Mary’s Final Word

The White Rose, a sign of purity and of passing from this age to the next.

The Word of God, Book 2: Post V:
To Sandra Nikky, Eric ceased to help you only when it no longer mattered. Either you were mine or you were not. And the door has shut.

Hyacinth, as Eric once called you, there never was any guarantee made to any person born of woman that he or she would be saved. It was a matter of love, grace, and faithfulness.

You demerited regarding Eric by demanding so much of him with no regard of his welfare. Were he rich, you could argue that you were a poor person taking your just due. But when he was reduced to ashes, and you still demanded from him, we cast you out. Now, tell me, Hyacinth, are you in me or are you outside me. You are the one, besides me, who would know.

Eric, you stayed mine forever. There was never any real separation between our souls. But that is not a marriage. Rather, that is a vassalage. You are vassal to me, and I am your Liege Lady to whom you owe an eternal allegiance with.

And Kateri Tekakwitha, who is now a canonized saint, she is the eternal virgin you needed to be bonded with to arise to the highest choir in heaven. For only eternally paired virgin souls enter there.

Lord, is this teaching from the one who is I AM, or is it from Satan?

I AM AM now speaking, lord Eric. And it is true. Either a man will have an eternal bride, or else a man will have eternal animosity against women.

This is a psychological condition in a male. It is not found in females. Hence females can ascend to the highest choir through bonding with an already bonded pair. But for males, this is not possible.

Saint Augustine, who violated God by living a life of complete sin, while delaying his conversion so that he could satiate himself in sin, was given the knowledge of the great good he forfeited by his life of sin. And great was his lamentation.

Lord, I have little time left. What should I do in my remaining time? You are writing My Word. That is good. Also, you shall sing your swan song. Amen. It will be the most beautiful melodious musical song ever sung just prior to death.

Lord Azurite, never listen to evil spirits. They are always seeking to lead you to sin. Now, what words do you wish to say to any person who still attends Saint Bruno Catholic Church?

Greetings Saint Bruno parishioners. I am pleased to inform you that your pastor, Father Dave Heney, will now be crucified and set up over the front door of your Catholic Church, which faces north. His torture device will be designed as the Romans did theirs, to maximize pain and draw out death. And there he will hang until he dies. And when it is confirmed he has died, his corpse will be thrown onto the pavement of the courtyard so that various vermin that eat dead flesh can eat him up.

At the point where his bodily decomposition reaches or passes the half way point, then armed men shall be sent into the entire property of Saint Bruno Catholic Church to loot, plunder, and destroy her. Whatever is of value they are to take and sell on the black market. But if they are unable to take it, they shall destroy it. In this way shall it be known that Eric is Lawful Good, and that he serves the Holy Virgin Mary. And this judgement is not from Eric, but from God, who is the Avenger.

Lord, let this also happen with all Catholic Churches in My Kingdom where the priests or bishops have sinned grievously against Mary.

Okay, O’ Eric, We shall now speak on how these things concern Mary in reality.

Mary, what was your opinion on Eric being ordered to leave at the fourth decade and in the middle of the second or third Hail Mary, in an act of praying to you on behalf of two men, one seeking security, and the other seeking peace?

Eric, I did not find you offensive. For you were praying the rosary correctly, including all the correct prayers by resorting to your iPhone. Had you been allowed to continue, great would have been the miracles wrought on that day.

How Father Dave found out about your medications, which you had at that time stopped taking, as well as dismissed the doctor that had prescribed them, He was into business that was not for him to know or be concerned with. Nor was he justified to make as a condition to your attendance to Saint Bruno based on your taking medication.

Now, looking back, it seemed like a wedding was about to take place in the Church. But I was out in the courtyard, which was distinct from the Church. The more sensible solution would be to simply ask me to be quiet, and I would comply. There was no reason for me to speak aloud. I could also silently pray the Rosary, and it counts as the same.

Eric, Father Dave Heney has killed the spirit of Saint Bruno Catholic Church. He has gutted that Church. It is dead. Never return to it, for it is accursed. Amen.

Lord, I seek guidance. How do I know what I am to do?

A girl is coming into your life, Eric. And she will guide you on all things that you are to do.

And You who speak of this girl, are you from the devil or are you from the I AM?

I AM have said this.

Does not the Holy Spirit already do everything that this girl would do? And do I not receive already all the knowledge I need by merely asking God?

The girl is a visible guide. She will guide you, and if you follow her faithfully, you will not be destroyed.

Eric, the girl We speak of is Kateri Tekakwitha reborn as a girl of this generation. For it is not possible to marry the dead, but only the living. Marry this girl but do not have sex with her. For she is a prophet like you. And the gift of prophecy that you both have you would lose if you lost your virginity. This is true for you both. Amen.

Mary, why do we prophesy when the door has been shut? The prophets of the Church Age served for leading my people to salvation in Jesus and His Church. But you and this girl prophesy a condemnation against those who chose the wrong path, plus a judgement of failure for all those who failed.

Hence, you and this girl prophesy a hopeless doom to the damned. And that is why neither of you can have sex. For you are to be dressed in sack cloth and ashes. And the people are to lament and cry out in anguish.

One last thing I will say is this. I have forsaken this world. I WHO AM have made this deliberation. No more will there by laughter anywhere. No more will there be joy of bride and bridegroom. Congratulations, people of this world, you have sunk into hell. Hell is licking its chops waiting for all the flesh of the damned it is to eat.

And this is My farewell. You will see My look of disappointment. And that look will fill your soul with a greater horror than the sight of the Dragon. You who are doomed, there is no way out.

Caesar Sandra Nikee, did I save you or did I not? You know and I the Lord know. Let no one else try to guess.

This post now comes to its end. Publish it, for it is complete. Amen.

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