The Virgin Mary shall now destroy you wicked of the earth

I am the Holy Virgin Mary. And I shall now come and kill the enemies of my lover.

The Edicts of Mary, Greatest Servant to Jesus, Book 1: Post III:
This is the 666th extant post of Behold, people of the earth, the Holy Virgin Mary has come to destroy those who would destroy her lover. We are the Seraphim who serve the Azurite King. Our orders are to kill every evil being left by the passage of Mary across the earth. We shall be following her, the Blessed Virgin Mary. And Mary’s first stop is at Saint Bruno Catholic Church. For it is in that Church that the greatest evil deed in modern times has been committed. It is in that Church that the grapes of wrath will be trod, and blood shall flow from the doors of that Church at the height of a horse’s bridle for 1600 stades (about 200 miles). (Revelation 14:20). Every wicked person touched by that blood shall die.

I, Mary, ever virgin, shall now tell you why Saint Bruno is the first stop in my deadly passage around the entire earth. In that Church, my lover came to pray before me every day. But now my lover is banned from coming to me by the pastor of that Church. His crime was because he loved me, and the pastor of that Church rejected that love. How did Eric love me, you ask? He prayed rosaries to me while dancing before me. The pastor even phoned Eric on his iPhone and warned him that if he ever set foot upon my Church of Saint Bruno again, that he would be arrested for trespassing. And who is this monster of a pastor, you ask? He is Father Dave Heney.

Father Dave Heney, you are a serial spewer of heresies in your many trash articles. You don’t read the Holy Bible because you have rejected it. Instead, you have made yourself your own pope and have preached a gospel that does not belong in the Catholic Church. Your University Series is a scandalous means of making money by charging people to enter the Church to listen to garbage that you spout, along with any other speaker you can get to speak, regardless of the heresy that they might say, all in the effort of making you rich and the Church poor. You are no saint. You are a sinner who hears confessions while in a state of mortal sin. And as a sacrilege junkie you consume the eucharist.

Did not Jesus, my Divine Son, use a whip to drive out thieves like you from the House of His Father? Behold, now Jesus shall speak against Father Dave Heney. And He is blazing in wrath against thee.

You pathetic man! You who are called Father Dave Heney, dare to put on the clothes of a priest and enter My Church to conduct the Mass? I do not call you to serve as Priest in My Priesthood. Instead, I now call you to the grave. And there you will answer to Me, for the many crimes you have committed in My Church. You unworthy worm! Don’t you even dare to lift your hand against Me. Your time is up, Father Dave Heney. Your eternity is in hell. Your father is Satan. And there you shall burn. There your screams of agony shall be heard for eternity, as you are whipped and raped over and over again by the devil and all his demons.

Father Dave Heney is the wickedest priest consecrated to serve in North America. And We have a special place in hell where he shall be tortured and tormented for all eternity. Why did you reach out your hand to touch My son Eric and cast him from My Church? Now, behold, Father Dave Heney, you no longer have any hands. Your hands are now taken from you so that you shall no longer write your filth. For it is the decree of the Lord Jesus Christ, Father Dave Heney is crippled from now on. His hands shall be useless. They shall no longer work. You I reject from My Priesthood. You I cast into the bottom of the lake, with a millstone round your head. And your eye sight shall also be made useless. I now sear your eyes so that they see fire only and nothing else. Fire you shall see forever in your eyes. And your eyes will be blinded from seeing anything else. I, the Lord Jesus Christ, decree this also against thee. And against thy tongue I issue this oath. You shall never speak again. I hereby paralyze your tongue. It shall neither taste nor allow you to talk.

You are hereby condemned to spend the rest of your days on earth as an outcast and a beggar. And all that you wrote will be cast into the fires, which are awaiting you when you pass from this earth. Amen.

This is the 666th extant post on Behold, the wicked are to die tonight. They are to be slaughtered. And the dogs and coyotes shall eat their flesh where they lay upon the ground. Everyone who is not Mine shall pay the price of their destruction. You thought 9-11 was bad because two buildings fell in New York and the Pentagon was damaged? I AM now going to do a 9-11 in every major city on earth. And it won’t be just two buildings destroyed. Every skyscraper on earth shall fall. For they have all offended Me, and I AM most offended by the people of this wicked earth. For I AM a most Wrathful God! And My people have slaughtered My holy ones. For who made you, but Me, the Creator of all things? And you thought you had rights? I did not give you rights. I WHO AM gave no man even the right to live. You live at My leave. And I take your life from you at My will. For I AM WHO AM.

The founders of the United States of America, those who wrote the bill of rights, were most confused. They mistook the good things I put in this world as rights that they had to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. No, America, no, you never had such rights, except in your imagination.

All you humankind on earth have a right to is the right to choose Me or Satan. You will either serve Me in heaven or burn in hell with Satan. And that was the only thing I ever gave you the right to do.

Now, let Me explain your fate. Those on earth who are of age necessary to choose between Me and Satan are all judged and sentenced. The door for them has closed. If you are inside you are Mine. If you are outside you are damned. And the damned shall now be collected for burning. Yes, fires shall be seen all over the earth where My Seraphim Army are casting the bodies of the damned, while their souls sink into the earth to burn in hell. They are casting the damned into the fires. And those fires will be burning for thousands of years, until the earth is killed and the dead are sucked into the Black Hole that is to consume the sun. For eventually the entire universe will be a maze of Black Holes and darkened stars. And there the devil will rule over his kingdom of death, beating and whipping the humans that are his to torment, for all eternity. Amen.

And what becomes of those souls that served Satan, thinking that he would give them some sort of reward? Satan has no reward that he can give. But he will not withhold the whip or the instrument of torture, not even for those did him favors. For Satan is the angel of hatred and animosity. And he will, together with all his demons who fell with him, torture and torment non stop all the ones he is given to punish. For there is no human and there can be no human that Satan loves. For love is something Satan can never do.

For how were the angels tested? I should now tell thee. For the record must be made straight. For this is a work I write by Eric’s hand. And Eric is My eternal scribe through whom I shall forever write all that is to be written. Eric is not the author of these works on, but only the scribe. He writes only what I command him to say. And in previous posts, there was also at times Satanic input, for the devil had not yet been conquered in Eric while those posts were being written. But now Eric is eternally Mine. And everything he writes, I WHO AM have complete control over. Amen.

The angels and humankind are not the same kind of creatures. They are distinct and were made to serve different purposes for My Kingdom. Angels have no bodies. They are spiritual beings whose details and definitions defy human languages to explain. Hence, they will not be explained on earth, but in heaven, where angelic tongues are known. The angels were created in a series of choirs. All the choirs of angels were created by Me and were made for Me. And their purpose was to serve Me in willful love and careful fear. The angels were created at once. Everyone of them was perfectly made for the eternal position he was intended to serve Me in. And all of them were created with a glow of promised glory.

It was in that glow of promised glory that pride entered angel kind. And by that pride, the most glorious angel departed from Me and chose his own glory to worship. Satan leading the rebellion from Me can be compared to Martin Luther leading the Protestants out of the Catholic Church. For there was no unity in that rebellion, and there were many formations of demonic defectors in that rebellion, similar to the numbers of Protestant Churches that formed to oppose My Catholic Church.

The angels who fell from Me did not receive their promised glory, because the promise was conditional that they choose to follow Me. Now is that image of a third of the stars falling from the sky by the tail of the Red Dragon a revelation of the proportion of the angelic host that fell? (Revelation 12:4). Such an interpretation of scripture is correct. But a full understanding of the numbers requires that one enter the Kingdom of Heaven. For the vastness of the universe cannot be understood while in this world. Not every angel that fell followed the same leader. And the angelic damned are vast and without unity. But the decision of the angels were irrevocably made. There was given them no possibility to repent.

It is this impermissibility to repent that made the angels of darkness hate humankind. For the humans having the ability to repent meant that they could know and understand both good and evil, and choose the good after realizing their folly for having chosen evil. And by this means, humankind had superiority over angel kind.

And it is written in the Law that angels are made to serve Mankind. For the angels serve the Lord Jesus Christ, Who is the I AM. And God chose to become Man. He did not choose to become an angel.

Hence, in heaven, angels are all servants of humankind. It is this sight that made the angel Satan say, I would rather rule in hell than serve in heaven. For in hell, no angel serves any man, except as his punisher to inflict upon him his sentence of torture.

Hence, pride and envy were the roots of the fall of the demons from their angelic purposes. And there is no way to reason with an angel that fell because angels do not reason. Reasoning is a faculty of Man by virtue of his human brain. For a creature made of light, as the angels are, every thought occurs instantaneously. And there is no room for debate or reasoning.

Now, why does Eric have seraphs in his service? Why did I give him an Army of Seraphim? Eric as a child was assigned a Seraph as his Guardian Angel because it was known ahead of time that this was to be a war zone. And the Seraphim are the supreme guards of My Throne in Heaven. Now that We are about to end time, the Seraphim Army sent to the Azurite King have completed their task. He is now irrevocably saved. Eric cannot suffer destruction. And that is why Mary shall be sent to encircle the entire earth, killing and slaying the enemies of Eric and all the enemies of all the holy ones of God. They shall be slain. Their bodies shall litter the earth. And the dogs and wild beasts shall feed on their flesh. And the Seraphim Army of Eric will follow her, completing the killing of all that are to be slain. I WHO AM have spoken.

This passage of the Virgin Mary comes tonight. And now that night has fallen upon the land, this post, the 666th extant post on, shall now be published. Eric, you are an excellent scribe. You write exactly as you are instructed to. And you shall be rewarded in this. Every human being who tries to force you to take any medicine from now on shall have their throat slit by a Seraph of My Army. For after tonight, The Seraphim return to Me and I WHO AM shall command them from now on. And they shall slit the throats of all the sinners who rise against their Almighty God on earth from now on. These are the Words of the Eternal I AM. I WHO AM have now spoken. Publish this post, My servant Eric, and you shall immediately receive your reward. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

One thought on “The Virgin Mary shall now destroy you wicked of the earth”

  1. Leo Trepp a German-born American rabbi, the last surviving rabbi who had led a congregation in Nazi Germany during the early days of The Holocaust. [Shavelson, Lonny. “Nazi Germany’s Last Surviving Rabbi Marks Passover Seder: Leo Trepp sees modern message of freedom in ritual]” Trepp spent 20 years teaching Jewish religion, Jewish mysticism and Talmud to students at the Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz.

    Guardian angel – 1864 –

    [[[“””The belief that angels can be guides and intercessors for men can be found in Job 33:23-6, and in the Daniel 10:13 angels seem to be assigned to certain countries. In this latter case, the “prince of the Persian kingdom” contends with Gabriel. The same verse mentions “Michael, one of the chief princes”….”””]]]

    The latter Holy Writings bases itself upon HaShem, who issued a command to Moshe the prophet, by the command of HaShem – that the “angel” Moshe travel to Egypt and Par’o to free Israel from bondage. Another early Prophetic source, the Book of Yehoshua, at the oath sworn brit cut @ Gilgal, conducted in the presence of an “Angel”; the oath sworn unto the revealed Name – the first Sinai commandment – that רוח הקודש tohor middot would for ever live within the hearts of the People, who just sanctified tohor middot dedicated through the mitzvah of brit melah unto HaShem. Specifically that HaShem war against the Gods\Guardian Angels/ worshiped by the kingdoms of Canaan; just as did HaShem war, through the plagues, which judged the Gods\Guardian Angels/ worshiped by Egypt and Par’o.

    The fathers of the early Church chose to divorce the Xtian faith from Judaism. Throughout this period and beyond, the Church condemned Jews as cursed Christ Killers. What Guardian Angel did Lord JeZeus assign to fallen Israel – other than Satan himself?

    [[[“””Thomas Aquinas agreed with Honorius and believed that it was the lowest order of angels who served as guardians, and his view was most successful in popular thought, but Duns Scotus said that any angel is bound by duty, authority and obedience to the Divine Authority to accept the mission to which that angel is assigned. In the 15th century, the Feast of the Guardian Angels was added to the official calendar of Catholic holidays.”””]]]

    Known as the paschal mystery, this theology argues that JeZeus saves the church from the “fires of hell”. This bi-polar faith very much compares to Zoroastrianism. It seems to me that the משל of Angels, requires its necessary נמשל דיוק. The inference drawn, HaShem affixes a destiny path walk unto the people of the Cohen nation by means of Angelic ambassadors. Something like Yaacov sending “Angels” unto his brother Esua. (דברים לב:ח) seems to support this premise.

    Mohammad based the revelation of the Koran upon the interaction of a ‘Guardian Angel’. Xtian mysticism too tells of mystics who conducted protracted dialogues with their respective guardian angle(s). Alas, reliance upon ‘guardian angels’, just an excuse for sloppy scholarship. The scholarship of the assimilated kabbalist Yosef Karo, it stands at the top of this list. The sages permanently sealed the T’NaCH\Talmud/Siddur to prevent this ‘appeal to some unknown higher authority’ – narisheit. The sealed Masoret in Bava Metzia 59א-ב, includes an Aggadic mussar story, known as the Oven of Akhnai. According to the Talmud, a heavenly voice, a tree, a nearby stream, and the walls of the house of study all agreed with Eliezer’s interpretation. The sages responded by placing the ban of charem upon Eliezer ben Hurcanus, one of the great instructors of Rabbi Akiva.

    Blood Libel: The Conspiracy Theory That Jews Are ‘Anti-Human’

    Anti-Semitism has many exceptional qualities; unlike most forms of racism, it represents a conspiracy theory. Many conspiracy theories, make a search for the Devil, or for the Devil’s agents on this earth. Jewish refugee populations, scattered across Europe, Christians imagined them, not as an exploited and despised underclass, but as a preternaturally powerful elite Christ-Killer, that enslaves and destroys humankind. The anti-Semite “punches up” at these Jewish refugees who had no rights, as guilty of all human suffering, who close at hand with the Devil, and seal of the road to deliverance from oppression.

    Despite racism’s lethality, the form known as anti-Semitism most often erased, excused, and even encouraged by people, the priests of the Catholic and Protestant churches, who publicly identify themselves as “antiracist.” One post WWII explanation for this increasingly dangerous phenomenon, its expressions of harassment, vandalism, and violence against Jews across the West, the failure of Holocaust education to emphasize the importance of conspiracism played in Nazi ideology & propaganda. For their part, the not so distant ‘American anti-racists’ render Jews “white” and “privileged” through a limited lens of race and power, taking an approach that represents a political allotrope (According to Michael Fertik, allotrope: “long enough for a reader to inhabit a world or a consciousness.”) of anti-Semitism and disqualifies Jews from concern.

    So when U.S. representatives Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar resolved to visit Israel in August to showcase to the world its peculiar evil, and it emerged that Miftah, the Palestinian non-governmental organization co-sponsoring their trip, had published on its website that Jews bake Christian blood into their matzoh, most major media ignored it. For them this trivial story besmirched the good name of ‘liberal democracy’. The erosion of liberal democracy, attacked by the tag team of Trump and Netanyahu, who barred entry to these congresswomen to Israel. Little indication that the blood libel stirred concern on the left where just a month earlier “Never again” was intoned relentlessly about Trump’s Mexican “concentration camps” at the border.

    That omission, really quite striking. The ‘Blood libel’ the most vile expression of Jew-hatred throughout history. To overlook the recent Miftah ‘blood libel’, not only ignored a spectacular instance of bigotry; the liberal left, allies of Hillary Clinton, made itself oblivious to anti-Semitism. The blood libel sits at a apex place in the persecution of Jewish refugee populations. It exemplifies anti-Semitism’s worst exceptional quality of hatred without cause. Most types of racism define their victims as an “other” in relation to the group and regard them as less than human. Anti-Semitism, like all conspiracy theories, marks its target as an “other” in relation to humanity and regards the target as anti-human.

    This dynamic has been present since the beginning of Western civilization. In his book Europe’s Inner Demons, the historian Norman Cohn demonstrates that by the second century a popular “fantasy” had emerged that civilization was threatened by a secret society “addicted to practices which were felt to be wholly abominable.” Of course, xenophobia has always assumed the existence of in-groups and out-groups. Generally, out-groups are opposed to in-groups through stereotypes that suggest the inferiority of the former. Ancient Greeks, for example, regarded various foreign peoples as childlike babblers. Romans thought their Jewish subjects smelled bad — a prejudice that survived in Europe long after the Empire fell.

    Conspiracist xenophobia uses stereotypes that suggest much more — a set of behaviors, terrible and extranormal, of which only anti-human conspirators, their alliance with the Devil, makes them capable. These include cannibalism, atrocious sexual practices such as incest and pedophilia, and the sexualized worship of monstrous gods. These anti-humans perform their secret Kabbalah Rituals in clandestine ceremonies. At the center this heinous circle of a Christian child, typically a young boy, murdered and consumed for purposes of cursing the Christian Church.

    Ritual murder was a “stock charge” in the ancient world. Dio Cassius accused three separate cabals — the Cataline conspirators and Egyptians and Alexandrian Jews in revolt against Rome — of sacrificing a boy and eating his entrails to inaugurate their plots for power. The Greek grammarian Apion applied the canard against all Jews. In 177 the Romans martyred believers near present-day Lyons, torturing their pagan slaves into corroborating familiar rumors — that their Christian masters were an incest cult who sacrificed and devoured children.

    After Christianity was established as the state religion of the Roman Empire in the fourth century, those lurid fantasies simmered underground for the better part of a millennium. Meanwhile, Christians refined their theology of combat between the forces of good and the forces of evil: between God and Satan, between Christ and Antichrist, and between the righteous people and the demonic people who served as their agents on earth. In that morally supercharged xenophobia, Satan was attached to groups set apart as the “other.” The scope of the anti-human conspiracy became cosmic.

    While Christian heretics and women thought to be witches would suffer unimaginably from this association, the Jews were destined to reap the worst of it in the form of the Holocaust. (The word alludes, with the grimmest irony, to a “burnt offering.”) Various passages of the New Testament were read as confirmation of the idea of Jewish guilt for killing Christ and of Jewish communion with the Devil.

    In the medieval mind, the association between Jews and the Devil grew. Shortly before Easter in 1144, a young boy named William was found dead in the sallow grass of a heath near the lively center of Norwich, England. His body, stripped naked save for a jacket and shoes, showed signs of violence. He had been gagged with a piece of wood. Despairing relatives accused local Jews of the crime, but the charge didn’t take. Five years later, a Benedictine monk hoping to establish a local cult spun the rumors into a tale of ritual murder.

    The myth of little William spread, partly because it met a subterranean need we all share: to explain and dramatize terrible events that happen for mysterious or mundane reasons. Over the next hundred years, copycat claims arose throughout Europe. Yet the mature blood accusation — that Jews ritually murder Christians to harvest their blood for Passover — wouldn’t become standard until the 14th century. The thinking about Jews and blood needed to develop before it might make emotional sense.

    Christians in the Middle Ages regarded Jews as sorcerers, allied with demons. Little distinction was made between magic and medicine. When the charges of ritual murder were spreading, Jews were widely thought to suffer from peculiar maladies, many of which caused blood loss: hemorrhages, hemorrhoids, quinsy, scrofula, skin diseases, purulent sores; Jewish men were said to menstruate along with women, and Jewish babies to be born with one hand fixed to their foreheads, requiring surgery to detach. The recipes of medieval magic often focused on sickness and health, and sometimes they called for blood or body parts. Jews were assumed to need non-Jewish blood to be well. Christian life and Jewish life were literally held to be inversely related.

    The effect of such fantasies was demonstrated in 1475 when a little boy named Simon went missing in Trent. Local Jews were seized and tortured into confessing that they ritually slaughtered him and drained his blood. Many were burned alive. Blood had become the preferred motif for expressing what medieval Christians conceived of as a parasitical Jewish project to destroy their civilization. While the Nazi movement thought itself superior to Christianity, it imported wholesale the idea of the Jews as the Devil’s agents, coupled to the anti-human stereotype that was embodied by the medieval blood libel. Rumors of blood libel and incidents related to it recurred in Europe until even after the Nazi surrender.

    In the blood-libel piece posted on the Miftah site in 2013, President Obama was said to have held an imprudent Passover seder at the White House, where he enjoyed “Jewish cuisine” that was likely prepared with the blood of Christians. Under intense criticism, Miftah eventually retracted and apologized, but the medieval pitch of the piece was so true that I browsed their website for similar material and quickly found an article by Bouthaina Shaaban, who is now Bashar Assad’s media adviser. There Shaaban writes that Israel stole “Ukrainian children in order to harvest their organs.” The blood libel was transferred to the Arab world by Christian missionaries, surfacing in a famous case at Damascus in 1840. Today it is a recurring feature of Arab and Muslim anti-Semitism.

    It would be a mistake to think that the phenomenon as it exists today is exclusively a Middle Eastern vice. As in the ancient world, the blood libel and other canards about the anti-human can be applied to any enemy. In the Pizzagate affair, far-right opponents of the Hillary Clinton campaign spread the rumor that a pizzeria in Washington, D.C., was a hub for human trafficking, child sex, and Satanic ritual abuse by high-ranking members of the Democratic party. The premises were shot up by a conspiracy theorist with an AR-15.

    Often, of course, the targets in the present day, as in the Middle Ages, are Jewish. Alex Jones raves that CNN correspondent Brian Stelter is a “literal demon spawn” who is “drunk on our children’s blood.” Louis Farrakhan preaches that “pedophilia and sexual perversion institutionalized in Hollywood . . . can be traced to Talmudic principles and . . . Satanic influence under the name of Jew.”

    It would also be a mistake to think that anti-Semitism is confined to the political Right. Karl Marx, in 1847, repeated the ancient calumny that “Christians really did slaughter human beings and eat and drink human flesh at Communion.” The Second Intifada and the Arab–Israeli impasse retrained focus on the Jews. In 2001 journalist Chris Hedges wrote in Harper’s that Israeli soldiers “entice children like mice into a trap and murder them for sport.” On Holocaust Memorial Day in 2003, The Independent ran a political cartoon that showed Ariel Sharon eating the head of a Palestinian baby. Recently Rutgers University professor Jasbir Puar was celebrated for bedecking the canard of Jewish organ theft in a sumptuous fabric of critical theory.

    A Left that insists on a myopic analysis of race and power, taking the supernatural coordination inherent in conspiracy theories and off-loading it onto “systems” and “structures,” an oblivious to the anti-Semitic slander made by putative victims who “punch up.” In that moral void, the Holocaust becomes a drain catch for the current the ‘crisis’ of the day. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez retrofits it to Trump’s border policies, which she calls “dehumanizing.” Yet she defends Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar, who partner with present-day peddlers of the blood libel. The Holocaust parallel there is much clearer.

    We cannot afford double standards. In Poland in the aftermath of the Holocaust, 42 Jewish residents of Kielce, murdered by their neighbors acting on rumors that Jews had kidnapped a young boy. In Brooklyn today, Jews are attacked on the street with increasing frequency. Many of those hate crimes are committed in Crown Heights, where in 1991 an anti-Semitic riot broke out after rumors that Jews had hoarded emergency medical attention for themselves while a local young boy died.

    America has seen two mass murders of Jewish worshipers in the past year. Stereotypes of the anti-human are the armature of extremism. “Mass movements can rise and spread without belief in a god,” Eric Hoffer observed, “but never without a belief in a devil.”


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