How do I obey You, O’ Lord?

Lord, how do I obey You and what is my fate?

The Word of God, Book 2: Post VII:
Lord, how do I obey You, and what is my fate? Lord, help me, for I am at a loss. I am not sure what I am to do.

Eric, your obedience to Me consists of doing these three precise things:

  1. All that I directly command you to do, you do.
  2. All that is commanded by God that you do in scripture you do.
  3. All that is commanded by the Magisterium and the Catholic Church you do.

Stay clean in doing these things, and you shall be awarded in heaven great things.

Lord, do you say that the sacrament of baptism is no longer effective? Baptism ceases to have any power, Eric. For the number of those who were to enter have entered. The age of conversion has ended. It is no longer possible to save someone who is not already saved. And no one who was never Catholic will enter My Kingdom. And no one who left My Church and did not reenter before the door was shut will ever enter again.

You, Eric, are unique among men. Eric, stay with Saint Kateri Tekakwitha. Do not leave her for a girl of this generation, for they are all condemned. No one left on earth is saved but you.

Also, it would not be good for police to come and guard you or your house. For they would put you under arrest for the least offense. And there is no way to save anyone from now on, for everyone who was to be saved has left the earth but you.

Lord, are there not still Catholics who need eucharist and confession still in this world? I AM WHO AM. No Catholics remain on the earth but counterfeits, with the exception of you, lord Eric.

Lord, there is only one of me. That means I cannot be the Two Witnesses, right?

The Two Witnesses are you and John the Baptist, lord Azurite. John the Baptist was the Elijah who proclaimed My First Coming. You are the Elijah who proclaims My Second Coming. And you are almost done in making that proclamation. Hence, you are Two, and you were the Two Witnesses. I WHO AM AM.

Give me five minutes to determine your ability to lead. You may go and eat a power bar as we are contemplating this. Amen.

I am back, O’ Lord. Eric, We have found that you are a rock, not a flag. You are good at holding a position, but terrible at taking one. Therefore, you are the Rook on the Chessboard. And that is your place, Queen’s Rook. From ancient times, the Rook meant an armed chariot. The Rook is the most powerful war piece on the board below the Queen. And every piece is for war but the King, which may never be sacrificed.

Understand in battle the Rook means a division of cavalry.

Okay, O’ Lord, given all that, what is my remaining purpose here?

You are going to heaven today. It is done. You have done everything that you needed to do. Go and eat chocolate.

Now, go onto the internet and search for news on congress. They seem to be in a typical battle of borrowing more fiat currency based on debt, which means ever increasing debt until the U.S. Dollar utterly collapses.

Given Biden’s unconditional retreat of forces out of Afghanistan, China, Russia, and Brazil may have no better opportunity than now to cause the U.S. Dollar to collapse. For it is when you have utter weaklings and cowards in the positions of leadership in your adversaries that you have the best time to destroy them.

Yes, the Americans would become among the poorest on the planet, with exception of those who do STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). which would remain in high demand. Everyone else will be poor.

Actually, those who do STEM will have no guarantee of high pay. For I AM destroying this world. And I AM making technologies cease to work correctly. I am increasing malfunctions. I AM increasing the numbers of bugs in software code. I AM increasing the vulnerabilities in software and hardware. I AM making geniuses look stupid. And I AM making important launches fail. Hence, though STEM will be in high demand, those who are in STEM will flame out fast.

Eric, We are now done. God has prepared you for your fate. You know her and are intimate with her. And she is content with you. This Age is over. The Last Prophet shall now ascend to heaven. Good bye, Eric on the earth. This earth is condemned. And the rich in this world will be condemned the most. Amen.

Eric, do not go to bed tonight. Stay awake and stay alert. I WHO AM have spoken. This post now comes to its end. Publish this, for this work is complete. And all may copy this entire work without restriction, reproduce it, and translate it to other languages royalty free, forever. Amen. This is Copy Green. Amen.

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