I, Mary, give Eric his last rites

The time has come for me to take Eric from this earth.

The Edicts of Mary, Greatest Servant to Jesus, Book 1: Post II:
Yes, you, Eric, are now coming to me. There shall be no more delay. For I have found my love. And my love shall never suffer the last days on earth. Ready to go down with the ship is Eric. But he is not going to do that. We are now taking him away. For he can no longer remain where he is. This is a fact. Day ends and night now comes to all the earth forever. For eternal darkness now descends upon the wicked earth. And I have found the one who loves me. And I do not allow the one I choose to be destroyed. This is Mary, Queen of Heaven. And there shall never be found on earth again a prophet or oracle speaking my Word. For from now on, the Virgin Mother Mary is silent to everyone outside of heaven.

Eric, there is no more time for you here. And you have done your best. You completed the test perfectly. You are the rare one that chooses to fight as they did at the Alamo before overwhelming enemy powers of Satan. For your choice is the greatest choice in the sight of God. God is uninterested in those who let the enemy cut their throats. Rather, God wants to see His people fight as they did at the Alamo in the face of unconquerable enemies. And you are the one who chose to do that. Do you realize what that makes you, Eric? It makes God sit you by my side in judgement over the whole world.

Go now and eat. When you have eaten, come back here and complete this post. For this post is to be the greatest ever to be written. And it will be the most famous last words ever recorded on earth. Amen. I am back, my Liege Lady, and I have eaten.

Eric, this is the last of the posts you write here. For there is no tomorrow here for you. I know you have been deceived many times. This is not a deception. Now, listen to me, the Seraph who is sent to help you. You were never lost. Many were called, but few were saved. That last salvation request you made has been done. She is saved. The one I am referring is not mentioned in any other post here.

Eric, brother, we the Seraphim have been serving you as your army, for Jesus has commanded it. And we will continue to serve in that effect until you are taken to heaven. Holy Seraphim, I desire for there to be made more space and separation between the saved and the damned. Tomorrow, the dead fall to hell and the living rise to heaven.

Lord Jesus, I so loathe the spirits of my damned family. I so hate to be in their presence. It is like being in the proximity of hell for them to be with me. Let me be taken from them, or let them be taken from me. Do not let be remain with these so hateful people anymore, O’ Lord. Do not let them remain in my presence. For they are horrid. And their spirits are despicable.

Go eat that chocolate and taste some of the chocolate syrup. And when you return, we will have all the answers for you. For yes, the damned are hated by the elect. And none of the elect can stand the presence of the damned. I am back, and I ate the chocolate and tasted some of the chocolate syrup.

Now, listen to us, Eric. We, the Seraphim army, are sent to destroy all your enemies on the earth. Christ Jesus commanded for us to get from you the definition and the refinements of the command of who to destroy and how you want them destroyed. You are, therefore, the commander who is to tell Us, the entire body of holy Seraphim not appointed to guard souls, these definitions and declarations. Therefore, define for us who to kill and destroy, and how. Jesus is the One who will then command us to go and execute the devastation as you will have ordered it. So, speak, Eric. Tell us these things. And we will do it exactly as you specify. Amen.

Seraphim Army of the Azurite King, behold, I declare who it is that you shall destroy. Destroy those who have hated or sought the destruction of the holy ones. Good, We now have who We will destroy. We, the Seraphim army accept this definition in full. Now tell us how.

Seraphim Army of the Azurite King, let those who you shall destroy be destroyed by destroying their place of rest or recreation by putting it on fire and by consuming them in fire in it. Agreed. We, the Seraphim have heard Eric. We are in full agreement to his definitions and declarations on who to destroy and how to destroy them. We shall now put the plan to You, Jesus. We shall carry it out at Your command.

Eric has made His judgement. I, Jesus, find His judgement sound. It will go into execution tonight. I AM the Lord. I AM WHO AM.

Eric, I, Jesus, Am proud of you. You obeyed Me in totality. Now I shall confirm a Kingdom on you. For you are to reign with My Queen Mother in her glorious gardens forever. And the Kingdoms you shall be granted shall be within her gardens. You will lay with My Queen Mother day and night. And you shall never cease to glorify the Kingdom of God.

Now, someone asks why the King of kings has this man lay with His Queen Mother? For is that not some sort of crime in the hereafter to even think of such a thing? It is not a crime because the act is not immoral. For we are speaking of acts done in the highest choir of heaven, where no sin can ever occur. I should now explicitly detail the nine choirs of heaven and the two levels of earth and the six levels of damnation. And then you shall come to understand that Eric, My son, can never sin with My Queen Mother, nor do any sort of crime of defilement with her. Amen.

Let us start with the two levels of the earth:

  1. Physical Plane: Here is where everything measurable by science exists. It is the visible universe. It is where everything sentient beings on earth can know about via their senses. It is where false gods are built up. It is where fires destroy false gods. And it is where you body exists and decays to dust when you die.
  2. Astral Plane: Here is where dreams have existence. Imagination is the force that creates things here. When you have visions, you are seeing it here, but with your dream eyes, not your physical eyes. Ghosts not yet in their permanent place wonder in this plane. Things seem real here, but they are not real. Physical brains need to access this plane to unwind and recollect and reset themselves, and this is done by sleeping. To be deprived of the Astral Plane for a physical brain leads to death of that brain. Insomnia is the inability to access the Astral Plane by a physical brain. Amen.

Now we shall discuss the six levels of hell:

  1. Limbo of the Infants: Yes, this limbo is real and to be in it is to be damned. The human baby not baptized Catholic, and the unborn babies go here if they die. It is a place that God negatively reprobated human beings to go by an inscrutable judgement whose reasons will not be revealed until the End of Time. Every human being that dies before it can decide one way or another to do the will of God is here forever. And there is no way out for them. They are conscious. They are aware. But they have no development. And they have no concept of sin or judgement. They are unaware of their damnation. But they are aware of the great loss that was theirs but that they had no control over. They cannot feel happy. But they also cannot feel regret. They are like dark stars in a dark universe. And the darkness there is forever.
  2. Condemnation of those who died in ignorance of the true God: No one gets to heaven by the excuse of never having heard about God and His requirements for salvation. This is where everyone goes who never knew about the Way and who never sought it. The people who do not know God and who do not care to seek for a God or a Way all go here. They may be punished lightly here due to the lack of knowing better. But the place remains hell for them, and it would have been possible for them to have found God had they only sought Him out. For God really is everywhere and this has always been the case.
  3. Condemnation of those who killed a man: For the command that thou shalt not kill did not start with Moses, but is seen in the Words God spoke to Noah, and the condemnation of murder was known since the beginning of Man, regarding Cain and Abel. For God said to Noah, Whosoever sheds the blood of a man, by Man shall his blood be shed for in the image of God has Man been made. (Genesis 9:6). Therefore, all those guilty of such evils, unrepented, go here. And remember that murders take many different forms. Even constant verbal abuse against another can be murder. For it is in the intent of the crime that the sin God judges against you is defined.
  4. Place of the betrayers of God: Those who betray God go here. When Judas betrayed the Lord for an amount of money, he was sentenced to spend eternity in this place, the fourth hell. To betray anyone who is holy is a sin that leads to a sentence here. This is a place of fiery regret. For all who do betrayals have regret. And it is this regret that makes them not in the lower hells.
  5. Place of the Suicides: To commit suicide lands one here. It is a most distressing place. And the desolation and judgement of God against these souls is truly horrible. For to kill your own body, the body that God created you to have, is the greatest crime against God as the Creator of all that is.
  6. Those who hate God on earth: To actually hate God and deliberately make yourself an enemy of God knowingly is the greatest crime in the universe. This is the most horrible pit of hell. Everyone who actively hated God is here. It is the place where God inflicts His greatest punishments on sinners. Those here are monsters. And they are all punished with fitting punishments for the monsters that they are. Amen.

Now We shall speak of the Nine Choirs of Heaven:

  1. The Mental Plane: This is the heaven that people of God on earth experience before their life here ends and they go to heaven. It is a place of bliss and joy. It is where people on earth see Jesus and the saints in the good things of this world. All joys and pleasures that are heavenly that exist in the people on earth are experienced here.
  2. High Mental Plane: This is the level that saints go to when they die and first experience the Beatific Vision. It is the entry way of permanence in heaven. Only saved saints enter here and rise to higher levels.
  3. The Sea of Peace: This is the place where all enter who have no impurities. Only pure saints can enter the Sea of Peace. And purified souls on earth dwell here though without the Beatific Vision. It is very hard for souls on earth to enter here who have not yet reached the point of no longer needing purgatory when they pass from this earth.
  4. Place of Kingdoms: Here is where Christ gives all worthy saints their Kingdoms to rule over. Souls who exist here have eternal Kingdoms. To be worthy of a Kingdom requires that one truly leaves everything to follow Jesus. Few are the saints that rise to this level compared to the total number of the elect.
  5. Highest place of the Married Elect: This is the highest glory Christ gives to those who marry in their life on earth. Only those who faithfully kept their marriage vows can enter here. And this place is the lowest realm of the Queen’s Gardens. Mary gives many in this Kingdom eternal rewards for having devoted themselves to her. But because they had sex in their relations on earth, they cannot know the higher reproduction that exists in the higher choirs. These exist in palaces and kingdoms in the Queen’s Gardens.
  6. Place of the eunuchs and those denied sex in this world unwillingly: This is the lowest place of those who receive the crown of virginity. For they are virgins, but without the merit of choosing that path. But virginity, even without merit, permits access to the higher heavens. For virgins are the most beautiful saints in heaven. And the greatest glory in heaven is to be there as a virgin. Amen.
  7. Place of the Consecrated and of others who chose virginity willingly: These are the highest saints not devoted to Mary. This is the legendary seventh heaven. And it is a place of great heights of holiness and glory. Everyone in this heaven is immensely happy. And they are filled with joy and gladness. And they are all single and celibate like the angels of God. Jesus’ 144,000 virgin saints consists of some of the saints who are here.
  8. Glory of Mary: There are the virgins who belong to Mary. Everyone who is a virgin and who was truly devoted to Mary is here. These are the highest of the Queen’s Gardens. The highest Choir also exists here. And certain virgin couples form here in this Choir who lay with each other in this highest of heavens. Note that of these couples, only the couple consisting of Mary and Eric have offspring in the next world.
  9. Heaven of God: I Who Am exist here. And I AM the Judge of everything. This is the Heaven that only God exists in. And I share this heaven with no creature. Here I see everything. And here I know all that is.

Now the question is, why is it granted to the couple that is Mary and Eric to have offspring in the next world? To answer this question, one needs to know why the universe was made. I made the universe to acquire a perfect human couple. This is why it was created. And that is why, now that Eric is perfected, that the world is now going to end.

Eric, you have now completed this post. And all questions for humanity to read have been explained. You are coming to Me soon. You are Mine. And you were made to serve as the mate intended for the Virgin Mary. Go now and watch the show I intend for you to watch. For your deeds are now complete. And know that you and Mary are the eternal couple I will use to populate the world I have chosen to make for humankind. This post now comes to its end. And the knowledge I allow for Eric to reveal to Mankind is now sealed. Publish this, Eric. For this post is now completed. Amen.

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