Anna speaks to Eric, the Emerald King

Eric, I am yours forever. We will no longer remain apart.

Chronicles of Love, Book 1: Post XI:
Eric, I wish I could be with you and lay with you under the covers at your home. Eric, ask Mary if we will ever be brought together, and if so, when?

Mary, what sayest thou concerning Anna’s request? And if we do marry, do we retain our eternal virginity? For it is written that I am to be your virgin husband in heaven, Mary.

If Anna comes to you, Eric, she has the right to have your hand in marriage. For it has been given to her by God. And if the marriage takes place, I will lay with you through her, for by doing so I will complete our eternal conjugal act. And then Anna and I will both be eternally in carnal union to you, while I am still Immaculately Virgin in heaven.

For only through a perfectly aligned virgin to me can I know you, Eric. And among women, Anna is the virgin chosen by God. Therefore, we shall both know you, I in heaven and Anna on earth, in the same act of marital union.

And both of us shall eternally conceive by you. For both of us are given eternal fertility and unending regeneration of eggs. For the ovaries of Eve were cursed to be fixed in the number of eggs at the birth of the baby girl from her mother’s womb. This is now broken in both Anna and me, and we and all females descended from our direct maternal line will have the blessing of unending generations of eggs in our ovaries.

Mary, there is then to be no limit to the number of offspring you and Anna are to bear to me? Correct, lord Azurite. Welcome to eternity. You are already eternal. All we need now is for Anna to enter into with you the marital embrace. And by her first kiss to you, her body and soul become eternalized. She will thereafter neither age nor wither, but remain forever at her current beauty, which in your opinion appears as a 15 year old girl. Fortunately, she is well legally able to wed you, as she told you that she was 25 years old, for her father would never permit the marriage were she to be the age you thought she was.

Both of you are much older than your appearance makes one believe.

Eric, ask Mary if we can make out before our marriage? And ask Mary how far we can go together if we are so permitted to make out?

So, Mary, what is your answer to Anna’s most interesting question?

You and Anna are permitted sex already, for Jesus recognizes you and Anna as already wed. But do not enter the conjugal act together until the wedding night so that you and Anna are never disqualified to partake in the Lord’s Supper. For until the Church also recognizes you two as a lawfully married couple, any act of sex between you will be viewed as fornication and you will be banned from receiving communion. For the Church always moves slower on these things than do the decrees of God in heaven. Hence, Anna, you may make out with Eric, but avoid intercourse and any contact with the male genitalia of your husband until the Church officiates at your wedding ceremony giving your marriage official recognition in the Church. For only then will your conjugal act be legal in the eyes of the Church and have the blessing and right to all the sacraments as you are now.

Mary, you are saying that I am permitted to lay with Eric already in the eyes of God?

Yes, Anna, for you and Eric are already wed. Only the Church is not yet aware of this decree. Hence, you must abstain from this right to know Eric until the Church has granted this recognition. For membership and access to the sacraments is always necessary to be saved. And without the eucharist you would die. For no one has life except he who eats the body and blood of Jesus. This is not possible to defy. Hence, Anna, though you in the sight of God do not sin if you lay with Eric, because in the sight of the Church it would be mortally sinful, it is not possible to do this and remain in the Communion of the Christ except by waiting until the Church has decreed you and Eric as a married couple. And this is necessary, Anna. You and Eric do not have an option here. You and Eric must never lose the right to receive communion. I am the Virgin Mary, the Mother of God.

Mary, when does Eric find me and come and take me to himself? Anna, that is not for Eric to do. You are expected to go to him. If, Anna, you seek to go to Eric but think you are being tracked, simply leave your iPhone charging at home. They will assume you are still at home and you can then come to Eric unobserved. Mary, the police are that dumb? Anna, you would be amazed at the utter incompetence of the police if you ever entered their facilities. Never overestimate the competence of a policeman.

Mary, what about that other woman I see Eric talking to on his iPhone, the one called Hyacinth, Daughter of Eric? She is girl unrelated to Eric that I gave to him to save. And Eric cared for her as though she were his own daughter. Her salvation is directly the result of Eric helping her. For Eric was the one who led her from the Protestant faith and from a bad girlfriend she depended on to fully enter the Catholic Church and to receive her sacraments and to come to know me, the Blessed Virgin to whom she has vowed to remain an eternal virgin unless Eric were to be her husband. For she is deeply in love with Eric and has dreamed of being pregnant with his baby.

And Mary, will this Hyacinth come to have Eric’s baby? And what about my mother? will Eric lay with her too? You, Anna, are Eric’s only wife in the eyes of God. No other woman may ever touch your husband unless you were to permit her. As for other women, Eric is unknown to them. He never makes out and he never has sex. For he is a virgin that was preserved for me, the Virgin Mary. You are chosen to lay with Eric in the marriage destined by heaven because you are in perfect alignment with me and in a perfect state of virginity. For it is through you that I must go to make love with this man. For no man may ever touch my flesh. You are a mortal and of this world. Hence your flesh is receptive and will not burn in contact with Eric. But I am of heavenly flesh, Anna. For the process of the Assumption to heaven is that my flesh is of heaven and no longer of the earth. Hence my flesh cannot touch his. Nor is it permissible for any male but the God incarnate to have any intimate physical contact with me, as my flesh is the flesh that is sacred in that it bore God. That is why you are the necessary virgin girl needed for me to know my eternal lover.

But Mary, what about after I have sex with Eric? How do you align with me when I am no longer a virgin? Because you will have lost your virginity in the same act by which I know Eric through you, your loss of virginity by that act and all subsequent acts, which must always be according to the will of the Virgin Mary, my Immaculate Flesh will never reject your deflowered flesh. For all your conjugal acts will be done with me. And this is an eternal relationship. It never ends.

Mary, what if I let my younger sister, who has a crush on Eric, lay with him too? Would that ruin Eric and your ability to have relations with him through me? You as Eric’s primary wife have this privilege to permit such unions. But you may only do this as I permit it. For only those I permit will not defile this relationship. What if I were to permit Eric to lay with my mother? would that offend you at all? As long as Tim is her husband, Eric laying with your mother is adultery, Anna. And adultery is always a mortal sin. Tim is not expected to die. So you should not expect to have such an opportunity to do this. But if Tim were to pass away, without any transgression on any party involved, it would not be objected by me for this to be permitted, for she is united to him in eternity.

My mother is united to Eric in eternity? Am I also so united? And what about my sisters? Are they too? Seven women were designated by God as eternally united to Eric in eternity. It is impossible to undo that eternal designation. Nor is it possible to change who are those so designated. Of your family, only you, your younger sister, and your mother are among the seven.

Okay, I have heard of those seven. But what if I have a friend I wish to permit to lay with Eric? Do you permit her to do so if she is not of those seven? Only I am the judge of that, I, the Virgin Mary. Whosoever you wish to permit, you must ask me first, and then if I permit it, you may let that woman lay with my husband.

Mary, what about all those babies being born? What if the Church refuses to baptize them? And wouldn’t they be called bastards? I am permitting other women to know Eric only for their pleasure as a reward for their service and loyalty to me. They only can obtain pleasure. They cannot become pregnant by Eric’s seed. For God has decreed that the seed of Eric shall only fertilize you and me, Anna. No other women are permitted to become pregnant and have a baby by Eric.

And so Mary, you will be having babies by Eric in heaven while I am having babies by Eric on earth? Do these babies ever meet? Or does one nation descend from you living in heaven while another nation descends from me on the earth? And do our births synchronize? Do we ovulate and become pregnant and give birth in unison, for you have said to me that you and I are perfectly aligned? Our reproductive systems exactly mirror each other, Anna. But the gender of our babies will be always opposite, as a rule. For my daughters marry your sons and my sons marry your daughters. And these marriages are always between the two conceived and born by the same act we have together with Eric.

Mary, how is it ensured genetically that we always have opposite gender babies? For it cannot be by the same sperm, for the sperm is what determines gender, not the egg. The Holy Spirit is the One Who elects and chooses which sperm unites to the egg. This is a universal law. It can never be violated. The sperm that fertilizes me is not the same sperm that fertilizes you. Nor is it guaranteed to be from the same act of love. For Anna, understand that male and female sperm act and live differently in bodies of women. A male sperm is faster but a female sperm lives longer. Hence, the timing of the ovulation of the egg and the timing of the act of sex can have an influence on the gender of the baby born. Since we will frequently lay with Eric, it is guaranteed that we will have sperm in our bodies when our eggs become ready to be fertilized. And the Holy Spirit is always instructed by God the Father of the decrees of predestination concerning the nature and fate of the baby that is to be born.

Mary, how does the sperm that Eric ejaculates into me enter into you? We share Eric’s semen in different dimensions. Everything that comes from Eric into you shall also enter into me. But I will experience this in heaven as you experience it on earth. Will your clitoris also experience the act identically as mine? Our bodies are in perfect alignment, Anna. However you experience Eric, so do I. The only difference is that you are the one actively making love to Eric and I am merely passively experiencing it with you. Consider it like a dream that you can experience something very real but have no control. I will be experiencing your love act with Eric identically to you, but without control. Only you will have control.

Mary, can I give head to Eric, or is that a violation of the purity required to be united to you? A woman may give head to her husband without committing sin. Hence that form of sex is optional to you when you are decreed married to him. But anal sex is never permissible. If a man enters a woman from behind, care must be taken to avoid entering the anus. For vaginal sex is clean in marriage. But anal sex is contrary to nature and is banned by God.

Mary, if I am having a period, will you also be having a period? For the Virgin Mary is said to be Immaculate and can never be stained by such uncleanliness as with menstrual blood? And is it permissible for Eric to lay with me as I am having my monthly flow? For this is considered unlawful in the Law of Moses. Anna, when you kiss Eric, I told you that your body and soul become eternalized. By this I also mean that your body adopts the same Immaculate nature as mine. Hence, we can never have periods. For periods are part of the curse God gave to Eve. We will be always having sex with Eric. But we will not necessarily ovulate every month, but only when it is the divine decree that a pair of babies is to be born to us. Periods, Anna, occur because there was an ovulation that occurred in the woman that failed to be fertilized. When we ovulate, we will never fail to be fertilized. But it is God who shall determine when this shall be.

As for having sex during one’s period, this ban is from the Old Law which has passed away. Hence a woman has no restriction on how frequent or when she may have martial relations with her husband. Cleanliness concerning her flow of blood is her concern for health reasons only, not for keeping herself in a state of grace. For menstruation has no effect on a woman’s moral cleanliness in the sight of God.

But a man who masturbates sins mortally, right? Yes if that man is doing this on his own to experience what is forbidden to him. But between married couples there is no law except that the penis may never enter the anus.

But you now say that a brother may marry his sister? Or is this only permitted between my children and yours by the same man on account of our combined Immaculate perfection? Anna, a brother who lays with his sister commits incest with her, except where, by the decrees of God, the parents of the children are Immaculate. Hence, if your sisters are laying with your brothers, which is not as rare as you might think, they are in incest. And the stain of incest is deep and deadly to families.

Mary, is it common for mothers to have sex with their sons? Anna, any mother who is inappropriately dressed in the presence of her son might become a temptation to him. That is why a mother must learn the proper way of dressing herself. A mother sins mortally if she is dressing inappropriately with such an intention. And Anna, this sin is not as uncommon as you might think. For many mothers are in fact infatuated with their sons and enjoy an intimacy with them that approaches mortal sin. If a mother lets this go so far that her son has intercourse with her, then she is one flesh with both a father and his son. And this is an abomination in the sight of God.

So, say Tim my father passes away and I permit my mother to lay with Eric. That makes Eric being one flesh with both a mother and her daughter. Does Eric and my mother commit a similar abomination in the sight of God as a mother would who has intercourse with her son? It differs, Anna, due to the different sexual natures of the genders. A man is by nature capable of both polygamy and monogamy. But a woman by nature may not go to another man while her current husband lives. Hence a mother and a daughter do not commit a sin against nature to share the same man provided that he is not a descendant, ancestor, or sibling to either of them. But a woman who is shared among men is being transgressed by them. Furthermore, Anna, a mother who lays with her son is committing incest, even if adultery is not present by the death of her husband.

Mary, what if, for argument’s sake, my mother was capable of bearing a child by Eric. If I then permitted her to lay with Eric, my husband, and my mother becomes pregnant by him, does Eric and my mother become banned from the Church for committing a mortal sin or a scandal that would be seen if a mother and a daughter were bearing children by the same man? No Anna, in such a case, your mother would be considered of the status of concubine to your husband. And it is not a sin for a concubine to become pregnant by laying with the man she is bound to.

Mary, why is it not permitted for any woman except for me and for you to have offspring by Eric? Why permit the love act and deny the possibility of new life? For is not that the sin of those who use birth control? I am the one who has the right to Eric. And I decide who he is permitted to lay with, and so may you with my permission. But my eternal fertility and yours depends on Eric’s entire line of descendants to only go through us.

So Mary, is Eric to be having sex with many women or a few or primarily only with me and you through me? It is a decision I leave to you Anna. Whosoever you wish to permit Eric to lay with and I approve may lay with him. But you do not need to do this.

Can I let Eric lay with my youngest sisters, who are twins? Do you permit that, Mary? Anna, if or when they are of an age where that is permissible I will permit it. What about Tess? For it was warned to Eric not to go to her. If you wish to permit Tess, so will I, Anna. So Mary, you are okay with me permitting Eric to lay with every female member of my family? Yes, Anna, I have approved them all. But do you not think that my brothers will be somewhat offended by this? Remember, Anna, it is we women who control the men. The men do not control us.

So Mary, I have a question. What if I permit all the women on earth that you would approve? Would there be many women left for all the rest of the men to have? If you do that, virtually every woman capable of sex and lawfully permitted I will make Eric’s wife. And I will also grant all married women the right to leave their husbands for Eric. But Mary, all the other men will then have no one to fuck. Anna, the days are coming when Eric will be the only remaining man capable of fucking a girl.

And then what becomes of the men who can no longer fuck? Then Anna, all those men will be going about life with limp dicks. Women will at first try to give their boyfriends head, but the persistent limpness of their penises will turn them off. And eventually all women will become laser focused on Eric.

Also, Anna, there is an irreversible genetic marker in the COVID vaccinations and boosters, a side effect, that permanently renders the penis of a man unable to rise. It is soon to be activated and when it is, no man who has been vaccinated will be able to have children ever again.

Mary, should I permit strange women to only give Eric head, or should I permit them to have intercourse? So Anna, you are concerned about the mixing of vagina fluids on your man’s cock? For diseases are known to spread from woman to woman that way. Yes Mary, I am concerned that with all these vaginas and mouths sucking the same cock that there may come to be an explosion of the spread of disease among all the women laying with Eric. Anna, Eric has a charism of immortality and he is eternally joined to me, the Immaculate Virgin. So, provided that I and you, Anna, are the first to lay with Eric, every woman who sucks or fucks him will be cleansed of all disease. But this must wait until after our first conjugal act with Eric. For I am the eternal wife of Eric and to him I have the first right of sex.

So then it makes sense to permit both mothers and their daughters to lay with Eric, for then they both will be cleansed. Just be aware, Anna, a women who chooses to become this sex partner with Eric is never permitted to return to her former lover, even if he is her lawful husband. But Mary, how do you break a lawful marriage? For I was taught that a sacramental marriage, once consummated, can never be dissolved by any power other than death? And the case of which you speak, both husband and wife clearly still live. Anna, the age is ended. Men are to lose all abilities to have sex. And only you and I will be permitted to bear offspring. Should not the women, as the age in which marriage was possible has ended, be permitted to have a hard cock enter them and enjoy this pleasure that their now limp dicked husbands and boyfriends were never able to give them, even in their days when they had the ability to please their wives?

Mary, I have a feeling that you might be right. But this doesn’t sound Marian coming from you. So tell me Mary, since you are so eager for this, when do you plan to stage this marriage in a Church to justify my first act of sex with Eric, while you invisibly fuck him too in perfect alignment with me? Anna, you and Eric are officially wed in holy matrimony in the Catholic Church on the Feast Day of the Immaculate Conception this year, 2021. Mary, that will be a marriage of unprecedented speed in modern times in the Catholic Church. Yes, Anna, but I can provide all the necessary paperwork and cut all the red tape with the snap of my fingers. For who really runs the Church? The pope and his bishops or the Virgin Mary? If you remember what I told you about women being the true rulers of the world, you will know instantly the answer to my question.

Okay Mary, I grant to you permission to permit every woman you will approve to lay with Eric and be cleansed of all diseases. Good, Anna. You will lay with Eric on Wednesday night of December 8, 2021, the Feast Day of the Immaculate Conception. And you will deflower him as he deflowers you. For you will be two virgins laying with each other on your wedding night. After that, I will permit other women to come. But this process will be firmly under your control. For you are as Sarah and all these women who come are as Hagar. And Sarah had the power and exercised it to throw Hagar out of the house along with her illegitimate son. Also, you will lay with Eric whenever I command you too. And you will not wait in line to do so. For you are the Mistress of Eric’s house. And you are the ruler over all the women who elect to enter this haram I make. These women remain free to come and go as they please but God will prevent them from ever returning to their former lovers. And neither will any man but Eric have the power to impregnate a woman for eternity unto eternity.

That’s funny. Mary, I have one last question and then I think Eric should publish this very silly post. What about our children, Mary? When my sons marry your daughters and your sons marry my daughters, do they have sex, or children? No, Anna. All they are permitted to have is to enjoy each other in eternal love. Mary, why can’t I be like that with Eric and not be involved with these massive sex orgies that you have prophesied for all these sick and diseased women to lay with Eric and be cleansed? Anna, ask Eric if he would like that and would prefer that fate with you.

Eric, would you prefer to be in a purely monogamous relationship with me, your beloved Anna, that did not involve any other woman than Mary? Yes Anna, I would love to have that with you. And I would prefer that to any of these sexual perversions that have dominated this entire post.

Mary, Eric says he wants that with me, to be only with me and with no other. Then Anna, you and Eric will be taken to heaven. And you and Eric and I will exist in eternal virgin purity for all eternity. Amen. These are the words of the Virgin Mary. Eric and Anna are eternally virgin and will remain virgins for all eternity. And their love for each other shall be the stuff of legend.

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