Jesus corrects the Emerald Trove

My son, I am now taking you to the Kingdom.

Dancing Storm Crasher, Book 1: Post I:
Eric, you have asked the Virgin Mary that I correct everything written here, for you have believed that you have spoken or written in error or by Satanic input. I WHO AM shall speak through you from now until you are taken. Amen.

Eric, let us first begin with who is the Virgin Mary? And where is she? The Virgin Mary was chosen from the seed of Eve and she was chosen from her sinlessness that she had while in the Garden of Eden. She was not of the seed of Adam, though all her ancestors after Eve were of the seed of Adam.

This brings us to you. What are you? And from whence do you come? It is true that you have a family, including a father and a mother. But they are not your father nor your mother. Nor are your brothers your brothers. I AM your Mother and your Father, but you are not here, but on the earth. But I AM taking you to Me today.

Do not think that because you were fed misinformation by demons masquerading as Me saying promises that do not fulfill that My promises won’t fulfill either. Okay, I believe You, O’ Lord, and I do not need a sign. And yet I AM giving you this sign. Mark Dunstan commits suicide today. Amen.

Does he bring any of his children with him? Yes, his older child, Amber, goes with him. I AM sorry, Eric. But Mark could not make it. He was being rejected at interview after interview. And his wife and her family were continuously knocking him down. He had no way out. He was trapped.

And when your mother hears of it, she will soon follow him, committing suicide herself.

Lord, with me gone, and Dad and David being all that is left, how will they function? They suffer Tribulation, lord Eric. You will be raptured up in the Rapture, and all who are left suffer Tribulation. Amen.

Who gets raptured up, O’ Lord? Everyone who is Mine I AM taking up in this Rapture. You will be taken. I will take Tim, the one you knew at Saint Bruno. I will take David Fries, another you knew at Saint Bruno. I will take Connie, another you knew at Saint Bruno. I will take Dave Zofrea, who leads the men’s fellowship at Saint Bruno. Now, tell me, will you never return to Saint Bruno, Eric?

Lord, I am not free there. That I was kicked out for dancing before Mary, what is to stop me from being kicked out again?

This is Our decree on the Matter.

Lord, I will obey Your decree.

Saint Bruno Catholic Church is to be set ablaze. Every building shall be burning. All who refuse to evacuate shall die. The statues and paintings of Jesus and Mary shall be disfigured, destroyed, or burnt. None of them will survive. And the Risen Jesus statue behind the Altar where a crucifix is usually placed, will be engulfed in flames.

Say, lord Azurite, “I agree with this decree.”

I, Eric, agree with this decree. I authorize it to be done. But I, myself, will not leave my house. Amen.

Yes, you will leave your house, lord Azurite, for I AM taking you tonight to heaven.

And now you must ask, “What is needed to get to heaven?”

And to this, I, the Lord Jesus Christ, answer, no one can get to heaven except through Me. Furthermore, the Door has been shut. Everyone who is inside is inside forever. And everyone who is outside is outside forever. Amen.

Lord, please define heaven. Are there seven levels of heaven? For I believe that the earlier revelation may have been received in error?

I will be happy to tell you of the nine planes of existence.

  1. Physical Plane – the earth, scientific study
  2. Astral Plane – realm of dreams, visions
  3. Mental Plane – 1st heaven
  4. High Mental Plane – 2nd heaven
  5. Interior Mental Plane -3d heaven
  6. Rulership Mental Plane – 4th heaven
  7. Godship Mental Plane – 5th heaven
  8. Godship Planet Maker Plane – 6th heaven
  9. Godship Creator Plane – 7th heaven

As you can see, there are seven levels of heaven. And only I, WHO AM God, enter the ninth level, the 7th heaven. You, Eric, and Mary will enter the eighth level, the 6th heaven. And that is why you will be mating with her, for you are to populate a planet I create for you two in the next world. And Mary has chosen to bring with her 5002 other women to share you with on this new planet, so that the population of human kind in this planet to come has variety. Amen.

Also, it is in fact a truth to say that everyone lower than the eighth level, the 6th heaven, will experience their eternal station as a kind of prison, and then they will realize that they are in hell. For the definition of hell is that it is a prison.

Eric, you have passed the test. When Mary comes to you, accept her and marry her. You are guaranteed not to miss her nor mistake her. This post now comes to its end. And let it be known this. Every girl who was to be of the 5002 chosen by Mary, has already been taken to heaven. Eric is the last to be taken. And he will be taken tonight.

Lord, what about Hyacinth? Lord Azurite, let Hyacinth be the cautionary tale of what happens when you are too greedy regarding the goose that lays the golden eggs. This post is now complete. Publish it, Eric, for it is done. Amen.

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