Eric explains how to kill him

To kill the Conqueror, you send a very sexy woman, not an army, against him.

Chronicles of Secrets, Book 1: Post I:
Eric, I hereby order thee to explain to the people the most effective method of destroying you, should anyone dare to even make that attempt.

To destroy Eric by conventional means results in him rebooting. For Eric is immortal. And to kill him is to watch him rise again more powerful than he was before. Therefore, do not use a gun. For Eric is to reboot. And Eric is to recover.

But Eric is flesh. He is not made of metal as a Terminator is. A Conqueror who is flesh is most easily destroyed by getting him to sin in the flesh. Satan does this all the time. And by sins of the flesh do most mighty men get defeated. And their defeat is permanent.

Samson was undefeatable by armies of fighting men. But one woman got him to lower his defenses and make himself vulnerable to defeat. And once he was overcome, he was permanently destroyed.

Hence, you never send armies of men against a formidable opponent as the first step. Rather, the first step is to weaken him with women. For women are the best tools to defeat mighty opponents. For weakened due to their sins with the women, they are much more easily then defeated in battle with the fighting men.

But Eric, we do not see you with women. Exactly. Do you know that if I followed my dick instead of using my intellect, I would have been utterly destroyed decades ago.

Yes. but surely there is a way a woman can get past whatever defenses you have, Eric? Is this true or false. Every fortress, no matter how impregnable has a weak spot and a way of gaining entry. A heterosexual man, as I am, can be defeated if the right woman were to approach him in the right way.

For homosexual men, well their disorder already has destroyed them. Alexander the Great was a homosexual. And that is the real reason why he was defeated so early in his career. For the defeat of a conqueror is to get him to sin in the flesh.

It should be the goal of one who wishes to destroy a formidable opponent to make him sin. This is not clearly understood by many strategists. But it is the correct way to do it. For sin is what destroys. Remember what Satan is. Satan is the destroyer. And how does he destroy? By getting people to sin. Hence to get your enemy to sin is to destroy him. A sinner can much more easily be defeated on the battlefield than a man whose conscience is clear.

So, before you engage in combat to take down your target, you must first compromises that person’s morality and get him to enter mortal sin.

And so, if your goal is to take down a man like Eric, do you send a holy woman to him who would make a good wife? No. But neither do you send a slut that he would find repulsive. The best type of woman to defeat Eric would be a woman who shows enough flesh to get herself noticed by him, but who would still pass as an acceptable girlfriend to him. So how does one determine what is an acceptable girlfriend? How would she look like? This is determined by what society accepts. And so, in contemporary society, it is now acceptable for the midriff to show. But to go in a bikini would only be acceptable at a beach.

But Eric, wouldn’t a woman who appears holy get you more interested than a woman showing her midriff? For you are a holy man. And you are not called to enter the sex life. Getting the man interested is the wrong approach. The correct approach is to get him intoxicated. The sight of the bare midriff in a reasonably good looking woman is known to cause the release of chemicals in the heterosexual man’s mind who sees it that causes a pleasurable intoxication.

These are tricks and ways that men are defeated. For the best way to ruin a holy man is not with a holy woman but with an unholy woman.

Yes, but Eric does not take the bait. Then the bait itself must must get Eric’s attention another way then just by posing in his sight or parading past him. Actually, Eric’s mind is philosophical. Hence, to pose a question to Eric is the best way to get his attention. And to keep his attention, the question should be philosophical. For that would require a thoughtful answer. And such is in fact the best way to initiate a conversation a man who thinks in the manner that Eric does.

So, you, Eric, you think that a woman who reveals enough flesh, such as bearing the midriff, and who poses a question directly to you that requires a philosophical answer is the best strategy for such a women sent to destroy you to make your acquaintance? Yes, and then the woman would have to use the kind of charm and guile that women always deploy on men to make them think they are attracted to them. And this is basically appearing impressed and exhibiting a desire for them. And it involves things like laughing at the man’s lame jokes and giving him compliments that boost his ego.

But Eric, say such a woman does this, wouldn’t you, thinking about it, realize that woman is trash? Exactly, but it would take thinking. Intoxicated men are not thinking. Remember that the most successful salesmen are those who push the sale so fast that the customer never had any time to think about it. So a woman who would succeed in this strategy would be one who pushes herself into Eric’s life before he could think about it, and who would keep him from thinking about it by intoxicating him with her beauty.

Eric, has this ever been successfully done against you? Do not think that because your fortress has never been defeated that it is also impregnable. For there is no such thing as an impregnable fortress. Every creature has an Achilles heal. You would have to be God to not have one. So Eric must have one also.

But, Eric, if you are so morally disciplined that you would not enter mortal sin with a woman, how could such a strategy even have a hope to succeed? This is how. Listen to me and learn. A holy man only succeeds in the battle against a strong temptation if he shuts the door it to at his first sight of it. Giving way to desire for the sin would be the way to defeat such a holy man. The opportunity for this is at the beginning only. The woman, assuming that she is intoxicatingly sexy to him, would have to get the holy man to choose the pleasure with her over what he knows is right and wrong, but only in the beginning. For once the decision is made at the beginning of the encounter, it is then determined the success or failure of that man.

For it is as Jedi Master Yoda once said, Once you start down the dark side of the Force, forever shall it dominate your destiny. So to destroy the holy man, the woman just has to get him to step in her direction at that very beginning of their encounter. And after that, she is in possession of him. For the forces of the man’s sex drive cannot be resisted once the woman begins to draw him to her, assuming that she puts up no resistance to his advances and makes herself completely receptive to him. For the man who chooses to enjoy the sin is defeated already. Saint Augustine, before his conversion, fell into those traps all the time.

Yes, we know of those strategies. But is Eric ever known to fall that way? Does not Eric correctly choose not to pursue the sin? Yes, but remember, beauty kills the beast. Eric is not always thinking along the correct paths. It is, therefore, possible for beauty to defeat him. Eric is a virgin now. And as a virgin, he as untold powers. And I would not suggest any armed forces to try to take down a virgin such as this. But were his virginity to be robbed from him by a woman, so also would he lose the divine protection. Hence, the goal of any organization that seeks to destroy this Knight, the way to do it would be to rob him of his virginity.

Lord, then answer this question. If it is as the Lord has said that Eric’s virginity is essential to both his office of prophet and to his divine protection, consider this scenario. It is something that could easily be done to him. And then answer my question. The police have unusual technologies. I was witness to this. I tried to take one of them with me, a kind of plastic that could not be broken, which I used to serve as a kind of belt, and they took it back. So these people have a technology that is not known to the public. They should probably not have arrested me and I would then not know about it.

But anyways, what I wish to say is that should the police arrest me again and detain me, what if they arranged some way in which I, either drugged or bound somehow, were to be raped by a woman there? They could do it in a manner where the woman is some sort of deranged female cop, and that prevents any lawsuit against the police. They just put out a statement that the woman is suspended and an investigation is launched and then everything is forgotten, but I would no longer be a virgin. So, my Lord, what would be my status with You then, since my virginity would have been taken from me completely against my will? And how would You elect to stop it, should they really attempt such a plan? What dost Thou say, O’ Lord?

Well, lord Azurite, what if We prevented that female cop from being able to make you erect? Remember this, lord Azurite, the Virgin Mary controls you. She has the power to prevent you from becoming erect no matter what is shown to you and no matter what is done to you. You are aware of this. You know it as a fact. And thus, what would a female cop then do? Can she order you to make yourself erect? For if that were possible, there would be many housewives seeking her to tell her how she did it. So, understand Me, Eric, and you shall understand everything. A man with an erection can always force a woman that he can overpower to have intercourse with him. But for a woman aggressor, she can only do this to a man if she can get him aroused. And even then, that arousal is not guaranteed to last for the entire sex act she does with him. A man with an erection a woman who has overpowered him can in fact enter intercourse with him, but there is no guarantee for that woman that she can bring it to ejaculation. The younger the man, the more likely a woman can rape him. And you know, Eric, that before the Virgin Mary took you, that it was very hard for you to control your erections. This is in fact a problem many men deal with that woman are unaware of. A man does not want to be walking around in public with a visible erection, for it is a natural embarrassment to him. Though a hot woman seeing it might be a fantasy to him, most people in society are not hot women. Hence a man develops strategies to stop his erections. And one of those strategies is to think of a woman they find repulsive.

So this is very important for a would-be woman rapist. If you are repulsive to men, it is actually not likely that you will have all that much success at it. But a hot woman would have enormous success in raping most men. Even men whose penis is limp at first, a hot woman has the capability to bring him to arousal by such techniques as oral sex. And once he is hard, she can then rape him.

But Eric, no woman, no matter her hotness, can make you erect against my will. For I even control your feelings of lust. You cannot even see a nude woman before you as an object of desire unless I allow it. For you are my total possession. Therefore, all this talk about the strategy of taking you down by robbing you of your virginity is in vain. Only if I were to send a woman to you would I permit that woman to make you aroused. For I am the Virgin Mary. And I choose who shall lay with you and who shall not.

Okay, Mary, that is informative. But tell me this then. Do you ever plan to send such a woman? And if you did, would you ever have it so that this woman takes my virginity outside of marriage? Eric, if I send you a woman, it is because I have read her heart. And I will have read that she will elect to marry you.

Okay, Mary. But what if this woman you send to me, who intends to marry me, seeks sex before marriage? Do you prevent that sex? Or if it were to happen would I then have lost everything?

I, the Virgin Mary, intend to send women of my election to you, Eric. And all of these women I send to you will have the intention of marrying you. And they will all indeed initiate a kind of relationship with you. But the sex act cannot take place here in this world. For sex in this world leads to death. So none of these women will actually get to that point in their relationship with you were they are prepared to enter that intercourse. For those intentions are to be saved for the world you and they with you are to be taken to.

Really? So, I see no such women. Do you plan for many such women or few or exactly what is their number? Are you sure, Eric, you are not involved with such women already? For who is this Anna who is speaking to you? You really need, Eric, to pay attention to the spirit world more closely. For what happens there precedes what happens here, in the world where you live.

Yes, such is indeed a spiritual reality. Anna is indeed in a spiritual communication with me. And so also is her younger sister. For these two sisters are indeed like witches. They both indeed have a power to remain in this communication. Eric, give the younger sister a name. Do not continue to refer to her as the younger sister. We shall then give her the name Rapture. And you already know that Anna has been given the name Love by the election of heaven. Hence, these two girls, both daughters of Tim, shall henceforth be known on this website by the names, Rapture and Love. And they are to be understood as witches.

So Mary, if Rapture and Love are to be two wives to Eric, how does Eric continue to be permitted to receive communion in the Catholic Church? For the Church requires monogamy. And if I am not mistaken, by having two wives, I am now a polygamist. How do you, Mary, thus reconcile me and retain me in the Church.

Eric, as long as you do not have intercourse with any of the women I make as a wife to you in this world, you will continue to be eligible to receive communion in my Church. For Church law on monogamy is only concerned with those relationships where sex is actually occurring in. So, do not have sex, and all the wives I give to you shall not disqualify you from receiving the eucharist at the Church you now go to, which is Our Lady of Guadalupe in La Habra, California.

Hence, accept any woman I send to you as a wife. And I will be sending you many. And never prevent a woman for me from kissing you on the lips. For such is the manner I have set and arranged for these women to receive immortality from you. For to kiss you is to gain that.

And what if these women wish to go farther than just a kiss, Mary? What if they actually seek to make out with me? For I understand that such could disqualify my status as a virgin in the sight of the Holy Spirit. For the Holy Spirit is the One Who gives me the gift of prophecy and my ability to speak with God in a manner like Moses. What sayest Thou, O’ Holy Spirit? Would You, Lord the Holy Spirit, cast me from my office of prophet were a woman, permitted to kiss me, proceed then to make out with me?

Yes, I would cast you out, Eric. Thus, permit the kiss but go no further. I AM the Lord the Holy Spirit. I AM WHO AM. Now I will tell you your orders from the Christ. You are to marry many women for Mary is your owner and lover. And all these things are to manifest in the earth that this world becomes after that which you call the phase transition occurs. My Seraphim will deal with the ungodly then. And you and the women who will have become your wives will then be permitted sexual knowledge. And those who are physiologically capable will have a child by you in that age which is about to come. You are indeed the man chosen by Mary to be the father of this race that is to come. One man and many women are to start this race.

And no other surviving men are there, O’ Lord the Holy Spirit? None but you, Eric. For the Holy Virgin needs but one man. For one man with the aid of the Holy Spirit can in fact inseminate every woman on the planet. And that is exactly the plan of God. Now, why you, Eric, you ask? The Virgin Mary chooses her own mate. And even the Holy Spirit cannot fathom the mind of women. For a woman’s mind was made unfathomable by God the Father Who created Eve. And it is God the Father alone Who Knows all that is.

You are chosen for the Virgin Mary loves you. But to explain that love, I cannot. I WHO AM AM. And I AM called the Spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary because I AM One with her in her entirety. I know her love for you, Eric. And I know her heart. But to explain this can only be done by the Father. You are now commanded to go to Mass. Go to the 10 AM Mass. It will be in English. For remember Eric, you are a Roman Catholic forever. And as a Roman Catholic you will keep all the rules and regulations of My Church in perfect obedience. I AM WHO AM. And Sunday Mass is required for all Catholics if they wish to be saved. Now go, Eric. Reread this first, correct your errors, and then go. I WHO AM AM. The Holy Spirit Has Spoken.

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