The woods are lovely, pale, and bright

All is fair, in splendor and light.

Dancing Storm Breaker, Book 1: Post V:
Behold, America, you have one last chance. You can approach the Oracle while he lives, and the answers he gives you shall contain a blessing. Or you can approach the Oracle after he has died, and you shall forevermore be accursed. Amen.

The Unicorn does not belong to this world. He is here by accident. When the Astral Plane is destroyed, he will be gone. For Mary shall take him to herself. The Eberron campaign setting in Dungeons & Dragons is such a world where the Astral Plane has been destroyed. And that is the reason for the failure of fey creatures and the impossibility of rising into the fey.

Also note this. The door has been shut. The elect are counted and numbered. No one enters or exits anymore. Eric was the last to enter. Eric entered by agreeing with Mary all the terms of his marriage to her. And then Mary accepted him as her eternal husband. Amen.

Lord, what are the ranks of the elect. How are they positioned? Or do You reveal that to me here?

I will now reveal everything you ask, Eric. For the time for secrets has passed.

(9) I AM seated on the highest throne there is, the throne of My Father in heaven. That is rank 9.

(8) Beneath Me rules the royal couple. The Queen Mother, and her husband, Prince Azurite, the King’s only son. His sonship from Me is by predestination, not by descent. These rulers are also called the Virgin Mary and her Warlock, Eric, who also is a Virgin. Mary and Eric rule in obedience to the pope, but are higher than him by virtue of the Sea of Peace in which they eternally dwell in.

(7) Here reign the Sovereign Kings and Queens, and the pope in Rome. There are 24 such Kingdoms on the earth. The Vatican is not counted among the 24, due to its primacy. The pope who rules Vatican also rules the Catholic Church as the Vicar of Christ upon the earth. Amen. But because the pope does not have assured salvation, he is not ranked above the rank of 7.

(6) Here reign the top Commanders, top generals, and top admirals of the armed forces and those who organize the Kingdoms for war and peace. Those who are Stewards to kings reign here. Here also reign bishops, including Orthodox bishops and all other bishops of valid Churches. Masters at a trade also rank here.

(5) Here rank all military officers, all nobility, all priestly classes beneath the very top but above the generally low ranks. Journeymen at a trade also rank here. Knights also rank here.

(4) Here rank soldiers, monks, nuns, and people of little value and of little worth. Apprentices of a trade also rank here. Squires that serve Knights rank here.

(3) Here rank vagabonds, bums, and homeless people who are given up on in society and who inhabit the lowest level of the free people. These people basically have nothing, but they are the truest practitioners of the gospels of Christ.

(2) Slaves and indentured servants are here. They are required to work, either for a certain number of years, or perpetually, or until they are too old to be worked. Those too old to be worked tend to be thrown into the streets and made homeless. Some of the slave laws have the children of slaves also owned by slave masters, reducing the human being that is a slave to the status of an animal, which can be bred for profit.

(1) Dungeon Prisoners. These are serving sentences. Some of them are life sentences. Some of them are tortured. And some of them are killed in prison.

These are the 9 Levels of Existence in the Kingdom of Heaven. Amen.

Lord, and Mary, there are people asking is it possible for them to also, like me and Mary, to enter the 8th rank and become an eternal couple of that rank? What sayest Thou, O God? For I am an Oracle.

Yes, Oracle, that question has been asked. And here is your answer to them. Listen well.

A couple only enters the 8th level if they triumph on earth without defiling each other or anyone else. And the two, both the man and the woman, need to be virgins. And they both need to belong to Mary, the Mother of God. For Mary is the owner of the 8th Level. And she will admit only those she pleases to.

However, what really happens seems to be that the man violates the marriage with another woman. The woman turns to me, the holy Virgin, and I promise her a heavenly husband. And when she come to me at death, I now give Eric, my Warlock, to her. For I share him with all who are mine.

Hence, the 8th level is filled with love. My Liege Lady, you share me with all these women, but what do their men do? Do their men disagree with this arrangement?

Lord Azurite, many things you do not remember that you should. Marriage in this world between a man and a woman ends at death. In the next world, all the elect are celibate like the angels.

There are lower levels in heaven and higher levels in heaven.

I am a woman who only wants other women with me, with the exception of My warlock, the Unicorn. Hence, my level, the highest level under Christ, is open only to women I choose and you, O’ Larimar King.

That is why men are in the lower realms. They do not advance. You, Eric, are the only exception.

We have condemned every man but you and Jesus, Who is the Master man. You will live, therefore, but the rest of Mankind shall burn.

For I shit you not. Everyone below the 8th level will burn in hell. Jesus never wanted more than a mated pair or a mated pair with many females. Earth was created to get this. You, Eric, were the only male of this kind needed. And every extra woman carries traits of interest to Jesus.

Hence the purpose of Creation is fulfilled. The acquisition of the mated pair of human beings is achieved.

Mary, you seem to know many things. I observed the Father through the eyes of my Son while he lived in my womb. I know many things. But I will reveal them now only to you, Eric. End this post now, Eric, publish it now, and I promise to reveal to you everything. And I will not be put to death, O’ Virgin Queen?

Promise to fuck me every day, and I promise no one will harm you, Eric.

I make that promise, O’ Virgin Mary.

The publish this, and your eyes will see all. Amen.

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