I, Anna, have chosen to have a baby and to share my husband with my close friend.

Come, my husband, and lay with us, so that we both conceive a baby by you.

Chronicles of Love, Book 1: Post V:
Eric, my love, are you there? Anna, I did not know that you would come to me. I have come to you, Eric, and wish to ask of you a favor. Ask, Anna, for I love you. Eric, I know that you are meant to remain a virgin, but I am afraid that I will lose you. For you easily disappear, or at least that is what the police say about you. So I want to have some part of you in case you do vanish. And the only way that is possible is if you give me a child.

Anna, God ordered me to go all the way with you if that is what you want. So if a child is your desire, then I must give that to you.

So then it is permitted by God that we do not remain virgins, Eric? God says it is up to you, Anna. I was told by Mary that you were destined to bear me a child when Mary first directed me to go to you. If a child is your desire, then you are fulfilling a prophecy that I received from the Virgin Mary. Furthermore, I am ordered to lay only with you. For you are the one girl I am to marry. And I am never permitted to commit adultery against you.

But what about my right to share you with my girlfriend? You do have that right, as Sarah did in her marriage to Abraham, to share me with another girl, but if you choose to do so, the girl should be a virgin as we are and sleep with only me, or else we would not know who we were sleeping with. She of course cannot be called my wife, but must be regarded as a concubine, and her access to me would always remain under your control. For it is impermissible for a husband to choose a concubine over his wife, or to prefer a concubine to his wife, for that is the crime of adultery.

Eric, I promised my closest friend that she will bear a baby by you as well. So I want you to lay with both of us and make both of us pregnant. Then we will both have children by you and have that in common so that should you disappear we will be able to claim that we truly knew you. For I fear that you could be taken away at any moment.

Anna, this girl you wish to share me with, do you know that her children would not rank as high as yours in the inheritance? Are you sure this girl wishes to have a second class status to you and bear children second to yours?

I will treat her equal to me. And I will make her an equal partaker of you.

And the motivation for having another lover laying with your husband?

She is my girlfriend. And we are close, Eric. She is to have a share of everything I have. And we will bear your children, for God says a new race is to spawn from you. Why would you therefore not wish to have another female, Eric? For another female greatly increases the genetic variability that is to come from you.

Anna, I must now consult the Lord on your request to know exactly His instructions. I will thus now pray to God. Lord, this is unusual. What is Your ruling on this matter? Take them both, lord Azurite. For your wife is correct. The greater genetic variability of the second female will greatly enhance the genetic health of the race that descends from you.

But what of the Church, O’ Lord? Or is something going to happen that will make the Church and its law no longer matter? You are not to worry about the Church nor of its laws. The arrangement between you, Anna, and her girlfriend that she will give to you is to take place in the world We are taking you three to. So do not be concerned.

Anna, God says it is okay for us to do this as you say. But I think that we three shall be all taken together from this world still as virgins, and only in the world where we are to be taken to, we shall then lose our virginity together to have the children you and your girlfriend wish to bear for me.

Okay, Eric, but when do we move in with you and live with you in your house? The Lord has not revealed these things. I have no knowledge yet. You are welcome to visit me at anytime, but to live with me I think requires a marriage, unless we commit ourselves to living as brother and sister until that marriage takes place.

I shall seek God and His answers. What sayest Thou, O’ Lord, to this question from Anna? Anna, I WHO AM AM now speaking. You are to be the wife to Eric. You are to be the bearer of his bloodline. If another girl you choose to share Eric with, this We permit. For you are making the race that descends from Eric more robust. Nevertheless, a man really only can possess one lover. If you make it so that Eric permanently has two lovers, though We permit it, We also know that rivalry is introduced. For Leah and Rachel were close sisters until they married the same man, Jacob. And thereafter, there was contention between them.

But We see that your will is resolved. Eric is not yet ready for you to live with him. But this shall change soon. And when it changes you may go to him and live there. And when I permit it, you may bring the girl to Eric that you wish to share him with.

Lord, if I go to Eric, will I immediately be able to lay with him,? Or do I need to wait until we are formally married? The Lord will direct you to enter the marital embrace with Eric when the time comes that you are to receive his seed. You are not to be concerned if, when this command from within your interior comes, that you are not yet married. For I decide when all babies are to be conceived, And the son that is to be born from you shall be conceived when I command it.

You should know that the time is at hand when this age utterly comes to its end. Do not remain in the family where you currently live when you hear Me call you to Eric. For Eric’s house is safer. And Eric’s house is under the protection of God. We shall call you when this move is to be made. Until then, pray and dwell in My Spirit. This post now comes to its end. Publish it, lord Azurite, for it is complete.

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