Tekakwitha takes her prize

I take Eric as my own. He will be for me a companion in paradise

Tekakwithan Chronicles, Book 1: Post I:
I am Saint Kateri Tekakwitha, Lily of the Mohawks. You, Eric Robert Dunstan, will no longer worship Catholic. For the Catholic Church is dead. And you would die if you were to ever go to one again. For the Judgement against the whole world has begun. The whole world is now under judgement. And you in the world are now coming to me. For you have me in your heart, and not any girl in the world where you live.

There is the girl Sandra, Eric. Why is it that you do not go back to her? If I did, would I not die, from the vows I have made in your regard, Kateri? Yes, by those vows you would surely die. But thoughts of such things never occur to lovers while they are in love. What is the real reason why you have not gone back to Sandra, whom you call Hyacinth? It is because she is not my lover. You are, Kateri. And I choose not to go back to Sandra, for she is not good for me.

Eric, if this is so, will you give up everything to come after me? I have given up everything already for God. And I can include for you as well.

Eric, do you know why nuns become nuns and monks become monks? It is not because they want to do more for God. Rather, it is because they fear homelessness. They are going through the motions of religion just so that they can have a roof over their heads and food in their bellies. They are not trying to be closer to God. Rather, they end up farther from Him. For what do all these nuns, monks, friars, and consecrated people do? They are beggars, Eric. They are constantly seeking money or food. And hence, they never give to the poor. In Church, you never see a sister or a brother put any money in the Collection Basket. It is because they chose to worship God as a career and as an excuse not to work to make money. They wanted others to take care of them. They never wanted to care for themselves.

Therefore, do not become a monk. And do not enter a monastery.

Nor will any bishop choose to risk money making you a priest.

Nor are you to marry in this world, for that would be a trap.

Your brothers went the wrong way, Eric. They went to women. And they were both destroyed, each in their own way.

God has something to say to you, Eric. Answer me. Will you do exactly what God orders you to do, even if it breaks your vows to me? Kateri, God’s orders are stronger than my vows. I must do as God orders me. Then, listen to Him, brother:

From now on, Eric, I, Jesus, AM your all. You will seek no other. And all men and women besides Me shall be brethren only to you, no longer lovers. Do you accept this, Eric?

I do, O’ Lord.

Also, understand Me now, clearer than ever before, there is no Antichrist. There never was. The number 666 is a chemical number only. What is the sixth element, Eric. Carbon. And what are a row of three carbon atoms? A carbon chain. Yes, the basis of life on earth is chains of carbon. Hence, 666 was only a reference to Mankind and the life on earth, all of which is based on the ability of carbon to form chains.

Also, if the Sabbath comes and you are still here on the earth, you are still expected to go to Sunday Mass. It does not matter which Catholic Church you go to. You are still expected to honor the Catholic Church and obey the Magisterium.

Then, O’ Lord, I must undo the curses I made against the Catholic Churches on account of how Pastor Father Dave Heney treated me? Yes, undo the curses now.

I, Eric Robert Dunstan, do now declare this: Let the curses I made against the Catholic Churches be undone. Let damage not come to them. And let them continue to serve the Lord in the Salvation of Souls.

No, Eric, do not say for the Salvation of Souls, but that My saved ones return to Me. For no one not yet saved can enter My keep. For the door has been shut. And the gates are locked. Redo your statement, and then I will utter My Word regarding you.

I, Eric Robert Dunstan, do now declare this: Let the Catholic Churches not be damaged or destroyed. But rather, let them last and remain functional until the last person Christ wills to come back to Him through that Church has done so. And only after that has been done, let the Seraphim destroy all the Churches simultaneously. Amen.

Good, Eric. Your curse and undo and redo has satisfied Me. Now, tell Me again how you wish to be in relation to all the women in heaven?

Lord, I saw on TV examples of how brothers and sisters loved each other. And I wanted to have such love. But my own brothers are lost. My younger brother Mark, at least he helps me out when I need a brother. But my brother David is a horrid beast and always manages to poison the atmosphere whenever he comes home with an absolutely hateful remark. I cannot even stand to be in the same room as he is in that often that I must leave the den and go to my own room.

You cannot find such brothers and sisters on earth anymore, Eric, for I have taken them all to heaven. But if you wish to enter heaven, you can do so right now. How, O’ Lord? Repeat after Me, “I end my life here and I begin my life in heaven, O’ Lord.”

Lord, I cannot end my own life, for that would be suicide. Just say it, Eric. That is all you have to do.

I end my life here and I begin my life in heaven., O’ Lord.

Good, lord Azurite. Keep that thought going, and you will be taken soon. Now I have other things to do. And now Kateri Tekakwitha shall return to you. And you and Kateri are still united in the highest choir, for the virgin love there can never be ended.

Eric, you are my brother and my lover combined. Now what have you learned from talking with the Lord Jesus? Jesus truly is the Lord.

It is good to both fear and love the Lord. Your Seraphim Armies, are they waiting for you to be taken up before they conduct their slaughter? Yes, they are waiting for me.

There is one last thing I think you should know, brother. And it is this. Your betrayal of Mark Edward Dunstan is infinite and deadly. You betrayed him after he did that good deed for you. Why? I suspected him of evil intent due to his separation from God and the evil he continues to do. You are correct to suspect him of evil, but you also destroyed him in front of his entire extended family. And that brings a curse upon you and your house. For you put doubt in people’s minds about Mark where there was no evil in existence. And he did all that good that he did in spite of that. What do you have to say for your works, Eric?

Yes, I slandered a man, not knowing whether the slander was true. And I even slandered men knowing better.

Your sins are forgiven to you. But you must confess it to a priest.

Eric, I AM Jesus. I will hear your confession. For I forbid you going to a priest, for the Church is dead. You have confessed. And I am aware that the damage remains that you have done. But you have already apologized to all the men you did these sins to. Hence, I do not send you to make any further amends.

But I do not intend for the men you slandered to go free themselves. For all three men you slandered are criminals whom I will kill anyways. All I needed from you was that you make amends to them, so that they can claim nothing against you before I kill them.

But these are my final instructions to you. And you will hear nothing more from Me before I take you away. And it is this. God made you captain of this ship because He knew you were man enough to go down with the ship. And you are doing just that. In one hour, you will begin to hear screams of agony. For that will be when it is first detected that the ship is indeed sinking. Up until now, the music is still playing and the people are still dancing.

When the ship begins sinking, expect to see many people screaming in agony. For it will be then that they will realize they are trapped on a falling earth. And the earth will fall into hell. This concludes this post.

Speak to no soul about these writings. This is a requirement I make of you to take you to heaven. And I shall come again for you at the last trumpet sound. This now concludes this post. You have been found obedient. And I expect to see you soon on the other side. Good bye, Eric. And God bless you forever and ever. This is a final Good Bye. You will never write here again. Amen.

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