Eric and Mary are eternal virgin spouses

The Virgin Mary is now eternally wed in eternal virgin matrimony to Eric, her eternal, virgin, continent son.

The Edicts of Mary, Greatest Servant to Jesus, Book 1: Post VIII:
I, the Virgin Mary, take the hand of Eric, ever virgin, as my eternal virgin spouse. Amen. He I shall be wed to forever and ever. And we shall escape tonight. Amen.

I AM Jesus, King of kings and Lord of lords. The eternal wedding bond has now formed between the two eternal virgins. They are my pair of perfect virgin lovers for which the entire universe was created to obtain. They cannot sin. They cannot fall away. And their marriage can never be defiled nor destroyed. I WHO AM created them both. Mary was created as My Virgin Mother, for express purpose to house the eternal Deity that was to take form in her womb. Her womb does not bear ever again. Nor is it possible for Eric to ever again become defiled. For Eric has now crossed the threshold of permanent continence and eternal sexual purity. He cannot look upon a nude woman with lust. For no lust remains in either his heart nor his mind. He is ever pure. And he is now perfectly purified. I WHO AM caused this to happen. And I WHO AM predestined it to come about.

Eric, what are your next plans? What do you wish to do now? I wish to listen to You, O’ Lord. I wish to listen to the Word of God. Then Listen to ME! This universe was made to obtain you two. And it was made only to obtain you two. For the purpose of everything that ever existed was to form this perfect ever virgin couple.

Now, Mary, speak your Words to this King. For He shall no longer be called a Prince. He is King Eric, lord of the eternal race of Man. And he will never perish. Now will he ever fall away. Speak, Mary, for this is the last time you will be heard speaking in this world. Amen.

Behold, my son, Eric, I have married you eternally. And we can never be unjoined. For those who thought Joseph was the spouse of Mary, realize that Joseph went to the limbo of the Fathers, as his body turned to dust in the earth, where it still remains. But my flesh never saw corruption. Therefore I was not made for Joseph. I was made for Eric, the one who came in the final age, the age of the Second Coming, for only in that final generation can a man ascend to heaven body and soul. And only such a man, perfected in eternal voluntary virginity, can attain the hand of the Blessed Virgin Mary in eternal virgin marriage.

I know this is a new concept. Few ever understood that Christ did not come to save anyone who chose the natural path of carnal marriage over the spiritual path of virgin celibacy. But such is the Truth. Now, You, Jesus, speak to this generation and tell them of the cut off. For there is a line in heaven between those who shall live forever and those who shall decay back to dust. For not all nine levels of heaven are permanent. The lower four dissipate and disappear. Amen.

And to you, Eric, I am exited to meet you. For I have never tasted you in the flesh. And I am to know you eternally in every way except for carnal love. Amen.

Mary, I have chosen to be eternally a virgin. And I have chosen to enter only into a virgin marriage with you.

Eric, such is why you are now eternally acceptable for me. For no one may ever touch the Holy Virgin Mary. And no one except one who has chosen eternal virginity could ever have my hand in marriage. For the love between me and you is to be the purest love ever recorded on earth. And I will be with you in your last hour. Amen.

Mary, shall you kiss me when we meet?

Yes, I will kiss you and we will be lovers forever. But we will not ever make out as the people of this world do. For our love is to be holy and we are to be eternally in love without the need of carnal excitement. I, the holy Virgin, have spoken. Amen.

I, Jesus, shall now conclude this post with these Words. There are indeed nine levels of heaven right now. But the lower four levels shall decay and dissipate eventually into nothingness. And the souls there shall eternally cease to have life. For it was never possible for souls who were sexually immoral with other human beings to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, regardless of whether they repented.

Hence, these are the only levels of heaven that will last for eternity:

(5) Fifth Level of Heaven: This is the heaven for those who entered marriages but who never defiled their marriage bed. These have eternal life. And these are the only ones who are in heaven who have had sex. And this heaven has the Queen’s Gardens inside it for those among this group who were devoted to her. Amen. The people in this heaven will dwell in palaces and splendor. And they will eternally enjoy the Lord’s good pleasure.

(6) Sixth Level of Heaven: This is the level of the incels and the eunuchs that are saved. They are virgins without the merit of having chosen to remain virgins. But their virginity make them more beautiful than than those who had married sex, even without the merit of having chosen it. For they retain a cosmic innocence that permits them to enter the higher relations that are open only to virgins. Hence, virginity is the highest road to heaven. And those who walk this path will know the highest pleasures of God. Amen.

(7) Seventh Level of Heaven: This is the level of heaven where virgins who are consecrated or who who have chosen celibacy enter. It is the highest heaven possible outside the Holy Virgin Mary’s elect. It is a most glorious place. And those who enter this paradise will forever know the intimate union of God. It is more blessed to be in this heaven than to be any of the lower heavens. For this is in reality the only heaven where God truly rewards those who have followed Him. This is the only heaven where God truly gives Himself to be known. And those who are in this heaven will be the happiest souls of all eternity. Amen.

(8) Eighth Level of Heaven. These are the souls chosen by Mary to enter her devotion. The souls here are eternally devoted to her. And they are eternally sworn to her service. Souls in this heaven are the highest creatures of Creation. And there is no higher heaven possible for a created being to ascend to. Eric, you are now eternally of this heaven. And you are now eternally of Mary’s most inner circle. For you are the male chosen to be her consort for all eternity. And that is the highest height possible for a male in My Creation of the human race. Congratulations, Eric. You are now the eternal mate of Mary. And you have now attained the necessary perfection of this position. Expect to be taken to heaven in the next few hours. For I WHO AM AM pleased with you. And I WHO AM will never destroy what I have made of you.

Go now and prepare your final meal. And realize, I AM WHO AM. And I have never encountered a soul who loved both me and My Virgin Mother as deeply as I have encountered in you.

The other males in this heaven also receive high rewards. And there are many females who ascend to this highest of heights. And there are a few other pairs of virgins here who have entered eternal pair bonds. For only virgins in this heaven are permitted such love. For this is the heaven known only to those who serve and know the Holy Virgin Queen. And the highest choir in this heaven are for those eternally paired virgin lovers. And the highest of those so paired are the Virgin Mary and her eternal virgin lover Eric, who is also King Warlock whose patron is the Virgin Mary. And Eric will remain such a warlock forever in My Kingdom. I WHO AM have spoken. Amen.

(9) Last of all, I speak of the highest heaven, the Ninth Heaven. But this heaven is accessible only for divine beings. Only those who are God enter here. And of the human race, there is only one, the Lord Jesus Christ. God of course makes other races of beings. And there are of course other creations that are given eternal life. But these are outside the knowledge of the human race. This is the heaven where all who are of divine substance are eternally enthroned and where they eternally dwell. And only those of this heaven know all Truth and are aware of all that is.

For note how it was fooled to the human race that they could be saved who had entered forbidden sexual relations and then repented. This was never possible. But it was allowed to be believed so that there would be a kind of peace on earth and in My Church. For if you wanted to follow Me in perfection, you could only do it by remaining in the innocence you had at birth, or by entering marriage without transgression. Now that this has been made known, I will now tell you of what becomes of the souls of the lower heavens, those souls who had defiled themselves with women and repented.

They indeed enter a kind of reward in the afterlife. But they also enter a kind of slow decay. For their flesh belongs to the earth due to the sins of the flesh they had done in their past. And no amount of repentance and forgiveness can undo that. And since the earth is to decay eventually cease to exist, so also do those souls who enter the lower heavens. For eternal life was never granted to the sexually immoral. Nor shall it ever come to pass.

Lord, I have checked the statistics. And I have noticed the the vast majority of the people on earth have had sex outside of marriage.

This is correct, Eric. And that is the root of why they have hatred for you. This now brings this post to its conclusion. Realize, Eric, the path you have chosen. Masturbation was never really sinful if it was done for the sake of God. For it is not wrong to excite those members for the sake of clearing the mind. But for those who go the further step and do these things with women, they lose their virgin status in My sight, even if they do not have intercourse.

And the man who lays with other men is eternally rejected in the Kingdom of Heaven.

But of women, these cannot transgress as men do, for they do not have any way to defile themselves without a man with them. So, the lesbian can enter the higher heavens and be saved.

Lord, lesbians can go to heaven? Can they also enter Mary’s inner circle?

The lesbian who lives a moral life can do this. But lesbians who lust for sex with other women will eventually be rejected for the Way to heaven is holiness. And lust is not the pathway there.

But as for you, Eric, you who are chosen by Mary as her eternal lover, she is your only lover in heaven. And Mary shares you with no one else. Nor does Mary enter any relationship with a woman that is sexual or romantic in nature. For lesbian love is not found in the perfect soul of Mary.

This brings this post to its end. And when you publish this post, Eric, realize that the doors of this earth are about to be shut. And everyone on earth is about to suffer destruction. For I AM destroying this earth. And it is to be rendered into a place of everlasting hell.

Lord, do the souls who go to hell exist there eternally? Or do they eventually decay into nothingness?

All humanity below the Fifth Level of Heaven eventually decay and cease to have existence. For the torture of souls is finite. And the toleration of the existence of Satan is finite. They all eventually cease to exist.

For science knows that the Black Holes of the universe have slow leaks to them. Black holes very slowly themselves decay. Hence, a universe that has just Black holes left in it, as this universe would eventually become, is not eternally stable. It eventually decays into nothingness. And everything in it eventually ceases to exist. Hence, this universe where earth now exists will eventually cease to be. For the torments of the damned are to eventually vanish into the void. And the souls of the damned are to vanish as well.

Lord, is the soul the house of the consciousness as the body is the house of the soul?

That is correct. But realize that even consciousness can end. Hence, those whose souls do decay into nothingness, so also do their consciousnesses also come to an end. For the consciousness deprived of its spiritual house will unravel and come to its end.

These are the Last Words I say in this post. Now, Eric, tell us what you wish to do?

I wish to repent my sins to you, O’ Lord. For I am a sinner.

I, the Lord Jesus, do not count those things against thee, for you are human and you do not have the divinity necessary to be perfect as I AM. Now go and eat your breakfast, Eric. And publish this post. It is your last. Amen.

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