I, Mary, have chosen Eric to have a son by Anna

Anna will bear Eric a son while I bear him a daughter.

Chronicles of Love, Book 1: Post II:
We, the elect in heaven have chosen the virgin bride of Eric. And we have now chosen to bring forth the son of Eric by that bride. For John, son of Eric, son of Jesus, is to rule the next age for eternity unto eternity on the new earth.

Anna shall wed Eric on the feast day of the Immaculate Conception in the year 2022. And on that night, she shall lay with Eric and conceive the son who is predestined to rule forever the earth under God.

And by that act of love, Mary in heaven, by her perfect alignment to the virgin Anna, shall conceive by Eric a daughter of Mary who is to be the wife of John, son of Eric, son of Jesus.

Anna and Eric shall wed as virgins. And their shorn virginity will not lessen their eternal reward because the sealing of the 144,000 has been completed. Hence, the rewards have been written and will not change.

Jesus, are these things from heaven or are these things revelations from the evil one? Eric, I WHO AM AM writing through you. And you are obeying what I AM commanding you to write.

John, son of Eric, son of Jesus, shall be joined to his wife, Sarah, daughter of Mary and Eric, as little children when Sarah has been weaned from Mary. And John and Sarah shall dwell as the only children of the earth. For the production of babies shall have been halted, as only Eric will have retained the ability to impregnate a woman.

For the men of the end of this age will undergo a total loss of the ability to have sex and reproduce. Many women, therefore, will then envy Anna, and will seek sexual relations with Eric, her husband, to obtain a pregnancy. But the Lord has ruled that only John and Sarah shall be conceived in this final time, for the Lord has chosen this couple, John and Sarah, to serve as a new Adam and a new Eve of a new and eternal age on the earth.

For it will be from John and Sarah that a new age will rise and all people of that age will know John and Sarah as their ancestors from whom all their ancestry is to come through. For God has a plan to populate heaven with as many saints as there are stars in the universe. And these saints will arise from the seed of John by Sarah.

Lord, what sickness or disease is to wipe out all the other children and so many people currently living upon the earth. It is the reverse switch found in all approved COVID-19 vaccines and their booster shots that will go into immediate effect after Eric and Anna are formally engaged. And that reverse switch, once activated, becomes irreversible, and permanently makes the vaccinated person completely susceptible to all forms of COVID-19.

And even the natural immunity that the vaccinated person might have had is taken away by the reverse switch mechanism when it goes in effect. Hence, every person who has received a COIVD-19 vaccination is to die. And that is why there shall be so few people left upon the earth.

So, O’ Lord, what happens to Eric and Anna? Do they continue to live on the earth as John and Sarah grow up and begin their eternal reign and eternal dominion over all things. And if so, why do no further children come from Eric and Anna?

It is because Eric and Anna were chosen to unite to only produce one son on this earth. For they do not remain on the earth, but are taken by Mary to the highest choir in heaven. For Mary is to have her husband with her in heaven forever. And Anna is to remain with Eric for all eternity for they are eternal soul mates. Hence, soon after John and Sarah are together as children upon the earth, Eric and Anna depart, leaving John and Sarah as the only humans left on the earth. And God will send His angels to see to all their needs. Amen.

Lord, this is interesting, but the timing seems to indicate that a massive die off of the human race occurs globally, wiping out the entire human race except for this family. Not only that, lord Azurite, but a vast variety of creatures on the earth will be rendered extinct. For there are to be no other people left on earth when John and Sarah reach puberty and have their first child. And the biodiversity that will exist at that time will have been decimated by the previous generation of Mankind, who themselves will have been also completely wiped out, with the exception of this child couple.

John and Sarah will be blessed with eternal fertility. For Sarah, being the daughter of Mary, will not have the curse of Eve where her eggs run out. Hence, they will continue to have children for eternity, for the number of the elect to rise in that age shall be infinite. For it is written that this is to be an age without end. Amen.

Lord, what about population problems in the future? For if John and Sarah have infinite fertility, and all daughters of Sarah, daughter of Mary and Eric, are without the curse of Eve, having limitless fertility, what would stop the problem of over populating the planet? Lord Azurite, are not the angels of God capable of creating endless new planet earths? Thus, every star in the universe in that age will have planets and these planets will have people on them. And just as the fertility of the women of that age will be without end, so also will the birth of new eternal stars be without end, and the creation of earth-like planets by the angels of God be without end.

Furthermore, it will be the angels of God who will regenerate, by evolution, all the necessary species to fill all the niches that need to be filled, both on the new earth and on all the earths that are to come to be. And it will be the angels, not spacecraft, that transfer the humans throughout the new universe for settling them on all the planets they create for them.

This new universe, O’ Lord, is it to be like the current universe, or what will have changed? What will take place, lord Azurite, is known to science as a cosmic phase transition. What laws govern the universe now will be different in the universe that is to come. For the laws of the universe are not part of eternity, but a feature of that universe. Mathematical laws continue, but the laws of Physics can change. And it cannot be predicted by scientists in this universe what laws will govern the universe that is to come. The phase transition will occur in a twinkling of an eye. And then the time of this universe ends and the time of the next universe, which is eternal, begins.

Lord, what about Eric’s wedding to Anna? If everyone is to die so soon, how do they even get married? Eric and Anna are already married, lord Azurite. But We shall have a formal ceremony conducted so that it is known that Eric and Anna, the final couple of this universe to have a child, do not share in the immorality of this generation. Hence, a priest will be granted to live long enough to marry Eric and Anna by that last day, the feast day of the Immaculate Conception. And after that day has passed, those who survived till then will be taken to heaven. And Eric and Anna will be the last to be removed. For the dying of this earth cannot be stopped until the phase transition occurs. Eric and Anna will witness the new universe and their son and Eric’s daughter by Mary playing together for a passage of time and then be taken to their eternal reward in the Kingdom of Heaven.

For Eric and Anna are eternally mated and will rise together to heaven. But Lord, how do Eric and Anna have an eternal marriage if Eric is also eternally married to Mary? Eric is eternally wed to the two women. And do all three lose their virginity in the same act of sex? Mary is to become pregnant by a spiritual alignment with Anna as she loses her virginity with Eric. Hence, Anna and Eric cease to be virgins on their wedding night, but Mary is eternally a virgin, who will have conceived a daughter by spiritual, not carnal, alignment to Anna in the union of two virgins, Eric and Anna, on the feast day of the Immaculate Conception. This is why Mary is eternally called the Virgin Queen of Heaven and the highest creature of all Creation. But Eric and Anna will sit by Mary’s side in the Eternal Kingdom, for the two are both eternal possessions of the Holy Virgin. And it is though Anna that Mary shall make love to Eric in eternity, where they shall reign together forever in the highest choir. Amen.

Lord, the Virgin Mary makes love to Eric forever in heaven through Anna, Eric’s eternal soul mate? That is correct. And she never ceases to remain a virgin. Such is why it is best to understand Eric as only married to Anna, for the only woman he lays with is her, and Mary and all the women of Mary’s harem for Eric only access Eric by spiritual means through Mary’s eternal perfect alignment with Anna.

Eric, what is your reason for loving Anna so much? Lord, it is only by Anna that I have been saved. For only in Anna have I attained true love. And without that love i would have died. Lord, how is it that only Anna was able to provide this necessary love to Eric? Lord Azurite, remember Eric’s origins. Eric was never designed to love. It was only by Mary’s sight of an unexpected love in Eric as a child, the Witch King child, that Mary fell in love with him. And Mary then broke all the rules of prophecy to save this soul. That is why the Cold War ended without war. For this boy ruler, who was originally destined to become Antichrist, became instead the virgin servant and lover to Mary. He broke the record of the Abrahamic test by his faith in the Christ and by an obedience to Him by which Jesus chose him as the lover of His Virgin Mother Mary. For it was in the quest of a perfect pair of human lovers that the universe was created. And that is why Eric and Mary are to be forever together in the highest choir of heaven.

But being the sacred Virgin Mary, whose flesh it is forbidden to be touched by a male, the Holy Virgin needed a female so that she could love Eric through her. And this female did not exist, for this plan was made after Eric had proven worthy. And such is why Eric is twice the age of Anna. For Anna was created to serve as this wife by which Mary could love and know Eric.

Actually both Eric and Anna were given unusually youthful looks for their age. For Eric did not know Anna was legally able to marry him. He saw her as a 15 year old girl. And Mary’s instructions to him that he was to approach her, seek her, and sit by her alarmed him, but he obeyed, but in great fear. It was unexpected to hear Anna tell him she was 25 years old, half the age of Eric, who was born on the Feast Day of John the Baptist in the year 1970. For Eric’s birthdate is June 24, 1970, a Wednesday.

And like Anna, Eric too appears much younger than he is. He is commonly thought to be a decade or more younger than he really is by those who see him and who did not grow up with him. For I have given both of these virgins youthful appearance for they are both immortal. And as immortals they cannot die while everyone else dies on the earth. Hence, they remain together on the earth until their son is ready to be tended only by angels as he grows up in the company of Sarah, who will be the daughter of Mary and Eric, and of the exact same age as John, and who shall be his wife and begin bearing him children when they enter puberty together. And she will never cease to become pregnant by him. And their progeny will be spread throughout the new universe by the angels of God. And more saints will descend from them than there were stars in the universe from the Big Bang to the End of Time. And they will live and play and reproduce together forever on a world without end. Amen.

This concludes this post, Eric. Publish it, for it is complete. Amen.

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