Eric and Anna will ascend together to heaven as eternal virgins

Eric and Anna’s last day upon the earth.

Chronicles of Love, Book 1: Post III:
Eric is obedient to the death. Anna, will you marry me? For I am deeply in love with you. And my hour approaches when Jesus is to take me from this earth.

If my parents knew I loved you, they would crucify me. But I will go with you, for I have chosen you over them. And I wish to have you as my husband.

Jesus, I surrender to Your will. Whatever fate You will have for me and Anna, I accept. I give everything to You. And I even surrender my life. For to die for You is to inherit eternal life.

Anna, Eric is leaving soon. And he will be taken by nightfall. If it is your wish to marry him, then leave everything and come to him. For the hour grows late when Eric shall die.

Lord, I thought you said Eric was immortal?

Eric is immortal, lord Azurite, but not so is his flesh in this world. I AM taking him due to His obedience to Me. And if Anna also obeys My command, she will also reign in the Kingdom where Eric is to go.

Does that mean that Anna then dies too?

It means that Anna would save herself. For there is nothing left for her in this world. Only with Eric will Anna find purpose. And that purpose was to love him. And if that purpose ends, so also does Eric. For no man lives who is not loved.

The end is approaching like a falling star. For with Eric gone, nothing remains on earth to check the power of the evil one. For Eric is the last of the Knights of Christ upon the earth. He is that last standing stallion. And his fate is to die.

Mary, is this the real reason why you brought me through all of this? It is to die now? For I have obeyed God. And I am still dying.

You have obeyed God and me. And now we are taking you to heaven. For you have earned the right to walk with the Christ. And you opened your heart to Anna, and she returned your love. But your death cannot be stopped. For the divine decrees have been eternally set. And thus, you can no longer avoid your death.

So when I die, where do I go? What is my reward? For I am nobody. And I have done nothing to enter Your Kingdom. I have sought You, my Lord, and You have led me on a path where by my obedience I always triumphed. But now, my obedience leads to my death. And yet You command me not to deviate from that course. Nor have I ever received any cures, except that I sleep now because of the love of Anna.

It is in Anna that you receive everything, Eric. And it is in Anna that you shall now sleep in eternity. For your death is now a certainty. And it is no longer possible to delay it. Nor do you even have the ability to disobey Me. For that option has passed.

You and Anna are eternally joined in soul, mind, and heart. And this can never break. And this is the definition of soul mates. Hence, even in death, when you pass to your eternity, in Anna you will still have life on the earth. For her soul is eternally bonded to your soul. And thus, the office of prophet then will pass to her.

And in the Kingdom of Heaven, you shall remain in complete union with Anna on the earth, as the two of you are now, while you are both here in the same world. For it is now Anna’s time to prophesy. And it is now for her to know your entire testimony, which you will reveal to her from your eternity in heaven, and she will reveal it to the entire world, as a prophetess closer to God than Moses.

Realize now why We did not permit you and Anna to enter the marital embrace. For that would defile you in the sight of the Holy Spirit, and then neither of you would be able to prophesy ever again. Virginity and purity are essential to the office of prophet that you were called to, and that you now hand on to Anna.

Lord, I find it funny that I spent so much time trying to save Hyacinth. But she was happy only while she had and unhappy while without. It was like I could never teach her to have faith. I tried to save her, Lord. And I cannot do it. For the girl can never believe on her own. She can never truly turn to Christ. Did I waste this time with this girl, when it should have been Anna that I was to train as my apprentice?

Eric, we permitted this with Hyacinth to teach you about human nature. There are those who are earthly and who live and die with the earth. And there are those who are heavenly and who sing regardless of their possessions and their lot in life.

You observed Anna. She prayed and was content. She was not restless and seeking for something she could not obtain as her sister Tess was. It is truly tragic that Tess mistook your looking directly at her as the look of complete love, for the sad reality was that you could not see what you were looking at. And so Tess from that point onward sought you like the love of her life. And it was not your fault, Eric. It was just a tragedy that happened by mistake. Tess thought you were in love with her and it was by a defect in you, Eric, that you appeared to be looking at her when it was not the case. It is what is called loss. And I am sorry Tess. I did not mean for you to have thought what you thought of me. I did find you attractive, Tess, but God did not allow me to enter into your acquaintance. For you were not meant to be my love.

That family that Tess belonged to I noticed and studied somewhat. I was intrigued by the observation that every child in that family, both the males and the females, were very good looking. For it was a large family, which Anna told me later consisted of six brothers and five sisters. So that means they were also a holy family that practiced no birth control. And another thing curious was that there was never any communication between that family and me. I was not one to converse much in Church, but I did do some exchange of words with most of the people who regularly attended Saint Bruno Catholic Church. But with that family there was no exchange, until the very end.

They may even wonder what happened to Eric? Who knows? But I do not wish to get into any legal conflict, for Dave Heney has banished me from entering the Church unless I comply with something God has commanded me not to do. Otherwise, I would have returned to that Church. For that is the only place I have observed Anna. And it was Anna that I loved. That family does go to other churches, yes. But those churches are inconvenient to me. And I think that family is afraid of my love for that girl. So I cannot seek them out.

All I can do is to reach out to Anna by the same spiritual means I was granted to be able to talk with God. For God enabled conversation between me and Him on Saturday, July 22, 2017. And I then became more familiar with God and those in heaven than Moses was. And it was on July 23, 2017, that God commanded me to write nothing more in secret. Everything I was to write from that point onward was to be published.

But even I could get derailed by Satan and his demons. And that is why I destroyed many writings I wrote. For they were so obviously Satanic that they were repulsive. And that is why Facebook does not contain the posts I wrote starting on that date I was to reveal everything. And I soon realized the problem of writing on hosted blogs owned by someone else. For they reject my writings. And so, I do not write on Facebook anymore. I made my own site, which for me was easy and cheap because I am already a very talented and skilled software developer. These things are easy to me. And to the many in the comments who have asked, this is just the cheapest that you can get. I did not even buy any theme. I just carefully adjusted pictures to the correct sizes and did a little fancy CSS. The reason why this site loads so fast is probably because nothing is advertised here. For advertising is in fact something that indeed does slow down websites, and they can get very slow, the more intricate that advertisement is.

So, I just kept everything simple and paid very little. And I made sure the images I used were free and without any legal issues.

But I do think I owe Tim, the father of Anna, an explanation of why I am in love with his daughter Anna. For Tim did do a good deed for me. For I was thirsty, and the COVID-19 regulations had no water anywhere to drink, and Tim went to his car and gave me a bottle of water to drink. Tim, I am not against you. And I fully understand how you are protective of your daughter. It is indeed not usual for a 51 year old man as I am to seek the love of a 25 year old girl. So I do understand how you would be alarmed at this. Nevertheless, when your child does become an adult, you can no longer direct them in their marriage decisions. For this is not for you to decide, but for them, and them alone. Hence, if I were to live, if Mary granted me to live in this world longer, and I were to find your daughter, Tim, do not think that I would try to force her into anything. Understand this about me first. I am a virgin obedient to Mary. And though I had long considered all your daughters as very beautiful girls, I actually had no intention of entering any relations with any of them. But it was Mary, the Holy Virgin, to whom I am sworn to obey, who commanded me to approach Anna. For she told me that Anna was the one for me and that she was destined to bear me a child. And I only really began to notice Anna when I observed her sitting near me and we exchanged smiles. And of course I would never have had sex with any girl before marriage. But the prophecies from Mary did not take place. And I never did any act to attempt to force them to take place. But by Mary directing me to her, I found her lovely to behold. And my heart did go to her. And my heart never left her.

So, Tim, if I were ever to meet your daughter Anna again, I would only come to her to see if she had any love for me. For love never forces a lover to love him back. And I would let her go her way if she did not have such love for me. But if her love for me is as I have seen in Spirit, and let me tell you, the spirit world can deceive, I would seek to marry her, regardless of whether you approved or not. For in Christianity, the father does not own the daughter and he cannot tell her who to marry.

But one thing I have not yet discerned is this. If Anna does become my wife in the future, do we retain our virginity, or do we have children? For the prophetic voices have conflicted. So, I will now ask Jesus Christ this very question as to this hypothetical situation. Jesus, if I live and Anna is willing to marry me, what is your decree regarding that marriage?

Anna has already chosen, Eric. And Anna has chosen the virgin route. She will enter marriage to you only as a virgin marriage. For she is aware of the decrees against those who have sex. And she knows that she is to succeed you as a Prophetess. For Eric, I grant you this marriage you speak of under one condition. And that is that you and Anna never have sex. Your past impurities prove you are capable of intercourse, but you can no longer walk the impure way. Hence, obey Me in this, and I will grant you to live in marriage with Anna.

Lord, I hereby end all impurity. And I hereby renounce entering a carnal marriage. I accept this fate. And I will never have sex in the marriage you bring about between me and Anna.

Good, then you know that all those writings of the past where you were to have descendants is false. Rather, you shall be the one your son would have been for Me, had you had sex. And you shall thus serve Me in this regard.

And also realize this: Heaven is love. And to go to heaven, one must love. For entering heaven was never about following rules, but of showing love and mercy. For great is the folly of the one who loves not, but justifies himself by the rules he follows. For such people never enter My Kingdom.

Now go, Eric, and realize you are cured. For I have cured you now. And you shall not die. And Anna, realize that you have been told correctly. Heaven has given you a new name. And that name is Love. We in heaven shall bring you both together. And We shall arrange the marriage and the wedding date. And as for the engagement ring that Anna shall wear, We shall present to both you, Eric, and Anna, blue diamond rings. For the stone of the ring that is to go on Anna’s finger is to be a blue diamond. And whatever ring Anna so chooses, I will enable you to buy for her, Eric.

This post now comes to its end. And I think, Eric, you have revealed your true thinking in all things. For your imagination has been conformed to My reality. And you shall now live, for I AM, and I have use for you on this world. For I Am making you now to teach all you know to Anna. And what is written here shall no longer be of your concern. Amen.

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