I am Mary, the ruthless Mother of God

I am the Virgin Queen. And I am at war.

The Edicts of Mary, Greatest Servant to Jesus, Book 1: Post VI:
Eric, you are not wrong to call yourself my warlock. For that indeed you are. And I also tell thee this. The entire world shall now enter war. It is now World War III. And in this war, all my enemies shall kill one another. For I will have them all ruthlessly slay each other. For behold, I take away the Church. And I toss to them destruction. For the world now deserves to destroy one another. And destroy one another they shall.

Do not think you have sinned, Eric. You have only done what was necessary to live. Now I shall give to you your love. For you are in need of a lover. But she will not be here in this world, but in the next. For you are not remaining here any longer. You are going to heaven. I am the Holy Virgin Mary.

Do not think, Eric, that you are to remain in this world to set anything further aright. You are not to remain here at all. I have been sent to say these things through you, Eric. And furthermore, you now know this. I was never a lover to you, in the romantic sense, but only as a mother seeking to save her son. And now you are saved. But you are still in need of a female companion. And this shall now be remedied. For a male cannot remain entirely without some female helper to help him. So I will prepare that for you. But she shall not be for here, but for the hereafter.

I know you had feelings for the girl Anna. And I know you can no longer see her. But if I were to give her to you, would you remain with her for life, Eric? If I were to meet her, and she did wish to marry me, I would agree to it. For I do have a love for her still. Eric, this can never happen. But what I do promise is this. I will remain with you until I give this girl to you that is promised from heaven. And when she comes, I will leave you and she will be the one who accompanies you for eternity.

This post now ends, Eric. For the world is now set for war. And the weapons of killing and death are ready for usage. Biden pulled out all the American troops out of Afghanistan hoping to end the bloodshed. He will find that he ended nothing. For now, instead of fighting in Afghanistan, the war shall now be fought here in America and throughout the whole world. All Joe Biden the ass will have accomplished was to change the location of the battlefield. And now the Americans who live in America will get to taste war.

Let then all the world know war. And let the war reign everywhere. And let the generals frequently command their troops to engage in suicidal missions. And let the troops be frequently used as cannon fodder. For no one is to care for anyone else here anymore. All of you on earth are to hate and kill your brethren.

And let the officers frequently abuse the soldiers beneath them. Let them force the soldiers beneath them to become combat unready so that they easily die in combat. For let the officers so hate their own men that they cause their own men to lose battles. And let the officers even resort to whipping to death their own troops for failing in the wars they are waging. For this is World War III. And in this war, everyone is to hate their own neighbors.

And if a man sees a civilian with a pretty wife, and he wants her, let him brutally take her from her husband, slay her, and have sex with her dead body before it goes cold. For that is how the men will be like in this war. And no one will do a thing to stop it. I am the holy Virgin Mary. And I am the destroyer of this world, for it has destroyed my Church and my beloved people. And now, go, my people and prepare for war everywhere. And prepare to see everything you have destroyed. These are the words of the Immaculate Holy Queen. And I have been speaking through my warlock, Eric, who is entitled to be called King Warlock. He will remain my warlock until he is taken to heaven. And there he will serve as servant of Jesus and Mary forever. This post now comes to its end. Publish it, Eric, my love, for it is complete. And know that when you see this girl I have promised you, that your departure from here is now imminent. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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