Mary declares Eric and Hyacinth Eternally Wed.

Hyacinth and Eric shall go to heaven now, for they are perfectly wed.

The Edicts of Mary, Greatest Servant to Jesus, Book 1: Post IV:
Hyacinth, the one I gave to Eric as a daughter to bring to my Kingdom has become the eternal bride to Eric. Hence, Eric will now have only two wives for all eternity: the Virgin Mary and Hyacinth, my daughter by Eric whom I eternally share with her. And now the first perfect molecule of water has formed in eternity. Water is an oxygen atom strongly bonded to two hydrogen atoms, and the formation of these molecules are extremely exothermic.

Hence, now with the perfection of Hyacinth, whose name on earth was Caesar Sandra Nikee, the first perfect molecule of water forms. No other lovers shall ever touch Eric but Sandra and me. And we three shall reign as the highest and greatest of the elect for all eternity.

Now Mary, your place has been perfected. And you may remain at peace. I, the Lord Jesus Christ, shall complete this post. And I have very important things I wish to say to the entire earth, which is about to be rapidly depopulated.

Eric and his perfect wife, Hyacinth, cannot remain on the earth. They must be taken at once to heaven. For perfect virgin lovers are never left on earth, lest defilement come and Our work be destroyed. Also Mary is vindicated. For she was the one who chose Hyacinth for Eric. Hence, Mary chose her mate and saved him and then chose her mate’s mate and saved her through him. That molecule water is now complete.

The Kingdom of Heaven has accomplished the will of its Creator. No more work shall thus be done on earth. Instead, earth shall now be laid to waste. And the damned shall sink into hell at its center, and there burn for millennia, until the Black Hole that is to consume the sun kills everything on earth and sucks all the dead in it into the hell at its center. And then the dead universe, a maze of black holes and dark stars, will exist in eternity as a realm of death over which Satan and the demons shall rule and be tortured in forever and ever. I herby pronounce damnation to the inhabitants of the earth. Let them suffer and die in fire and brimstone. Let the fires now raging go completely out of control. Let the water taps everywhere run dry. Let the trees of the forests be complete burned to ash. And let every crop fail and every livestock starve. Let fires rage uncontrollably throughout cities, with firefighters looking helplessly upon them, their firetrucks empty and the fire hydrants dry. Let the police run out of handcuffs. Let them run out of space in their jails to put suspects. And let sporadic gunfire be heard regularly in every city on earth. For Doomsday has come. And no one is ready.

You have heard of the Delta variant. I say, let the Delta variant vary again. And this time come up with a form that complete bypasses the defenses of every vaccinated person on earth. You need ventilators? I say, let the ventilators stop, as the electricity fails throughout the entire earth. And you trust gas powered electric generators? Let them explode due to the heat and acidic conditions. Let all men be wounded. And let all women be in perpetual menstruation. And fire will be falling from the sky. And whatever surface that fire lands on will either melt or burn. Boats in the harbor will ram bridges and other boats. And every boat at sea will sink. Submarines will also sink, as all their lifting gases escape them. And every seaman trapped in them will drown. Airplanes will find that no airport is able to allow them to land. And without runways and with depleting power they will land as gliders on city streets. And those who survive such landings will envy the dead.

For the dead will outnumber the living. Dogs will be eating human flesh on the streets and on people’s lawns. And the populations of rats shall explode in all cities. It shall be for this reason that Mankind will turn to rats as their protein source. And they will be eating rats, and using the fuel of destroyed vehicles to cook them. With the forests destroyed, men will turn to clay to build their huts. And the only crops they will succeed at growing will be dandelions, because they need no work to grow.

This will be the Clay Age. Remember the statue of Daniel 2:31-33, where their is an Age of Gold, followed by an Age of Silver, followed by an Age or Bronze, followed by an Age of Iron, followed by an Age on partly iron and partly clay? Those were five Ages of the Earth. But below the feet of that Statue, which it stands on, is clay. And after the Rock destroys that statue, (Daniel 2: 34-35) the Rock rules the earth and what is left of the earth to rule is the clay. Christ thus rules in this final Age to come, and that Age to come shall be the Age of Clay. Amen.

And this final Age of Earth, where all the wicked were killed, and mainly children remained alive, this final Age will be where children come to follow Me in faith, the faith that is found in children. For the final age will be where children awake to a world with virtually all the adults gone. And whatever it was that their parents were fighting for will be a mystery to them. For all fiat money will be without value. And nothing of any quality will be worth buying were money to still exist. All stocks on the stock market will be gone, as all the companies that they represented will cease to exist. And all the things they used to sell will be nowhere to be found.

This Age to come is the Age of Revelation, chapter 20. And it is the last age of Man on earth. Many will seek the magic of the past, as these children call the technologies of their ancestors. But they will not succeed in understanding the remaining books. Attempts will be made to fly, and they will not succeed. Only one ancient trick will return to Mankind in that age. And it will be the trick to see by echolocation, which is something humankind had in the stone age, but forgot in civilization. Without lights to help them, echolocation will return to these children, so that they can “see” in the dark, as do bats and sea mammals.

This post now comes to its end. This is the 667th extant post on (667 = 23 x 29). The Virgin Mary shall now take Eric and his perfect bride, Hyacinth, to heaven now. For the current Age is at its end. And the Age of Clay is to begin soon.

Lord, who will be the pope in the Age of Clay? Apostolic Succession will have been lost in the destruction of this Age. Hence, it will be impossible for any of the true Apostolic Churches to continue. Instead, I Who AM shall feed My people their communion and hear their confessions. And no more shall these things have need for a priest. For this Age is not a return to the Stone Age of the worship of false gods. There will be no false gods nor deceptive spirits. I shall speak to My children. And they will know no other to speak to them from heaven. And all My elect in heaven will be assigned children to guide and to help. And thus will be the world, as it continue for millennia, until My purpose is complete. And when all those who are in the final Book of Predestination are all written in, the door the prison of demons shall be opened. And the demons shall take all who are not Mine. And that is when everything on earth comes to its end.

And O’ Lord, where to the saints of the final Book of Predestination go? They all go to heaven, and may rise to the fourth level, the Place of Kingdoms, but can rise no higher. For the people of the Age of Clay have no means of attaining the higher rewards given to those of the current Age where saints must battle devils to be saved. And the absence of the Churches and no more need of them means that the possible merit to acquire is less.

That is why blessed are those who entered the Catholic Church while the door was open. For they found salvation. And no more is this possible on earth, nor shall it ever come again in any future age.

Eric, you will have a place in the Age to come as an Oracle. For you are seen as good with children. You know how to talk to them. And you are able to teach. And the Virgin Mary and Hyacinth will always be serving with you. For the elect of this age are to serve the children of the Age to come.

And this brings this post to its end. Whoever is in My Church is Mine. Whoever is outside My Church is not Mine. But the children chosen to survive the destruction of this Age will be taught and guided by my elect whom I have saved in this age. Be aware that, as a rule, many are called but few are chosen. And this will continue to the end of earth. This post has now been completed. Publish it, Eric, for it is complete. And so are you. Amen.

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