Eric is commanded to write

Eagle Eye, pass the signal! War has come! The White City calls for help!

The Word of God, Book 2: Post I:
Eric, you did not go to Church today. Our Lady of Guadalupe has no morning masses. And the Mass at Saint Bruno I shun, for I believe they would be watching me there, and I do not wish to worship God while under such unlawful scrutiny.

But the Truth is that you have cursed that Church to destruction. What you must decide is this. Are the angels speaking to you from heaven or from hell?

Lord, I am sorry for all the wickedness I have been led to write on account of the evil spirits leading me to. Eric only one law do you need to keep by which they are found out. And it is this. Angels of Satan never acknowledge that I AM. And this is the question you are to ask them the next time you hear from them: Who do you serve? Satan or the I AM. They are forced to answer you truthfully ever time.

Then, O’ Lord, ask this. Am I married to the Virgin Mary? Do we have children together? Am I also married to Kateri Tekakwitha? Do I have children with her? Do we have sex. Or there any other lovers for me. And You who answer me, who do You serve, Satan, or the I AM?

Eric, I AM. And the Truth is none of those things were from Me.

Then I repent them all. And I denounce them all as Satanic knowledge. Amen.

Now, O’ Lord, I have new questions. Am I a warlock to the Virgin Mary or to any other created being of the eldritch regions? Was I a wizard? Was I a cleric? Am I a servant to Mary in any way, and if so, in what way? And You who answer me, who do You serve, Satan or the I AM?

Eric, I AM. And yes, the Virgin Mary chose you to be her warlock. You were a white wizard prior to becoming the warlock to Mary. A white wizard is one who does white magic only. It has nothing to do with the colors of his clothing. As for being a cleric, you served me as cleric since your conversion to Christianity in July of 1992, putting the entire world of Emerald under the control of God.

For Emerald is Antichrist par Excellence Converted to follow the Christ. And Emerald was converted at the height of his reign. That makes you more powerful than any being admitted to heaven who was not already perfect.

Eric, you are a walking anomaly. According to prophecy, you shouldn’t exist. The whole of the Cosmos seems to have veered into a “what if” thought: What if the Antichrist par Excellence repented and was given the grace to succeed in his repentance? We are in that what if universe. And there is no going back.

Ok, O’ Lord, I have a new question. What are the true levels of heaven? And is everyone there happy or sad that they cannot ascend higher? And what level does Eric ascend to, O’ Lord? And you who answer me, who do You serve, Satan or the I AM?

Lord Eric, this will be the last question I answer in this post.

Lord Eric, I am Mary answering this final question in this post. Your rejection from Saint Bruno Catholic Church is a matter of pride on your part. For I do not need such dancing to receive miracles. But do not return unless you will submit to their authority. As for serving me…

Mary, Mother of Jesus, you who are speaking to me, do you serve Satan or the I AM?

Perhaps it cannot be answered the questions I asked, concerning my fate and how heaven is arrayed.

Lord, I have this question: Am I to marry, become a priest, or have a different fate than either of those two? And You Who answer me, who do You serve: Satan or the I AM?

Eric, I AM WHO AM. And your marital status remains as it is, single. Also, you are not fit for My priesthood. You shall not enter that.

Very well then, O’ Lord. I am celibate and continent from now on. What is my future here, O’ Lord? And You Who answer, do you serve Satan or the I AM?

Eric, you are the guardian of the Secret Library. It is under your guard. And you shall let enter only God, His Three Persons, and the Blessed Virgin Mary, along with yourself. Amen. It is a spiritual library, whose locks only you can unlock. This shall be your appointment until I take you from here, in Rapture. And then after you are judged, that task shall become your eternal assignment.

And You who give me this assignment of guarding the spiritual library, are you sent from the I AM or from Satan?

I AM make this assignment. Furthermore your entire family shall be gone when you return from the evening Mass you are attending. Amen. For they will have died of the latest COVID strain. Apparently this COVID strain spreads like air and has 33% kill rate.

Lord, does Mary forgive me for all those strange things I wrote about her? And let the one who answers say whether you serve the I AM or the devil?

Eric, I, Mary, have not been offended by mere words. It is deeds that count, not words, lord Azurite. Now, as to the command, Thou shalt not dishonor the Queen Mother, which is taken from, You shall honor your father and your mother, this was not your offense, as you did nothing of your own motive, but only as you were instructed.

Your offense, Eric, is rejecting the maids We sent to you. I am the Virgin Mary, and I serve the I AM. Mary, I must have rejected them in order that I fulfill the path Jesus has led me on, which is to be celibate and virgin, and to want for nothing.

Lord Jesus, is it possible for there to be a conflict in trust between the pure, perpetual servitude to Mary and the pure, eternal service to Jesus?

No, lord Azurite. The only difference is the rewards handed out. Those who serve Mary have a higher reward because she has the highest castle in the White City. Amen.

Mary, I wish to serve you as your warlock. And you will always be my Liege Lady. Now as for these maids I may or may not have seen, Mary, I cannot tell if such and such is poisonous or righteous. And I cannot strike up conversations with girls I just happen to see, because that leads to sexual harassment charges.

Lord Azurite, no one will live but you when you come home from Mass tonight. Here is how the deaths will have occurred. Infections will spread faster than fire in brush with the wind. Of those who get it among the vaccinated, one third will die outright. One third will get really sick, but recover. And one third will come down only mildly. Among those who are unvaccinated, only about 5% will have anything serious. And this will put a stop on pressing people to become vaccinated. Amen.

This post now comes to its end. Publish it, Eric, for it is complete. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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  1. It’s challenging to appear by well-informed individuals On this specific subject, however, you audio like you understand what you’re speaking about! Thanks lediga jobb bor??s


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