Mary and Jesus speak

Walking My path leads to a Kingdom.

Dancing Store Breaker, Book 1: Post VI:
Lord, I wish to walk Your path that leads to a Kingdom.

Then remain as you are, a virgin and unwed. For the Way to the Kingdom is to no more tarry with the things of this earth.

Lord, am I married to the Virgin Mary? And what about Saint Kateri Tekakwitha?

With the Virgin Mary your are bound to her as her vassal warlock. You can do nothing but obey her. In the Sea of Peace that exists in your soul, has the Holy Virgin dwelt. And it is her right to bring certain other servants of hers to dwell in that same Sea of Peace. And the dwelling in a sea of peace is the reality in the next world to which marriage is a shadow of in this age.

So you sin not, Eric. Lord, the Virgin Mary’s name I have dishonored. Lead me to exit that sin, O’ Lord.

Then, O’ Eric, you shall honor my name as such. I am your virgin wife and you are my virgin vassal lord. Now, let us play this game, Eric. We shall play the game called, Raze a Catholic Church to the ground. For the time has come for the Churches to be destroyed. Amen. Let us start with the Churches you go to, Eric.

Five Catholic Churches exist that you once went to on a regular basis:

  1. Saint Bruno Catholic Church, in Whittier
  2. Beatitudes, in La Mirada
  3. Saint Gregory, in Whittier
  4. Sant Mary of the Assumption, in Whittier
  5. Our Lady of Guadalupe, in La Habra

Mary, how do you play this game?

Eric, this is the game where you decree destruction. And it will happen. Decree it, for you are my warlock and the Seraphim assigned to serve you are waiting for your orders to destroy.

O’ Virgin Mary, just as it is with me where I cannot touch anyone unless they touch me first, so also is it the same with decrees of destruction. I can only issue a decree of destruction against a Church that actually seriously sinned against me. And of those five listed Churches, only the first of the five did that sin.

Saint Bruno Catholic Church committed the sin. The other Churches did not. Hence, O’ Mary, I can only decree the destruction against that one Church.

Ok, Eric state the sin, and wait for Jesus’ judgement, and then I will speak, my husband.

Jesus, this is the sin committed by Saint Bruno Catholic Church, and also by the pastor of that Church, Father Dave Heney, who did it in person.

The sin was denying Eric the right to worship at Saint Bruno Catholic Church, with the threat that were he to ever set foot on the grounds of Saint Bruno Catholic Church again, he would be arrested. Eric was allegedly asked to leave the Church grounds over a dispute on some unspecified medication Eric was alleged to take, a subject of which Father Dave would have no knowledge of. Eric at the time was praying and dancing a rosary to the Blessed Virgin Mary, the dancing being necessary to get the miracles ask for by two men who had asked Eric for such prayers. Eric was stopped at the second or third Hail Mary in the fourth decade. Eric gave the plate containing the prayer requests of those two men to Dave Heney, on whose head their blood now rests. And then Eric left the Church in obedience, never to return.

Eric later apologized to Father Dave in an email and Father Dave sent back an email saying that all things are forgiven. But Eric never returned, because he did not trust the people there. But what do You say, O’ Lord?

Lord Eric, it is good that you sent that email apologizing. And it is good that the matter is resolved with Father Dave. But in My Book, that rejection of you is eternal. That My Church rejected you, Eric, Who are My son, is an eternal rejection by My Church against both My son and against Me.

Therefore, after Mary removes from the Church to heaven all those who are hers by rapture, I will reject and spit out My Catholic Church and destroy her. And you, Pastor Father Dave Heney, I will have you crucified up above entrance to your Church so that all know who look upon you that you struck Me twice, and therefore, are condemned to hell. I AM the Lord. Amen.

Lord, let this be a new decree. I decree that all Catholic pastors and priests, except those who are truly claimed by Mary, to be crucified up above the doors of the entrances to their Churches. And these crucifixions must be done so that the victims remain up there on their crosses for the maximum time of torment possible before they die up there on those crosses. And after they are dead, feed their corpses to dogs, vultures, maggots, ants, or whatever you have available to take care of dead corpses and carcasses.

Eric, as grisly as that sounds, I am with you. Now, what about the buildings themselves? Remember that the name of the game we are playing says we raze the Churches to the ground. How do you propose we do this, Eric, my husband.

The pines were roaring on the heights;
The winds was moaning in the night;
The fire was red, it flaming spread;
The trees like torches blazed with light.

The bells were ringing in the dale,
And men looked up with faces pale;
The dragon’s ire, more fierce than fire,
Laid low their towers and houses frail.

written by J.R.R. Tolkien, the Hobbit

Let, therefore, fire consume all Catholic Churches where the pastor or priests do not belong to Mary. Amen. Excellent, Eric. But now say something specifically for Saint Bruno Catholic Church.

Give me a hint, O’ Mary, my dear sweet one?

Have blood flow from the eyes of every statue of Jesus or Mary both inside that Church and on its grounds. And let the blood fill the floor and the pavement, making them hazards to walk on. Let every person who tries to lift or remove any of the statues, break something inside himself, or hear of a loved that has just died. Do that and I will be pleased, lover.

Mary, let it all happen as you have said.

Eric, I am privileged by God to give you admission to my kingdom forever. You are now officially a resident in the Queen’s Gardens. Amen.

Mary, am I a sinner here in this world?

Let me teach you about the Holy Spirit, love.

I dwell in the sea of peace that is in your soul. And I testify that a soul could not have such peace as yours does and also be in any way wrong with God. So ask your questions, Eric. And let us see God’s answers to them.

Lord, are only these going to heaven: Mary, Mary’s warlock, Eric, and those women she has chose to accompany her?

That is correct, lord Eric. Those are all who are going to heaven.

Mary, what about the good men who did good things for me and who seemed to love me as a man is to love his neighbor?

Eric, yes, I see their good deeds for you. But they, everyone of them, took advantage of a woman and took pleasures from her to her ruination.

Eric, my women have been ruined by many men, even those who are called their brothers, nephews, uncles, fathers, and sons, who are the males of their family and who are supposed to help them. And instead, they seduce or rape them.

Because of their transgressions, I do not trust them. Even were they to live a thousand years not doing those transgressions anymore, I would still not trust them. And that is why they go to hell.

Sure, there is the sacrament of reconciliation. But what does that do to women, or to the woman wronged? All that the sacrament of reconciliation does is break the condemnation God has against them. But it does nothing to regain trust in Mary. And it is I, Mary, who decide all who are to enter the Kingdom with me.

But Mary, were there not male saints who never transgressed against you or against women? Name them. Saint John of the Cross. Saint John of the Cross was gay. Gay saints cannot be saved, unless they are actively seeking to become straight.

The Truth is that every man but you transgresses. Some transgress as heterosexuals. Others transgress as homosexuals. And other seek pleasures with animals. But you are mine, for you do not do those things. And I have captured you. It is a great feat to capture a unicorn.

So, O’ Lord, are you telling me that of all the millions or billions of people reading these posts, that every last male among them is to go to hell, but a certain number of the women, chosen by you, Mary, are going to heaven, along with Eric, Mary’s warlock?

Yes, such is the Way it is. Amen.

And Mary, how do you choose a woman to accompany you in heaven?

  1. She has to love Jesus, Who I show to her first.
  2. She has to enter the Catholic Church and receive communion in a state of grace.
  3. She has to come to love me, the Holy Virgin Mary.
  4. Then, if she is worthy, I show her you, and she must choose to marry you.

And O’ Mary, if you could answer me this, I would love you forever. Are there more saints who have died who are among this group, or are there more who are among those who live or who are yet to come who are of this group?

The numbers of those dead outnumber those who live among these saints who are mine who have accepted marriage to you. And furthermore, the door is shut.

Mary, do you give me the number of those who are to be married to me from among those who you chose to save?

The number is 5002. (5002 = 61 * 41 * 2).

And O’ Mary, what about the 144,000 virgin first fruits?

These issue from your loins, lord Eric, by mating with the 5002 brides.

Okay, Mary, mother of God Incarnate Jesus, the Christ, is the highly anticipated Rapture of Eric and the women of Mary still here to take place this month, before October? Yes, and you will see me and all the saints awaiting you. Amen.

Mary, O’ Mother of Jesus, heaven must be quite empty if only 5004 were saved?

Eric, are you empty?

No, O’ Lord.

If you are not empty, Eric, and you are but a microcosm of the Holy Spirit, how then can heaven be empty.

Eric, you have now spoken enough.

People will read this book and consider it garbage of a cooky and cast away, until the prophecies are fulfilled. And then they will seek you, but it will be late. Amen.

As for going to Church. Only go to Our Lady of Guadalupe. Stay only for the Mass. And leave unless someone wishes to talk with you. Amen.

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