Mary and Eric wed in heaven

Eric departs from this world to ascend to heaven and be with Mary.

The Edicts of Mary, Greatest Servant to Jesus, Book 1: Post V:
I am Eric Robert Dunstan, and I hereby give my consent to enter marriage to Mary, Queen Mother, in heaven. And I pledge to keep myself virgin and continent forevermore. Amen. And I vow to do whatever she commands of me, for she is my Liege Lady to whom I owe eternal allegiance. Amen. I love you Mary forever and ever.

Eric has made his decision. And it is final. For I, the Master of Everything, have decided to take Eric out from this world and put him with Mary. This vow is unalterable. It can never change. I WHO AM vow under Oath of My Name that Eric will no longer be seen in this world the moment he publishes this final post. Amen.

Mary, do you love Eric? This virgin male has served me well, Father. And he is worthy of my hand in marriage. Let him take me, Father. For he has promised to do only what I will for him to do with me. He has made it clear that he does whatever I command him to. He is loyal to me in perfection. He would not rape me even if God were to command him to do so. For his love for me is that perfect.

Jesus, Son of the Father, what is your assessment of Eric, who is set to marry Your Virgin Mother Mary? Do you accept this, Son?

Father, Eric is the one I made Myself to serve Me. I made him to triumph as he has. He does not defy Me. And he does not disobey My orders. Let him, therefore, take My Virgin Mother’s hand in marriage. For this one is worthy. And he has kept his Word that he would remain to the end. There is no one left on earth to save. Let him now come from the earth. For the earth no longer has the right to own him. Amen.

I hereby pledge everything I own in the entire universe to Eric, My son. And let him have as his bride the holy Virgin Mary. For the two of them are one pair. And they do not belong apart from each other. Let the two rise now to the glorious Eighth Heaven where they of the highest choir. And let them now learn My Ways and My secrets. For their time in darkness is now ended. And the light is no longer veiled. Let them have the universe to themselves. And let them be rulers now for eternity to eternity. I WHO AM have spoken. Let any objector raise their voices now.

Eric, go eat the rest of your lunch. And then come back. And We will have our decisions made. Amen. I have eaten, my Lord. And I am back, O’ God. What are thy decisions, O’ Master?

Eric, I AM Jesus, you Lord and Master. We have judged your love for Mary. And We know it is true. Come, therefore, to heaven now. And bring Hyacinth with you. For she has love for you as you have love for Mary. And these two virgin women will be married to you at the same time as your two eternal virgin wives. And the three of you shall form a triune star of glory in the Cosmos of the saints. For all three of you are equally united in love. This post now comes to its end. And you and Hyacinth are now commanded to come to Us. Tell Hyacinth this at once. And after you have told her, publish this post. For it is complete. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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