The Virgin Bride is chosen by Mary

The virgin who shall be wed to Eric is chosen. She shall vanish with Eric before the setting of the sun.

Chronicles of Love, Book 1: Post VII:
I, the Virgin Mary, the wife of Eric, Conqueror of the Earth, shall take her lover from the earth the moment the Virgin Bride she has chosen for him is found by him. And the two shall come to me in heaven to be presented before My Father for our eternal marriage. For Eric shall be my eternal husband in heaven and the bride chosen for him shall be his eternal wife on the earth that has been made for the age without end.

And only this girl and Eric shall live upon the earth. For no work can ever be done again. Therefore, whatever is conceived in Eric’s bride by their love together is immediately translated to heaven in the virgin state of its conception. And being the product of two eternal perfect lovers, so also do these conceived human beings go immediately to heaven in their just conceived state. And they all receive angelic bodies, for there is no way for flesh to develop in the Kingdom of Heaven.

And by this means, more virgins will enter the Kingdom of Heaven from the loins of Eric and his bride upon the earth without end than there are stars in the universe. Furthermore, the Virgin Bride by her kiss of Eric will receive such immortal blessings that include the reverse of the curse of Eve. For Eve and all women descended from her had a limit to the number of eggs that could produce offspring, for all of them are there in her body already when a little girl is born.

Not so am I, the Virgin Mary, and not so shall be the girl who kisses my lover. She will therefore have unlimited power to reproduce. And, as you know, a woman produces an egg for reproduction each month, and if impregnated that egg then becomes a human being. However, in this world, the result is then that the woman’s body is transformed into a factory for forming the baby within it so that he or she may be born nine months later in a form that can live outside her body. And then her breasts are made into a feeding machine that produces food in the form of milk to feed this helpless baby until it can walk and eat on its own. Thus, much is demanded of the human female just to produce a single child on this earth. And that is why women are worn out after producing but a measly 12 to 14 children, which is considered the maximum for a woman who has one child per pregnancy. And God was indeed merciful to Eve and to women when He made this curse. For God decided there must be a limit to a woman’s ability to produce offspring or else they would all eventually die from pregnancies due to the strain and the fatigue it does on the female body.

The only reason why there are older women in societies where all women get married is because God limits both the age in years that a woman is fertile and the number of eggs in a woman that can become a baby. And consider the evolutionary advantages there are to having older sterile woman in societies. For these women provide an advantage to the societies that have them. And that is why evolution chose for women to live to be older. And the only way to ensure this was to put a check on the reproductivity of the human female. Hence, female limitations on their reproductive abilities was deliberately selected for by evolution to ensure the greater success of human societies. For without older women in society there would be no one to guide younger women in the essential knowledge they need, nor would there be the so called witches who actually served as midwives and wise women who gathered and accumulated secrets of medicines and herbs that men would overlook. Societies with such older women would thus always have a distinct advantage over societies that lacked such women. And that is why evolution, which is the best and most efficient designer of species that evolve on the earth, made women the way they are, having a limit on their eggs with the ability to produce only about 12 to 14 children in their lifetime, and within a narrow window of their lifespan where reproduction is possible, lasting from puberty to about the age of 44.

For remember, women, you live on earth. And you are the female of an animal species there called Mankind. And all animals on earth are shaped by evolution to serve for the most efficient means ensuring that the society to which you belong is to succeed. Nothing, therefore, should be really considered an evolutionary mistake. For evolution does not make mistakes. It experiments, that is true. But it always chooses the most optimized means of ensuring the survival of the species. Therefore, it should never be thought by scientists or doctors that human beings have their limitations by an accident in evolution. Rather. let science try to dig deeper and see the evolutionary advantages that these seemingly unnecessary disadvantages actually bring. For you must learn to always look outside of the box. For too much attention is made by modern society to what the individual wants and desires for him or herself. And the scientists of modern society also are limited by looking only in that box where only the advantage to that individual is considered for evolution. Fools that humans have become. For human society is not composed of independent individuals. Nor is it composed of single couples by themselves. Rather, human beings on the planet are always part of a social network, a society in which they live and cooperate with one another and find mates from and reproduce. A human on its own cannot live. I am the Virgin Mary, the Mother of God.

Then Mary, it seems that I am an aberration, for I am outside all human social networks. I live without friendships nor with any substantial communications with any other human beings, other than the spiritually dead parents I am forced to live with financially. And yet you choose me as your husband and lover? Am I not rather what is called an evolutionary experiment that would be discarded because it fails to succeed?

No, lord Azurite. You were designed by Jesus Himself. For you are designed not for life here, but for in the world We are about to take you to. For the world We are taking you to has no evolution occurring there. It is perfectly designed for the perfect couple of human beings living on a planet made like earth. For God did not make the universe to obtain a society of human beings, but to obtain a perfect couple. For it was this couple that God sought because of the love that would be generated between them. Human societies are evolutionarily advantageous only in this world. They are not of value to God in the eternity He has established for His Kingdom. Rather is it love and only love that is of value to God. And what is love in a human society, but one where lovers are frequently experimenting with different partners.

How many marriages really exist in society where both of the couple have had only sex with the other? And how many acts of incest really actually occur? It is far greater than as it is assumed. For the sad reality is that societies are also sexually permissive among their members. Women and men who have these social linkages are often tempted to enter sexual relations even when Church marital law prohibits them. For it is the nature of men and women to have sex. And evolution has guided them to refrain from sex except within the social networks where they have been established.

And that is why Eric compared to the average man is a moral giant in sexual purity. For the average man is consumed by sexual attractions to women who are a part of his social network. But Eric, who is outside all social networks, is never touched, nor can he be, for the evolutionary constraints prevents this in women.

Jesus made Eric this way to serve for His purpose for him. For Eric was made to serve God. And Eric was made to rule all nations with an iron scepter and to smash them like pottery.

For consider for a moment the weakness that women make men become. For sexual immorality is the fastest way to destroy a mighty man. And virtually every man in the world is already destroyed by it, for the breakdown of morality in society has destroyed them. But why then is Eric undestroyed. It is simply a matter that Eric is not a part of any human society.

Rather, look at Eric as merely a warship upon the water, cut off from the rest of the entire world. He sees the world and other people distinctly from outside the social networks to which they belong. And if he is attacked, he has the power to destroy utterly his attacker. That is why he is to be seen as a standing army ready for war. And he will attack when he chooses to destroy a neighbor he decides is to be destroyed. And in the logic of a Terminator’s mind are these decisions made.

And the only reason why Eric is not destroying the entire human societies of this world is because he is bound to the service of Jesus and Mary, who command him in all that he does. For remember that heaven won in the battle for Eric’s soul. And heaven has commanded Eric to sit upon the waters and to be still and to engage in no battles. And that is why the warship sits upon the water in the harbor and is silent and is doing nothing.

It might have been advantageous for Father Dave Heney to not have kicked Eric out of his Church, but to have chosen a different form of disciplinary means of achieving the correction that he desired to make in him than to have utterly cut Eric off from his Church. For now Eric has targeted his former pastor for termination and is intent on his destruction. And only heaven limits what he does to him. For a standing army given no orders still finds ways to practice its warfare and its abilities to wage war.

Eric deliberately made no complaint in the Church concerning Father Dave Heney’s illegal move to dictate to Eric what he has not his right to dictate. For the clergy have no medical authority over the parishioner and are unauthorized to condition their attendance at Church according to the medical treatment their flock chooses to take. For the Church cannot force a layman to take any form of medical treatment. For this right is not even granted to doctors trained in medicine, for the patient has the right to refuse treatment. Only in the cases of the criminally insane can such a case be legally made. And thus, for a clergy member to do this is a violation of Eric’s rights. Eric could by this means choose to file a lawsuit against the Los Angeles Archdiocese for the actions of Father Dave Heney. But before doing such an act, Eric would first need to file a formal complaint to the superiors of the Church. And Eric has chosen a different path.

And what is the path Eric has chosen, you ask? Eric has chosen to destroy the man himself. For Eric knows that the moment he makes a complaint he will be ordered by the superiors of the Church to stand down and let them investigate the matter and handle it internally themselves. And then Eric would be in mortal sin of disobedience if he then attacked Father Dave Heney to destroy him. Hence, Eric, by not making a compliant, avoids being commanded to stand down. And Eric by being cut off from the Church avoids being approached by a priest in the Church commanding Eric to cease his attacks.

And by Eric attending now a Church in a different diocese under a different bishop, and by making no disturbance in his worship at that Church, would prevent Father Dave Heney from being able to directly contact the clergy of that Church to address Eric’s attacks on him. And so, Father Dave Heney is being used for target practice by a warship in a harbor commanded to stand down and engage in no battles. For all armies are designed for war. And when commanded to stand down, they will find targets worthy of destruction to practice their destructive power on while awaiting orders to go to war.

For Eric really does not care about Father Dave Heney. He is not even interested in returning to his Church. Rather, Eric has his orders to attend Our Lady of Guadalupe. And furthermore, the Virgin Mary has commanded Eric that he need only do the bare minimum for retaining a state of grace in the Church, which means only attending a Mass on Sunday and holy days of obligation. For the Holy Virgin has told Eric that his state is now perfect and that there is no true need satisfied by attending Mass more frequently. Nor has he any further need for confession, for the Holy Virgin has told him that he is without sin. And thus, heaven now prohibits Eric from going to confession for heaven recognizes that Eric has nothing to confess. Eric is thus simply only commanded to attend Sunday Masses and the Masses on holy days of obligation. For the rules of the Catholic Church remain in effect and those who disobey them are cut off from God. And the Virgin Mary has made it clear to Eric that he retains such free will to cut himself off from God and that is why he is to continue to practice Catholicism with perfection. Furthermore, it is only from the Church under the control of the devil Dave Heney that Eric has been cut off from attending.

Hence, Eric destroys Dave Heney not out of hatred nor out of a quest for vengeance, but as a matter of justice, for he sees that pastor as an evil enemy of the Church and that he should be thus destroyed. But Eric, without specific orders to do anything, does this also to test his muscles and his powers of destruction on a guilty target that heaven gives permission to Eric to destroy. For remember Eric’s code. He cannot destroy things willy nilly. Nor does he ever get into other people’s battles, for these he knows he has no understanding of. And to enter the battle of another is to take a side by a judgement that could be in error. Therefore, Eric would only enter such battles as commanded from above, and not by his own initiative.

Hence, Father Dave Heney is an excellent choice of target for termination practice. For he did make an unauthorized and criminal violation of Eric’s rights to worship in the Church which belongs to Jesus, not to Dave Heney. And all the more reason then it is for Eric not to report this violation or to make a complaint, or else the superiors could resolve the issue themselves and Eric would then be denied the opportunity to terminate him by his own means. For a Terminator Army goes weak without something to practice its killing skills on.

And so, the warship will continue to sit still in the waters and engage in no battles while occasionally launching weapons against its target for termination onshore while having nothing else given for it to do.

And you know Father Dave Heney is no asset to the Catholic Church. His destruction would serve the benefit of the Church. For this man is nothing but a an apostate heretic given the sacrament of holy orders. Therefore, Eric serves the interests of heaven by targeting him for termination and by gradually destroying him to his utter ruin.

Some people may ask why does not Eric target the police, for they did arrest him and held him in jail for some time. Eric does not target soldiers who obey orders. And that is all these policemen and women were doing. For Eric targets only those in leadership positions who make decisions to commit crime. He is a lethal weapon designed to destroy the wicked rulers and to cast down their regimes. But he never goes after the little guys who are merely obeying orders coming from the top. Rather, Eric is the one who targets the central pillar. And he does not destroy it without some plan for its replacement. For what profit comes from destroying an enemy only to see that enemy replaced by another enemy, and one who may be more hard to kill?

These are the errors made by the inferior Players. Twilight, thus, rushed into Iraq to kill Saddam Hussein. And he did not have any plan in place for what to fill the resulting vacuum of power with. For his end goal was glory. And so he did not have the foresight to see the consequences to his errors. If you are in fact only concerned about destroying enemies and not about what to replace them with, you will indeed find yourself fighting a hydra, where every head you chop off is quickly replaced by another or more deadly enemies. And that is what Iraq become under George W. Bush, who was the Pawn set up by the Player Twilight. And that is the penalty for going to war for glory. You are guilty of a great misuse of power to use it for your own glory. And God is swift to punish all rulers who rise up and choose to do that.

Furthermore, what about those boys who put me down somewhere in Orange County where I was wandering about at night? Some may ask, why do I not go back there and teach them a lesson? And the reason is simple. He who seeks vengeance always goes farther than what that vengeance calls for. And that always justifies your enemies to retaliate likewise. And then before you know it, you are in all out war. And what was the point? I sustained no damage. And I walked away unharmed and unrobbed. There was no reason to attack back except for ego only. Nor is there any reason for me to seek them out for retaliation other than to boost my ego. And the fundamental rule of successful war is that you never wage it out of a motive coming from the ego or from the desire for revenge. For all who do that always end up dead by being consumed by their own unnecessary wars.

War is not for pleasure. Rather, it is a means of executing justice. I am the warship on the water in the harbor. And I am commanded to stand down and be still and to engage in no open warfare. And this illustrates the difference between the armies that succeed from the armies that fail. Armies that succeed obey orders. Armies that have no discipline are easily destroyed. And left to their own, they will destroy themselves. The number one quality in Me by which Jesus chose me is that I obey Him. And Jesus tested me in who I choose to obey, Him or the Virgin Mary. I chose to obey the ruler higher in the chain of command, which is the requirement of all officers who serve in armies. And thus, I obeyed Jesus over Mary. And then it was revealed to Me that this conflict was but a test only, for there is in reality never disagreement between Mary and Jesus. And Mary then revealed to me that had I chosen to obey her over Jesus that she would then have rejected me from heaven. Yes, even in the highest heavens God tests us all in our obedience to Him. It is in fact a spiritually fatal crime to choose to serve and obey Mary over Jesus. And the reason is that Jesus is God and Mary is not. A person who chooses Mary over Jesus is no different from someone who chooses to serve an Antichrist or a false god. It makes no difference that this someone is without sin. Just choosing to serve a creature instead of the Creator is the sin that results in damnation. For all the demons who followed Satan were damned for just that reason. And the sin of the Antichrist is to glorify himself in place of God.

Therefore, God will test you as to who you really serve. And if you choose to serve any power instead of Him you will be cast into hell. The soldier who always respects the chain of command, which means that the higher up in that chain commands the greater authority, will not fall to this error if he is on the side of God.

And so we look again at Father Dave Heney, pastor at Saint Bruno Catholic Church in Whittier, California. This priest makes himself God. He has already chosen to glorify himself over God. For he in fact publicly denounces the guidance of the Holy Spirit in the writings of the Holy Scriptures. And he makes these statements of apostasy and heresy in the very classes he teaches in his University Series where he and other speakers, regardless of religious affiliation or belief, occupy Church property and the Churches themselves, and charge ever increasing fees for the flock to enter the Church to listen to him teach his heresies and apostasies, all the while claiming to be doing a worthy teaching service for the Church. He is the one that Jesus chose to whip in the Temple the one time he is recorded to have gotten angry in the scriptures. For Father Dave Heney has turned the House of God that was intended for prayer into a den of thieves.

Father Dave Heney is therefore the father of Satan and of all things evil. He is the most cursed being currently living on the planet earth. Everyone who passes his rectory should throw bricks into his windows to express the proper affection that is due to the father of the eternally evil act of destroying the Church that Eric had worshipped God and devoted himself to Mary in. In fact, the deed done by Father Dave Heney in casting Eric out of the Church in the very act of praying a rosary before a statue of Mary and dancing in her sight where no one else was around to even be bothered by this is a mortal crime of infinite gravity. It cannot be forgiven even by the sacrament of reconciliation. For it is a direct abuse and rebuke against the Holy Spirit, Who was leading Eric in both dance and rosary chant. And whoever rebukes the Holy Spirit has committed the unpardonable sin. Hence, Father Dave Heney is irrevocably condemned to hell and to utter fiery damnation while still in this world. He is the devil who now rules Saint Bruno Catholic Church. And the only solution, therefore, is the utter destruction of that man in a fitting way that would reflect the vengeance of the true Church against him.

Lord, I decree that as eternal punishment against that devil, known as Father Dave Heney, that this wretched excuse of a man be crucified above the front doors at the north side of Saint Bruno Catholic Church so that all entering the Church see his dead body hanging there. And he should be permitted to have the prolonged and torturous death that was intended by the Romans who perfected that form of capital punishment. Thus, his agony to his death hanging there should be made to last at least a full week. And his body should never be taken down, but left there nailed to that building forever so that it remains as an eternal testimony against him.

Lord Azurite, this man is not permitted to escape his torture by a death. Hence, wherever We choose to hang his body, he will hang there as an undead and tortured soul for all eternity. And everyone who passes him by will throw rocks at his face and hurl insults against him. And he will suffer this humiliation and torture for all eternity in a state of permanent undeath. For We have judged your condemnation of this man. And We have ordered Our Seraphs to execute this punishment against him. Thus, Jesus hung on the cross for half the day. He was and is God. His death was therefore a Deicide. Father Dave Heney will hang on his instrument of torture for all eternity. Everyone who sees him will jeer at him and throw rocks at his face. And he will hang there in pain and suffering in this fitting humiliation for him for all eternity. And he will never be permitted to escape this unending torture by death due to being condemned to suffer the eternal state of undeath. Welcome, Father Dave Heney, to your eternal damnation. Get used to your torture. And get used to being forever in the state of utter condemnation and to be burning forever in fiery hell. For you are damned for all eternity. And you are ranked among the most evil beings that ever burned in the lake of fire. Amen.

Eric, We shall destroy that man. He is Our target for destruction. And We know best how to do it. Leave his destruction, therefore, to Us. You are now ordered to go eat. And We shall then give you your next orders. There will enter a girl into your life, Eric, for you are not meant to remain on your own. Nor will We choose to keep you as a standing army, a warship sitting on the water. For We shall bring you into a society of Our choosing to make you know that you are indeed loved on the earth, and not only by Us in heaven. Therefore, realize that you are one of Ours. And We never abandon those We acknowledge as such.

Therefore, Eric, you have new orders. And there shall no longer be any further obsession by you of this pastor whom you have abandoned along with his Church. Your diocese is now the Diocese of Orange County and you shall attend the Church you go to there from now on. We Who Are have spoken. Go now, for the time is at hand and We must fulfill the things God wills Us to do in these fleeting hours of the remaining days of the earth. Amen.

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