Eric is now taken to heaven

Women of this world, Eric you shall never have.

End Times Chronicles, Book 1: Post I:
I, Creator of the Universe, do come now to announce the departure of Eric, the Emerald King, from this earth. Eric’s time in this world is ended. We now take him to heaven. And there he will enjoy God’s rest for all eternity. I AM WHO AM.

Lord Eric, your time has come. Let all the things of this world that you loved or longed for go. Let them all go. For they are to be left behind. For you are to go to heaven. You have no judgement against you. And you shall sit by My side in heaven. For you are worthy of this seat of royalty in My Kingdom.

You brought Me a virgin, whom you had no stake in for yourself. Yes, Hyacinth is a virgin. And you brought her to Me, and you kept her virgin for all those years. I highly reward such deeds done for God the Almighty, Maker of Heaven and Earth.

Your place is with the Christ. And you will serve as His number one. I AM the Lord. Christ is pleased with you. For you never once uncovered a woman. Nor did you ever take a forbidden taste of their flesh. Therefore We shall reward you with riches and glory in Our Kingdom, a world without end.

Now, I have chosen seven who shall serve as brides to you in the eternal kingdom of heaven. These shall be eternally given to you. And they shall remain with you for all eternity. Yes, the reward of bringing Me a virgin is returned to you sevenfold.

There is no more time left for you in this world. I WHO AM AM well satisfied with the life you led. Now for the revelation of secrets. The path Eric took through the park in his walk by which he came out of a gated community, yes that walk that is in fact a feature of legend, Eric’s intention was to circumnavigate the park to ascertain its full size. Hence, he started with the left side and consistently chose the left of all forks.

Lord, so I go to heaven then? I have no further time here at all? Correct, lord Azurite. And you shall enter My Kingdom bearing the crown of virginity. Furthermore, My place that I assign you to sit is at the right hand of the Virgin Mary. For the Virgin Mary is eternally a lover to you. And to her you are eternally a husband. And you shall be her only husband for all eternity. I AM the Lord.

Furthermore, six other virgins from this world are also yours. And they shall also ascend to My Kingdom with you. For they also chose you in this life. And these are the mystical names of the Seven Virgin Brides of Eric: (1) The Virgin Mary, who takes the name Hyacinth, the name you gave to the virgin you brought to Me, (2) Sarah, the virgin who awakened with you first into eternity, (3) Rapture, the witch who raptured you by which she received this name, (4) Love, the name given to the virgin Mary chose for you in the Church, (5) Ariel, a virgin who loved you and petitioned that you marry her, (6) Saavik, the Commandress of the virgins of heaven, (7) Aurora, a virgin who entered an eternal love pact with Eric, the Emerald King. These seven elected to enter eternal virgin union with Eric, the eternal ruler established by God to rule all nations with an iron scepter and to smash them like pottery.

Now, come to Me, My son. And rule with Me. Sit by My side and tell My thy decrees. What shall be thy first decree as thou sit with Me on My eternal throne, lord Eric, King of Middle-earth? Let the Seraphim be released upon the earth to slay all the wicked according to the decrees I make. Make thy decrees, lord Azurite, and I shall execute every one of them.

  1. Let all the enemies of Eric the Emerald King now be put to death.
    I shall do as thy will, Eric, lord of the eternal dominion of the earth to come.
  2. Let all fiat currencies throughout the entire world utterly collapse in their mountain of debt and be seen no more.
    I WHO AM immediately shall execute this decree of Eric, King of the emerald earth.
  3. Let all those who have partaken in a gay marriage or its celebration now be immediately put to death.
    Yes, the slaughter of all fags who offend the Most High God shall commence immediately.
  4. Let all those who push for or execute or who partake in the execution of the unborn now be put to death.
    Yes, I AM eager to avenge Myself against those who sacrifice their children to Baal.
  5. Let Father Dave Heney, the pastor who banned me from the Church he is pastor over because I refused to take harmful medications that You, God, have commanded me to no longer take, let this priest be crucified above the front doors of Saint Bruno Catholic Church that face to the north. And let him hang there forever, where all shall see him who would enter that Church so that they are aware that Saint Bruno Catholic Church is forever accursed.
    Yes, lord Azurite. Father Dave Heney is the Judas Iscariot of My Church. He shall indeed be slain. And his corpse shall forever be displayed upon that cursed Church which he brought to ruin by banning you from it. I AM WHO AM.
  6. Let all public schools, all those that teach children to tolerate evil and sin, such as homosexuality and artificial birth control, be utterly consumed by fire and utterly reduced to ash, together with all school records, all school reading materials, all school computer equipment, all school transportation vehicles, and all school assets, so that the entire body of the school faculty are permanently dismissed from that work and so that these institutions are completely and irreversibly ruined beyond all possibility of any resurrection.
    Lord Azurite, this decree is good and will be executed immediately.
  7. Let all those who commit adultery or fornication, and who have made no true repentance from those sins, now be utterly broken and destroyed. Let their ruins be seen throughout the entire lands. And let all the crimes they have hidden now be revealed to all in full.
    This is the final decree of Eric. Yes, it shall be done as thou sayest.

Now, Eric, the time is short. You have now the opportunity say one last statement to anyone of this world that you wish to speak to. Speak now. And then I will take you. For you can no longer be seen nor heard in this world ever again. Amen.

I wish to say some words to the two daughters of Tim, Anna and Tess. If either of you thought I was a dangerous person, you were wrong. I never touch women. And so, I would never have touched either of you. You fear things that are not your enemy. But that is past. Where you shall end up depends on the judgement of the Christ. I would have been friends with you both in this world had you allowed it. But that shall no longer be a possibility. Good bye. And if we meet in the hereafter, then you shall see that I only had pure love for you two, and nothing else. I, Eric, have spoken.

Good, Eric. The words of Eric are now brought to their conclusion. The testimony of Eric is now sealed. He is an eternal saint of My Kingdom. He has now spoken last in this website. And he shall now be taken to his eternity. For this world is done with him. And Eric is not a part of this world, but of the next.

I WHO AM have written these words. And I WHO AM AM Done writing.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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