Today is 9-21-2021. It is the Day of Judgement.

I am gold, I am pure, and my face is not demure.

Dancing Storm Breaker, Book 1: Post III:
Behold, this is the Day! Today, Tuesday, September 21, 2021, today the Virgin Mary raptures from the earth all those who she says are hers.

Now I, the holy Virgin Mary, shall speak.

I am one, once in time, and the season come is mine,
And the vintage of our wine is as ageless as is time.

Come and dwell with me my love as the rain falls from high above
Cleansing all the land in green in the valley where we are seen.

We are drenched, we are soaked, but the water is so clean
That the love we have invoked brings out the beauty of our being.

I’m on fire, with desire, for the warlock I have made,
That I bring him to my virgin’s fire as we rest wihin the shade.

We shall mate, and he shall sate all his love for me he had
And we remain in our embrace in our eternity as a triad.

For we are multi, not just two, who share this point of view,
That my warlock was not made to make love with just a few.

And so my many I make his, all who perished in my name,
All my virgins and my unwed, whose desire was enflamed.

Eric, come with me and dance, and as we dance upon the green,
Know that the Church that kicked you out, shall nevermore be seen.

I am Mary, I am Queen, I was Created, I am no god.
And my warlock who was made mine, has been ransomed by Jesus’ love.

Written by the Virgin Mary through the hand of Eric.

I am the Blessed Virgin Mary. Eric, you are wise. You have stopped going to the weekday masses. Sunday Mass only do you go to. For you have been observant. The Catholic Church is not where I am found. Nor am I found in any Church.

Eric, tell Us again why you never held Mark’s children while they were infants or babies? Mark told me not to do so because he was concerned about my germs infecting them.

Then Mark must have been very concerned about the welfare of his children? That I would say is false, O’ Lord, for a man who dresses his daughters like sluts does not care about them in any real way in my book, O’ Lord. And you just look at the clothing Mark dresses them up in. It is as if he is intent on a nip slip, borrowing the language used by models, such as at the Oscars, who dress so much like sluts that their nipples occasionally are seen.

Eric, have you ever had sex with a girl?


What about with a guy?


What about with an animal?


Are you even developed that you can have sex.


Okay, Eric, we have work for you to do. Take this position, and you will be with Me forever. This is the position I assign you to. Doorkeeper. Guard the door to admittance to the repository of all books. For you will let only Me, I WHO AM, and Mary, and yourself entrance into this realm of secrets.

I accept the position. No no one will be permitted access but God, Mary, and myself. No other soul, not even Tekakwitha, shall be granted entry. Amen.

Keep to that vow, lord Eric. And when We return, and We have found that your commitment was kept, you shall receive your reward.

This post now comes to its end.

You shall now write when We command it. Amen.

And from now on, seek knowledge through Mary, for she is your wife. But do not write those conversations here anymore, for the secrets passing between the two of you in conversation are not to be written, unless commanded to do so by God. Amen.

And the promise that you were to receive anything from God in this world, let it go. For this world belongs to Satan. Instead, realize that your treasure is in the mental plane. And the astral plane, which is between the physical and mental planes, is about to be destroyed. Amen. These Words are from God. Amen.

And you shall now close this post and publish it, for it is complete, Eric. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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