Mary shall be Eric’s loving sister

For Eric has never known true brotherly and sisterly love.

The Marian Chronicles, Book 1: Post IV:
Mary, what I would most like from you is the love of a sister, over that of a lover. For I desire true brothers and true sisters. For what value are lovers to me, now that I have abandoned eternally the act of love between lovers. For I am sworn to God to remain virgin, celibate, and continent forever. I would love it most if you were a sister to me, O’ Mary, Mother of Jesus, King of kings and Lord of lords.

And Jesus Christ, I am yours now. I am celibate, virgin, and continent forever. I give up all that love making with women because I desire sisters more than lovers. And I would love it if I had true brothers and true sisters instead of enemies as family.

Then, O’ Eric, love God. For God is everything that you want. And loving God is the Way to receive everything. God, will you take me from this earth this night? Yes, prior to the first stroke of midnight tonight I Am taking you to heaven. For you shouldn’t be here anymore. There is no more way you can save anyone. And this that you are doing now is simply to bring closure to your works. I AM writing them through you. And yes, Mary is your sister and so is Kateri Tekakwitha. Amen.

Yes, the relationship of brother and sister is greater than that of lovers. I choose for all in heaven to be brothers and sisters to me. Eric, this is Our final request of thee. Fulfill it, and you shall be called the dearest son of Christ. Amen.

What is that, O’ Lord? I swear under oath of God that I will fulfill it, whatever it is that you say, O’ Lord God Jesus Christ. Amen. Maybe you have no final request, O’ Lord? Perhaps I have fulfilled everything you wish of me? I suppose there is no one I can make amends to as they have all threatened to have me arrested on sight if I ever set foot on their property again? There is no one I can save? There is no one I can bring back to heaven? My father curses now, because he realizes that there is no hope for him? Maybe I could do something to bring my father back? Maybe something I can do, at all?

My father struck the rock twice. He can never come back. Eric, it is not that you have no friends that worry us. It is that you have no love. There is no one in this world that you love and who loves you back. But do not go back to Sandra. For she is now evil. If you wish to have love in your life that loves you back, then seek this, Eric.

Also, you are ordered not to pray for anyone, for no one can be saved anymore who is not already saved. Hence, everyone who was to enter in has done so but you. And you cannot enter in yet because you have no one to love you in return for your love of him or her. I know that Sandra was dishonest, but there was a kind of love there that is now gone forever.

Lord, I am not interested in love of creatures but love of my Creator. I wish to love You God and have You as the one who loves me in return. Lord, you were the One I loved all along. Why else am I still single, virgin, and now in perfect continence?

Why is love of a creature even necessary when I love You in totality. But if You put a creature in my life that needs my love, I vow that I will give him or her my all. Lord, I see many beautiful girls go by, but I don’t love them precisely because they are not in need of my love.

Eric, I accept your love and I know your love is genuine. And I know that you have loved many. And many have loved you in return, though knowing virtually nothing about you except that you showed them mercy.

You are hereby recognized as the one who showed the truest love in all of heaven who entered My Kingdom as an imperfect soul. For your love moved mountains, but never asked for any favor in return. You never had a lover precisely because you demanded nothing from those you showed love to. For this reason you are called the greatest Knight of Mary. And you will also be recognized as the virgin spouse of Saint Kateri Tekakwitha in the highest choir of heaven, where only those souls that are coupled in perfect virgin love may enter. Amen.

This post is now complete. Eric is judged as perfect in love in every way. Mary, prepare to receive your Knight. And realize that when I take him from this earth, the earth will die. For he is the last person who truly loves, and with him taken away, the earth sinks to hell and becomes hell everlasting. Amen.

This post has now come to its end. Publish it, Eric. And realize this. You are one perfect soul to behold. Publish this, for it is complete. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

2 thoughts on “Mary shall be Eric’s loving sister”

  1. There is no one in this world that you love and who loves you back. But do not go back to Sandra. For she is now evil. If you wish to have love in your life that loves you back, then seek this, Eric, I have true love and feelings for you and God know am telling the truth am still a virgin and I’ve never break any vows or promises that I made I hope you come back to me and save me


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