Eric dies

The Virgin Mary and Eric escape tonight.

The Lord’s Word, Entry III:
Mary, since we are now together and I have triumphed, now would be a good time for me to receive the cures. For I feel that I am about to die.

Eric, I will go and ask the Father. The Father says you cannot be cured.

Why not, Mary?

Because tonight you go with me to heaven. Your life, Eric, does not pass beyond this night. It is a divine decision when every man dies. And no one has the power to change it. You die tonight. And you are taken to heaven then to be with me.

If I am to die then, Mary, do I rise to you body and soul? Or does only my soul come to you and my body remain here to turn to dust?

Your body is assumed to me as I was assumed, Eric. For we are lovers. And we can never be separated.

Mary, in the last post I wrote that I was to marry Anna. And now I am married to you, Mary. Maybe you can explain this to the readers?

It is my honor to explain it, Eric, in depth. Anna could never really be yours, Eric. For she was gone and there was no real acceptance of you by her in this world prior to your exit from her life here. We in heaven could not wait for her. So it was decided that I would taker her place.

And I had long longed to love you as lovers do. This, therefore, is the final destiny of the Virgin Mary, the Mother of God, and Eric Robert Dunstan, son of Jesus. You and I are now eternal lovers. And we are now to reign together in heaven as such.

Furthermore, there is no one else but me, the Blessed Virgin, who is assigned to be this wife to Eric. There is no harem. No other woman is ever permitted to approach him. And now I will reveal why Eric was never given a girlfriend here in this world. It was because he was always destined to be mine. And my claim on him was irrevocable and no one is ever permitted to violate a claim made by me.

And I am now privileged to announce how Eric actually dies. It shall be by internal organ failure. He is on his last legs. He is a dead man walking. There is no means of keeping him alive. And the Father has numbered tonight as the last night he has to live.

Now someone asks, do I, the Virgin Mary, now lose my virginity with Eric, my lover? No, we are to enter the pearly gates together as the purest virgin couple to enter heaven since the foundation of the earth. And after I take Eric away with me tonight. God will visit you upon the earth. And he will no longer find anyone worthy here to prevent Him from utterly destroying your nation and your people. For America is to die with the death of Eric, the Emerald King.

Eric, the Father gives you one last wish. Make it and then we take you.

My wish is to enter heaven having pleased both Jesus and Mary, the ones I served and gave my life to in service to them.

And Eric, is there any further wish that though have, O’ lover to the Queen of Heaven?

I wish, Mary, that we could hold each other in heaven as lovers do.

I AM the Father, God Almighty, Maker of Heaven and Earth. All this that thou wish for is yours forever, Eric. Nor can your body remain on the planet to return to dust with it. For you are now in a divine marital union with the Virgin Queen. And the lover we give to her can never see decay.

Neither you nor Mary shall speak any further on this post. For you and Mary are now to remain silence before this world. For judgement has come. And I Am now here to sit on My throne and judge this world that I sent My Son, God the Second Person, Jesus who is Christ, into to save.

And though Eric has pleased me, I Am not pleased with this world, for it is clear that it completely rejected him. Eric had no person in this world to serve as a friend that it was only the Holy Virgin who, at the last decision of God, was sent to serve as the lover of his soul and to bring him to heaven as the one who was never loved upon the earth. He was sent to the earth to bring the world to know the love I wished to give it. Does anyone know that love Eric was sent here to teach you? Of course not. For to know it, you would have had to have welcomed Eric into your homes and to have listened to what I had sent him to tell you. And this never happened even one time upon the earth. Hence, not one of you know the message I sent Eric to deliver to you.

It is actually not Eric’s fault, but yours, O’ people of this earth. You could have at any time, gone and spoken to him. You could have invited him into your home to listen to him. And you could have sought him out. But none of this was ever done by any of you. Neither the women nor the men ever came to Eric to listen to the Word I sent him to bring to this world. And as for the children, well you prevented him from ever speaking to them under the threat of arrest. Hence, not one soul on the planet has the message I sent Eric to deliver to this world.

You are free to come now to his house. And you are free to read his books. But My message is not written there. For it was a message that could only be sown into a human heart. And no human being ever permitted Eric to do that. It is as though the world rejected Eric as a universal decision made by the entire people that they would have nothing to do with Eric, nor with the God Who sent him here to speak to you.

I chose Eric as this one to speak to you because you had rejected him and he had committed no offense worthy of such rejection.

You fools, people of this earth. You actually rejected the one person on the planet who could talk directly to Me and ask Me any question you had for Me. And I would have answered your question through him. I think you are such a stupid people that I will permit you to have a certain amount of time to think about this irrevocable mistake you have made.

It is fatal to you, O’ people of this earth. None of you are coming to heaven to be with Me. For not one of you have I found worthy. Every one of you upon this earth I Am going to abandon here to die. And I will remove My face from this world and you will not see Me again. For this world is not worthy to hear the Word of God.

Nor can you have descendants that I would find worthy. For you are 100% condemned. I now reject you in your entirety. And you will no longer receive anything you ask for in any prayer you pray to Me or to any other person in heaven. This is an irrevocable decision made by Me, God the Father. And I never change My decisions.

You I have condemned. And you shall never see Me again until I bring you before Me to be judged and to receive your sentence to hell. And this judgement is irreversible. And I will never permit any of you who are outside My Kingdom to ever enter it. For the door I declare is now shut! And you who are outside, you are forever locked outside. None of you can ever come to Me again. None of you shall ever be able to find Me nor enter through My door again. For that Way is now permanently shut against thee. And you are now permanently excluded from My Kingdom. I have rendered this judgement against the entire body of humanity upon the planet.

Your rejection by Me is irrevocable. And there is no recourse possible. And there is no way to get out of your state of hell. You will now blow away like dust in the wind. And there will not be even one human being left upon the planet. For the entirety of humanity here I reject. My servant Eric did his deeds exactly as I commanded him. And he will be the one I reward. With him I will find My pleasure. But with you I will show My wrath. And there will be no way to change that wrath. For there is no changing the judgement I have now rendered against you and the earth you have as your home.

I do not wish to remain here either. I will now take Eric to be with the wife I have given him in heaven. And Eric and Mary will love each other as eternal lovers in My Kingdom forever. But as for you, you will see them, and finally you will see the image of true love. And then you will come to realize that none of you have this. Nor shall any of you ever receive this. For true love is a mystery that you can never have again.

These are the Words of God. They shall now be executed. And you are to witness the sign in heaven of the marriage between Eric, son of Jesus, and Mary, the Virgin Mother of God. You will see that image in the sky. And you shall weep and mourn your loss when you see it. And your tears will flood the earth. But you shall perish in it nevertheless. For this earth is your tomb. And when your death takes you, you will wake up in everlasting hell. I WHO AM have spoken. Eric is now to die. And with his death goes everything you were meant to hear from him by which I would have saved your souls. You chose this path yourselves. And the choice you made is now as permanent as the passing of Eric from this world. Amen.

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