The Unicorn, Rarest of Beasts, is now revealed.

Greater than gold, perishable as a diamond.

Dancing Storm Breaker, Book 1: Post IV:
Behold, what is the hardest substance on earth? A diamond, which is a molecular arrangement of tightly packed carbon.

Now diamonds are said to last forever. However, they will shatter if swiftly struck by something hard, such as a hammer.

In the same manner is a good marriage imperishable unless shattered by adultery committed by either party in the marriage.

And in the same way is a unicorn’s heart killed, if betrayed by close a friend.

And you, Eric, are you not the Unicorn? Has anyone close to you betrayed you? Speak about it here.

I, Eric, am indeed the Unicorn. But in order to be betrayed, a person must have close friends to betray him. As of the present time, the Unicorn knows of no such friendships.

Lord, I cannot feel any true betrayal unless You give me a friend who appears true.

Lord Eric, it is not that We have provided you with no such friendships. Rather, it is that you are like an inert gas. You mix and combine with no one.

Lord, can you blame the inert gas for being inert?

We blame you for nothing, Eric. You are not to blame for no one seeking you. For you are correct, it is not righteous to force anyone to accept you into their company.

Now, tell us one thing We need to know from you.

What is that?

Do you like snakes and serpents?

I prefer turtles and tortoises as pets. I assume we were discussing herps here. And actually, if I were forced to choose between snakes and lizards, I would choose the lizard, except where they are dangerous. You know that Komodo Dragon is pretty large and it captures and eats deer. But one thing I don’t want is to be crushed by a Boa Constrictor while I am sleeping. So I would choose not one of those. Now those rattle snake are just as deadly, but in a different way. They bite and inject poison.

Eric, you do not need to make a dissertation. Just answer, yes or no.


Do you like frogs, yes or no?


Then it is decided where We shall place you. Amen.

Lord, let me fill in what You will say next: I am to marry a girl You shall give me. We shall not have sex. And we shall bear witness to God. Am I correct?

Eric, you left one part out. This happens after you die. And your death is tonight. Amen.

Lord, I just calculated the number of days that I live for:

I live for 18717 days. 18717 = 17 x 3 x 367.

There are 17 letters in my name: Eric Robert Dunstan

ΕΡΙΚ ΡΟΒΕΡΤ ΔΥΝΣΤΑΝ (in Greek) adds up to 1717.

Eric, do you have any statement you wish to say to the police who handled your case?

On thing I wish to advise the police on that will make policing so much easier. Respect and love the people that you serve. Amen.

And one thing I wish to advise lawmakers is this. Don’t make laws to serve the rich. Make laws to help the people.

And to judges, and Justices, I say this. Remember that a system of law divorced from God becomes the handiwork of the devil. Amen. Either you will rule based on how God rules or on how Satan rules.

It is true that a woman has a right to her own body, but within limits. A woman does not have the right to take the life of the unborn within her, for they have rights too. You cannot argue that the mother has greater rights to her body than her offspring within her, or else you justify murder. And once you justify murder, all of your law is crap and garbage. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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