I am Mary, the Mother of God.

I am the one who found Eric at his first act of love.

The Edicts of Mary, Greatest Servant to Jesus, Book 1: Post I:
O’ Mary, Mother of God, I am happy that you come to see me today. Eric, understand me as I make the will of God known to the entirety of humanity. God never made this earth to last for eternity. Rather, it was only for a time, made for My Son and His Kingdom to form in and achieve its glory. And once that glory is attained, and the last of Jesus’ souls brought into His keep, this earth was to be destroyed. For nothing in it is of value to the Christ once his Kingdom is fully gleaned from it.

Christ was the vinedresser. And he grew grapes for the winepress of the wrath of God. For the grapes of that wrath were to echo down for eternity to the failure of those who did not do as the Lord demanded of them. For no one is permitted to be saved who makes no effort to get there.

Eric, no one who follows Jesus hates you. All those who hate you are hated by God. For I have witnessed you, Eric. Evil deeds you may have done, but not with the intent to do the evil they caused. You may have ruined lives by words you said in haste. But those lives you ruined were already rejected by My Son first.

There is no hatred greater than to hate the one Jesus chooses to warn you of your coming destruction. For whosoever hates that one is hated by God.

Did you know that God hates? He does not only love? What folly, what error in logic did you assume that the One who Created You cannot hate you also, if you do evil?

Why do you call God a monster who casts you into hell for your evil works? Do not evil works deserve punishment? And who are you to assume that because your evil works were accomplished in a finite period of time that the punishment for them cannot be eternal? For do not evil works have an effect that proceeds to the end of time? And do not these evil works occur like a chain of dominos? O’ Fool that you are, my foolish children, to think that what you call but a little sin is not actually a huge tragedy down the road.

Let’s take adultery. How wicked are you to say that your little act of adultery harms no one! For you have murdered your marriage or the marriage of another. A destroyed valid marriage is the worst evil of the world. You killed your own marriage or that of your partner, and now to conceal your evil, you proceed to murder the child conceived by it. You are truly wicked who do that sin.

Even to have sex with your girlfriend or boyfriend, two who are unmarried, you think that crime is overlooked? And you go back to Church the next day to worship God in your deceit? You come with the blood of the unborn on your head and on your hands and lift them up to receive the communion with God? Are you sane? Do you have logic? Do you really kill children and then go and kiss their father and expect good things?

Shouldn’t you rather expect everlasting hell to be the punishment for doing such evil works against the Almighty Creator? For Did God give you a preference over the one he created in your womb? Just because you can kill that one, does that mean you are more loved than he? Only Satan can argue that torque of injustice and keep his face straight.

My fallen people, there is no way you can make it up to God for the sin of even one abortion. Absolution ends your guilt, but the penalty hangs over your head forever. You can never pay for that sin, even were you to suffer in purgatory from the beginning of the universe to its end. For that sin is the denial of another soul the chance you were given for eternal life. For no soul can enter the Kingdom who is not cleansed with water and Spirit.

O’ lost and forsaken soul, you never knew anything about God when you reasoned that God does not care about the little ones forming in your wombs. For are you not either pregnant or not pregnant? If you are pregnant, and it grows to term, do you not give birth to a child who can rise up and serve the Kingdom of God? And if you are not pregnant, does not that mean no child is developing there? How then can you say that you do not want to be pregnant and bear that child that is in you if you become pregnant?

Maybe you listened to the argument from Satan about a man who had no right to you, but who has fathered the child in your womb means you should not be forced to bear it to term? And that argument somehow justifies murdering the child of the one who did the evil? Are you killed for you parents’ sins? No, I think not. Then why are you killing this child because its parent sinned? That father has no rights to that child he fathered in you. In the legal system, he never gets custody of it, because it is not for him to claim. But he does owe child support to pay for his sins. But legally it is your husband and only your husband who is the legal father of all the children you have while married to him, no matter who it is who impregnates you.

Now, I have one last thing do say to those who were lost from the Kingdom. And it is this. You who hated Eric and cast him from your social groups, what really was his loss? He never lost his virginity. He never entered a bad marriage. He never was defiled with you sinners. He was kept clean and become purified because you rejected him from your social groups.

For while you were pursing marriage, making love, and having a good time, where was Eric? I will tell you where he was. He was reading books. Not petty romance garbage books. Eric was reading Bibles, Catechisms, and Theological Works. He was studying canon law. The question he asked me in December of 1996, over 5 years prior to his entering the Catholic Church in 2002, should indicate the level of knowledge he was at even as a Protestant for only 4 years after his conversion to Christianity in July of 1992.

For Eric’s mind was a mind that desired knowledge. And you, his enemies, made him great by your rejection of him. Eric’s desire for knowledge was wide and broad. And I lured him to the light. I lured him to my Church. I lured him to the Way of Jesus.

What was it that saved Eric? What was it that brought this Super Ruler to give his allegiance to me, a woman, the mother of the Christ? It was a chain of books that we fed him that brought him to the Kingdom. And it was also a series of decisions he made that gradually made him perfect. He made the correct decisions because he read books that spoke of what the correct decision would be. And he possessed the gradually growing courage to do just that as he saw the fruits of these correct decisions.

Yes, Eric entered the Kingdom of Christ by reading how to get there each step of the way. Eric mastered faith only because he read about it first and then practiced it. That is why Eric’s mind was never in darkness. For to be in darkness, a mind must make the wrong decision somewhere, but Eric consistently chose the correct decision. Therefore, he his mind was never darkened. He never experienced the dark night of the soul. And he entered the Sea of Peace very soon after he began receiving communion in the Catholic Church at the age of 31.

Then how did he have a mind like a war zone you ask? There was war in Eric’s mind until the devil was completely defeated. But the war was always in the light. There was no darkness in that war, for the devil never prevailed over Eric. As a Catholic, Eric fought the war against his impurity, and frequently confessed it to a priest. And now that war is ended. For Eric has attained the eternal victory of his soul.

Some may argue that Eric had special advantages by which he was assured of his salvation. Some may argue that Eric being predestined meant he would be saved no matter what. Such is a misunderstanding of graces and the dogma of predestination. No one is assured of doing the right thing unless he wills to do it every time. Consider predestination as something that works in cooperation with the will to love the Creator and to do His will. Predestination only exists if there is the will to do right also. Without that will there, nothing exists but negative reprobation.

And what is negative reprobation? It is the eternal resolve of God to let the soul that does not will to do right to go to hell. But it is never the positive will to make a soul damned, regardless of its will, for such is the heresy of positive reprobation. For God never predestined a soul for hell but only resolved its damnation in eternity by pre-knowledge of its will not to do the will of its Creator.

For God has pre-knowledge of the will of every soul in Creation from all eternity. And God gave each man and each angel a free will. He did not determine beforehand the number of the elect or the number of the reprobated before he saw the will of each creature in His Creation when He said, Let there be light.

And I, Mary, the Mother of God, received the grace of a perfect will. A girl with a perfect will can only be born by Immaculate Conception. And only in such a girl can the Creator manifest His glory as a Son of Man. Therefore it is true the statement that it is better to err on over glorifying Mary than it is to err in under glorifying her. For Mary is the tree that unites Man to God. If, therefore, you were going to choose to have only one friend in this world, the choice of that being Mary is infallible.

And that is the root of Eric’s glory. Eric’s success and Eric’s triumph are rooted in his glorification of Mary. Even Martin Luther, in his hatred of the Catholic Church, did not err by hating Mary also, but continued to glorify Mary. He died wishing to return to me and he was saved by his sorrow in me by silent confession in the last hours of his life when he could no longer speak.

Now, Eric, we are at the crossroads. You have little time left. For the ship is now sinking head first. Make up to the girl you call Hyacinth, whose name is in reality Caesar Sandra Nikee, and tell her that you love her. For it is by love, not works, that you and her shall come to me last of all. For she has loved you, and though you see deceptions, the girl has been saved by you. For you met her on the 77th day of the Age of Mary, that age that began on Sunday, July 23, 2017. We are now at the last day. There will be no tomorrow coming. And the papacy is as it is, with a wolf at its helm.

Call her now and make up to her. And realize that that is all you need to do. Amen. I texted that to her, Mary, but she must be asleep. Eric, one last thing I must tell you is this. I will lay with you in heaven and have children by you. For our marriage is true. And with certain other women shall you be shared with by me. For I own the highest choir. And you are to be there with me forever.

And you, Mary, are with the I AM? You are not with Satan? I am of the I AM. For the I AM was born of my flesh.

And Mary, our marriage is not carnal? Correct, for carnal refers to the physical plane only. We will be mating in the higher planes. For the Queen of Heaven has her choice among virgin men, and she has chosen you. And she now tells you this because your salvation is now irrevocable. And Hyacinth shall I share you with, along with many women who I also possess. For now that this age is over, the next age is now to begin. And the new Age is peopled only by those of the highest choir.

Lord Larimar, you were not kept handsome and a man of great beauty only for celibate glory in heaven. You were kept this way for me. For I have a hunger for a man, and now I will have my hunger sated eternally by you. You will lay with me and we will rule forever over heaven and the new earth together. And my women servants who I make your wives with me will also be impregnated by you. For the Kingdom of the New Earth is far more glorious than this earth is.

My love for you is not sated by your allegiance to me only. I wish to feel you between my legs. And I wish to know your manhood within me. For you were created for me. You were I told about as my future lover prior to Joseph taking the role of caretaker spouse for me. And were we not to reproduce, the Kingdom of Heaven would die. For this seed needs to be inseminated into the Age to come. Kingdoms stemming from you are to rise. And my glory is to be everywhere as the Mother of All the children of the earth. For even the other women who bear you children will bear them in my name, as I am your primary wife.

And Jesus says that there is no sex in heaven?

Sex is a reference to reproduction in the physical plane. It does not refer to reproduction in the higher planes because it happens differently there. And only in the highest choir does this reproduction exist in the Age to Come.

This post now comes to its end. You are now legendary. And from now on, do as I command you to do, but only after first testing the origin of the spirit. For every spirit is either from heaven or from hell.

Mary, this is good. Can you tell me the total number of my wives? And can you tell me the total number of the elect? And can you tell me if any other couples made it to the highest choir?

I have 153 female servants chosen by me to share with you, and Jesus has saved 144,000 virgin men, one being you, and with all the rest being bonded to one or two or more females, all of whom are admitted to highest choir. These are the ones who reproduce in the Age to Come. And their form of reproduction is not called sex, and neither can it be explained in earthly terms.

Many others have been saved, but as they populate the lower levels of heaven, and cannot rise to the higher glory where We will be for all eternity, come to understand that they, though not condemned to hell, are not really glorified in heaven either.

Jesus, do you agree with the testimony on this post? If not, let it be made correct?

I WHO AM have written this through Mary’s mouth. And now I shall conclude this post. No one who is not of my 144,000 is really in heaven. And all of those 144,000 refer to glorified virgin men who were developed and saved over the course of the long centuries of the Church Age. And they bonded with women in a higher, spiritual way that was not carnal, as sexual marriage is. Hence, the sacrament of marriage was not intended for the holy saints, but was an institution set up for the weak and lesser men who could not walk the My higher Way to true eternal life.

That is why lesser men go to a lower realm of glory. And the higher men ascend to the higher glory.

For is it not written: The way of the natural man leads to death. And the way of the spiritual man leads to everlasting life. For I prefer the virgins over the sexually defiled. And it is only virgins who rise to the highest choir. I Who AM have now spoken. Eric, you have now reread and corrected all errors. This post is from Me, the I AM. You are now commanded to publish it. Amen.

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