Larimar shall marry the ice princess

Here you shall serve. Here you shall reign forever with me and mine.

The Marian Chronicles, Book 1: Post II:
My Warlock shall marry the Ice Princess. Such is the decree of the Holy Virgin Mary. Eric, you have a purpose for remaining here. We do not take you yet. Instead, your fate is to marry the Ice Princess. And she will bear you offspring on earth as I bear you offspring in heaven.

Mary, what about Kateri Tekakwitha? Where does she fit in this? She is saved, lord Larimar. And nothing you do in this world can change her eternal judgement. For time only exists on earth, that is, in this world. It does not exist in heaven, hell, or purgatory. You are married to Kateri Tekakwitha, in the spiritual sense, in the Kingdom that is to come. And obeying me, the holy Virgin Mary, causes no loss in glory or possessions in the hereafter.

Who is the Ice Princess, O’ Mary, Mother of God? She is Queen Elsa. We are giving her to you, for you have passed the final test. And that test is the test of obedience. You obey Us. Hence, you shall serve as We prescribe. Amen.

But Mary, is the door shut, or is the door still open for salvation? The door is shut for the First Resurrection. Those of the First Resurrection are all accounted for and saved. Some of them are still upon the earth. The Ice Princess is one of them.

And so, I assume you are asking about the children you may have? Do they have a chance to be saved? They cannot enter the First Resurrection. Instead, their place is to populate kingdoms. They will live on earth forever, unless they transgress, which will be their death. And their death is not a passage to heaven, but to hell. For only those of the First Resurrection go to heaven now when they die. For the door is shut. And no one can go to heaven anymore but those who are already saved.

So, I live forever then on the earth, with the Ice Princess as my eternal wife on earth, with endless fertility in us both?

Yes, Eric. And I am with the I AM. You are to be married to this woman. And your offspring by her will be glorious and faithful.

So then, how long does this earth last? Does it last millions of years? billions of years? trillions of years? or for all eternity?

You and your wife do not have infinite longevity in this earth. For you both are made of flesh. and you both shall eventually die. But your death dose not come until thousands of kings have risen and fallen and thousands of ages have come and gone. But this I promise you both. Since neither of you have sinned against the Virgin Mary, you shall both have eternal beauty and eternally sound health. But I extract a price for this beauty and health. And it is this. Every day of your life you will lay with your wife. Amen.

Eric, now you must be wondering when Elsa enters your life?

Yes, O’ Mary. And you know I live with my parents still.

The girl who is to be yours shall come in contact with you tonight. And after that, no more will you see of any of your family, for they will all have been taken away. Amen.

The Holy Virgin has spoken. Go now and prepare for this. For it is but hours away. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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