The Truth now kills

Book of Truth, Book 1: Post II:
These are the Word of God. God is the one who commands Eric what to do. If Eric is checkmated because he follows My command, I will simply remove the ones who have checkmated him. And they will be burned in fire. Their houses shall be set on fire. Their places of work shall be destroyed. And all their loves ones will be put to the sword before their very eyes. And then their eyes will be put out and they will be imprisoned forever in hell.

Imprison the priests who are responsible for Eric’s exile, I the Lord God command. Bring them here before Me so that I can see their faces beaten. Let their feet be melted in fire so that the bones of their feet fall from them.

Take a fox. Tie a rope to its tail. Take a torch. Fill it with gunpowder. Secure the torch to the rope tied to the fox’s tail. Put the fox in a place of highly combustible things. Light the torch. Let the fox run. Do this, and you shall serve your Lord and Master. For the time has come to set the whole world ablaze.

Take a jeep. Pack it with cans filled with gasoline. Drive it to the nearest Catholic Church. Secure the gas pedal to the floor. Aim the car towards the front door of the Church. Turn on the ignition. Move the gear to drive and jump out of the vehicle. Do this, and you will serve your Lord and Master. For the time has come to destroy every Catholic Church in existence. I AM the Lord.

Lord, what then is there left if all the Catholic Churches are gone? Damnation on steroids, lord Azurite. For I AM gutting everything that can save souls. Next step. Capture for yourselves a priest. Make sure he is Catholic. And then cut off all his fingers. And then cast him onto the street and leave him as he lay. For a priest without fingers cannot do a Mass. Anyone who does this act will receive the rank in My Armies called the Crimson Kings. And he will receive a Kingdom in heaven if he is found worthy of salvation.

Lord, how can people have salvation with all the Churches gone and all the priests unable to conduct Masses? The Door has been shut for being saved in My Church. But I have another door open. And that door is salvation for those who serve Me in My vengeance against My Church.

Lord, explain this form of salvation? What heaven do they ascend to? Lord Eric, My Church has become an enemy to Me. That is why I am having this reward for those who destroy it. The reward is entering the fourth heaven. And there they shall be given Kingdoms. And if they do these acts for Me, I will forgive whatever transgressions they have done, confessing their sins directly to Me.

Lord, if I publish these Words that You are having me write, how will I be able to live in peace here in this world? Will I not be arrested and sent to prison myself, from the charges of encouraging what are on the books as crime? Lord Azurite. You do not choose what to write here. You do not get to water down My Word. You will write what you are commanded by Me to write. And if you ever fail to write My Word in totality you shall pay the price with your own life. I AM WHO AM.

Now listen to Me again. I have decided to destroy My entire Catholic Church. Every priest is to be rendered unable to conduct a Mass. Every Catholic Church on earth is to be destroyed. And the pope is to be set on fire along with every structure in the Vatican. None of it is to be left unburned.

Lord, do you guarantee me that as long as I obey You in not taking my medicine that no one else will be able to force me to take it? And do you guarantee that no one will be able to force inject it into me? Eric, stay with Me in all I command you, and you will receive My protection always. For I always reward the faithful who do as I command them. Yes, you are right. You are a modern day witch that the entire world wants to kill. But can they kill you? Can they force you to do anything? I, Jesus, will never allow their filthy hands to touch you again, or they will be chopped from their bodies. I AM the Lord. For 2000 years ago, the world committed the crime of deicide against Me. And now I AM punishing all their descendants. Not one of them will be left unkilled. For was not I suffering pain hanging on the cross? Was I not in terrible agony? Was I not beaten and bruised and whipped unmercifully? I gave the entire world 2000 years to think about their misdeeds. Now I am punishing them for their father’s crimes. I Am punishing the entire world who sinned against Me.

Lord Eric, did not some boys beat you to the ground some time ago, while you were walking the neighborhood at night, deep in Orange County? Yes, O’ Lord? Do you want a rematch with them? Am I a fighter, O’ Lord, that I can win in fights? I am really not a very strong man. I order a rematch nevertheless. And I order you to kill them all, one by one. You will be given the power to kill without the need of using any weapons. For I know that you wish to go as an unarmed man everywhere you go. I will send you back into that neighborhood, yes where they had a band playing that very loud music. You will put to death everyone My angel points out to you. And you will kill them with your fists and your hands.

And what if they take out their guns and their knives, O’ Lord? How do I fight that with my fists? It seems I would be at a distinct disadvantage? And I do not know how to use guns. And I do not know how to fight with a knife. How do I defeat that, O’ Lord? Or do you send me to die? Lord, taking revenge is always dangerous. For the harder one attacks an enemy, the more the enemy escalates. And then you reach the point where the entire city is a war zone. And all this to take revenge against some boys who beat me down? They did let me get up and walk away without stealing anything from me.

I know that they wronged me, O’ Lord. But I am of the persuasion that vengeance is best left to God. I do not want to avenge anyone for the things they do to me. Rather, I would have You do it by Your own means. You are the better one for taking vengeance. For if I do it, I am more likely to strike someone who is innocent than one of those who were guilty.

And really, the thought of my returning to them to get vengeance would seem like a justification for me to be put to death. For it is written in your Book: He who sheds the blood of man, by man shall his blood be shed. Lord, I will obey you, but I want to know if You are sending me to die or to live?

Eric, for saying the Words you have said, I AM removing you from the battlefield. You shall not be in this war. I will leave you in peace. And I will force those boys to come to you and apologize at pain of death. Your house will be forever called the House of Peace. For you have never sought vengeance directly, but have always appealed to Me. You shall therefore remain in your state of peace. And I will leave some Catholic Churches undestroyed for your sake. And the priests who administer in those churches will continue to do the Mass. Our Lady of Guadalupe shall be one of them. Go there tomorrow. I have commanded thee. And I will let the Catholics who are like you in peace to continue to worship in My Church.

Eric’s mercy has changed My decisions. I will now only destroy the direct enemies of My servant Eric. And everyone who opposes My commands for Eric will be put to death. But whoever lets Eric go unmolested I will not molest.

Eric, this is My further command for thee. Do not go to any family member of yours from now on, for all of them shall be slain. For I have decided to slay your entire family. And all of them are now to be killed. For they are directly harming you. And they will now be all put down. Every member of your family will be put to death. Everyone of them shall die. But you, alone among them, shall live. I AM the Lord. Amen.

Also, every gas station on the planet will now be destroyed. For I am taking away all fuels so that cities starve and die. For the cities everywhere are to be destroyed. And this is My last Word on this post: Eric shall be called by his chosen name Warlock. And he shall have the title King. King Warlock is your ruler now, O, earth. And let no man dare to test his rule! Whosoever does, he will wish he had been aborted in his mother’s womb. For I shall so torture that soul on earth and in hell! For I now put a God curse on Eric. Whoever turns against Eric will be destroyed with the wrath of God.

Lord, let it come to pass exactly as Thou hast said. For I have many enemies and I am checkmated by them. Eric, the wrath pouring out of My mouth against them, you do not want to see. They will be destroyed. They will be slain. And now My Word comes to its end.

One last thing I will say to thee. To those who wonder who is the patron that King Warlock serves, it is Mary, the Virgin, who is the highest and greatest of created beings. And Eric is in eternal allegiance to that patron. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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