Eric asks the Virgin Mary about love

Mary, I think the best love I can have on this earth would be to have it with only one woman.

Chronicles of Love, Book 1: Post VIII:
Mary, it is delusion and fantasy for a man to think he can find happiness by having a harem of women. No, for a girl only truly loves her man if she has him all to herself.

Then Eric, you must decide, will you then lay only with Anna? Will you marry only her?

Mary, I have not seen Anna for some time. I am not even sure if she even thinks about me. There are other girls who flirt with me. There are other girls who I find attractive. And occasionally I see a girl for whom my heart feels pity. And when I see such a girl, my heart does not want to dwell on any other.

This girl of whom you speak, what were your feelings toward her?

I pitied, her, O’ Mother of God. And I wished I had the opportunity to help her. I preferred that feeling of pity I had for her in my heart than the sight of sexy girls flirting with me.

She may have been well underage for me though, I do not know, O’ Mary. But what I do know is that there is no law against feeling pity for someone, no matter who that one is or what her age is.

Eric, pity is a form of love. But the enjoyment of the sight of sexy girls flirting with you is lust. That is why your heart preferred to dwell on that pity than to dwell on those sexy girls flirting with you.

For Eric, your heart craves the love of a girl. But it will never find that love if you are looking for sex. Consider the difference between Tess and Anna in your heart. For which one did you prefer to think of?

Anna was the one I always preferred, O’ Mary, Mother of God. I did think Tess was an extremely sexually attractive girl, but I was not in love with her. Anna never showed me the sexuality of her body. But I know by judging her appearance that she is a thin and fit girl beneath the clothing that she wears that hides her form. But I always felt a love for her that had nothing to do with her body which was concealed by her clothes. For it seemed to me that the love I had for Saint Bernadette of Lourdes naturally led me to loving Anna, who appeared similar in my sight.

And Anna then was indeed an image of her in your mind?

Everything about Anna was like what I saw in Saint Bernadette, O’ Mary, Mother of God. And I loved her for the same reason, and that is due to you, Mary. For both girls were chosen by you, O’ Mary. For remember that my fascination for Saint Bernadette was always due to your election of her as the one through whom you chose to reveal the miraculous spring in Lourdes to the whole world.

Eric, you never had any such comparable feelings, though, for the female seers of Fatima. Do you wish for me to tell you the reason why this was the case, O’ Eric?

Yes, Mary, why is that?

I did not speak to the seers of Fatima. Rather, they were listening to demons. And no true miracle of God was ever worked at that false Marian apparition. That is why nothing ever came of the so called secrets of Fatima. And that is why there was never any reality to any of the stories claimed to have occurred there. Remember, Eric, there is never a work done by God that is merely an illusion in the sky. What was claimed to be proof of God there was rather proof of Satan, the one who works in illusions.

Eric, ask Anna now, for you do talk to her in Spirit. Ask her if she will in fact come to you and marry you. Ask her now, Eric.

Yes, Eric, I will.

Then Anna, I will no longer consider any other women. There are very beautiful women who look upon me, and I must always pass them by, Anna. I know you are Anna who I see in Spirit, but much more assuring it would be if I had the confirmation that it really is you in the flesh. For you would not believe the number of times Satan has masqueraded before me as either Jesus or Mary, only to be discovered some ways down the conversation due to his contradictions. Anna, if you love me, come and enter my life again. For to know you only in Spirit is a gamble that I am not being fooled be some trick in the spirit world.

So Anna, what is it? Can you find me? Or do you know where I am and choose not to come?

I can find you, Eric. I have that ability, for I can read your mind and I can see what you are thinking. I will come to you, Eric, but there must only be me and you in our relationship. I will not have you if you wish to include any other women.

Then it will only be you, Anna. I will love you and I will not permit any other girl to steal my heart from you.

Then you will have my love, Eric. I will come to you, Eric, but I will choose the time and place. You must wait for me. And you will find me. For my heart goes to you. But I must first see that it is true that you will only love me.

For Eric, I had the feeling that you had desires for all the other women in my family, even my mother. And it is never okay for a man to love both a mother and her daughter. It is unholy and not something found in any decent God fearing man. So, Eric, did you or did you not have such feelings in your heart?

Anna, the thoughts and lusts that come into a man’s heart and mind are often not things that he has full control over. But I have a deep respect for your parents. Even if I had such a desire for your mother, I would never choose to do any such dishonor from acting out such a desire that would bring such utter shame to your father.

Eric, it is inevitable that you and Anna’s mother shall mate. For she is one of the seven that are eternally joined to you.

Mary, what is this that you speak of?

Seven women are eternally assigned to you. Anna is one of them. And her mother is another one of them. This is a decree of God. And it has been sealed.

But Mary, it is as Anna pointed out. I myself have read in the Law of Moses the prohibition of a man to lay with both a mother and her daughter. This therefore conflicts with the Mosaic Law. Are you now contradicting the Law of Moses, Mary?

Eric, only unnatural vices are prohibited by God for the seven who were chosen to make up your eternal harem. It is unnatural for a man have relations with his son, but it is natural for a man to have relations with his daughter, though both acts are mortally sinful in the sight of God. But the former is worse than the latter. And this is why in the scriptures, the crimes of Sodom, which were unnatural vice, were punished by the utter destruction of those cities from fire falling from heaven. But no rebuke is recorded in the scriptures regarding the incest by Lot against his two daughters which is written a little later in the same book of Genesis. Rather the two daughters are granted instead to become the matriarchs of two nations descended from the two sons born to them from Lot’s incest with them.

Mary, I always wondered about that. Why do the deeds of the patriarchs and the matriarchs in Genesis, which is part of the Books of Moses, often directly conflict with the written Law of Moses, but receive no penalty in the recorded stories in Genesis. For supposedly, all five books of the Pentateuch, or Torah, come from the same authoritative source.

Eric, the Law of Moses was only in effect from the giving of the Law on Mount Sinai until the death of my Son, Jesus, the Christ, on the cross. It was but a shadow of God and not a real implementation of divine judgement. Much of the Law written by Moses was not written by God’s intent, but by Moses’ interpretations, which led to error. For the Law contains things that if mandated as law today would be detrimental to the freedom and its fruit that is found in the Catholic Church.

But Mary, Jesus said that nothing would be erased from the Law to the end of time.

No, Eric, Jesus spoke only concerning a narrow area of the Law that concerned morality. Much of the Law as written in the Pentateuch is not relevant to the Age of the Christ. Morality in the Law remains the Law, but not all interpretations of it were kept. And you should understand that the Law of Moses consists of a narrow set of things that are divine and larger set of things that are spiritual interpretations of the divine. Like all the books of the Bible, the Law of Moses was written by men and only guided by God.

That is why the Catholic Church is endowed with the Magisterium. And that is why infallibility is given to the pope. For the Bible alone can never adequately guide anyone or any group to the Kingdom. It is simply not reliable to read the Bible on your own and trust that you will then, from those readings, correctly understand the mysteries of God. And that is why it is written that there is no salvation outside the Catholic Church, For no one without the guidance of the Catholic Church can find their way to heaven. For every seeker of heaven or God who is not a Catholic is led and guided by Satan. Satan is the master of deception, Eric. He is the one who leads those who translate and publish Holy Bibles that are not Catholic.

Okay Mary, you say I am eternally sealed to seven women? Does this mean that none can ever be added to that number?

That is correct, Eric. The seven are indeed sealed forever as your eternal harem. And these seven can never depart from you. They are eternally your wives in heaven.

And you, Mary, are also one of them?

Yes, and I am the principle one, the one who rules over the other six.

List the seven wives of Eric, O’ Mary, Mother of God.

This is the full and complete list. It is eternal and unalterable:

  1. The Virgin Mary Mother of God
  2. Hyacinth, adopted daughter of Eric given to him by Mary.
  3. Rapture, the younger sister of Anna, who is a witch of hidden powers.
  4. Love, the name given by heaven to Anna, who was chosen by Mary to be Eric’s wife.
  5. The mother of Rapture and Love. She is not in adultery as this decree goes into effect at her being taken from this earth.
  6. A girl who Eric pitied who he saw working at a store called Albertson’s near his house, and in that pity found he truly loved her.
  7. A girl who Eric interacts with to get a drink of water at a Book Store in Fullerton. She is a worker behind the food counter there.

Now, lord Azurite, you know all these seven women in the spirit world. And with all seven of these women you have entered into irrevocable and eternal bonds of love.

Hyacinth, though, is the only one of the seven who has communicated to you in this world her intentions and desire to marry thee. All the rest are only spiritually confirmed loves.

Yes, Mary, it is as you say. And it is definitely only spiritually confirmed by the latter five. You, though, have made your confirmation abundantly clear. And Jesus has also declared such about you.

But Mary, if I am then given seven wives in eternity, what about all the other men who are of the elect? Do they get wives there too?

No one but you, Eric, have wives in heaven. And no one but these seven women have a husband there.

Is not Jesus called the Husband to the Bride?

And you, Eric, are the Bride to the Lamb.

So no one in heaven is married to the Christ but me?

No one is married at all until you are taken to heaven.

But is not the reward of salvation that one is married to Jesus?

No, the reward of salvation is that one may attend the wedding of the Bride to the Lamb, not that one will marry Him.

Remember what Jesus said. You shall be like the angels in heaven who neither marry nor are given in marriage. He was not speaking of you, Eric, whom he chose to marry, but of those who are saved outside the circle of divine royalty.

For the Bride to the Lamb and his seven wives are the only royalty in the Kingdom of Heaven. Everyone else is a commoner and a peasant.

There is no nobility in the Kingdom, Mary?

No, for all are equal under God in heaven. But the Bride and his seven wives are the most exalted creatures of the Kingdom.

What about such saints as Saint John of the Cross and Saint Kateri Tekakwitha? Do not these also reign high in the Kingdom of Heaven? For surely they are no commoners or peasants there, O’ Mary, Mother of God?

These are commanders and officers beneath you in the chain of command. Yes, they are high. But they are subject to thee, who are he who rules the nations with an iron scepter and who shatters them like pottery.

Do not think that, since I, the Virgin Mary, am now ranked beneath thee, that any soul can ascend higher than either me or thee. For you are eternally the highest creature now in heaven and on the earth. And I, the Virgin Mary, am now eternally ranked second to thee.

Mary, I always understood thee as the greatest possible creature in heaven? How is it that I am now thy superior?

It is because, Eric, my lover, you passed a test that I was prohibited from taking. I was made sinless but not by my merit. You passed a test by Jesus that gained you this merit to be ranked above me. And this test is denied to me because the divine decree ruled that I was never to be tested. And that is why I love you.

You are also to realize that you are not going to remain in this world. No, Eric, you are to be taken to heaven. It is only by the Father’s leave that you are not yet here with me in heaven. Also, there is nothing needed to be done by you before you and the six wives you have on earth are taken to me in heaven. You do not even need to confirm their love for you in this world. For God has seen it in heaven and He Himself is well satisfied.

Hence, do not be concerned about meeting any of your wives. For none of this is of importance to God. All you need to do is to write what is commanded of you to write. And furthermore, it is now time for you to head home. You are not to go home late today. Now publish this work, lord Azurite, my husband, for it is complete. Amen.

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