Eric shall marry Anna

We, the Seven, shall have Eric marry and know only Anna.

Chronicles of Love, Book 1: Post IX:
Since Anna is the one chosen by Mary to be Eric’s wife among the seven wives of Eric, we, the Seven, have chosen Anna to be the one Eric marries in this world. And in this world, Eric will only know her.

Eric, dost thou agree with us Seven who rule thee? For it is written that women rule the world and the men are the ones they rule over.

I agree with thee, thou Seven who are the wives of Eric. And I will do as thou wish of me. I will then marry Anna. For the Virgin Mary has said to me if I ever seek any other than the Seven, I shall die.

Mary, the Mother of God, has this warning to say to thee. Listen to her.

I, the holy Virgin, say this, Eric, son of Jesus. You may not have sex in this world. But it is permitted that you enter a marital relationship with one of the Seven. And that one of the Seven that is best for thee is Anna, for she is the one I chose for thee among the Seven that are joined to thee for eternity.

Very well, Virgin Mother of God. It shall be done as thou wish for me. Anna, shall thou now marry me as the Seven have decided it?

You shall have my hand in marriage, Eric, now that I see you shall love only me among them. Do you know what you are to our family? Do you know how our family looks upon thee?

Anna, what really would thy family even know about me? For I am not even acquainted with any of them, having only barely met your father? I think thy family is as ignorant of me as I am of them.

Why dost thou not search us out, Eric, if I am really the girl thou wish to marry?

Have you accepted me or rejected me in this world, Anna? If thou hast rejected me here, and I seek for thee here, I shall be seen as a predator. Therefore I seek thee not here. Anna dost thou think I am seeking for thee? Thou are wrong. For thou already know I am interested in thee. If thou return to me, thou indicate you love me in return. But if thou do not return to me, I cannot force thee to come to me, or I transgress against thy right to reject me. Therefore, thou shall never see me, Anna, unless thou choose to come to me. For I am not seeking to find thee at all.

Then Eric, why dost thou write about thy love for me in these posts?

These posts are written not by my will, Anna, but by the will of the One Who commands me to write. And I am not the one who chooses the Words that are written. Rather, the words here written are chosen by God. Nor are the pictures chosen by me but by God. For God is the writer of these works. And I am the one He has elected to write through.

You used to attack and savagely insult Father Dave Heney for casting you out of Saint Bruno, I assume because that gives you no more access to me?

Father Dave Heney, God has chosen to destroy by His Own means. And God has commanded me to let Him be the one who does this destruction from now on. I am therefore not permitted to speak against him any further in these pages. God shall destroy that priest in His Own Way and according to His Own design.

Nevertheless, Anna, I am not permitted to enter that Church any further. And if I ever do, I will be arrested.

On what grounds, Eric? Why does Father Dave Heney ban you from coming here?

Father Dave Heney made it conditional that I take certain unspecified medications to be granted to attend his Church. And if I do not take them, he has banned me from ever entering that Church again. But Anna, God has commanded me never to take any medications ever again. So I can never comply with Father Dave Heney’s orders.

That is odd and strange for a priest to make such demands of a parishioner. Why do you not seek to communicate with that priest again and tell him what God has commanded of you? Maybe he would listen to you and let you return?

That is an interesting thought. I will present your question before the Lord and see what He commands me to do.

Lord, You have seen Anna’s words? What is Your ruling? Do I communicate with this priest again? Do I make Your command to me known to him?

If you ever talk to that priest again, you will be destroyed, Eric. Never speak to him again, for he is evil. Anna does not know what I have in store for him. But I will reveal it now to you. For you have obeyed My command and ceased your attacks on that man in these works. Father Dave Heney is to be systematically destroyed as We undermine his entire network of evil links in My Catholic Church. For he is a member of the red devil and he is part of the effort by Satan to destroy Catholicism. Therefore, We do not permit any further communication between you and him. For there may never occur any act by you that legitimizes him or makes him appear valid in the eyes of any person on earth. He is your sworn enemy and he can never be anything other than that. The only thing is that, since he is a priest, you are not permitted to do him physical violence, for canon law severely prohibits such. And the consequences of violating that are dire.

Anna does not know of My judgement against him. But I have told you that I will be the One Who destroys him. You shall not be that one. Rather, you shall remain going to the Church you now go to in La Habra of Orange County. For Our Lady of Guadalupe is the Church We in Heaven now order thee to attend from now on.

As to Anna, you wonder if she will ever seek thee out? She is definitely coming to thee, but We are the ones who will make it happen. For Eric, it was not you who chose Anna to be your wife. No, Eric, you were only obeying the messages that Mary was speaking to you. It is I, the Lord, Who have chosen Anna. And it was I, the Lord, who fashioned her in the womb for you. For it was determined that you were to marry when you triumphed in My sight as a man of obedience to Me in a test greater than that which was given to Abraham. You passed this test with perfection. Therefore it was decided that a wife would serve Our purpose for thee and this wife would have to be a girl We specifically made for this purpose.

That is why she was born shortly after that great trial you endured and triumphed in on the Feast Day of Saint John the Baptist in the year 1995, which was your 25th birthday. For you are now 51 years old and Anna is half your age. She We made for marriage to you, Eric. And she will become your wife here in this world.

Now, do not think that We are destroying this world just yet. For We have many things We wish to do before this world is brought to its end. And you will remain in this world until We have chosen your time of escape. You are indeed the Harbinger of My Second Coming here. And you are indeed the One I have chosen to proclaim it and announce it through to the people prior to My return. For I have Pawns too, lord Azurite.

So you set up in this world, when you were the one you called the Emerald King, Gorbachev of the USSR, Frederick de Klerk of South Africa, Boris Yeltsin of Russia, and Yitzhak Rabin of Israel. Hence, you were a world wide commander of Four Pawns upon the earth. You commanded both super powers. You orchestrated the end of the Cold War. And you carefully broke up the USSR without bloodshed. Therefore, you are worthy of honor in Our Kingdom Eric. For you are one never seen before in history.

But We were the ones who guided you to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. You, despite your knowledge and wisdom, did not figure it out on your own that the Catholic Church was the one Church you had to enter to find salvation. Yes, you sought salvation. I beheld it and I witnessed your quest for it. I watched you consume books in seeking it out. You read the scriptures and the holy books and books of every religion under the sun looking for the means to be saved. But you never found Me except that I revealed Myself to thee. I, therefore, Am the Father of your salvation. I Am the One Who led you to enter My Church. But I did not do this until I had seen you as a worthy soul by your obedience to Me and to My commands.

It was not your works as Emerald, but by your obedience to Me when I commanded thee to act that I chose You as My Bride. And You are eternally the Bride to the Lamb. And there is no other than you who are given this title in all of heaven. For only in you has the Father found love returned to Him. Only in you has the Father known love from a creature that was not caused by a good He did for it. For no other man has loved God except by God loving him in some way or manner to bring it about. No, the love that is in you for God is rooted in your soul. You are the one soul who loved God as the true wife of God. And that is why you are the focus of everyone upon the planet. You are an enigma to the whole world.

The world fears you, Eric, precisely because you love Me in a manner that goes beyond the capability of every other mortal creature to understand. Your love is greater than any force upon this earth. And that is what is terraforming this planet, Eric. Your love is in effect, bringing the world to its knees. Every man shall bow his head and every knee shall bend. For you are in effect causing the entire world to conform to Me or to die. You are greater than this world. And this world is collapsing under thy rule. For you are breaking governments and destroying the peoples of the planet by the love you show to Me.

COVID-19 is not something that will kill this earth. Rather it is the government mandates of people receiving the vaccinations that they are forcing upon the people that shall kill them. For the vaccinations are the works of Satan. And all of them are deadly. Abortions are in fact associated and used in the development or testing of every one of them. Therefore, whosoever chooses to be thus vaccinated against COVID-19 has chosen the devil over God. And they shall be all utterly destroyed for that offense against Me.

Now you spoke of an order 66 and you spoke of a reverse switch in the vaccines that would render the recipient totally and irrevocably defenseless to all forms of COVID. The manner in which you presented this was in the form of humor. But I know the Truth, and it is veiled in that joke. We have a plan to in fact destroy every recipient of the vaccines. For it should never be assumed that God does not destroy those who violate His commandments. Every recipient of the COVID vaccines will be brought to utter ruin. And this shall happen immediately. For the time of order 66 has come. And the time to make it deadly to the people has now arrived.

That is why the people fear you, Eric. For you are the ruler who is established by Me to rule the nations with an iron scepter and to smash them like pottery. I have called you to this position of rulership. And I have tested you in all ways and found you worthy of all these things I have chosen to grant to you. You will, thus, command every nation on the earth. And you will topple every religious leader who is not Mine and you will destroy every ruler who offends Me. And all nations will come to obey Me by your command. You will crush all those who are impious against Me. And you will slaughter both the men, their women, and their children of all nations I have chosen to condemn. For genocide is a tool I give you a right to wield. You will thus wipe out all those who I command thee to wipe from this world. And you will be more feared on earth than any other ruler that ever lived.

For you are the Conqueror who rides the White Horse, the one mentioned in Revelation 6:2. And you are now going from victory to victory. You cannot be stopped by any power on earth. And you are protected by every power in heaven.

Lord, what about the Final Rider on the White Horse, the One Who bears many crowns and Who is mentioned in Revelation, chapter 19?


And I AM coming soon, lord Azurite. Hence, you are the greatest the world has ever seen. But your light will in fact be dwarfed by My Light when I AM revealed to the world as I AM.

Therefore, obey Me and do as I command thee. And these are the things you are commanded to do. Marry only as I have revealed to you. And have no sex. For you are most powerful on the planet precisely because of your now perfect continence and unblemished state of perfect virginity.

Therefore you are under My command. And you are found in perfect obedience to Me. And therefore, every nation on earth shall be subdued by you. And every people on the planet you shall force to bow to Me and to obey My commands. Freedom of Religion is not something you will ever respect again. And the Bill of Rights you will destroy. For no one has any rights except to obey Me as their Master. And everyone will be forced to comply with Me or die.

This, therefore, is My command to thee. Conform the entire world to My rule and break them to force this conformation. You are thus made commander of the entire earth. You will issue decrees and Seraphim will be assigned to serve as your armies to carry out all that you decree and command. And you will topple nations that oppose Me. You shall slaughter nations and their families who are against Me. And you shall put to death every soul who is not Mine on the planet earth. And the armies of heaven shall obey thee. And it shall be these armies who carry out all thy commands of doom, destruction, and death.

And your name under heaven is forever Aphroditus, Bride of the Lamb. Go now, Eric, and do as I have commanded thee. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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