Anna and Eric fall in love

I give my breasts to Eric, for I am in love with him.

Chronicles of Love, Book 1: Post I:
I, Anna, have found my love, and it is Eric. Eric is my true love. Eric, will you ever leave me? Anna, you alone among women are the one I love. I will never go to another. The love of Eric is enduring and forever. It never fades. It never departs from me. I am always in love.

Anna, you and Eric are now soul mates. Neither of you can ever lose the other. For you are both linked in eternity, Furthermore, neither of you shall be permitted to lose your virginity. For We in heaven value virgin couples. And thus, We are about to take you both from this world. For virgin lovers in heaven are a greater glory and joy to all of heaven and to God than they would be were they to fornicate with each other on the earth. For We know you and Eric would fornicate.

But are not we married by our consent to each other. Anna, there is marriage law that can never be broken. But if you and Eric agree to wait until marriage to enter conjugal relations with each other, we will permit it, but not here. Not in this sinful world will this take place. No, only in the world We have made for you both in the hereafter is this to take place. For you are an eternal couple in heaven. And We have a world prepared for you two to live in together forever.

I do wish for that. And Eric will do exactly as he is commanded. For Eric is obedient to the core. Let us then do that, O’ Mary, Mother of God.

Then consider it done. Tonight we shall bring you both there. For this is the last night of the earth. For the earth shall be destroyed now. Jesus fulfilled His promise to Eric. For you and he, Anna, found each other again. And you and he have achieved true love.

Eric, now you know why Jesus commanded you to stop all medicines. For I tell you now, you are an immortal. You are one of the 144,000 Virgin First Fruits. And your wife, Anna, is your eternal companion. Remember, Eric, you were told nothing of this world do you need to concern yourself about in October. And you have obeyed Us perfectly. That is why you succeeded in finding and gaining Anna’s love. For had you disobeyed in even the slightest manner, you would be damned. And Anna would never have known the love you now show her, nor would you have ever known her love for you.

Realize, Eric, why women rule everything and why men are just pawns in the table. Men were made to serve women. And women were endowed with the beauty and charm to manipulate men however they please.

Eric, I wish to draw attention to why your novel plan of genocide has never been done in history. Yes, in your Terminator logic, you did think of something should work, if reality was as it appeared. A small team should be able to penetrate a country and wipe out all women capable of bearing, considering that they are the weaker sex, and then that country could theoretically be contained for one generation’s time, and like magic, that people would no longer exist.

But there is a law in the universe that says women are not to be killed. Only men are to be killed for their crimes. Women are never to be slain. It is a universal law.

Hence, any attempt by any team to try that strategy would be defeated. For no matter how careful this team was, the women would evade these men and their own men would capture them and destroy them.

And even you, Eric, even if you were permitted to enter a state of Rambo Terminator mode, which We will not permit, even you have a code that you follow that prevents this strategy from the get go. And that code is that you can never physically attack any soul who does not first physically attack you. That is why you were never considered an actual danger. For this directive in you did not permit it.

Now, you may have asked about that policewoman who pushed you hard in the back twice at the police station, the one who arrested you. Since, she pushed you, theoretically, according to that directive, you could touch her back but you did not. The reason for this is that Eric has another directive, and that is that he must obey all uniformed authorities, unless directly commanded not to do so by God. This is an absolute directive, independent of both race and gender. Hence, you obey and do not resist Negro cops. And you also obey and do not resist women cops. That is why there could never be resistance to an arrest of you.

But the woman who pushed you did so in reality due to a hidden desire to claim you. She did lust for you, Eric. And she did have a hidden desire to possess you. However any such claims are overridden by Anna’s eternal possession of you. For Anna is the woman who gained true possession of you. And there is no other woman who can take you away from her. For your love with her is eternal. And that you are now soul mates makes it irreversible.

Lord, what about everyone else who is saved? What happens to them? For Mary is the reason why Eric has Anna. And Mary did this only for Eric because Mary and Anna are both true wives to Eric. For Mary needed Anna in order to love Eric through her. But what does everyone else get in heaven? Do they also get true love? Do they also experience any similar rewards? All those who enter heaven come to find rest and to gaze upon the Beatific Vision of God. But the joy of that gaze is greatly enhanced if the one gazing in it found true love on the earth.

And the Beatific Vision of God is the greatest reward of heaven. But it is not the same for each soul. Rather, what you see has a lot to do with what you bring with you to heaven. And the greatest reward in that vision of God in heaven is to have entered heaven after having acquired an eternal lover here on the earth. For heaven is love. And eternal love is the highest state of heaven. And thus, the reward of the Beatific Vision is proportional to the love you have found here with another. Thus, those who enjoy the Beatific Vision accompanied by an eternal lover are the happiest souls of all eternity. And that is why Eric and Anna are to be forever in rapturous joy in heaven. And had Anna not been found again by Eric, this happiness would never have existed. I WHO AM have spoken. Now publish this post, Eric, for it is complete. Amen.

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