Jesus speaks

You, Eric, are about to be taken from this earth.

The Word of Jesus, Book 1: Post I:
Jesus, Who sees all and causes all things that are the will of God, I now speak on Eric’s site. Eric was my envoy whom I sent to prepare the world for My Second Coming. He was not here for marriage, sex, parties, or girlfriends. And that is why he never had any of those. But he was fully straight. It is a grave insult to think that celibate men are gay. For celibacy is a good, whereas homosexuality is a grave disorder.

No, Pope Francis, you are wrong. Civil unions for homosexuals are evil. Anything that encourages homosexuals to continue in their disorder is gravely wrong and a sin. A homosexual does not have the right to practice homosexuality. All you legislative jackasses and supreme court baboons who made homosexual marriage a recognized institution are called faggots in My Kingdom and all of them are sent to hell. There is no right for Man to do wrong.

If the Constitution of the United States of America is not based on My Law, on what law is it therefore based? If it is not built on Me the Rock, then on sand it must be built. And everything built on sand is destroyed completely.

You do not have the right to make up your own code of morality. For either you are with Me or you are with Lucifer. Did Moses give you ten commandments, or did he give you twelve? The Law of Moses rests on the ten commandments. And My Law supersedes the Law of Moses by being based on Me WHO AM. I AM greater than the Law of Moses, but I do not deny any letter of that law. How that law was interpreted and implemented was all that I changed regarding what Moses built. But My Purpose was not to enslave men to laws but to free them from their guilt.

Now, are the Jews saved by rejecting Me and keeping the Law of Moses? Had the Jews done both, kept the law, but how I interpreted it, and came and worshipped Me, they would have lived. And those who did so are Mine. But the Jews who could not see Me in the law they got from Moses were not followers of God but of Satan.

But do I condemn the state of Israel to exist in Palestine? For if I did, how does it still stand? How could it come to be? I willed for Israel to come back as a nation. That much I did. But I do not change any heart who rejects Me. That is why, though the Jews have back their lands and have statehood, they still largely reject Me. For they did not see Me in the reformation of their state. And they did not see Me in the writings of Eric and the wonders he did by decree.

For who was it that allowed the Jews to return to Israel out of Russia? Was it Gorbachev? Was it Yeltsin? It was Eric. Eric was the man in Russia that Saint Lucia saw in her writings on Fatima. She did not know that Eric was really in America, and was an American.

Who was it that ordered Israel to not strike back at Iraq in the Persian Gulf War, and then had the Abrams tanks go the way of the desert to get around Saddam’s defenses and free Kuwait? Was that Bush senior? It was Eric.

Eric was the mastermind of many things. But it was the conversion of Eric to Christianity in July of 1992, followed by his full entrance into Catholicism on Easter Vigil of 2002, that made Eric one of Mine. Before he entered My religion, he was outside it.

Did you know when I sent Mary, ever Virgin, to Eric to humble him in his wildest of boasting, and she put her foot on his head to humble him, do you know what he asked her? He did not ask her something silly or petty, or about his or another person’s salvation, as the Fatima children did. Rather, he asked her one of the deepest and most difficult theological questions possible. He said these exact words to her in his native English: Were you born by Immaculate Conception? And in silence he waited for her answer. And then Mary answered him as the Holy Spirit instructed her these exact Words in English: Yes, by Immaculate Conception, but do not ask me any more personal questions. Eric remembered those words forever, for they are engraved in his soul. This took place in early December of 1996.

It was by the Words of this intellect that the war for this man’s soul was the most hotly contested war in salvation’s history. For Predestination exists, but no soul is assured of its salvation. Had Eric fallen to the dark side, he would have become the greatest enemy of God, and his soul would be more tormented than that of Adolf Hitler, the Nazi leader who attempted the extermination of the Jews.

Untold graces were poured out upon him from heaven. And his mind was a total war zone. The intensity of this battle was so great that when he cast it into the earth, massive earthquakes occurred. And nowhere did he ever know love. Kindness he knew and received, but no one ever loved him.

And so he proceeded through life without friends. Now, is this possible? Yes, but only in one way. And that one way is to love God with all one’s soul, mind, heart, and strength. Such is the only way such a soul that no one loves can survive.

And so, Eric put to practice My teachings and commandments on love. Eric did love many, for He truly became My follower. And all the world looked upon Eric with contempt. For Eric survived, while those who hated Eric were destroyed.

I chose Eric as the One who would prepare the world for My Second Coming, not because he was worthy of that position, but because he was an outsider. I chose him to bring My warning to My people precisely because they rejected him.

And I commissioned him to prophesy on Sunday, July 23, 2017. And he began to reveal everything, as I commanded him to do. He revealed who he was. And he spoke in My name. And I gave him power to prophesy. And untold power I put on him on account of how rejected he was.

And I made him immortal once he passed the test of salvation. He is now saved. And he cannot not be saved. Nor can he marry or go to any girl. For he has given Me his All. And I AM everything to him now. He has broken every prison that imprisoned him. He cannot be defeated in either war or love. And he is now perfectly aligned to My wishes. He has vowed to never enter carnal marriage, never to lose his virginity, and to never cause himself to ejaculate. And this is perfect for My final purpose for him. Amen.

Eric, are you ready for the final battle?

Can anyone ever be ready for that My Lord?

No, lord Azurite, no one is ever prepared for the final battle, the final contest of his soul. And that was why I perspired blood as I prayed in the Garden of Gethsemane before I went forth to redeem Mankind for their sins.

All I will say to you, lord Azurite, is that you are saved. And this salvation for you is now irrevocable. Go to Mass tomorrow at Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church. It will be a Spanish Mass. What if I am called to Jury Duty on that day, O’ Lord? Will You prevent that from happening? Yes, I will prevent that from happening. And soon you will become perpetually rejected from Jury Duty due to your unvaccinated state. For you have correctly kept My command not to receive the vaccination for COVID.

Lord, why did you have Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke suffer so much from COVID, for he, too, did not receive the vaccination? Cardinal Burke I humbled only. I did not kill him. And he will be the next pope. For the conclave to decide the next pope meets very soon. Pope Francis is very near death. I AM the Lord.

But as for you, Eric, I have made you immune to COVID. You can never even carry the disease. But the laws that restrict the unvaccinated will still always apply to you. And this is a good thing. For remote cooperation with an abortion is still cooperation with a murder of an unborn soul. And the Catholic Church has become a beast by supporting that cooperation by encouraging people to receive the vaccination.

Saint Bruno Catholic Church may have rejected you, but Our Lady of Guadalupe never shall. Go there tomorrow. That is Our wish and Our command.

Lord, at the end of the last post, you wrote: This is a final Good Bye. You will never write here again. Amen. Do you now undo those Words? You are now a perfect soul from heaven, lord Azurite. You are no longer writing from where you were before, for you were not yet in heaven then. You are now perfected. Go as you are command to. And then your perfection will be complete.

Lord, this is an excellent moment to clear up all my misunderstandings about how I relate to people in heaven, like the Virgin Mary and like Saint Kateri Tekakwitha. Will You now clear up all that misunderstanding I have, O’ Lord?

Yes, true love is not in a void, Eric. You imagined love where it existed not. The saints in heaven are as brothers, sisters, and mothers. There is no sex in heaven. And likewise, neither is there any sexual love there. For the love of God and of brethren replaces it all.

In this world it is hard to understand the love that exist in the next, because this world contains so much deception. That is why people in heaven do not usually try to correct deception, but rather, try to work with it to lead you to the light.

Lord, are the doors shut for salvation? Or does baptism still bring people into Your Kingdom? I have shut the doors, Eric. That message you received was not deception. And so, no further can any soul enter My Kingdom that has not already entered it.

And it is for this reason that there is no more point in marriage, sex, or bringing children into this world. But killing the unborn remains the crime of murder.

Lord, am I taken to heaven soon? Or do I remain on the sinking ship until the last trumpet sounds? Both of those statements are true. And this is My promise to you, Eric. This day will not pass away before the entire country learns of these posts. Amen.

I will speak again to you this evening. For My Word is important for My people to hear. For you, Eric, do not leave the sinking ship until the rest of My elect have been saved. You are the true captain that goes down with the ship until everyone who is Mine is taken to safety. Amen.

And I will say one more thing to you, Eric. The reason why you sleep now is because you are loved. And I will say one more thing. Many were called, but few were chosen. I chose you, Eric, for you served a very important place in My Kingdom. My library of written works shall be forever guarded by you. And only God and Mary will ever be permitted access to them. And you shall be the scribe through whom all that I say will be written in eternity, for you worthily write whatever I command of you. Amen.

Consider this, then, the first work you have written that I, the Lord, have directly spoken to you. Amen. And all the previous writings you wrote were written in the shadow of uncertainty. I Who AM have now spoken My Word here in full. Publish this work, Eric. And then reread it again, correcting any typo errors. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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  1. Good morning, how was your night? Mary command me to talk to you and not to follow Florence. She commanded me to seek for your assistance in anyway and she will came through for me, I wish I’ll be able to be saved by you but not by Florence I never want to lose my virginity and I want to be with Mary and God forever I don’t want to go the wrong path……please


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