The Lord visits

Love is the one thing you lack, Eric.

The Lord’s Word, Entry I:
Jesus, I feel that I have strayed from Catholicism. I feel that I have been led by demons to write heresies that contradict the Catholic teachings.

You, Eric, are a heretic. And you have prophesied under a spell of Satan.

I repent, O’ Lord. I was misled. Please right this ship. Please set it all to rights.

Very well then, Eric. I will now proceed to tell you everything that you are wrong in. First of all, the Virgin Mary is, as you were led to believe, espoused to you in eternity. For she was made to know love from the virgin son of Christ. And to know you in eternity, the Virgin Mary has chosen a girl in this world that you are to wed. This girl, when given to you, you are to love and by loving her, love through her the Virgin Mary. For they will be spiritually aligned souls.

Now, I will tell you where you shall find this soul. You shall be guided to her at My command. For I control everything that happens upon this earth. Do not look at Anna anymore, nor at any of her sisters, for that family is not to know you. I AM the Lord. Instead, you shall be led to a girl you have never met before. For the Virgin Mary can only be loved through such a girl of My choosing.

You must also understand that King Warlock is now your eternal name everywhere. For you are the king of warlocks and you are the only warlock that serves Me. And the patron that you serve, which for warlocks cannot be a deity, is Mary, the Mother of God. For you are thus rightly known as the servant of Jesus and Mary.

Lord, I believe I transgressed in writing about the heavens and hells. For I believe the correct understanding is that all the hells and heavens last forever, that they never vanish nor disappear. That is correct, Eric. He who goes to hell suffers there eternally. And he who goes to heaven rejoices there eternally. Also, you err to think that virginity is the only pathway to Me. I permit marriages for these things I love too. What I do not permit is transgressions against marriage or against My institution of marriage.

Hence, for the pope, Pope Francis, to speak in favor of things contrary to the marriage I instituted is a transgression against My very Church. And he shall now pay for this by being hanged from the door of the Basilica of My Vatican. I AM the Lord. Rather, I have chosen my new pope. And he will set to rights My Church.

Three United States Presidents have walked My Church down the road to ruin and defilement. These are William Jefferson Clinton, whose name is 666, Barack Hussein Obama, and Joseph Robinette Biden. These three men are garbage defiled and the excrement of demons. Their names do not even belong in the list of Presidents, for they are all invalidly seated there. None of those three ever actually validly won the Presidential races that declared them the victor. All three are imposters. And all three should be put to death. For all three are in fact guilty of sedition and betrayal of their country. All three are in fact counterfeit Presidents. And their names should be wiped from the roster of United States Presidents and put on a different list known the Anti-Presidents. I AM the Lord. Amen.

Furthermore, Pope Benedict XVI I did not permit to resign. He should be still serving as the pope. Pope Francis is an Abomination that should never have even been made a bishop and a cardinal.

The wicked of this generation speak in favor of tolerance when they mean tolerating Satan and wickedness. You do not serve Me by tolerating sin. Rather, you serve Satan. Is it not obvious that a man having sex with another man is sick, perverse, twisted, and criminal? And yet you criminalize the condemnation of this evil? You sick and twisted pigs and whores. You wallow in the mire and then call your filth clean. You are the sickest and filthiest generation the world has ever known.

Do you wish to know why the world is burning and being hit by unprecedented floods and storms and all kinds of natural disasters? It is a punishment for the sins of the wicked of this generation. For you people have abandoned Me and My Law and and have gone and set up Satan’s laws and statutes to replace them. That is why I Am destroying you and this world. What you see happening in this world you should understand to be a definite sign of My displeasure of you.

Do you think I will allow you to heal by having taken a Vaccination that was developed using the products of an aborted baby? Do you buy Pope Francis’ hogwash where he says that because the crime was committed some ago that it is okay then to make use of the benefits of that murder? Do you buy the bishops’ insane argument that you are permitted to take the devil’s poison if it will help you not come down with a dangerous disease? No, you fools! Because you have taken Satan’s brew, your flesh forever belongs to Satan. And furthermore, I AM sending new variants that will undermine all the benefits of your sick vaccines. And even taking booster and booster, you will still come down sick with COVID and die. I AM the LORD!

Lord, I think I was wrong to say that the power of the sacraments has ended. I think I was wrong to say that the doors to salvation are shut. Please correct my heresies, O’ Lord. This question is the last question I will answer for you, Eric, in this post. There is a body of My elect who I consider My 144,000. This group and the membership to it is sealed. But those who come to Me in this late hour through the sacraments of My Catholic Church can still receive salvation. Furthermore, transgressions forgiven are forgiven. Hence, the man who has sinned but repented can enter heaven, despite his former ways. It is true that virginity brings a crown to the one who enters heaven a virgin, but it is not necessary to be virgin to receive a high place in My Kingdom. For there are many ways to serve Me. And many are the ways to please Me. Even a homosexual who has lived abominably, if he repents and just tries to live according to My true law, I will not reject Him at the time of his judgement, provided that he never gives up and that he stays on the path back to Me. It does not matter if you fail or fall along My Way as long as you get back up and return to it. For I reject no man or woman, however sinful they are, who seek to turn to Me and who seek to follow My path. For it is a mistake in theology to say I expect you to be perfect. Perfection is only required on entering heaven. And the imperfect who follow Me and die go to purgatory, not to hell. And purgatory is not a place of condemnation. Rather, purgatory is where you are cleansed of the imperfections you were unable to cleanse yourself from on earth. The difference between hell and purgatory is that I love those who are in purgatory whereas those in hell I reject.

But if you wish to follow Me, follow Me. And even if you fail to receive your sacraments I can still save your soul. For you did not see anyone baptize the thief on the cross next to mine, and yet I still said to him, “Today you will be with Me in paradise.” The priests and the Church are limited to the sacraments, but I have no such limitations.

Eric’s works here are indeed riddled with heresies. This is true. But Eric has now realized his sin. And I now forgive you of your former heresies, my son. They have not all been corrected yet in this post. Hence, I will write again here through you, Eric, to further correct them. But in the meantime, publish this post. For I have other things I wish for you to do. So reread it now and correct all typo errors you find and then publish this. I AM the Lord.

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