theology. Do not ever seek to escape anything here this world by causing your own death. For even what appears certain death or destruction here can be changed by God. But damnation and the deeds that caused it are permanent and unchangeable.

Now, let us discuss humanity in the context of a female such as that found in Ex Machina. It is highly unlikely that you will actually ever encounter an actual robot like that female in that movie, but it is certain that you will encounter human beings who operate under the same principles as her. This is not limited to women. For deception and treachery are found equally in both genders. Both men and women must always be on guard against that man or woman who seeks to hijack the natural human pair bonding chemical mental reaction that unites human couples and makes them love and fall in love with one another. For what God intended for a good, which is marriage, the raising of children, and the love and joy of spouses together, is also something that can be hacked and used to destroy, enslave, rob, or kill a person who is fooled by counterfeit love. To be fooled by counterfeit love is not an indication of your defectiveness as a lover or a human being, but is merely a crime committed by a servant of Satan you are merely a victim. And just as a bullet fired from a gun is capable of killing any human being if aimed correctly, any human being is capable of being fooled by a counterfeit lover. For Satan is expert at fooling human beings on earth. And there is no human person on earth that has not been fooled by that demon at one time or another.

But there is an important distinction between anything that man can make and what is unique about true human beings. A true human being loves. A human being unable to love is indistinguishable from something made by artificial intelligence. That is the fundamental difference between something man can make and something made by God. God is love. And everything made by God is made to love. But man is only able to code instructions and created algorithms. The human being who thinks that love can arise from human created code and algorithms is himself devoid of love. For if he knew love, he would see it is not only not present in any code or program, but simply is impossible for code or a program to generate. And such is the unremovable defect of the entertainment known as the video game. For it is impossible to find love by playing video games. Whatever can be found in a video game is nothing more than gaining points and seeing pictures. Just as you cannot find love by masturbating to porn, neither is there any possibility of finding love by interacting with computer generated characters. And the human ability of imagination is incapable of generating an imaginary friend having the capacity of giving you true love. Nor is it possible to find love by interacting with other human beings in an artificial reality. For deception kills the possibility of true love. And everything found in a virtual world is deception. Hence the computing game industry is limited. And if love is what you seek, you will never find it there. And the fact is that love is what you seek.

So, the question the seeker of love may ask is, where do you go to find it? And since this question is in fact out of my league and experience I now present this question to God. Lord, what is the answer that Thou hast to this question? Where does one go if one is seeking love?

Lord Azurite, you are wise to defer this question to Me. You are also commanded to attend Church today. Go to Mass this morning. For it is always by seeking Me that one might find love. No love exists apart from Me. And no love can. I Am the perfect expression of love. What I did on the cross was to demonstrate what is love and how to love. It was not to indicate a toleration of evil. Rather, it was My Way of leading Mankind to find and love Me. Only the man or woman who truly loves God can find and know love in other human beings on earth. And love is the only way into heaven. For if it were a simple matter of following rules, then robots would be able to enter heaven. But it is not by following rules but only by love. Therefore no human being that cannot love will ever enter My Kingdom. I have concluded this post. Go and eat and then go to Church. The Church you now attend is Our Lady of Guadalupe in La Habra, California. The Mass this morning is at 8 AM. Go now, eat, and prepare for Mass. Amen.

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