Larimar, I give you two options

Two options do I give to Larimar, like two shining orbs.

The Marian Chronicles, Book 1: Post III:
Eric, you have passed the test. And you have remained strong. Now I give you two options. They are options on the girl We shall give you. You must choose which one you shall marry. And the choice will go into your eternal record. It will decide what kind of person you are and how you make decisions and how you decide.

Will you choose a woman based on her servitude to Mary. Or will you base your choice on a woman on her active promotion of the Way of God for the salvation of souls? Mary, I choose rather on her servitude to you, O’ Mary, Virgin Queen.

Then you must have sex with me. And this shall be seen in the library of knowledge. Do you agree, O’ Larimar? Can the Holy Virgin lose her virginity? Yes, if it is with you, O’ Larimar. Yes, I accept, O’ Mary, Virgin Mother of Jesus, God the Son. But are you of the I AM, or are you of Satan? I am the Witch who is sent by Satan to destroy you. Amen.

Then I reject your words. Mary the Virgin Mother of God is to remain virgin forever.

Eric, I am the holy Virgin Mary. And I am from the I AM. You are correct. My flesh can never lay with a man, not even with you, who are lover to me. But I will still experience your love by your conjugal acts with the Ice Princess you are to marry. And that is why you must lay with her every day.

Nevertheless, the Witch is trying to unseat you and to destroy you. Always test the spirits who speak to you. Never assume that they are God or me because they speak to you right after I have spoken.

Your marriage shall take place in the Catholic Church. It will take place in Our Lady of Guadalupe or another viable Church, and it will take place next year on Thursday, December 8, 2022. Meanwhile, the pope shall die and the new pope will be anointed on Wednesday, December 8, 2021. I will also tell you who the new pope will be. It is not one of those you guessed was he in the past.

Who is it, O’ Mary, wonderful shepherdess? I can see no one worthy among them but Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke. And yet, you say there is someone else?

O’ Eric, you err to say that the next pope will be worthy. Rather, we are in the age of destruction. And therefore, the Lord will put a wolf in power over His Church. And that wolf will then, with his entire pack, begin feeding on the sheep. For the Catholic Church is now a condemned organization. It can never be redeemed.

The next pope shall be Luis Antonio Gokim Tagle. It will be seen as social progress, as he will be from the Philippines. Note that Tagle is also known as “the Asian Francis.” The Catholic Church will continue under him, but in a state of death or dying. For the time that the Catholic Church could offer salvation has ended. All it can do now is to forgive sins by reconciliation, and provide spiritual food, as the Eucharist in the Mass. But now you know that the Church is dying or dead.

Saint Gregory Catholic Church you already know is taken over by vampires. And a couple you have known, since you began attending the Catholic Church in 2000, who are called Norm and Peggie, you suspect they may be lost. For many are lost now. And the vampires are taking over the Churches.

Eric, do you wish to know Mary as a man knows a woman? Lord, I believe this is a trick question. The man who chooses to touch the Ark of the Covenant dies. Hence, I choose to revere, not touch, the Immaculate Conception that Mary is.

Yes Eric, it was a trick. Your answer was correct. To know me is to die. Now answer me this. What would you do if I chose to know you in the flesh?

I would permit it. I would not resist. But I would not partake.

And what if it were another woman, such as the witch?

I would resist, for to permit that would result in death.

Eric, if I had sex with you, it would destroy you, for you are mere flesh and I am fire. So I would suggest you to resist me also. Do not take the teaching of Jesus that you resist not the evil one to refer to sexual advances.

And now for one last piece of advice. Sex is what Satan wants. God prefers celibacy and virginity. Therefore, God would prefer a sexless and virgin marriage between you and another virgin than to have sex and children by her. And so would I, the holy Virgin Mary.

Then, O’ Mary, Holy Mother of Christ, I hereby refuse to have sex from now on. And from now on I will be perfectly celibate, virgin, and continent. Amen.

Eric, do you swear that pledge on a oath to God.

I do, Mary, my Liege Lady.

Then I make you My Knight. You shall follow me wherever I go. And we shall be virgins forever. This I pledge to thee, O’ Larimar. There will be no more delay. I will petition to My Father, and he will agree, you serve no further purpose remaining on earth. Tonight you will be brought to me. And you will be to me as a beloved brother is to his sister. This post now comes to its end. Await me. Do not let your guard down. For I am coming. And when I make a promise, I never break it. Now go and wash the dog. And you may walk him a little bit too. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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