Eric rejects the Church

The Church errs in choosing dogma over love.

The fiery prophet, Book 1: Post I:
I am Eric Robert Dunstan. I have been a Quaker, a Lutheran, and from 2002 until now, a Catholic. And I have seen everything that Catholics and Churchgoers in general do. The Church and the churches are not worth attending. For there is no friendship found there. All that is there are preachers who beg.

No, that is not something Jesus founded. Jesus did not beg from those who came to listen to His Word. But every church you go to has the basket handed out for the people to put their tithes or donations in. And they consider it their due. But what are they really doing? They are begging. They are no different from the beggars in the streets. They are begging for money in exchange for a show. And they claim you need it to be saved, which is their lie by which they get you to give them money for their shit.

And what is the shit that the churches preach? They preach that you need to for some reason listen to them to find salvation. And what kind of people are they? They are hypocrites. They preach love but do not help you if you are in need. No, they are quick to call the police to remove the homeless people from their churches. Because they are not really Christians. Church preachers never practice their faith.

And the priests of the Catholic Churches, what actually are they trained to do? What is in fact the Mass really about? Supposedly by receiving communion you become a member of the body of Christ and everyone in that communion are brethren. But in all my days of attending Mass, I have always exited the Church as friendless as I entered it. If the communion is supposed to make these Catholic churchgoers my brethren, there seems to be something seriously defective in it. Because none of them have ever been a true brother or sister to me. No, I have never found any real family or friend in my two decades of attending Mass every Sunday and often on weekdays.

I frequently went to confession and I carefully received communion in a state of grace, carefully following every required rule in the book. And the confessions never seemed to really change anything spiritual in me. Nor did the communions seem to do any change in my soul. I frequently felt guilt and went to confession and I believed my guilt was forgiven. And it seemed to me that I was spiritually fed in the reception of communion as I reflected over it. But why is there no such thing as friendship there? Why are there no real Catholics who actually love?

I don’t know Tim. You seemed like a devout Catholic man. And you had a large Catholic family. And they all seemed to attend Church. But why do you and your family have no trust in me? If I was someone known to have done some crime against women, I would completely understand your rejection of me from having anything to do with your daughter. But does a true member of Christ’s body treat another member of the same body as a monster or a threat to his daughter who does no crime against her or against any other woman? Your daughter is 25 years old. If she chooses to reject me, that is her right. And there is no law the requires a girl to accept any man’s advances. And if that is what Anna wishes that is her right to choose. But for you to choose that for her, I feel that you are rejecting me from being a member of your family. And that is okay but it contradicts what you claim to be when you receive communion with me at the same Mass. Maybe you misunderstood Christ when He said that His communion was a communion of brethren. Because your actions say you are not my brother, but my enemy.

I do not really give a damn about that measly bottle of water you gave me. It really does not make up for your statement by your actions that I am not a member of your family. Because if you say I am not your brother, by what justification do you call Christ your brother? If I had committed a crime, there would be maybe some justification. But you see me daily in Church worshipping the same God as you and partaking the same Mass as you and doing no crimes whatsoever, and you are not going to be a brother to me? If you were Anna and you chose to reject me, that would be your right. But Anna is an independent adult. And you chose to decide for her that I am not even worthy to approach her for friendship? I am not a stalker. I am not a rapist. I had interest in the girl as a possible wife. But you seem to think that I do not have the right to be interested in your daughter? If your daughter chooses not to associate with me, she has her own voice to say that. But you somehow think that somehow you are the ruler of this communion of the brethren of Christ? That must be it, Tim? Because only the One who rules that brethren can declare a brother in it not a brother.

And you have clearly stated by your actions that I am not your brother. And therefore, what does this mean Tim? Logically it can only mean that either you are I am not a brother to Christ. Because it is logically impossible for both of us to be brothers to Christ but not brothers to each other.

It is therefore a logical impossibility for the Catholic Church to be a communion of the body of Christ if I am attending it and partaking in its Masses but never accepted by any of the other Catholics there as a real or true friend.

The Church has its statues of Mary and its crucifixes of Jesus, and I know both of these truly intend for me to be saved. For I have personally experienced them. And they both have visited me in either a dream or a vision to save my soul. They love me and they intend for me to be saved. And if I am wrong in any dogmatic belief by some error that does not stop their love for me nor impede their intent to save my soul.

The Catholic Church, on the other hand, has a long history of kicking people out of the Church because of an error in a dogma or a disagreement that has nothing to do with love. It errs to choose dogma over love. No one is saved by believing a dogma. No, you are only saved by love. Love saves. But dogma saves no one.

If a man is dying and you go and minister to his needs so that he lives, that is an act of love. And that is what saves a soul. But if you see a man dying and all you do is go up to him and preach dogma to him and then walk away and let him die, that is not love. But that is exactly what the Catholic Churches do. They preach things but do nothing for the people. No, rather, they expect the people to do something for them.

I have attended Our Lady of Guadalupe for some time now. And I am now disappointed in the behavior of the Pastor, Father Becker. I have sat in the Mass and when the time for the homily came, I was expecting to be fed something spiritual to help me on my path to salvation. Instead, the pastor comes out to give the homily himself instead of the priest who was doing the Mass. And Father Becker’s homily had nothing in it but endless begging for money.

It might have been tolerable if it were only for one Sunday. But it has been going on now for at least two or more Sundays. What then is the purpose of the Church? What spiritual benefit do the parishioners receive by going to Mass to hear an endless bullshit act by priests begging for money? Jesus drove the people out of the Temple for doing this very same thing. Father Becker, the people come to Church for spiritual food. They do not receive that if what you preaching to them is a request for them to give you money. That is, rather, making the Father’s House from a house of prayer into a den of thieves. Does whatever budget you are attempting to balance belong in the Mass for the people to listen to? The Church is made to serve the people, not the people to serve the Church. You are mistaken. For the Church was established to save souls. That is its purpose. You, therefore, abuse the Church and its members if, as its pastor, you are not saving souls but begging from them instead. You were not anointed to be a priest to beg your flock to support you. That is not the purpose of you flock. No, Father Becker, you were anointed to serve the people. You were anointed to serve your flock. And begging not serving. I do not give a flying fuck if your Church itself is not the brink of bankruptcy. You never have the right to force God’s people who have come to Church for salvation to listen to beggars who should be serving instead of begging. You err to preach the people to give you money. That is contrary to Christ. You think that your budget problems are for the people to solve? Then what purpose do you serve there? You are in error. The very act of choosing to beg from the flock is the very act of doubting the provision from God. And therefore, by doing this, you are preaching doubt and you are serving to destroy the Church.

You Religious of the Church, all of you are simply beggars. Your entire vocation is based on begging. And what is this that you are giving in exchange? A homily consisting beggary? That is a failure. The Catholic Church is a failed institution.

And yet you priests somehow present yourselves as a leaders to heaven, but then all you really seem to do is consume money and then beg for more?

And what value really are in your sacraments? What really is the value of a marriage in a Catholic Church? Is not the sacrament of marriage defined as something done between the bride and bridegroom only? Yes it is. The dogma of Catholicism clearly states that the entire sacrament is done between the couple who marry and no third party is needed. The priest who officiates it does nothing to the sacrament. All he does is to state that the Church has now recognized it. And as a recognized validly married couple they are permitted to receive the sacraments, including communion at the Mass.

But what if the Mass and its communion are themselves of no value? If that is the case, so also is that part that the priest does of no value either. And if that is the case, there is no need to marry in the Catholic Church.

And so, O’ Lord, is the Mass and its communion of true and real value? Lord, I am an Oracle of the Lord and I have the power granted to speak to You. What is Your answer to this question, O’ Lord Jesus, King of kings and Lord of lords, Who is Christ, the Son of God?

I WHO AM shall now answer you, Eric, son of Jesus. There is no value in attending any service in the Catholic Church if you do so but do not love your neighbor. Nor is salvation granted to anyone by mere membership to this Church alone, without having love for both God and neighbor. Nor do I save souls who interfere with the marriage decisions of even their own sons and daughters.

The man called Tim of whom you speak is a hypocrite. He is not a member of My communion. For to be a member of My communion, you need to love your brother. And love is not expressed by rejection of strangers. Love is denied if you are inhospitable to outsiders. I did not form My Church to be clique. If you are excluding people in My Church from entering your group there you are not of My brethren. No, you are a divider. And you are unworthy of My communion.

Do not be concerned anymore about Anna, Eric. For I can give you a wife who is not afraid of innocent men who are harmless to My people. Nor are you to desert the Catholic Church just because of the evil you observe it is followers. Tim and his family, let then go. Forget them. They attend a false communion. And they listen to bad priests. The Church you once attended, We intentionally removed you from there due to the wickedness of the pastor there, Father Dave Heney. For Father Dave Heney is a reprobate. He is only of value for the sacramental validity of the sacraments he performs at his Church. But the content of his messages to the people are full of evil treachery and heresy. It is only a matter of time before he is destroyed by the justice that governs My Catholic Church.

For every other church but the Catholic Church on the earth is lost, for no other church on earth has a Rock. Catholicism is unique in that it has its Rock. And that Rock is the charism I give to both the pope and the Magisterium to faithfully guide My Church without error, despite the inconsistencies of the many voices in authority that contradict the official teachings I have established there. There is no danger of My Church from ever being destroyed. There is no possibility for the Catholic Church to be bought to ruin. No one can ever defeat it.

Now some think that because Pope Francis is in conflict with the righteous interpretations of My Catholic teachings that somehow Satan now rules My Catholic Church. That is a misunderstanding. Nor is it pleasing to Me to see My people rise up against My pope even when it seems clear to them that he is in error. For obedience is greater than orthodoxy. It is better to submit to the pope and to mind only that part of your station that you are given to govern than to seek to appear heroic in defying the pope on issues of dogma or morals that you think you know better than him.

I do not reward people who challenge My Vicar of Christ over issues that are his to decide. It is not a matter of being right or wrong about this issue or that. It, rather, is a matter of obedience to the authority I place in My Church.

Hence, there is no way to enter the Kingdom of Heaven if you refuse My calling of you to enter My Catholic Church. Nor is it possible to return to Me if you, after following Me in Catholicism, you depart from ME and My Communion.

You, Eric, have not departed from My Communion. Rather, you have merely considered doing so. And you were wise to consult Me before departing and exiting from My Church. For he who leaves Me, I never welcome him back. For it is impossible to return to Me if you have tasted My communion and then rejected it.

I know you, Eric. And I know your faith. And so, what were the posts written before this post? Were they Mine or were they Satan’s. They were tests only to test the faith of My people. You shall never die, Eric. Nor is that even a possibility. For I have anointed you as a prophet. And as a prophet of Mine you shall serve until the End of Time. Nor is it possible for you to lose your virginity. For you have entered the perfect state of celibacy in service to Me.

Only a wife of similar commitment to virginity would I ever permit to be given to you. For I will never lead you into defilement nor temptation.

Now, let us turn, for a time, to discuss the temptations of women. Women speak much about their rights. But they also violate the right of men by dressing in tempting clothes. Women do not have the right to show their flesh that they know will turn on men. And this should be self evident. For the baring of the midriff is not harmless to society. Rather, it leads men to seek unlawful sex and to commit crimes against women.

Women, you cannot make your bodies as sex objects before all the men who behold you and then expect all men to behave as perfect gentlemen to you. For it is the natural response in men to become aroused at the sight of the flesh of women that is sexual in nature and because of seeing such flesh to then desire sexual relations with them. Such is why revealing flesh that is sexual does not belong outside of the marriage bed. Clothing that hid this sexual flesh in women was established to protect marriages and to keep law and order in society. For the modesty of women is essential to maintain discipline and order among the men.

Women, you are thus the root of what is destroying this world in this generation because you are revealing more and more of your flesh as the ages progress. The pleasures of the sight of your flesh that should remain hidden are ruining marriages and destroying relationships that would have led to good marriages. It is not merely just a crime against the men. You also ruin it also for the women who seek to obtain a good and holy husband. For where can a woman find a worthy man if you have already defiled them by leading them to fornicate with you? You have, thus, by your bare midriff ruined the lives of women who kept themselves pure by robbing them of the men that would rightfully have gone to them. For once you have defiled them they are ruined. It is not harmless to seduce a man. Rather, it is the act of murder against the future marriage that God had once intended for him and all the lovely children he was to father. For pervert father perverts. And the sexually defiled beget harlots and abominations. No women, your bare midriffs are the ruin of countless marriages that would have occurred had those men not been tempted by the sight of flesh that should never have been exposed to them.

In the previous generations, look back and see. There was morality back then. Men were decent and gentlemen. And look then and see how the women were dressed. No women in moral Christian societies back then ever went about with a bare midriff.

Now women everywhere are baring their midriffs. And women, do you see any more moral men left in this world? Do you see any gentlemen? Rather, you correctly observe that all the men around you are basically sex driven animals. But you fail to realize that it was you who made them that way. You are indeed naive to think that you can turn men on with your bare flesh and then expect to find these same men to remain honorable gentlemen to you. Fools of women you are! You did win your rights to have the freedom to dress as you choose. But you exercised those rights to elect to dress as sluts. And then, by dressing as sluts, you made the men who beheld your flesh become defiled with women because of that and thereby become totally unsuitable for marriage. And then you dare dare turn as though you were an innocent victim to complain about the perverts and the rapists and the sexual monsters that your harlotry is to blame for their creation.

I have, therefore, a terrible judgement to render against you women who have so dishonored your body and thereby contributed to the utter corruption of this world by the lust you aroused in men who should not have been permitted to see that flesh outside the marriage bed.

For you know, do you not, that women are the true rulers of this world? Yes, they rule the world because they are the ones who control who has sex with them. And it is this drive for sex that controls virtually all men. Men are obedient to women because of the effect of their affection upon them. They do as these women direct them because they are driven to seek what only a woman can give to them. It is the primal nature of a man to become the possession of a woman who then has this full power over him to make him do all that she wishes of him.

Hence, when you women dressed and behaved in the manner that men could only have and enjoy you in a sacramental bond of marriage blessed by the Church, the men behaved accordingly in the manner appropriate in properly entering such marriages. And that meant that they obtained good jobs and a means of properly supporting a wife in order to obtain you as their wife. For that was the only way to obtain you and to enjoy you. And the women were then free to choose from an abundance of eligible men those who most pleased them, and by respecting the marriage laws that established that each husband belongs only to his one wife, they kept men moral and holy. And marriages in those days lasted to death and the married women were loved by their husbands and never had any fear of their husband leaving them because the laws of society were totally opposed to such treachery.

But Satan in this latter generation has led women to want something else. Satan has led women to desire and to enjoy the lusting of men for their flesh. You do desire this women, right, but not from all the men? But that bare midriff you display when you walk about, are you somehow unaware that all men are looking at it? Why do you seem to think that your revealing of your sexual flesh in the sight of all is only being viewed by the man you intended to see it? Do you really understand what you are doing? Actually, women are naturally repulsed by the thoughts of strange men looking at and lusting for their flesh. For the profession of the prostitute is unnatural for a woman and is contrary to how woman would naturally choose to live. But you by choosing to bare your flesh that causes lust in the men who see you, you have made yourself a prostitute in the sight of God. And this prostitution of the flesh of women, by such things as the now commonplace bare midriff, has to the detriment of this civilization, become a cultural norm. And it is truly deadly to civilization.

Minoan Crete was an ancient civilization of Europe, in fact one of the most ancient on record. And if you were ever to view the artwork of that ancient civilization, you would quickly note a curious thing about how the women were dressed in it. The women, through dressed in elegant, long dresses, always have their full breasts and nipples fully bare in every picture of them depicted. And these pictures are many and universal throughout the now Greek islands where these remains are found. This civilization was also a very advanced civilization. They had advanced for their time technologies such as running water. And they had a very elegant form of art and a system of writing and a unique sport of flipping over charging bulls, something that is considered too dangerous to even attempt today.

But their advanced civilization did not survive to evolve into something that was to come later. No, they were totally wiped out. They were utterly destroyed. Some even think that this utter destruction that occurred of Minoan Crete was in fact the true basis of the stories that later gave rise to the legend of Atlantis. Perhaps Plato, in his recounting of the historical testimony that he had acquired of that civilization that had passed away, made a common mathematical error, which is often the case in such ancient historical records, that placed Atlantis into the Atlantic and multiplied its actual size several times larger than the island of Crete. But the moral Truth unambiguously remains that the women in that civilization had adopted a mode of dressing themselves that was even more sexually revealing that what is legally permissible yet today. And God utterly wiped that people out.

And I, the Lord, shall now say this obvious Truth to you who live today. The women of today do not have much further yet to go to become identical in substance to the the manner of how the women of Minoan Crete elected to display their sexual flesh. All they need to do is it win the right to bare their nipples. And those rights are currently working their way through the courts and being gradually approved state by state. Like the legalization of abortion and homosexual marriage, the legalization for women to go fully breast naked is gradually becoming a full legal right. It may be actually inevitable due to the undeniable right of women to breastfeed their babies in public. But still in those cases there still has to be a baby with them sucking them. But in the near future, women seem to be nearing the point where they will gain the rights to fully bare their entire upper nude body in public with or without a baby to breastfeed. And then the risks to civilization are truly a danger indeed.

Women, come to your senses before you render your men into brainless idiots. Your bare midriffs have already made the men of this generation into a bunch of jobless animals. You realize, do you not, that the fall of school and college graduation rates in the male gender is being directly caused by the rewiring of the male brain in modern society. It is a common mistake to blame this disaster totally on the viewing of pornography or other things irresponsible men are electing to do. Instead, this disaster of the descent of the masculine intellect found in modern society is directly caused by women dressing in a way that redirects the thoughts and interests of men from learning and mastering the complex skills of the intellect that require 100% concentration in the male mind to successfully attain to seeking after the pleasures that come from merely viewing this flesh they see in the women that are dressed so sexually revealing all around them. For no male mind performs any mental work of true intellectual value that is currently drugged by the chemicals that are released into his brain from the intoxication that comes from looking at scantily clad women or by indulging in sexual pleasures with them.

And given this, what then do you think will happen when you gain the legal right and elect to bare your full nipples with your full breasts in public and then go and make this the new norm as the bare midriff has become today? Do you honestly think that you will gain sexually by that final exposure of female beauty? And is there anything left then for you to reveal to all men who will then see you? Yes, there is still your pussy. But you women then enter the road of risking to having nothing left to reveal to your lover when you finally want him to perform the sex act with you. Tell Me, My sisters on this earth. How do you then propose to arouse this man of yours then, if he has then already seen all that you have to show him. The men of this generation are not simply being rewired to have a different focus. They are losing the ability to have or sustain the necessary erection needed for sex. Their minds have been rewired. And they have already seen everything you can show them, if not from you, then from others of your gender who have.

Just view the porn clip of any porn video out there. Viewing this without letting it become an addiction or a habit will not destroy you if you are disciplined and in control of your sexuality. In every one of these videos, the male organ is limp in the very presence of women in full sexual advance on them. It is solid proof of the modern destruction that has been rendered upon the male mind. A male penis is not naturally in need of arousal at the advance of a female in heat. The human male has become sexually miswired that he requires such extensive efforts on the part of the female to enable him to enter sexual intercourse. This is the reality found in porn. And it is found in porn because the sex there is fundamentally unnatural for a male mind. And this society is geared to lead men to seek porn. For women, by showing men your flesh, you divert him to seek such things. And porn is the easiest and most obvious place to find these things. Hence, the baring of the midriff by women is an effective contributor to the usage of porn found in men. And this is what is ultimately destroying the male mind.

Women, you do not realize it, but the men do not have the power to turn back the clock on this. They have lost the power and the legal rights to control how women dress. Hence, they can do nothing to stop this march to destruction. They simply have no means of stopping you from utterly laying to waste their minds. For you are now the ones who decide how you wish to dress. And you are progressively choosing the path that eventually leads to the utter destruction of the minds of men. You may have the power to reverse your mode of dress, if you can do so universally. For it is useless for one group of women to dress like nuns while another group beside them dress like sluts. For it only takes only one receptive vagina to destroy a virgin male. And once destroyed, there is nothing that those girls who dressed correctly can do to undo the damage that has been done to that male. For a virgin male defiled with women has been ruined and is useless for any purpose he was intended by God to serve. A woman who was set to marry him is better off changing her mind about him if he has lost his virginity by an a random act of fornication.s

For the act of fornication or adultery is not merely a concern about the damages done to marriages and to those he has sinned against. No, it is terribly deeper than that. And this must be heard and understood by all Catholic and Christian men and women who seek to marry in moral Christian manner the conforms to the requirements of God. You are in fundamental error if you believe you are sound in judgement to choose to marry someone who is unable or unwilling to repent the mortal sins is or may be guilty of. Never marry a reprobate. Never marry someone you know is destined to go to hell. For that is the recipe of entering hell by marriage. Your marriage is by definition in a state of experiencing hell if your spouse is damned to hell while still living with you. That is the reason for my abandonment of Victoria Abigail Martinez, who was the one girl I kissed in my life, and who I kissed but one time. She I was indeed considering for marriage. But we went in opposite spiritual directions. I was a Protestant entering the Catholic Church. And she was a Catholic exiting from it. She had a belief in God and Mary and all those things that make Protestants define you as a Christian or a person of faith or as one who has satisfied God’s simple litmus test that he uses, in the Protestant mindset, in choosing whether to admit you to heaven.

And that was why I remained in her friendship as a Protestant while seeking God and thinking about married life. But once I entered the Catholic faith, my mind became opened to the Truth and I became aware of what Christ truly demands from those who wish to be saved. It was just only a little over a year after my reception of first holy communion on March 30, 2002, on Easter Vigil, Holy Saturday at the midnight Mass, just a little over a year of receiving communion in a state of grace and learning about the Catholic teachings and requirements, that is become clear that Victoria was not faithfully following Catholicism. She had abandoned both confession and attending Mass and was claiming that by watching a Mass on television that she was satisfactorily practicing her religion.

But I as a Catholic recognized that she was entering the path to hell. And only false friends permit their friends who are saved to fall away from God. I mean if you let your friend go to hell, you are either choosing her over God or you are too cowardly to take a stand for God even to the cost of the soul of your friend.

I chose to stay with Victoria in her descent as her life was failing all around her because I did not want her to go to hell. But that did not stop me from making the demand that she come back to faithful practice of Catholicism. I attempted to do this by argument, pointing out about the young women she saw at Church who made her so jealous and angry at them that she refused to go to Church to avoid the mockery that she endured from them. For she had by then become what Hispanic society considers an old maid. She was about three years older than me. And the prospect of having children by her was seriously put in doubt by her deteriorating medical condition. For she had a bone disorder. It was not caused by a random genetic thing. Rather, she was an malnourished girl due to the combination two bad things in her life. She was excessively seeking to keep herself thin to the point of not eating the foods she needed, and the other thing was the poor diet that was eaten in that family. For the rest of her family were fat. It was the combination of these things by which her health problems rendered her possibly unable to endure the congjugal act due to all the pain that such and event would cause to her spine and bones. Hence marriage to her was unrealistic at that point. For the Catholic Church requires the ability to be able to have intercourse to validly marry, even if the couple have elected to never have sex. Yes, the man who is totally unable to achieve an erection or to maintain it long enough for the completion of the sex act, and the man whose erect penis is not long enough to successfully penetrate a vagina to have sex or to achieve ejaculation in that act of intercourse is unable to validly contract marriage according to canon law. For the inability to have a complete conjugal act with your wife at least once in the marriage is an automatic annulment of it. You cannot even validly contract a Josephite marriage, which is a fully sacramental marriage where both of the couple enter with the agreement that they will abstain from sex, but which they are free to break and engage in sex later without sin if they mutually decide to so, if you are known to be unable to have intercourse or to be unable to complete it.

The sexual ability of a male is not the same for every woman. Some men, especially in their younger years, are capable of intercourse with virtually any woman. But just as certain women are able to turn a man on, certain other women effectively turn them off. And there are some women who are of a sexual hotness that they are capable of turning almost all men on, though this hotness begins to vanish from them as their natural window of fertility wanes. For the woman loses her natural ability to sexually excite men as their inner ability to bear children for them expires. It is not a matter of maintaining one’s beauty. For a female has fire in her eyes only while her body is young enough to bear children. And this fire leaves her eyes when her chance to have children is gone. It is not beauty, women, that brings a man to seek you. It is that fire. For the male is geared internally to seek only those females that by mating with will give them young. For there is no evolutionary advantage for a male to seek intercourse with something or someone this is incapable of taking his seed and making a baby with it. And that is why males are endowed with the ability to see this fire in a woman’s eyes and to be driven by that fire to seek her for sex.

Hence, you women are wrong to even think that you needed a bare midriff to attract a mate. The man who falls in love with you because of the fire he sees in your eyes will be much more loyal and permanent than the man who seeks you because he is turned on by that bare midriff. And you waste your time in excessive concern about your hair and your skin and your body. You have not realized that true love occurs by the man seeing the fire in the eyes of the woman and the woman then capturing him into a permanent commitment of marriage. That is the mechanism by which couples are joined for life.

But you, by drawing his attention away from your eyes to the flesh of your body, make his mind look upon you with lust instead of love. There is the key difference in the mental state of the male as he is attracted to you as a woman. If he is looking into your eyes, that is the sign that he is in a state of love with you that could lead to a marriage. But if he is looking instead at the things below your face, then you are being approached by man who has lust on his mind for you. And the last thing such a man is thinking about you who is driven by such lust is entering a marriage with you. For lust is the driver animal sex. And animals never marry.

Now I, the Lord, have a suggestion for you women by which you might restore what was lost and bring back the days when men truly fell in love with women and married the one the loved before deflowering her virginity. For if your boyfriend asks you to have sex, he not in love, he is in lust. And this great collapse of the marriage and loss to the world of the true love that once brought men to women to form them, can not be restored while the women are driving the men wild with lust by showing their flesh. For remember it is the eyes and the fire that is in them that leads to the love that forms a true marriage. Hence, you never need to show any sexual flesh at all to get your man. But the problem is that there are no such men if they are always being led into lust by the sluts around you. So, you women who wish to right this ship, you cannot just make yourself modest and clean. You need to force all other women in society into compliance. And this is a task that only women working together can do. For society and law has stripped men of all authority to force this compliance on a woman. The are legally incapable of forcing this change to women for the laws have effectively stripped them of all the power from them to do so. For only women now have the accepted power to tell other women how they are to dress.

For consider the policeman who attempted to arrest and subdue a woman in a bikini. And these videotapes always go viral. And this policeman who may have only been attempting to enforce the laws that are written in the books, is now called a monster and a rapist in the courts of public opinion. Somehow you women have asserted the law that no man may touch your flesh that you baring to the entire world and leading it to destruction by its sight. Not even a lawman do you permit this even in the enforcement of law. Therefore, women, see clearly now why it is you and only you who can right this ship. Your bare midriffs are causing it. Only women have the power to reverse this ship on this fatal course. And the only way you can do this effectively is if you force all the members of your own gender to comply with the clear cut common sense laws and rules of moral decency that basically say you do not walk about with the flesh bare that only should be bared to the man you love in the marriage bed.

But if you women ignore Me and My warning here, America will become as Minoan Crete was regarding the manner of the the way women dress themselves and the resulting corruption this temptation and lust lead to. The women then, with their full breasts bare, will render the male mind incapable of decent civilized thoughts. And the collapse of this civilization would then quickly follow as a natural consequence.

Understand Me, women. You have this innate power over the men, for you control how you dress and you control who gets to lay with you. If you make it so that men are always looking at your flesh, you will effectively render the men of your species into animals. And maybe that is your real goal? Maybe it is your goal to reduce the male gender of your species into slaves who serve only for the pleasure of women? And then you women would take over and assume the leadership roles of all sectors of society? And then, whatever man displeases you in any manner or according to whim, you will have him arrested and imprisoned or put to death? It is in fact already occurring according to this design. Already men are being accused of harassment and losing jobs and positions for simply flirting with women or touching them in a manner that if done by a woman to a man is never condemned. It seems, doesn’t it, that women are gradually taking over this world and subjugating the men to obey rules that do not apply them and to force them into a kind of servitude and subjection to women as the new rulers who will effectively rule over them and control them as their sex animals.

O’ Virgin Mary, Mother of God, is this then the destiny of the earth? Do women eventually wipe out most of the men and keep only those around that they wish to fuck, and these are then simply sex slaves to them and nothing more?

It is as you say, Eric. For despite your powers of persuasion, the women have chosen not to give up the power that the sight of their flesh has on men. And they prefer the results, which are that they are the ones rising academically while their male classmates enter an academic free fall. And because of this, the women are becoming the ones with all the skills and knowledge and are as a consequence rising in ever higher positions in this civilization, while the men are gradually reduced into various states of imprisonment, captivity, and slavery to the women. And whatever man they do not want, they will destroy, cast out, or have imprisoned or killed.

But Mary, is not this contrary to the punishment God gave to Eve that her husband shall rule over her?

Eric, women prefer to rule over their men. They always have and they always will. Moses, in writing that passage, was deceived by the superior strength of men to think that men rule over women. He did not see that it was the sexuality of women that made women the true rulers over the men. For women have always ruled men. For remember that it was by Eve’s will and choice that Adam ate the fruit she gave him and fell with her into condemnation and became banned with her from Eden. Eve was the one who decided and told Adam what to do. For Adam was a love slave to Eve’s pussy. For the man is always seeking the pussy of the woman. But the woman does not have the same level of interest or need in the the sexual services provided by the man’s cock. Hence, whenever the woman feels in need of the man’s sexual favors, he is always ready to give them to her, but the men who wish to have sex with a woman are always dependent on the decision of the woman to allow or to permit it. And this is the biological nature of the human species that effectively gives the woman sexual power and control over men.

Women thus are the true rulers who control all of society and all men are effectively ruled over by them. And it is, thus, the destiny of society that eventually all rulers will become female or female dominated, and all men will serve them as their slaves. And then women will have the full power to choose which men are to live and which men are to die. And no man will be permitted to disobey their will.

But, O’ Mary, Jesus says I am immortal and eternally a virgin that I am to live to the End of Time. And I am unaware of any woman except for you that has any true or effective power, control, or authority over me.

That is funny, Eric. For you seem to forget that I am married to you. I already fully own and control you as my eternal lover in heaven. The only true difference between your servitude to me and the servitude of the men of this world to the women who are in it is that you are owned by the Immaculate Conception who can never sin. And hence, I will never see you destroyed. For you have endured and prevailed in the test by which I am made eternally yours, which I gave My consent to in full at the unveiling I saw of you at the beginning of time. And therefore I am with you forever. And you shall never lose me or my love.

But as for the sinful men of this world in this final generation, they are possessed and enslaved by sluts and harlots, for that is exactly what women are properly called who go about with their midriffs bare so that all the men who see them may burn in lust for them and perish in their sins. And these sluts and harlots are forever seeking to destroy and ruin all the men that they can manage to gain power over. And such is the reason why there are becoming progressively less and less truly eligible men for a moral woman who seeks and follows God to enter into a successful romance and marriage with. For the men are constantly being corrupted and destroyed at a much higher rate than the destruction and fall found in women. And the men who fall prey to these sluts and harlots are gradually reduced to become mindless slaves to sin who eventually wipe themselves out by the violence they do that flows from a mind where all traces of love have been killed by lust.

You, Eric, then must realize your uniqueness among men. For you alone among men on earth are not under the possession of any woman here, but of only the Immaculately Conceived Queen of Heaven. You will thus never be destroyed by any temptress who might seek you here. But women on the earth will nevertheless seek you in vain, and they will become madly frustrated from their inability to gain power over you. For it is not obvious to them that you are obeying the orders of a woman in heaven and are firmly under my invisible power. And I have chosen to play with these women who seek you, especially those who do so without sin. I have purposely chosen to make you so desirable to them in their sight that they will ruin and destroy themselves in the effort to obtain you. For these are things that make me laugh. But none of these are ever permitted to succeed in obtaining even a kiss of your flesh. For it is the divine decree of the Lord that the flesh that is to join the Virgin Mary in heaven in eternal virgin marriage is never to see the defilement of a woman on the earth during the entire life of that man. For he must be fully continent and fully pure while also fully able to enter the conjugal act with a woman. For the requirements of marriage on the earth are mirrored in heaven.

I also, because of My total enmity against Satan, despise those women of this world who have thrown away the possibility to find true love because they prefer the sight of hardons in men looking at them and the thoughts of being in their fantasies that they masturbate over. And so I intentionally set them up in their conceived plans to capture and seduce my Emerald King, and then sit back and enjoy watching them fail in every conceivable attempt to take this one who can never fall to any slut or harlot seeking to tempt him into sin. For they were not present to hear the divine decrees of predestination that said that Eric was to be given the charism to infallibly resist any woman who should seek to seduce him or to lead him into sin.

Now, Eric, go and sleep. When you awaken, I will complete this post through you.

Mary, I have slept. And I have arisen and returned as thou hast commanded me.

Good, Eric, you have the sufficient obedience to be worthy of being called a true servant to the Virgin Mary. But you are to know that you are eternally superior to me now in the ranks of heaven, and you are also to know that you are the only creature that can ever be so granted this honor. For the Abrahamic tests you passed in the sight of God by which you are eternally decreed superior it me, I am forbidden to ever be tried under myself. For I am just a girl who God chose to make never accessible to Satan. I was given eternal sinlessness without electing it, and I never merited to enter heaven but was saved by God’s election only, and I have never been subjected to any temptation or test. Even the yes I said to the Holy Spirit Who came to announce to me that I was to be the Mother of God with my fully free will, there was never any devil there to tempt me to say no.

And so God has decreed that in heaven I will serve you as your wife in total obedience to you, as Eve was commanded to obey her husband Adam. For my marriage to you is to be called perfect. And in the perfect union of woman to man, it is the man who rules over his wife, and his wife is subservient to him, just as the Church, which is the Bride to the Lamb, is required to be subservient to Jesus, Who is the eternal ruler over His Church and over all that is. And that is the source of my greatest happiness. For the happiest woman who enters marriage is not she who rules over her husband, but she who finds herself married to a man who worthy and who is made a ruler over her. For women were made to be happy under the rule of their man. And no woman is happy who is a ruler on her own, where all the men are beneath her rank and worthiness. Such is now the happiness that is in now in my heart. And my heart is at eternal peace now, for Jesus has assured me that Eric’s perfect obedience to Him has perfected him to the point where he is now assured of his salvation. Eric is coming to me very soon. For he is only here to prepare the world for the Second Coming of the Christ. And he is taken to me once there is no further soul to save upon the earth. Amen.

I WHO AM AM coming soon. You, Eric, are worthy to stand with Me as I take My seat in judgement over the whole world. Go now, Eric, for this post has been lengthy. And you are worthy to be known as the one I called to write as I command thee. This post is now concluded. You will go soon to receive your eternal reward in heaven. For the purpose you were sent here to fulfill is fulfilled. And the reason for you to remain on the earth is completed. No more work is required of thee. Nor are you to be commanded to serve any further mission here in this world. I WHO AM have spoken. And with the publishing of this work, Eric will be seen in the clouds of heaven, together with his eternally virgin wife, Mary, the Mother of God. For they and their eternal happiness together was the reason for the Creation of the Universe. For God wanted a pair of perfect virgin human lovers to enjoy with them their happiness together forever, for He takes the greatest delight in the sight of pure virgins in eternal love. Amen.

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