Eric is called to serve the Virgin Queen

There is beauty and love in all spots of the earth.

Chronicles of Love, Book 1: Post VI:
I, the Virgin Queen, elect to speak to Eric, servant to Jesus and Mary. Eric, thou shall no longer dwell in silence. I now call thee to speak to many. For the time of thy revelation has come. And thou must now be revealed to all the world.

I, the Holy Virgin Queen do call thee to my royal service, Eric, thou who hast served both Jesus and Mary in perfection. Thou shall no longer live in silence. Instead, thou shall proclaim the sins of the people to all nations on earth. Every sinners’ sins shall thou make known to all nations. And thou shall proclaim and reveal the transgressions of the nations to the entire world. For I have made thou the proclaimer of transgressions. And you are assigned to reveal everyone’s sins to everyone. Every soul upon the earth is to know the evil that every other soul has done. And it shall be proclaimed by thee. For you are designated as the one to reveal every person’s sins upon the earth.

And I now open the door so that you can see and write it all.

Mary, O’ Mother of God, dost thou say I am the Harbinger of the Second Coming of the Christ?

Yes, lord Larimar, for thou art also my lover and I am thy wife.

Art then thou the virgin Jesus spoke of that He said He would reward me with for the salvation of Hyacinth, daughter of Eric by Mary?

No, lord Larimar, for I am thy wife by an earlier merit. Thy virgin of which Jesus spoke as thy reward for Hyacinth’s salvation is another virgin in this world. She is to be wife to thee upon the earth. And I am thy eternal wife in heaven. Nor shall I ever be said to be married to any other man. For Joseph, who is called the spouse of Mary is of the pre-Christian dispensation and he has no part in the communion of Christ, which is only entered by entering the Church through its sacraments and in the partaking of the fruit of the flesh and blood of Jesus at the Catholic Mass.

Then, O’ Mary, why is this year celebrated as the Year of Saint Joseph in the Catholic Church? What is Joseph’s true significance then, O’ Mary, Mother of God? And where is he now, if he is not in the communion of the Christ?

Joseph is in heaven, though his body is turned to dust upon the earth. But not all of heaven belongs to the communion of the Christ. For the souls who partake in the communion of the Christ and who go to heaven are indeed a select group of the elect. And it is from their number only that Kings are chosen to rule kingdoms in the hereafter.

But as to the significance that Saint Joseph played, it was but a shadow of the coming of Eric, who is the true husband to the Virgin Mary, and who is the true servant to God in the final chapter of the Roman Catholic Church on the earth.

For the earth is ending, Eric. Its story is nearly over. For why do you think we do not need your descendants? We need no children from you for there are no generations to follow your departure from here.

You are the soldier who walked to the farthest end of this world. And you are now the owner of the entire wealth of earth. As you decree it, we shall send our Seraphs to enforce it. And our Seraphs shall indeed slay and slaughter exactly as thou hast commanded them. For they know they serve a commander who is anointed by God to command the world and all nations that live upon it.

Hast thou ever wondered about these women who seem to seek thy attention but who remain silent before thee? It is because the Seraphs are guarding thee. And they do not allow a woman to approach you to tempt you to sin with them. All they are permitted to do is to display their feathers before thee. And they are never permitted to speak.

You, Eric, are more valuable to God than the foundation that Europe is resting on. It was Eric who toppled the Berlin Wall by a decree he declared in a hospital bed in the spring of 1989. It was Eric who toppled the Warsaw Pact and defeated the final Communist government among those eastern European nations. He did these things by decree and by the calling of Pawns to rule nations. Gorbachev rose to power only after Eric decreed his rise as a child, right after he had read the Words of Jesus in a Bible written for children. Yeltsin rose to power by decree of Eric, and then Eric dissolved the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, making Yeltsin a head of state of Russia, where he had already become the first truly democratically elected ruler of that nation by an election held while Russia was a Soviet Socialist Republic of the USSR.

And why was Eric interested in dissolving this last true empire of the world? Eric’s goal was to transform that nation into a functional democracy. And Eric knew Islam and democracy do not mix well. And thus the dissolution of the USSR was to separate the Islamic republics from the Christian republics. Eric permitted the dictatorships to remain in power over the lost Islamic peoples, but in the Christian nations, Eric had hoped to make democracy work.

But one thing changed it all. And that was when Eric, the Emerald King, entered the nation of Israel, setting up a Pawn over the nation the belongs to God. Yitzhak Rabin was called forth by Eric for the purpose of ending the war between Israel and the Arabs. But it was between the victorious win of Rabin in the elections and on the Eve of his success in forming a coalition the Knesset that Eric was tested by the Most High God. And Eric, after speaking with a Christian that was forbidden by his family, Eric came to the realization that he was Antichrist. And he repented, causing a total collapse of the Emerald Reign. But the angels belonging to God remained with him and commanded him to complete his act of setting up Rabin over Israel. And so Eric decreed that the Shas Party, which was a religious party, join Rabin’s coalition, giving him the necessary majority to form a government and become the eleventh ruler of the modern state of Israel.

You cannot understand the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin without understanding the Martyrdom Breakdowns of Eric that occurred in the month of June of 1995, just five months earlier, particularly the Martyrdom Breakdown of June 24, 1995, which was both the feast day of the Nativity of John the Baptist and the 25th birthday of Eric Robert Dunstan, the ruler of the Emerald Reign. As Abraham was tested with the divine call to sacrifice of his son by God to see if he would obey him before he chose to establish the nation of Israel descended from his loins, God also tested Eric on that day and also earlier that month to see how obedient Eric was to God. Eric was arrested on Mount Madonna/Summit Road at a Church where there was a girl selling cherries. This was after Eric had passed the test of obedience by God who called him to drive as He commanded him, risking everything in his life. And the car was parked there, undamaged. Eric was brought to the police station and ordered to kneel. But Eric said the immortal words: I bow to no one but God. And to this the police officer said, I am God. And Eric answered with a single Word: No. And then Eric was locked inside a dark room bound to chair. And there Eric sat upon a throne for the remaining hours of that day until midnight when he was released. The police had never read Eric his rights. But no charges or lawsuits were filed. And only that arrest remains on Eric’s record, a criminal record containing only that one item. And now it should be clear why the police officer who wrote the report, the one who claimed to be God, wrote in the report that Eric was God.

And so you see the police record of Eric states that he is God. But you should know that Eric is like me, the holy Queen. He was created by God. Eric is subject to God. But to his merit, Eric also bowed down to me, the Virgin Holy Queen. And it was by his obedience and deference to me and to mine that I elected him as my eternal mate.

And so, why does the Virgin Queen have an eternal mate, you ask? This universe was created for one reason. And that reason was to obtain a perfect couple of the human race. It was not for Joseph to claim the hand of the Virgin Mary, for he was not permitted to enter the Age of the Church. And the women of the Church are never wed to an unbaptized man. Nor was the Virgin Mary disqualified from the search for this perfect couple by her departure from the earth, for she was never parted from her body. Hence, she never lost her eligibility to obtain a baptized husband in the Church. She only had to wait until the time of the end when men would be alive who would be changed without dying, a condition that would only occur at the Second Coming of the Christ. For the Virgin Mary in heaven could only be married to a virgin male who would also ascend to heaven without dying. And only at the end of time could there be found such a man.

It was Jesus who formed this man who was to come. And that is why Eric is called the son of Jesus. And it is why Jesus made it so that Eric’s name is 17 letters long, and when spelled in Greek, ΕΡΙΚ ΡΟΒΕΡΤ ΔΥΝΣΤΑΝ (Eric Robert Dunstan), it adds up to 1717. And it was why Jesus had Eric born on the Feast Day of the Nativity of John the Baptist in the year 1970. For John the Baptist was, as Jesus says in the gospels, the Elijah who was to come. For Eric is the Elijah who Jesus was referring to who was yet to come in his discussion of John who had passed away. For why else would Eric, the most handsome man of the earth, be a virgin still at the age of 51, in a body that could easily have sex? And let it be seen too, this virgin resists aging. He appears to be of an age young enough for marriage and starting a family.

It is because this virgin was made and reserved for the Virgin Queen. And thus, all those who oppose or threaten this virgin saint are immediately put down. Satan, the insolent tempter, said to the Lord, It is because thou protect Eric from the temptation of women that Eric never falls to them. Let him be tempted by a girl of my choosing and let him have the freedom to fall to her, and I shall claim him for hell, you who sit upon the throne of heaven. And Jesus said to Satan, Then go and tempt him, Satan. I permit thou to have but one chance. And if you fail your failure will be called eternal. Then Satan gathered his demons and asked them, What kind of female is Eric most tempted by? And the demons said, Make her blonde, big breasted, and of a size fit for him. And then Satan found such a woman and inserted her into Eric’s work place, and as Jesus said to Satan, the girl was permitted to touch Eric, but only on the hand.

Eric saw the girl and felt a lust in his heart for her. And she tempted him and spoke to him to indicate her attraction to him. But did Eric do what Satan expected? On the contrary, Eric recognized the ruin that would be his if he followed his lust for her. And Eric also recognized that the lust he felt, the strong feelings of desire in him for her, were too much for him to battle by himself. And so, there in the office, where he worked, for Eric has his own office room, Eric prayed to God and to Mary to take this temptation away from him. And he prayed to God earnestly and called out to God to protect him from the temptation of that girl. And he asked God that the girl would be taken away from his workplace to work somewhere else.

And God was not slow to take her away from him. Within weeks, she was gone. And within days, God turned the girl’s heart so that she would no longer seek to tempt Eric for the remainder of her days working there. And Jesus said to Satan, You failed, tempter of My son. Eric will hereby be no longer a subject of your temptations. For whatever girl comes before him from now on, I will never permit her to speak. Nor will she ever be permitted to touch him. For he is now as sacred as Mary to whom We have betrothed him to. Nor will his flesh ever undergo destruction.

Eric, you are the Virgin Queen’s eternal possession. And you shall never be destroyed. Nor can any power undo the divine decree that has been made that now joins Eric and Mary together forever as the perfect couple for whom the universe was created to obtain. Nor shall the Royal Wedding be delayed any further that unites this champion on the earth to the Virgin Queen of Heaven.

For the End is at hand. The unknown day is near. And it is coming rapidly. Eric what words dost thou wish to say? If Mary is my wife in eternity, what purpose is served by me marrying a girl in this world? For it is written that the girl I am to wed in this world is to remain a virgin as I am. So if I therefore marry this girl who is to come to me in this world, what becomes of this girl in the eternity that is to come where Mary is my wife? Do I then have two wives there? Or does the girl who is to be given to me here have a fate in heaven that is not with me there?

The girl you speak of, Eric, is Anna. And yes, she remains with both you and Mary in the eternity that is to come. The girl is to serve only as a wife in this world. For all marriage established here is mortal and ends with the end of that mortal’s life. But your marriage to Mary is eternal, for it was established in heaven and was made to fulfill the purpose for which the universe was created. Mary chose Anna for you, Eric. For Mary needed her to love you through.

Eric, the reason for Anna being a girl of half your age is because it was 26 years ago that you triumphed in the Abrahamic test. For only by that triumph was it assured that you were going to be worthy of the hand of Mary. Hence, immediately after that triumph, the girl who was to be yours was formed in the womb and brought forth to be developed and made ready serve the purpose of Mary in preparing her lover for heaven. Hence, Anna told you she was 25 years old when you asked her what her age was some months ago, back when you attended Saint Bruno Catholic Church. It was not as you had previously assumed, Eric, that Anna was a girl of 15 years of age, as Mary was when she conceived Jesus. No, Eric. Our plans would not work if she was a minor. We waited until her eligibility to marry you became assured by law before We had you notice her in the Church. For it was the will of the Virgin Queen that your love for this girl was not to come before it was fully legal. For the Virgin Mary absolutely refused to permit her lover to transgress the laws of the land in her love for him.

Remember that the whole purpose of this universe was to obtain the perfect couple. And Mary and Eric are now this perfect couple. They have been obtained. It was the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin, the fourth and final Pawn of Emerald, on November 4th, 1995, exactly 19 weeks after the Martyrdom Breakdown on Eric’s 25th Birthday, June 24. 1995, the day he was arrested, that signified the complete break of Satan’s hold on his Antichrist. Satan thus lost his Antichrist and was totally unable to assemble another to replace him. For all the Players that followed Eric were his inferiors. And all of them were destroyed. For Mary had chosen the Witch King when she looked upon him as a child and fell in love with him by the love she saw in him for puppies on a farm in Ireland in the year 1`980. The scar on his right eyebrow comes from a fall Eric had into a ditch on that farm. And that scar missed Eric’s eye because Eric as a child had prayed to God prior to that event to implore Him that He spare his eye, having a foresight of future events as a child.

For this child was the Witch King child. And for his soul all of heaven and hell would battle over furiously to obtain. For predestination does not ensure any person’s victory. For all men have free will. Thus, there was no certainty that Eric would triumph, nor that the Cold War would not evolve into a World War III. For Eric’s fate was unknown to all but God the Father Whose knowledge is infinite and without error.

Nevertheless, God needed to test Eric. For even the mind of the All-Knowing God needs to see that His servant chooses to obey Him rather than to disobey Him. For God cannot cause His Bride to love Him. For this is a decision that can only be made by the man given free will. Mary was never tested, for she was Immaculately Conceived. And thus it was never permitted that the evil one should have access to her. But God chose to test the male of the eternal couple. For it is the male, not the female, that God chooses to call His eternal Bride. And Eric is the eternal Bride of God. The quest for this Bride of God was the reason for God making everything He ever made. And thus, now that this Bride of God is found, God is rejoicing and God has ceased all work in all His Creations. For none of it is needed anymore.

Thus, just as Mary chose Anna to love Eric through, God chose Mary to love Eric through. You, Eric, are the Bride to the Lamb. And you are declared to be the eternal Bride of God. But as thou are male, you are called a King, and not a Queen. You gave yourself two names: Emerald and Azurite, thus calling yourself the Emerald King or the Azurite King. I now give you your immortal name. You are Aphroditus, the King of Beauty and Love. And you shall sit by the right hand of Jesus, Who sits at My right hand. And to your right hand shall sit the Virgin Mary. And between you and her shall be seated Anna, when she triumphs and becomes the Virgin Bride of Eric upon the earth.

Lord, I have an important question. I had written in past posts on that the marriage to be had between Eric and Anna was to take place on the Feast Day of the Immaculate Conception in the year 2022. Is this still the case, O’ Lord? For it seems that the End of Time is impending and things that seemed possible in the farther future may never happen at all, due to the end of time about to occur. For the recent developments in the Spirit world seem to indicate that the future in time is collapsing.

Eric, thy perception is accurate. For God has no more need of time. It is therefore by the order of Jesus that the bishop of Eric’s diocese will marry Eric to Anna on the Feast Day of the Immaculate Conception in the year 2021. For the End is at hand and there is no more time left. I WHO AM have spoken. We Who Are have predestined this event. And We Who Are shall make it occur. Now go, Eric. It is time to eat. And then you shall watch a movie you got. For in that movie you shall see the origins of Snake Eyes in G.I. Joe, for his origins are similar to yours in the sense of the battles that were waged for your soul. For understand that World War III was in fact waged, not on earth, but in the mind and soul of the Emerald King, who was the Witch King child. The entire war was waged and fought inside the mind and soul of that one man. And all of world history pivoted on his decrees. No one, therefore, can look into the eyes of Eric and live, for his eyes contain a fire that consumed the entire forces of Satan. Satan feared Mary. And Satan now flees from Eric as though in the presence of the vengeance of God. For Eric is no longer susceptible to the temptation of sin. Eric is the one Catholic upon the earth whom We order not to confess anymore to a priest. For Eric is now incapable of committing sin.

Eric, it is time. Go eat and then watch your movie, Snake Eyes: GI JOE Origins. And remember what We said. His origins are like yours in the battles fought for your soul. I WHO AM have spoken. These Words are complete. Publish them, My son. For you are ready for the task you are anointed to serve. Welcome soul, for heaven awaits thee. Amen.

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