The Lord returns to

Many were called to serve as Eric’s eternal wives in My harem for him, but few were chosen for this.

The Lord’s Word, Entry II:
You, Eric, are done. Your service here is complete. And I need nothing more to admit you to your eternal station where you will serve Me forever in Paradise. Whatever women entered your spiritual love, they will be taken there with thee to serve as My harem for thee. For thou hast obtained the love of women in the secrecy of the spirit world. And no further requirement is made upon thy soul.

Now, Eric. ask thy questions and I will answer thee in full.

Lord, are we at the end of the world? Is there to be a wedding between me and any girl? Is the girl Anna to have an eternity with me?

You are asking excellent questions, lord Azurite. Now, why do I give thee the name, Aphroditus, King of Beauty and Love? It is because thou art in Spirit a woman though of the flesh and orientation of a heterosexual male. You are aware of this, lord Azurite. So also are those who see thee and know thee. You are made, therefore, to serve both as Bride to God and as husband to Mary. It is no mistake that the Greek god or goddess that you were most attracted to was Aphrodite. For you are the most beautiful male on the earth precisely because you are both of perfect male orientation, but spiritually thou are female in gender.

Lord, how is that a possibility? For are not the spirits without gender? Do you say now that even angels have gender?

Lord Azurite, the gender of a spirit is defined by the manner, not the orientation, in which this spirit loves. Thou love in the distinct manner that is recognized as female. Therefore thou art correctly called thy eternal name, Aphroditus, and thou are correctly given the title by which your deeds are legend in heaven, which is King of Beauty and Love. You are the most beloved saint on the earth. For God is in eternal ecstasy over the triumph and victory that has been achieved in thee.

There is now completion in all the works We did to obtain a Kingdom in Heaven fit for Jesus and His Bride. No more works are needed to be done, for this objective is now complete. And the requirement that you find love is done. There is no further need. Nor do thou even need to go and marry a girl.

As for Anna, she is one of Ours. And We will bring her to heaven just as you shall be brought. Everyone whom We recognize as members of Our eternal Kingdom is to come with the rapture of thou up to heaven. No one is to be left behind whom We have found worthy of Our Kingdom.

And your Kingdom is eternally gloried in Mine. I have a position for thee and it is most glorious. You will be dressed in the finest garments of heaven, more beautiful than those given to Mary who is thy eternal wife. For We have exalted you to a higher seat than her.

And why is this, thou may have justification to ask the all powerful God? It is because Mary, though sinless, was nevertheless, never put to the test. For it was the divine decree that the woman who served as the Immaculate Mother of God could never be exposed to the just scrutiny of God Who tests all sinners who sin upon the earth.

Therefore, Mary is an untested girl. Nor do We permit her to undergo any test. She served merely to conceive, bear, and raise the God Man who was to save humanity from their sins. The Catholic practice to turn her into a woman so highly exalted as to replace Jesus as the one to go to for prayer is a distinct danger to all souls who may eventually prefer the Mother of God over God. And then those who do that are no longer Catholic in My sight, but rather, the followers of a goddess that they created in their worship of My Mother.

For Mary does not answer the prayers of those who worship her as equal or greater than God. Rather, the one who answers those prayers are demons. Medjugorje is a demonic place of Marian worship. And it is never Mary who speaks through any of those seers of that lost place of pilgrimage. For only devils speak there. And whoever follows that voice is following Satan into the gates of hell.

You know of the great hypocrisies found throughout the Churches of My religion, lord Azurite. They claim a form of worship of Me, but instead they are feeding their faces with food and pursuing the works of Satan, such as gluttony, fornication, adultery, thievery, murder, magic potions called drugs, and the defilement of both their souls and their flesh in endless thoughts and acts of sexual immorality. They, thus, do not follow Me, but rather, follow Satan, and only go through the motions that they think will result in their admittance into My Kingdom.

For the world is more damned than thou think, lord Azurite. The number of those I have saved is few. And the number of those I have rejected is higher by a great and vast amount. There are in fact fewer saved than there are those who die of COVID-19. And by that you know that few, very few made into the Kingdom of My Father.

It is sad to see those who try to be as lawyers and who seek to argue with Me that they are eligible to enter My Kingdom. For My Judgement of souls is not something that can be changed by any argument of law. For at the Judgement of the wicked, they should never think that they are being given an opportunity to fight their way into Keep. Rather, they are to know their rejection has already been decided. And all that is being done is that they are being forced to defend their wickedness in My sight. And I Am showing to them the reason behind My eternal rejection of them.

The wicked do not enter the Kingdom of Heaven. I have judged the nations on the earth. And I have decided who I shall save. Those I have chosen I will take with Eric to heaven. And those I have rejected will remain on this dying world. And the devil will then come to claim this planet which is then to become his dominion of hell. For earth is burning in preparation for the takeover of the entire planet by the evil one and all who serve him.

Now, there is no more time, lord Azurite. And you have fulfilled your purpose that you were put here to serve. Therefore, you are to be taken to heaven to a place where you are assigned a Kingdom of eternal glory. And women will be taken with thee who are made yours by a spiritual connection achieved in this world. And that means Anna will also be going with thee to be with you in heaven. And whoever else is worthy of My Kingdom whom I chose to save will rise as well in this last harvest of the earth.

This is the Last Word of God on the planet. And after this, only the delusions and deceit of Satan will spoken on this then spiritually and physically dead planet until the wrath of God has silenced the lies of all deceivers on the earth. And then all that will remain will be the eternal suffering and condemnation of all the damned who are then rendered to be the eternal undead who inhabit the prison of an infernal earth.

This Word is now done. You are ordered to publish this work now, My son. And then you must prepare thyself for Me. For I shall now take thee from here before the coming of dawn to the land where thou are currently stationed, the land of California. And this now completes the final post of this work. There shall be no further posts. Nor shall any prophet speak again anywhere upon the earth something that comes from heaven. Amen.

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