I have chosen Eric to lay with Anna, my daughter.

Eric is the perfect man for my daughter to love.

Chronicles of Love, Book 1: Post IV:
Anna, I am in love with your boyfriend, Eric. I think the two of you make a perfect couple. Tell him that he is always welcome to our house.

Mother, I wish to have him, but I do not wish for Tess to have any part of him. And you know how Tess tried her utmost to destroy him in front of our very eyes.

Then kiss Eric in front of her, and let her burn with jealousy. For Eric has told you that he loves only you. He has told you that you are as a savior to him. Remember, Anna, Eric is not leaving you for Tess. He never will.

But also Anna, know that I like Eric too. I like the thought of his presence in the house. And remember your sisters love him too.

Then Mother, I will make Tess jealous not just against me, but also against my younger sister. Eric will be a boyfriend to both me and her, Tess’s two younger sisters. And that will burn her like crazy.

So Eric will be boyfriend to both of you, Anna? You are sharing him with your younger sister just to spite Tess?

Yes, mother, and she is old enough for him. Eric won’t get in trouble by it.

Okay. Anna. But just be careful. It is not typical for a girl to share her boyfriend with anyone. And I am really surprised for wouldn’t this lead to adultery should you ever marry him?

Mother, Eric will marry me, but I will be his only wife. He will have no other wife than me. But even Abraham’s wife Sarah had the right to share him with Hagar. And Hagar, was she then a wife to him? No, she was not. What she was it what is called a concubine. And concubines have no rights to their man. Only the wife. So, Sarah had the right to let Hagar lay with her husband, Abraham, add later she chose to kick Hagar out of the household, together with her illegitimate son by Abraham.

And so, Mother, any woman I choose to share Eric with, even if she has a child by him, neither she nor her illegitimate child have any rights to him nor to his estate. For all that Eric has and ever will have will always belong to me and to my offspring by him. For I am his wife. And Church policy can in fact recognize the institution of the concubine, for they have done so in the past. But the Church never acknowledges a man to have any more than one wife, as long as she lives. And I am to live with Eric forever. Such is the decree of Mary. For remember Mary’s words to me, mother. Mary the holy Virgin, loves and knows Eric as her lover only by loving him through me. For I alone among women am perfectly aligned with the Immaculate Conception. Therefore, wherever Eric is to be taken to, I am to be taken with him. And since Eric is to rise to the highest choir, I will be there also with him. For Mary cannot touch Eric directly, being as she is the Ark of the Covenant, mother. And you know that no man can ever touch that or he shall die. And so, Mary needs me forever. And so, Eric’s salvation ensures my own.

It is odd, isn’t it, mother, why I have Eric, and all other women, even you, wish you were me? I will also tell you a secret. Only I have the ability make Eric have sex. No other woman has that. It is a gift Mary gave to me to ensure that while I am not around, no other woman can seduce him and take him from me.

For I know you have no pleasure anymore, as you once had it, mother. Every man eventually wears out and can no longer perform. It is the beautiful wife’s worst nightmare. To be married to the perfect man, and to no longer be able to have sex with him. It is the way of men. They lose it, mother. They lose the ability to perform the conjugal act. So isn’t it a pity that Church law says that men only need to perform the conjugal act once to validate the marriage, and later when he fails, the marriage cannot fail with him?

For, mother, men wrote the laws of the Church to serve themselves. They wanted to own their women to the death. But we women cannot live if our husbands are dead. It is just not possible for us.

My husband, though, is guaranteed by the Holy Virgin, herself, to never lose the ability to have sex, but she has taken over that man completely, mother. The Virgin Mary has complete and total control of him. And she has assured me that Eric will never lay with any woman but me, and he will also obey me if I have him lay with another girl besides myself. But it is always my decision, not his.

Remember this Truth, mother, and you shall then understand everything. Women are the true rulers of this world. We control men with our pussies. Yes, our pussies are more powerful then all their tanks and planes. We control when they go to war. We control to whom they declare war on. We control who wins elections. And we also outnumber them. And we also control who marries whom.

I know you lust for Eric, mother. You cannot hide that from me. I know every thought you think about him. For I can read minds. And I think you also know I know everything Eric is doing. So if you ever try something, I will know it. And I will not forgive it, mother. And all you will ever be able to do is to try.

I choose to share him as a boyfriend to my younger sister. And yes, it is to spite Tess. And yes, it is to drive her mad and insane. But that is as far as she will go with him. For a wife is always jealous, mother, of her husband. Just as God is a jealous God, God made Eve to be a jealous wife. God made women to be jealous of their husbands, because, mother, adultery is a crime. And no one may ever commit it. The Virgin Mary is a law abider. You know that, right, mother? Hence, she will never permit any woman to lay with another woman’s husband.

So, I am sorry, mother. I hate to break it to you like this. But Eric is never having sex with you. Nor is he ever having sex with any of my sisters, mother. He is mine. And he is only going to do it with me and with no other. And this is one man who can never me made to cheat on his wife. Yes, mother, that is the meaning behind where you read that he is the last standing stallion.

It was not as you suggested. That stallions, being horses, mate with a harem of mares, the female horses, which consists of both mothers and their daughters. Those are animals. And animals are animals. They do not go to heaven. And neither do any people go to heaven who follow their lusts as they do.

So, you cannot have my husband, mother. And no, Tim is not going to die either. So if you ever tried, it would be adultery against him too, not just against me, mother. So do not think along such lines. And never touch him in any way that is not morally permissible. And another thing, Eric’s parents, have very little time left. Eric is going to have that house. His brothers are on their way out too. It is something that Mary has revealed. So I will be living with Eric. We will be as brother and sister until we are married. But I will not be living here with you any longer.

Let my inheritance be taken from me and given to my brothers. What do I care of it. It is worthless anyways. Eric is better than that. And Eric is to be wealthy.

And that is the way it shall be. Monogamy rules the Catholic Church. And the only women who triumph are those whose mother is Mary. And mother, Mary is my mother from now on. And my younger sister I will permit to kiss Eric until she acquires a boyfriend of her own.

And Anna, you do not call that, with your younger sister, adultery?

No, mother. I call it friendship.

Well, then what will the neighbors say when they see Eric kissing both you and her?

We are sisters, mother. And we are friends. Girlfriends do these things all the time. But a kiss, mother, does not even break any law of the Church. When we are married, we will then do those things that are forbidden outside of marriage. And no, my sister will not be a party to that. So I am stainless before you, mother. I am not a slut. And I am not a sinner.

And I will not do what Sarah did. No other woman will lay with Eric. Not even my closest friends. For true girlfriends never do that to their closest friends. And that is how it shall be, mother. I will have Eric as my husband. Tim will not stop it. Neither shall you. And no woman will lay a hand on him, but only me.

Anna, have you ever thought that by letting your younger sister kiss Eric, that she might be able to take Eric away from you?

Well, Eric has made a vow to me that makes that no longer possible, mother. So I will let her kiss Eric. And I will allow her to have her fantasies about him. And I will actually enjoy watching her. But realize this, she is a witch, mother. She can see things you cannot. And that is the real reason why I wish to watch this. I wish to see what really is going on in the mind of my sister. And I will see this through Eric, for I possess him just like Mary does.

And Eric, what is he, do you think? He calls himself a warlock. He may be a wizard. But what is he in your mind, Anna? What is he to you?

Mother, Eric is the complete possession of the Virgin Mary. The only way to unlock this secret is to unlock the secrets of the Holy Virgin. But I believe Eric that he is the Virgin Mary’s warlock. To be a patron to a warlock is something that Mary can be. And we know he is a wizard. Computer geniuses are wizards, you know, one type at least. But Eric is more than just that. He is deep. His mysteries are deeper. You could spend the whole day talking with Eric on these mysteries and you would still have only uncovered the tip of the iceberg.

A woman can uncover these secrets from Eric, but only a woman chosen by Mary would ever be permitted to even get close to him.

Did you know that Jesus has made a promise to Eric? Jesus has guaranteed to Eric that whatever He commands Eric to do, and Eric obeys, no one in this world can ever force disobedience to that. And that is a warning. Let it be known. Eric obeys Jesus. And so if you ever come against Eric on something God has commanded him to do or not to do, pity that man who does that, mother. He will be destroyed. For there is no power that can go against God. Also, understand that Eric is Jesus’ King piece on the chessboard. And He will not let Eric get into a checkmate. Nor will any check on Jesus’ King be allowed to stand. And we women, or at least Mary and I am Queens on that board. Mary is the White Queen, who stands on her own color at the beginning of the game of Chess. And I am her white pawn who is now a Queen like her. For I made it to the eighth square. And so Eric is now to be defended by two White Queens, Mary and Anna. We are Eric’s lovers and we are Eric’s Queens. And together we rule the board and we shall defeat the wicked who are arrayed against us. The Black Queen cannot defend herself against the superior power of the two White Queens. The Black King shall thus go into checkmate. And then the power of the evil one shall be destroyed.

And Mary and I will forever reign as the two White Queens who defend Jesus’ White King, Eric.

Anna, there are other white pawns too. Supposing your sister also reaches the eighth square and is made a Queen. What would you do if she won Eric’s heart from you. For I know you say Eric has made vows. And I know what you say about Mary controlling Eric’s ability to have sex, but what if your sister wins Eric’s heart?

You should know, Anna, or I should tell you plainly. Whenever someone allows her lover to know the love of someone else, and this is true regardless of whether you are the wife or the husband, that one may well be the one the higher powers have destined your lover to. You are playing with fire, my daughter, to even permit your sister to kiss your boyfriend.

And yes, she is a witch. And she hides things even from me. She may know some higher decision in heaven that you do not know. You are not even yet married to Eric. Did you ever think that your younger sister might do to you what you intend to do to your older sister?

Remember, Anna, Mary, not you, is the primary wife to Eric. And you yourself know you cannot penetrate her mysteries? Nor do you know what your younger sister is thinking. So your mind reading is definitely not all knowing.

I would not dismiss the idea entirely that when you let your younger sister claim Eric as her boyfriend, that she finds a way to take him from you.

Mother, go and play with your sex toys. You are as silly as they come. Anyways, it never happens that three sisters all want the same guy. My sister is still a young girl. And I am sure she will want her own boyfriend. I am only giving her a taste of Eric. And this is to spite Tess.

I would also not put Eric as something that can be so easily manipulated. You did see that Tess, despite her beauty and charm, could never even make Eric’s acquaintance, despite years of trying right before our very eyes. And yet, I smile at him, and I sit near him, and he comes to me. Clearly I am the one Mary has chosen for Eric. I do not know of any such change in Mary’s election in this. And I see Eric’s mind.

Okay Anna, you are Eric’s wife. And maybe the decree really is forever for you to be that. But it is still a dangerous act of playing with fire to let any girl come that close to your husband. It is dangerous, Anna, even with a man who is as you say, a stallion who stands for God.

And you are wrong about me, Anna. I am not the immoral woman you take me for. I just want you to be happy with the man that is now yours. And remember this, Anna, seeking revenge against someone causes bad things to happen to you as well. Eric pities Tess. What if God pities Tess when you choose to make her jealous of both you and your younger sister so much so that He elects to, as a punishment against you for that act of spite against Tess, makes it so that your younger sister, whom you let have a taste of Eric, somehow completely takes him away from you to marry her instead.

Then, mother, I will simply come back to live with you, and my younger sister will then go and live with Eric and have children by him, have a white picket fence front yard, while we here, you, Tess, and I, all suffer and pine away for the rest of our lives. Yes, all these hypothetical things can happen. But I think you err to think that she is even interested in him. I mean he is much older, twice my age. Good looking, yes. But older, nevertheless. I would think a younger girl, younger than me, would not seek a man of Eric’s age. Even I am a little young for him. And why Tess is after him so much is also a mystery.

Anna, I will now tell you the sad truth. Eric is a virgin who indeed has nothing to do with women. He pursues none. If he pursues you, it is because someone in his head told him to. Do you really think that this guy has any true connection to the Virgin Mary? Or do you realize it is as Father Dave Heney says, he is a nut off his medication? I think it is time to trust in the priests that God has established over the Church, and let Eric go. He is a nut. Let him disappear. He is not coming back here anyways.

Yeah, mother, you go and believe Father Dave Heney. Did you ever read those things he leaves on the table for all to read? If this Church were run by real followers of God, Dave Heney would be charged for the heretic that he is.

Okay, daughter, you have your ways and I have mine. Go your way. Do as you think best. And remember that I am always your mother.

Yes, you are that, but so also is the Virgin Mary. And she is the one I will make my mother from now on. I am now leaving you, mother. And I will think about your words. But my younger sister is harmless. And I will never believe that she could even think of stealing Eric from me. So bye now. I am gone.

I, the Virgin Mary, say this. Whatever fictional things are said in this work of fiction, these are the words of women speaking through Eric. And Eric is my possession. And only I know the decrees that have been eternally said about this man. But it is true that Anna is now a Queen upon the board with me. And it is also true that Eric is the king piece who must never be permitted to get into checkmate. And it is also true that this is the end game. No one survives it, for it is ended by the Second Coming of the Christ. And Christ will not be pleased if Eric is no longer a virgin when He comes again. For Eric’s virginity is necessary for his place in our Kingdom. And any Queen or pawn who wishes to become a Queen to Eric must respect this. Eric’s virginity must never be take away.

Mary, if it comes to pass as these women discussed, that I become boyfriend to these, do they defile me? And do I permit it?

Eric, permit kisses. But do not make love, nor have intercourse. I, the Virgin Mary, have spoken. You may have any of these girls spoken here as a girlfriend, Eric, as long as they do not lead you to impurity. And we years ago rejected Tess for you because we saw she would lead you to just that. As for Anna’s younger sister, yes, she is very young to even be with you. But this is just girl talk. It is not meant to be taken seriously.

You, Eric, are an eternal virgin. You are of the 144,000 Virgin First Fruits. And your virginity is non negotiable to Christ. For it is because the 144,000 have now been sealed. It cannot be undone. The 144,000 are by definition virgins. And they are by definition males. Hence, all this girl talk of having your child or marrying you is in vain. We allowed it to teach a lesson to women. Now women, if you are aware of these men, and they are indeed few and hard to find, do not think of entering a carnal marriage with them. You may kiss them, but you may not have sex. Nor is it permissible to make out with them.

These men may enter a virgin marriage to a holy woman. That much is permitted. But they are to remain holy and their virginity may not be taken from them.

Mary, is it true that you are lover to Eric and that you need a female aligned to you to make love to him?

Eric is my virgin lover. So we never touch. So Anna is mistaken if she thinks I need her to love Eric. And Anna is mistaken if she thinks Eric’s salvation ensures hers. But if a woman becomes in a love bond with Eric, she will also be with him in eternity. This is a promise of the Blessed Virgin Mary. I, the Virgin Mother, permitted this post to be written. And it was written by women through Eric. And it was not meant to be taken either literally or as something that really happened. For it is fiction only. For these works are intended to lead people to the Truth. The real people and their names in this work are used as literary devices for teaching truths about. Understand that this is not a true story, but a story for leading people to the truth.

This post now comes to its end. You are now ordered to publish it, Eric. Reread it first to correct the errors and then publish it, for it is complete. Amen.

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