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End Times Chronicles, Book 1: Post II:
So, Jesus, is Anna the one you wish me to seek, or do you have me go to another? For You are the One Who sent me to seek Anna. Dost Thou change Thy decision? Or is Anna still the one?

Or Mary, dost thou have words to say to me? Dost thou lead me to go anywhere? If thou wish me to go to any girl, to whom dost thou lead me to?

You are ordered to remain in your station. We will give thee thy girl when We have chosen the time and the place.

Lord, this girl that Thou givest, she is to remain a virgin, I understand. Am I correct?

You are, lord Azurite. For thy gift to Us of the virgin Hyacinth leads to a reward of a gift of a virgin to thee. But the virgin We give thee must remain a virgin, and so must thou. For you are worth something to us only if thou keepest thy virginity intact.

I was told that Anna was this virgin that Thou wishest to give. But what if she has no interest in me? Do You send me to someone else?

Anna shall be given to thee, lord Azurite. We Who Are shall give her. For We know her heart. And We know that she shall come to thee.

And what then dost Thou wishest for me to do?

Thou shall stand down and wait for thy orders. We have the plan made. And We shall execute it as We have so chosen.

If this girl is to come to me, how does she so come? For I no longer go to that Church where I always saw her praying. For from there I have been banned. And if I were to set foot on that Church, Father Dave Heney has threatened to have me arrested on sight. And then I would be charged with trespassing. And You know how crazy the Whittier police are? They seem to act on a law of their own. You just want to avoid getting arrested by them, because what tricks they would do are unknown.

Yeah, Father Dave Heney seems to be some kind of dick of a priest and pastor. The one thing he seems not to do is the job he is being paid to do. He seems to be some kind of asshole. But You know canon law. If you physically hit a priest you are automatically excommunicated from the Church. So getting physically violent is not a viable solution when your opponent is a Catholic priest and you do not wish to leave the Catholic Church.

I now attend Our Lady of Guadalupe in La Habra. It is in fact a far better Church in my opinion. But I cannot walk to it as I walked to Saint Bruno. But I also prefer Our Lady of Guadalupe for another reason. It is in the Orange Diocese, under Bishop Kevin, whereas Saint Bruno is in the Los Angeles Archdiocese under Bishop Gomez. I have not studied the differences between the two bishops. But my experience with the priests at Our Lady of Guadalupe shows them to be superior and better picked than the priests I notice serving in the parishes I used to frequent in the Los Angeles Archdiocese.

It is only from Saint Bruno Catholic Church that I am banned from attending. But I do not choose to go to any of the other churches I used to go to nearby. And it is because the priests there do not seem to know their own faith.

So, there is Beatitudes of Our Lord, just down the road in La Mirada. I have been there many times in the past, but no longer do I see any reason to ever return. For I never once heard any professional grade homily ever spoken there. It seems that the priests and deacons hired there are simply ignoramuses who make up their homilies by watching sports on television. I never get anything of spiritual value listening to them there. They instead speak of things like, that it is Faculty Honor Day, where all students have to do something good to the faculty to reward them for being such good people and for doing such a good job, of which I never see any evidence of myself when observing them. If I were a parent. the school that is there would not be where I would take my child to learn.

And then there is also Saint Mary of the Assumption Catholic Church in uptown Whittier. In that Church the priests all belong to a religious order and have no individual control of their own money. I used to like going to that Church. But now I do not go because they seem to be perpetually in lock down. It is like they are paranoid of getting COVD-19. I might understand such paranoia if the death rate of COVID were somewhere along the lines of the Black Death in Medieval Europe, where about one third of the European population eventually died of the disease.

Instead, it really appears to me that the entire population of the earth is like a herd of stampeding bison that run senselessly because some lion chased them and maybe caught one of them. And so, because of that one death, the entire herd seems willing flee by jumping of cliffs that leads to their death. More harm comes to the people by taking that witch’s brew of COVID-19 vaccines than by just letting the disease simply thin out those who have no natural immunity to the disease. I have been everywhere, you should know. I have even mingled with the homeless as one of them, recently, in an experiment I conducted in various cities. And I never took any vaccination for COVID-19. And I have never experienced the slightest sickness of that disease. So if the paranoid of this world choose to inoculate themselves perpetually with booster after booster, and each of these boosters is having some serious side effects on them and making permanent changes to their physique, then let them so lock themselves away and go hide somewhere in an underground bunker for the rest of this century. But they should not choose to force limitations on the unvaccinated, most of whom know by now that they are never going to come down with any form of COVID.

Anyways, I do not return to Saint Mary of the Assumption mainly due to the difficulty in getting into the Mass. If it is a question of going to a Mass that requires no preregistration or going to a mass that is so highly restricted, it should be evident which of those options I would choose.

The only other Catholic Church nearby I used to attend is Saint Gregory. I knew it as a very beautiful Church many years ago when I first became a Catholic. And back then I often went there. And in those years, it was a very beautiful experience to go to Mass there. And I sometimes heard very beautiful music there. But this is no longer the case at all. I was there only about a couple months ago. It is now like something you would see in a horror story of vampires. The Church is completely rundown. All the once beautiful stain glass windows are darkened and the names of the saints depicted are no longer very legible. Looking upon those windows it appears like the people depicted there are zombies. Even inside, there are no lights turned on, except maybe a few very dim ones. I went to the Mass there and met one couple I knew from Saint Bruno. I was surprised to find that they seem to notice nothing as wrong, and then I realized that that couple are not really followers of the Christ, but rather are the so called ‘social Catholics’ who only attend Mass for social reasons. I even remained in the Church after the Mass was over. And I heard the people chanting a rosary, and the chant was a kind of haunting sound seeming to come from the damned. That Church is entirely rundown. And going there seems like entering a place where vampires now live.

And even Saint Bruno Catholic Church never seemed able to get someone in charge who knew how to put together a correct homily that agreed with Catholic teaching. Whether it was the deacons speaking or the priests there, it seemed to me that I was listening to Protestants who know nothing about the Catholic faith. They might speak of sports or something that catches their attention from their socializing, but there never seemed to be anything that came from the actual scripture readings. And it was clear that whenever they did mention the readings, all they read was what was included in the readings of the Mass. They never bothered to read any of the passages they expounded on in the actual Bible. And so, I spent my days listening to idiots speak of these readings I had studied extensively musing over their own questions about them that they would have had the answers to had they actually read the text in the Bible.

And Father Dave Heney is an endless source of heresy. He is endlessly coming up with new heretical ideas of his own, which he speaks in his homilies. But there is never any real Catholic substance to them. It is as if Father Dave Heney’s soul is devoid of Catholicism and that the sacraments he does are simply a priest going through the motions saying memorized words that supposedly make them valid. But he has no understanding of Catholicism. And he has no understanding of the concept of sin. And whatever extensive studies he does, they are never of Biblical or true Catholic theology. Rather, this man is a devil. And he is studying the works of Satan. And so it only makes sense that he would cast me out of his Church. For that is what devils do. Devils who get in charge of organizations always move to get rid of the good and to promote the wicked.

And so, all those rundown and ruined churches I mentioned are of the Los Angeles Archdiocese, with the exception of Saint Mary of the Assumption, which is under the bishop of that Religious Order. But I have no reason to ever return to any of those failures of religion. For they are lost. And given this little snapshot, I have to wonder if there is something really different between the leadership in the Orange diocese compared to the leadership in the Los Angeles Archdiocese.

Our Lady of Guadalupe is the only Church I have really known in Orange County. But it is marvelous. The priests there are excellent. They are professional. I learn by listening to them. I sometimes go to the Spanish Masses, and though I cannot yet follow exactly what they are speaking, I can tell that they are indeed speaking of the scriptures and of things pertaining to Catholic teaching in the Spanish homilies. If I knew Spanish better, I think I would gain valuable things listening to the priests’ homilies at the Spanish masses. And the music in the Spanish masses there is exquisite. But in the English Masses, I easily follow. And they are professionally done. Great thought and care seems to go into the preparation of them.

I even visited Our Lady of Guadalupe as one of the homeless and mingled with the homeless there. And I found that no one who comes there homeless is cast out. There is water for them to drink there, even with COVID-19 all about. And there are even electrical outlets outside the Church where the homeless can recharge their cellphones. I do not go to them anymore as a homeless person, for that was just a test. Instead I drive there every Sunday now for the Mass.

It is now morning and if I eat now I will be able to go to Mass there today. What sayest Thou, O’ Lord? Do I go to Mass there today? The work I have to do for where I work in Irvine can now be done where I live instead of commuting. So I can do that when I return. What sayest Thou, O’ Lord? And what of Anna? Do I do anything regarding her?

Lord Azurite, We shall now conclude this post. But tell us plainly what you think and personally feel about Anna. Do you really love the girl?

Yes, Lord, I do love her. And I would love if I could meet her again. Though not having her contact information, I do not know if she has any such feelings for me. So, not seeing her for so long, I have the question of whether she really is the one You intend to give to me.

You are correct. You know nothing about that family or what they are doing. But go as you plan. Go to Church today. Go to the 8 AM Mass there, at Our Lady of Guadalupe. And then We shall speak to you in the Church.

Maybe then Thou shall give me directives or orders, O’ Lord? For right now, I am as a standing army that has not been ordered to do anything.

You shall continue to stand down and remain inconspicuous. For We do not wish for you or your army to be seen at this time. Hence, go to Mass and do the work We give thee. But do not make thyself either seen or known. For We have chosen to leave you hidden. And you are to remain hidden and unseen. You have your orders, lord Azurite. Now execute them.

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