Mary now guides Larimar

I, Mary, have caught myself a wolf.

The Marian Chronicles, Book 1: Post I:
These are the Words of Mary, the last Words to be spoken through Eric before he is taken up. Eric, I have noticed something peculiar about you. Do you know what it is?

Is it that I am like an inert gas in that I do not mix?

Yes, we give you girls but you do not take.

Are you the Mary sent by the I AM, or are you from Satan?

I gave birth to the I AM. What we mean is that you never allow any romance to come to you, Why is that?

I am afraid of trespassing against the rights of others.

Yes, that is what it is. And you are correct to do so. For it would be trespassing against the rights of your wife in heaven were you to go to any of these romances.

Yes, you have a wife in heaven. How this came to be was by my design. For I am the one who guides all eternal couples to their eternal spouses in my highest kingdom. For I own the highest choir. And only those who are of such a binding enter into it.

Eric, do you wonder why you are still upon the earth and not yet taken? Do not wonder such. For that you shall be taken is a certainty

Many were called, but few were chosen.

I chose you, Larimar, for you are more to me than merely warlock and servant, You are my lover on earth. Do as you are commanded. And then we shall speak.

Mary, I am back. What sayest thou? You see how I control everything about you. Now testify before all this world. Are you filthy or clean.

I am clean and continent. I am undefiled.

And what is to come of you as an undefiled and holy servant of Mary?

I am to become your lover?

Yes, I am your primary wife and Kateri Tekakwitha is your secondary wife. I am from the I AM, and I gave birth to the I AM.

Mary, does the Virgin Mary have two lovers then? Joseph and Eric?

Joseph was husband, not lover, to me. He died and was buried. I died and was assumed into heaven. Hence, for me, a lover must be one who does not die. And you never die.

But is that not adultery if Joseph is your eternal spouse?

Only if Joseph was also eternal lover. For spouse does not mean marital spouse unless it also means being lover.

Remember, Eric, that I married you as lover. I did not marry Joseph as lover. Hence, you are my lover and spouse, whereas Joseph is only caregiver spouse.

So I am married to two women in heaven: Mary and Kateri Tekakwitha?

Correct, and that is why We are taking you to heaven now. For you serve no further purpose here.

Now, tell us, do you love God?

I both fear and love God.

Yes, but do you love God enough to ask Him to bring you to your wives in heaven? Ask Him that now. And then write here His answer.

The Lord has spoken:

Yes, you have two wives in heaven. Tonight you shall be brought to them. Amen.

Now ask if there will be any trouble on the way or passage that you should be aware of?

Yes, beware of the witch. The witch will try to take you to herself and destroy you.

See, Eric, the danger of speaking with spirits. You might find yourself talking with a witch. This post must now come to its close. And you must meditate on what you know. Also realize this, Larimar. I am pregnant and will give birth to a son in heaven. It is this son, John son of Eric, who shall rule all Israel. Amen.

Now go and meditate on these things. For you have much to think about. And we shall speak again through you in the late afternoon. Amen.

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