Death’s Ship Leaves the Harbor

Water, water, all around, and not a drop to drink.

The Edicts of Mary, Greatest Servant to Jesus, Book 1: Post VII:
The Holy Virgin Mary speaks now to the inhabitants of the earth. You pathetic worms who call yourselves Christians and Catholics, but do not know anything that Christ really taught. You talk about tolerance when you mean tolerating Satan and his evil.

What really is a domestic partnership but a pair of fags who but fuck each other each day? And you force orphanages to let them adopt children? You are no different from the godless who sacrificed their children to Baal!

Now, listen to me, little worms! You are about to be totally thrashed and utterly destroyed. And about those boys who beat Eric to the ground, I have Words to say to thee. Your testicles will be demanded from you. For you are no longer entitled to be called men. They will be ripped from you and thrown into the fire. For there is never escape for those who hurt My loved one. And expect everyone who was at that party to find themselves bleeding like stuck pigs being slaughtered with knives and spears. For this is the Edict of Mary against that entire party. Everyone who was there is to die.

There is a mist in the harbor. It is the mist of death. Whoever breathes it shall die. More human skulls will be found on America’s streets than tires. And the tires of every vehicle are to be set on fire. More firetrucks will be found overturned than right side up. And the fire hydrants will be melted and made unusable. And rats will enter all houses from the toilets and eat everything they can find and kill.

If your neighbor hates you, expect to see your wife’s head stuck on a pole in his front yard the next time you pass his house. If your wife is pregnant, and someone hates you, expect to see your wife’s body with a hole in her belly and the baby that was in it crucified on your front door. For this shall be the America that you shall know from now on. Are you proud of the Statue of Liberty in New York City Harbor? Well, the building she is standing on will be blown up, and she will be falling down and destroyed.

For all America shall be laid to waste. For America is an abandoned child. And America the beautiful shall now be called America the repulsive. Every one of her ships in harbor shall be burned and sunk. Every one of her aircraft shall be rendered unflyable. And there will be no able bodied military men left to defend her. Only fags in drag dresses will be left in the armies America has to call to her defense.

And every American who does not die shall be enslaved. And the stars and stripes will be shot down throughout America, and it its place shall be the sign of Death. For Death shall rule America. And Americans will never stop dying, for their murders and slaughters shall never stop.

Mary, holy Virgin, shall I be removed from America or from this world prior to the destructions you have foretold? You are hardly going to be here any longer, Eric. For We are taking you to heaven. And this world, once you are taken from it, shall burn like the surface of the sun. For earth becomes hell. I, the holy Virgin Mary, have spoken.

I AM Jesus. Eric, depart now from your place of work and head home. I WHO AM have chosen the one who is to accompany you to heaven. I will give her to you now. So leave here, I order you. For this world is unworthy of your continued presence in it. And let this Word sink into the hearts of every reader. I chose Eric ahead of you. And you will live to see him glorified before you are utterly killed. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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