Ensign Eric, Welcome to the Lord’s Knighthood. You will be serving under the command of the Apostle John.

Lands such as these shall be awarded to you, Eric, for your service to Me.

The Word of God, Book 2: Post II:
Hi, Eric. I am Joseph, the eternal spouse of Mary. It is correct to understand that the door to salvation was opened at a particular time. But it is incorrect to understand Jesus’ death on the cross could not help those who died before Him.

Remember that the Limbo of the Fathers is a dogma of the Catholic Church, which means your belief in it is required for you to be saved.

The Limbo of the Fathers was set up for men and women who had passed the test Christ gave them at their death to await his coming in time. It was neither torturous nor was it pleasing to be there. Rather, it was a place of excruciating waiting. For we in purgatory journeyed with the Christ in His passion. And that was why we rose from the dead and appeared to many before rising with Christ to heaven.

Now, you, Eric, are an imaginative man. You imagine things, but do not carry them out. Why is that, Eric?

Dear Joseph, eternal spouse to Mary, I do not carry out things when I see they are a bad move. It is like chess. You look forward to the possibilities, according to how much time you put into it. And a move that leads to defeat you do not do, unless you use psychology and have a means of guessing your opponent’s errors.

But it seems like many women would have you, and you experiment with none. Why is that?

Remember that woman Hyacinth? She ruined me. I will never repeat that error.

You are a laugh, Eric.

Eric, what if We cure you now, and set you rich and with great wealth. Will you then open your life to a woman?

Joseph, you do not understand. The only type of woman I would trust is a woman who befriends me while I have nothing to my name. Hence, if you do as you say, if you cure me of all my ailments and make me very wealthy, I would open my life to no woman. For Joseph take a look at my life. There is no woman there.

Joseph, whether you are husband to Mary or not, if any girl enters into my life after I gain cures and wealth, do you know what I will be thinking of her? I will be expecting her to at any moment to stab me in the back. And the bottom line is this: I will neither go out with her nor marry her. For I could never trust her. Amen.

Now Joseph, tell me this: Are you sent to me from the I AM, or are you from Satan?

I Am from the I AM. Eric, your answer is unacceptable.

Joseph, tell me how to change my answer to make it acceptable, you who are true husband to Mary.

You must trust women. Trust that We will not send you a serpent if you ask for a fish.

Lord, then, send me a girl just like this:

Lord, this is the type of girl I find most attractive. And I am sure You will have zero trouble fulfilling my request.

Lord Azurite, in Our study of this girl, we find what strikes you as most attractive in women, and that is that they possess a kind childlike cheerfulness and are as innocent as snow.

Eric, We can get you this girl, exactly as you have requested, but you must promise us this, in exchange for Our efforts to do this.

What is it, O’ Lord?

Do not have sex with her. For both of you are chosen to reign as Prophets. And that means that you cannot have any sexual relationships, neither with each other nor with others, or else all this is ruined.

Also realize that the door to the Kingdom is shut. No one outside may enter in. And no one inside may get out.

I am an angelic being who serves the I AM.

Lord, do you take me from this house or this land prior to October of this year?

When you publish this post, We are taking you away.

Now one last thing I will say to the people.

He was sent to you, he preached to you, he spread the message, and you missed him. Congratulations, failed souls. Just as your Fathers missed the coming of Christ, your generation missed the coming of the Elijah. He is now being taken away. You have missed the one who speaks to God.

And the moment Eric publishes this post, I cease to speak. And no Prophet in all the world will thenceforth have the gift of prophecy.

It shall be two years of darkness. And after that I shall come. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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