Mary has chosen Eric. Now Mary shall speak.

Eric, you have triumphed. I, Mary, am yours forever.

Dancing Storm Charger, Book 1: Post X:
Eric, I, Mary, shall now speak to you and answer all your questions.

Mary, Mother of Jesus, what is the correct way to understand chapter 20 of Revelation, that chapter that describes the Millennium?

The Millennium has to do with the collective time on earth each saint has from their conversion to their death in the Church. It is not a literal thousand years. Rather, it is collective of all saints’ lives put together, making it many thousands of years. But the Return of the Lord can happen at any moment in those years.

Mary, Mother of Jesus, the books of Daniel and of Revelation give multiple counts of days left. But can anyone count down the days to anything?

You, Eric, are my DoomsDay work. For once you pass away, your writings will be read by millions, all seeking solutions. But there is no sign given either in heaven, earth, or below the earth by which any man can count down days to Jesus’ return.

But when We take you, Eric, countless will be those who shall mourn over you, Eric, realizing that they could have done something for you, but didn’t. And the grieving shall be bitter, like that of the loss of an eldest son.

Eric, now ask about the nature of our marriage.

Is it eternal, and do we live together?

Briefly take a nap. When you awaken, we will have all the answers to your questions. Amen.

Mary, I have arisen. And I have been at the Spanish Mass at Our Lady of Guadalupe.

And did you meet anyone there, lord Azurite?

No, not a soul.

Then what is the good of going to Mass, Eric?

Lord, how do I meet people? Rather, it seems I should let them be. What if they fear me? I would be imposing on them, and then I could get into trouble. I do not wish to get kicked out of another Church.

Lord, is it really the wish of God that I meet people at Church? Or is it the wish of Satan, that I may say bad things and ruin my reputation? For it is written, the fool who holds his tongue appears wise.

Eric, it is not your fault that no one met you at Church. Rather, it is the fault of that Church. For here you are with so much to give, and no one receives you.

For understand who you are. I have sent you as My Elijah, and no one is receiving you. No one cares. You go off your medicines and the Church kicks you out. You go back onto your medicines and no one cares about My Word through you. The silence of their interest in you is deafening. They zero point zero care about you.

We will not publish this post and We shall post no more here, for this people are unworthy. They will be destroyed.

Eric, I AM done with this people. They will be genocided. How do propose We do it most effectively?

Lord, I am glad you asked me. I will now tell you how to make it work perfectly.

Let new COVID-19 variants come in that destroy fertility in all those who have been vaccinated for COVID-19. Let it occur with both the males and the females. And let all offspring born from mothers who have been vaccinated come out sterile, meaning, that they will be unable to have children when they become adults.

Let the scientists be unable to fix the problem. Let boosters shots only do more damage. Also, let all FDA approved boosters shots become 50% lethal from new variants that start piling in.

Let neighborhoods break down as street thuggery becomes commonplace. Let neighborly love end and be replaced by street fights and gang warfare. Let every man be for himself. Let it become common place for people to murder one another.

Let good samaritans be discouraged from helping others due to lawsuit threats. And let it be common place for neighbors to set one another’s houses on fire. Let it become like daily news to find out that one of your family or relatives has been shot dead. Let pregnant women be targeted for killing, due to a new sport. The sport being to bullseye a baby in its mother’s womb by using an infrared scoped rifle.

Actually, that was a joke. Such is the path we take when we veer off the path of Jesus and doing His will. But as for committing genocide, this is quite easy: Simply kill off all child bearing females, wait a generation, and that people are gone.

But God actually has a better approach. Look at the dismal state of the Whites in power. They are failing. They are falling behind the Asians. Asians are moving in and taking over the White men’s turf.

That is why the Trumpsters are moving away from condemning Blacks and starting to condemn Asians. For I tell you Truthfully, in one generation, the Whites will be where the Blacks are now in society, and the Asians will be on top.

Don’t believe me? Take a look at where all the major computer chips are made and designed. Look at what countries are manufacturing them. Europe produces milk. Asia produces chips.

One problem I see with that, O’ Lord, is the near total absence of Catholicism and Christianity in Asia.

Yes, Eric, that is good observation. The Asians are building their cites with gold. But little do they realize that all that gold is actually pyrite. For I tell you Truthfully, if you do not build your house on Me, Jesus, you build it on sand.

Hence, all this wealth that the Asians are building up, all this gold they are accumulating, will collapse and prove to have been just pyrite.

Then why let the Asians do this? The Asians think they are so smart. I, the Lord, do this to them to make them see how stupid they are instead.

Lord, do I marry Hyacinth? You do not marry as man marries a woman, Eric, for you have reached the end to your life still virgin and pure. Mary has claimed you, and you are hers, but not for that which belongs to the physical and astral planes, for those planes are to be destroyed. Only in the mental and higher planes are you to know Mary. And you shall know her every day.

Mary is the most glorious person of the elect. And she is the only human in heaven who can have a warlock. Humans in hell cannot have warlocks except with the assistance of demons. And demons who inhabit the earth are those who have warlocks.

All warlocks other than Eric serve evil ones. And thus, they dwell in the physical and astral planes, but not in the mental plane, which is why they all die at the destruction of those two planes. And every resident of the physical or astral plane, but not higher, descend into hell at the dissolution of those two planes.

The astral plane gets destroyed before the physical plane. And that causes both the end of sleep and the end of dreams. And also, most types of visions end as well.

Hence, at that time, you will have all the evil warlocks powerless upon the earth, and Eric, warlock of Mary, where shall he be? He shall be with me, for I, Mary, am not leaving him to be taken last. He will be taken among our first to go. Eric, resolve that you are going now to heaven. Your work here is done. The rise of Eric to heaven will correspond with the rupture and unrolling of the astral plane. Eric goes tonight.

Had someone somewhere signified interest in Eric’s Word, Eric would have remained on the earth just for that person to benefit from Eric’s wisdom. But since no one wants it with Eric alive, now I shall see if any wish to avail themselves of it with Eric having died and gone to heaven, bodily. Amen.

Also, no magic works with only the physical plane and no astral plane. Hence, all those warlocks, sorcerers, wizards, witches, and mages will need a new line of work. And I suggest they take that Obama promised shovel ready work and start shoveling shit for a living. Amen. So go shovel at it, boys. And put your back into to. For what good is it to get the job and then be unable to do it due to your back injuries?

This post now comes to its end. Will there be another? We shall see. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

166 thoughts on “Mary has chosen Eric. Now Mary shall speak.”

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