I would marry for love alone

What Jesus did on the cross was a demonstration of love, not of a toleration of evil.

Chronicles of Love, Book 1: Post X:
I am Eric Robert Dunstan, an Oracle of the Lord. That means I can directly talk to Jesus and Mary and ask them any questions and receive answers back from them clearly spoken to me in my own native language, which is English, the same language in which I am writing this post in. As a true Oracle of the Lord who truly serves Jesus, I am mandated to answer anyone’s questions who comes to me to ask them. And I am mandated to, if someone should do this, to always ask the Lord or Mary for the answer to their question and to never come up with the answer myself. Furthermore, the full answer God tells me I am to tell back to that person who asked the question. Also, as I am just like Moses in this regard, there is no real long wait between the time I ask God the question and the time I receive the answer. Hence you who come to me never need to wait long and you certainly do not need to go away and come back later to receive the answer. I am not like the false wizard of Oz who always delays giving the answers to those who ask him. Those who do such things do so because they really do not have any good answers. All the wizard of Oz actually did was to give them his own answers, which they could really have come up with themselves had they tried. The answers I give are from God. You cannot come up with these answers yourself, for the knowledge in them is not from a man but from God. And finally, this service I do is to be done totally free of charge. And any offer of payment for it is to be flatly refused. Any persistent request to thank me will be met with this alternative: If you truly wish to do something good to God in return for this service, then go and find someone other than me in this world who is in need and show him that mercy he needs from you. And in that way you will be paying back to God what God has done for you through me.

Furthermore, I am to refuse no one who comes to me to ask a question. And I am commanded to speak to no one concerning what anyone has asked me. This is an absolute fact. Hence, if I am approached by a terrorist planning to blow up the Golden Gate Bridge, and he tells me in complete detail his entire plans and indicates a true intention of carrying it out, but he has approached me because I am the Oracle and he seeks an answer to a question from God, I am mandated by God to answer all that God tells me to answer to him, and I am absolutely forbidden to reveal nor to record down nor to communicate to any other soul in this world anything he said to me. And if he does go and carry out his plans exactly as he said he would, and I see the Golden Gate Bridge totally blown to bits, along with the deaths of everyone who was on it at the time, I would feel absolutely no guilt. For I am a prophet called to serve the Lord, and Him alone do I serve and no other. Whatever God commands of Me I do, and I feel no guilt whatsoever for the consequences. For no one is guilty who does exactly as the Lord commands him to. And no power can order me to do anything God has commanded me not to do. Anyone who attempts to force me to disobey the Lord’s commands will be slain by God. And realize exactly to whom I owe my allegiance to. I have made an eternal vow of allegiance to the Blessed Virgin Mary. No other creature has the right or power to command me to do anything. And her orders to me come directly from her. I never accept any person’s claim that Mary or Jesus has ordered me to do anything unless I consult the Lord and verify that their claim is true. If the pope, the bishop, or any priest commands me to do anything, I will say to them that their rule is limited to the confines of the Church. And any order they say concerning morality I will verify first if it is coming from God. And if it is not from God but from them I will ignore their orders. For I obey God, not men.

Furthermore, I am mandated to accept questions from anyone who approaches me. I will answer you and listen to whatever you wish to ask me whether you come to me as a man, a woman, or a child. Even if you are diseased I will not avoid you in any way. For I am immortal and I can never be destroyed. You can come to me as one infected with COVID-19, with AIDS, with leprosy, or even the Black Death, and I will meet with you and answer you in full all that you seek from God. And after meeting you I do not do any such things like take a COVID-19 test. Rather, just as God has mandated that I never take any COVID-19 vaccinations, neither will I ever submit to be tested for having that disease. For God is never to be tested.

Nor do I reject anyone for their past or present sins or crimes. I will hear you and answer your questions whether you come to me as a convict, a fugitive, a sex offender, a rapist, a child molester, a kidnapper, a drug lord, or any other violator of the laws of God or man and do nothing against you if you come seeking answers from God. But any prisoner you have with you may also ask me anything. And if you violate their rights to ask me a question I have the authority to destroy you. And if I have knowledge of a prisoner you have, I have the right to approach him or her if there is any indication from them or from God that they wish to ask me anything. Do not get in a fight with the Oracle. For God shows me every move you intend to make. Any attempt to defeat me will be your last fight on earth.

For it was said that I was the Lord’s king piece on the Chessboard. I will now tell you what I have now become in that same context. Christ has now made me as powerful as a combination of a Queen and a Knight, while retaining the rank of a king. I am one piece on that Chess board you do not wish to mess with.

Furthermore, it is mandated by the Virgin Mary that should I see or know of a woman or a child who is being assaulted, raped, molested, kidnapped, or held somewhere as a prisoner against their rights, I am required to help them in the capacity I have at my disposal. This includes the right to inform the police, for the sake of those I am mandated to help. And if the police are not yet in a position necessary to provide the needed help, I am authorized by God to provide the necessary help myself, and any attempt to kill me in that process will be a fatal mistake by the offender.

Lord, do You give me the authority to kill in any of these things You or Mary are mandating me to do? Eric, the right to defend yourself permits lethal destruction to any such enemy who attacks you in anything we call or command you to do. You have the right to kill if you are in the act of serving Me and an offender is attempting a lethal attack against you. You may kill in the heat of battle only. But if your attacker has been subdued, you are not permitted to destroy him further, but must hand him over to God. Also, any lethal act you do, you are required to report it to the authority and to give testimony that I will give through you that will clearly justify you.

In practice, Eric, you would only be called to kill in the active defense of a child or a woman. There is no other cause by which We would call you to exercise lethal force. For in all other settings, any criminal who faces you will retreat before you and not put up a fight. For criminal men are not suicidal. They do not attack an enemy that is clearly out of their league. Only those men who are intent on evil against women or children have the suicidal trait to move against you in your attempt to liberate their illegally held possessions. No other criminal goal would motivate any man to resist your approach. For the danger in you is real. And every spirit is aware of it.

You hence are called to serve in the defense of those, such as a child or a woman, but this is a service only for God. It is not for your glory. Nor is it to gain familiarity with any of those you are called to save. Remember this is the highest position under God that you have now been assigned to serve. There is to be only the will to serve Me. There can be no other motivation in any act I call you to do.

Hence, you will never act out of revenge against any individual. For vengeance belongs to God. And you serve God. The power I invest in you never permits you to take My glory for yourself. You are not superman. Superman is ego man with power. Rather, you are My servant with even greater power than he. Nor are you to insult anyone. Rather, We are the ones Who cast judgment in the Words We write or speak though you. You never attack anyone on your own. This is an order from the Lord your God.

So if a policewoman pushes you, disregard it. For women are unable to hurt you anyways. Their upper bodies are too weak.

Lord, what if a woman makes a sexual advance that is physical in nature? What is your command that I do? For I am eternally a virgin and You do not permit me to be defiled.

Let yourself be defended by the Virgin Mary, Eric. She is the one who is tasked to see that you arrive in heaven in a perfect virgin state. For women who attempt crimes against men are best left for a woman to take vengeance against. The Virgin Mary is your defender, Eric. And she will destroy every person who attempts your destruction. And if men will retreat before you at the sight of your eyes, you should know that any woman who approaches you with any impure intentions will find herself face to face with the Virgin Mary. And the sight of her eyes in wrath is a greater horror than any man could be.

These Words are now good. I command you now to publish this work. You have more to write, but We need you to carry out things that can no longer wait. Hence, publish this work and We shall write again through you later tonight.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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