I WHO AM now send you the angel of death.

Eric is coming to Me, and to you I now send the angel of death.

End Times Chronicles, Book 1: Post III:
Eric, arise. For you are about to be taken to heaven. Your work here is complete. No more do you owe Me service here in this world. I WHO AM have condemned the world. And I WHO AM have ordered you to return to Me. And the message I sent you to give to this world, you shall bring back to Me unsent. And it is not the fault of the one I sent to deliver it that it was not delivered. Rather, it is the fault of the intended recipients that they elected to refuse to receive it.

And because the people refused to hear or listen or give any welcome or show any true hospitality to the one I sent with My message of love to save them, I now recall him. And now comes back to Me. And he comes to live Me in heaven. And he will be richly rewarded, for he did everything possible to get you to listen and to head him. But you people did not want him anywhere near you. That is why Eric, with the message of love by which I would have saved many souls, is now recalled back to Me and brought up to heaven where he shall be wed to the one woman who loved him, the Holy Virgin Mary.

And in Eric’s place, I now send a different messenger with a different mission. The one I AM now sending to you, after I take Eric up to heaven, shall be the angel of death. And his mission is to slaughter all those who I find not wearing a suitable wedding garment.

You had your time to live. And now you shall have your time to die. And your children shall proceed you to the grave. I AM THE LORD.

It is not Eric that I AM sending to kill you. No, I have a better servant more suitable for that task. I AM sending Eric’s guardian angel to kill you, the one who was called Eric’s Seraph, the one Eric gave many decrees to for killing you who are wicked.

But I WHO AM AM the one who shall direct his killing. He is ordered first to kill every baby in the womb. And then he shall render every womb on earth unable to bear.

And after that He shall then kill every baby at breast. Every baby on earth is then to die.

Then He shall kill every toddler. And there will be no children that age or younger then left upon the earth. And the cemeteries will then quickly run out of room for burying bodies. And the morgues will run out of places to store the dead.

Then He shall kill every child under five years of age. You will rapidly see a change then occurring throughout society as children are being wiped away. The bodies of children lying upon the ground dead will then become a common and grisly sight. And there will no longer be need of any of those businesses and care providers that served the needs of children, babies, and the unborn. For they will be no more.

Monsters will then be unleashed upon the land. And they will be beasts that consume human flesh. And they will prefer the taste of young children. And thus, there will be eventually no children of any age left anywhere on the earth. And there will be no woman left with the ability to bear a child. Rather, the wombs of women will have become a bloody mess. And it will become so disgusting that it will drive men to avoid intercourse with them. For any man who has intercourse with such a bleeding woman will find himself bleeding a well. For the bleeding will be infectious, and sexually transmissible. And the women with their bleeding wombs will be unable to stop the bleeding.

It is, therefore, a fact that every house with a woman living in it will become a place covered with blood. And the bleeding can never be stopped. Nor will there remain anything suitable to maintain hygiene. Rather, the blood will flow wherever the women walk or sit. And there will be no remedy. And there will be no resources left on earth to clean it or to wipe it away.

Hence, deadly will be those final days on earth. Insects and rats will spread diseases everywhere. And this is impossible to avoid. And the angel of death is ordered kill and to let the fatal wounds fester and kill the people gradually in a slow and agonizing death. Creatures will be found crawling and wiggling in the flesh of men and beasts. It is to be the most horrific of endings of a civilization possible. It is the judgement of God against the people. Amen.

Eric, your mission here is complete. You have no further mission. Nor do you have any further orders. Nor are you required to do anything further to serve Me. You are thus ordered to publish this and then wait. For the end is come for you. Do as you please. you have hours, not days. And you will never know the flesh of a woman in this world. For you are a virgin forever. And you are coming to Me bearing that crown that no one else on earth is worthy to bear. This is the final WORD of GOD in this WORLD. Go and prepare for your death and destruction, you who remain here and who I have chosen to slaughter. This is My final Word. I speak no more. Amen.

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