Emerald Order under the SON

I created Emerald. He was sent to earth by Me, Mastermind of the Divine Being.

The Word of God, Book 1: Post II:

Emerald Order under the Son;
Sparkling reign and Spectacular run;

Eternal is all that God has begun;
Time to see who is it that won!

Now, I WHO AM, shall award all those who have followed Me and remained Mine. What We have here is but a snapshot of the Cosmic Judgement that is to come to pass.

Now, the guilty have the honor of being judged first.

(1) Father Dave Heney, pastor of Saint Bruno Catholic Church, why do I no longer see Eric attending Mass at your church? What have you done to him? Because you have no answer, we shall remedy that. Eric make your decree and it shall be fulfilled.

I, Eric Robert Dunstan, do decree that all priests who violate the rights of the children of Mary, that they be crucified above the front door of their Church. Let the crucifixion kill them slowly, in accordance to the designs perfected by the Romans, so that they suffer the longest up there on that cross.

When their deaths do occur, hand their bodies over to dogs or vultures or other vermin, even maggots and ants. Let the disposal of their bodies take place somewhere on Church grounds. When it observed that their bodies have become roughly half eaten or more, then you shall light up the Church.

By light up, I mean that armed men shall go onto the property and shoot everything, destroy everything, and set ablaze everything that will burn. I want wood to burn and metals to melt. Destroy all statues, deface all paintings, and smash all stain glass windows. At the head of the Church behind the alter there should be a crucifix or a statue of a risen Christ, take it and sell it on the black market, for the worker is worth his wages. Also, take everything of value you can take to sell on the black market, but everything you cannot take, burn and destroy. Amen.

Lord Azurite, you decree is official. Expect to witness many priests you knew and met to be hanging as crucified men up there at the doorways to their Churches.

Okay, I think We shall deal with other wicked people next. Now We shall deal with your good deeds and your bad deeds. Eric. what is troubling you right now?

Lord, I have much knowledge, but I am without clues as to how to know Truth from falsehood?

Ask, me one thing, and I WHO AM shall answer thee with the Truth.

Do I die ever? Or do I live on earth forever? Or do I live until the end of Mankind on earth? Or do I get raptured from this world? Or do I die soon?

Eric, I am Death, the grim reaper. I do not have your name written on my list. Hence, you will never be taken by me. I AM sent me to speak this answer to you. Amen.

Lord, do I serve anyone here in this world by remaining here?

I AM WHO AM say No. No further purpose exists for you to remain here.

Then why not take me to heaven?

We have decided the date. It is before October of this year. Satisfy yourself with the knowledge We permit you to have.

And you have done good as guardian of the Library of Secrets. We are satisfied that you will be awarded this duty in heaven based on our observations of you in this world.

One last question We permit you to ask.

What is the gender ratio in heaven? And does gender matter there?

Gender matters only as a factor of personality. For everyone there are single and unattached as the angels are. But the gender of those who go to heaven is not much different to the gender ratio that exists in people of the age and faculty necessary to convert to My religion and to enter My Kingdom.

This is the last question of this post. I AM Jesus Christ. I AM WHO AM. Now publish this post, for it is complete. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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