Over misty mountains cold

The path to Victory goes over very high hills indeed.

Dancing Storm Charger, Book 1: Post IX:
Eric, I AM Jesus, Your Creator. And I AM proud that you have triumphed. And as a triumphant soul I give you a name that comes from Me, not one you made up. Your name is now Elixir. And you will carry that name for the rest of your life on this earth. Amen.

Furthermore, your marriage to Mary is complete. As for the conjugal act, that is a requirement only in marriages of the flesh. Your marriage to Mary most holy concerns only the spiritual interiors of your two souls. Now, to prove that you are indeed united to Mary, ask her anything, right here in this post.

Mary, what is the true sequence of events that are to take place right after I am raptured up? Please go from now until the end of time, O’ Mary, Mother of Jesus.

You are to be raptured up in the Rapture of the saints. Who else is raptured, very few, like mere drops upon an Ocean Sea. Amen.

After that, the blazing sun goes dark. The moon gives an eery red glow. And the sky becomes full of shooting stars. Shooting stars are meteors burning up in the earth’s atmosphere, not real stars. The biblical passage on stars falling from the sky referred to shooting stars.

After this, hell is let loose upon the earth. And no one can do any real work. The mark of the beast will be any act you do that signs your soul to Satan, such as receiving the COVID vaccine, knowing that murders of unborn souls were used to make or test them. Those without the mark of the beast will be heavily persecuted.

Eventually everything on the planet gets destroyed. And people stop fighting for shit because they realize everything has become pure shit. And then some turn back to God. Others seek other remedies. And no answer comes from either hell of heaven.

It is also noticed that the sun is getting larger by the day. And it is realized that the earth is falling into the sun. As this gets underway, a huge crack appears in the mood And then the moon seems to be breaking apart. And a large chunk seems to be headed to the earth.

Then it is realized that the earth is to break up and form a new asteroid belt around the sun. Before impact, every vessel that can escape earth’s gravity lifts off from the earth. Then the large chunk from the moon hits the earth. Every terrestrial mammal and terrestrial bird has gone extinct on earth.

200 million years into the future, creatures observe strange metallic shapes. They know only that advanced lifeforms inoculated the two earths from vessels such as these.

According to the science of that age, the twin earths were the result of two gods waging war against each other. And one of them threw a large stone against the other god’s earth, hewing them in two and causing them to slow, so that they came closer to the orbit of the red planet, which we call Mars. The two new earths, being smaller than the previous earth, had a lighter gravitational pull, which meant that it was possible to travel between the two earths with much less thrust than it takes now to go from earth to the moon.

Hence, interplanetary travel between the two earths was possible for microscopic life forms and also for relatively primitive humanoid technologies.

Lord, is this possible? Lord Azurite, I am giving you Mary. She is your wife.

Do we have offspring together? Or do we love each other in perfect, virgin celibacy? Mary, Mother of Jesus, are we never to touch flesh to flesh?

Eric, listen to me now and learn well. We are the founder couple of the new Eden. We will have offspring every day. Do you believe you can do this, Eric? If I am taken off these medications, yes.

Lord, free Eric from the shackles of his medications. Do so now. And let no one on earth who objects live. I am the holy Virgin Mary. Amen.

And this is the sign that I, Mary, have given this order. Blood will seen coming from every statue of Jesus and Mary in every Catholic Church in your Kingdom, Eric. And remember your Kingdom is North America, excluding Mexico, Quebec, Cuba, the Cayman Islands, Jamaica, and the Lesser Antilles. Blood will be seen coming from their mouths and their eyes. If you see this sign, no more are you to take medicines. Amen.

Yes, I will obey you Mary, My Liege Lady. What dost thou wish me to address you by, O’ Mary, Mother of Jesus? As you have just addressed me in your last two sentences, so also shall you address me in eternity.

Lord, my father is taking things and putting them places. But I also know that you can command him to take them from the hiding place he put them in and restore them to their owner.

Correct, lord Azurite. Hence, do not put him in an old age home. For there is much good that comes with putting up with a father who has gone senile. But as for being saved, if he were to choose that, he would have done so while he was sane. For with insanity, the options to become saved dwindle.

The Protestants believe they are saved or do they? If they read the Bible and believe it, they must come to the conclusion that they might not be saved. For absolute assurance that one is saved is not Biblical. In fact, the belief that all or most people go to heaven is diabolic. Hence, a Christian who believes that all or most go to heaven is a Kool-Aid Christian. A Kool-Aid Christian doesn’t do his own research, but trusts the good sounding words of others and then goes through the motions and dances the dance, and calls himself a Christian and a member of Christ’s family, and then sits back and relaxes and parties and has a good time.

Lord, my Dad speaks of committing suicide. But when I go to report it, no one does anything about it. That is because, Eric, what you thought of as real here is fake. Am I a prisoner in this fake world? Only if you choose its glory over Mine.

Lord Azurite, list now the 24 Kingdoms and their ruling Kings and Queens in summary:

  1. Kingdom of North America, ruled by lord Eric, the Azurite King.
  2. Kingdom of Quebec, ruled eternally by Queen Kateri Tekakwitha.
  3. Kingdom of Russia. ruled eternally by Emperor Alexei Navalny and Empress Yulia Navalnaya
  4. Kingdom of China, ruled by Nephrite.
  5. Kingdom of Oriental Seas, ruled by Queen Nacre.
  6. Kingdom of the Ocean Pacific, ruled by Paunamu.
  7. Kingdom of Australia, ruled by Dreamtime Witch.
  8. Kingdom of the East Indies, ruled by Queen Shipwreck.
  9. Kingdom of Indochina, ruled by Queen Porcelain.
  10. Kingdom of India, ruled by Queen Ebony.
  11. Kingdom of Persia, ruled by Queen Esther.
  12. Kingdom of the Indian Ocean, ruled by Queen Tempest.
  13. Kingdom of Israel, ruled by God. I AM WHO AM. This Kingdom I shall rule directly. And its eternal definitions shall be as I WHO AM say. 
  14. Kingdom of the Nile, ruled by King Hippopotamus
  15. Kingdom of the Congo, Ruled by King Kong
  16. Kingdom of Southern African Savana, ruled by Queen Ostrich.
  17. Kingdom of the Sandy Sahara, ruled by King Dromedary.
  18. Kingdom of Greek and Slavic Europe, ruled by King Constantine. 
  19. Kingdom of Latin and Germanic Europe, ruled by Queen Eldritch.
  20. Kingdom of Nordic Europe, ruled by King Reindeer.
  21. Kingdom of the Spanish Main and the West Indies, ruled by Queen Willow.
  22. Kingdom of Aztlan, ruled by Queen Ester.
  23. Kingdom of the Seven Southern Spanish States, ruled by Queen Erythrina.
  24. Kingdom of Brazil, ruled by King Cacau.

This is the List of the 24 Kingdoms, along with their Rulers. Lord, I notice that there seem to be more female rulers than male rulers. That is because, lord Azurite, it is easier to be saved for a woman than it is for a man. For salvation requires submission. And women submit much more easily than men. I AM the Lord. Amen.

Lord, do any of these kings and queens marry? Or do they remain in their permanent positions forever? For can they marry? Or are they permanent in their vocation?

You, Eric, shall marry Kateri Tekakwitha, and your Kingdoms shall then be combined.

Just like that, O’ Lord?

Kateri Tekakwitha is a possession of the Virgin Mary. And whosoever Mary wishes you to marry of her possessions so shall it be.

Mary, am I perfect with you? Are there any more tests I have to pass?

Just one test, lord Eric. And that test is that you fuck me, the Queen of queens and Virgin of virgins.

Mary, Mother of Jesus, is it from Satan or from heaven that I deflower the Virgin Queen?

It is from the devil, lord Eric. Whosoever tries to fuck me dies. Well were you to seek to clarify, for that is the last test. And now we are done.

And Mary, Mother of Jesus, I realize I am like the angels, never marrying. All this talk about marriage is from Satan, am I correct?

That you marry Tekakwitha in heaven is true. Every other marriage written here is false, other than your eternal marriage to me, the Mother of Jesus. Hence, restate your Kingdom now in Truth, for the total number is 23.

(1) Kingdom of North American Atlantis, ruled by Eric the Azurite King and Kateri Tekakwitha, canonized saint. And the lands of their combined Kingdom include:

  1. Alaska
  2. Canada, including Quebec
  3. Contiguous United States of America, with islands
  4. The Lucayan Archipelago
  5. Hispaniola
  6. Puerto Rico
  7. The U.S. Virgin Islands
  8. The U.K. Virgin Islands
  9. Burmuda
  10. Saint Pierre and Miquelon

And their list of official languages include the following:

  1. English
  2. Algonquian
  3. French
  4. Spanish
  5. Various Creoles

This, then, is the Master Kingdom. Whoever comes to this Kingdom shall receive respect. At the beginning of Millennium, I WHO AM shall raise Kateri Tekakwitha as priestess and eternal wife to Eric the Azurite King. For it is granted to certain saints to choose someone of the past to be their spouse. You have chosen Tekakwitha and the decision is ratified.

Lord, do I have offspring with Kateri? As the children of this world decrease, the children of the first resurrection increase and drive them to extinction. Yes, you and Kateri will have children together. And this fertility shall never fail. For the curse of Eve will have been reversed.

Hence, you shall have children in heaven by Mary and children on the new earth by Kateri Tekakwitha. Eric, are you capable of doing this? Yes, but not while I am taking these medicine.

O’ yes, the medicine.

Or is it rather, O’ Mary, Mother of Jesus, that I am being fooled that I am to have sex at all? Perhaps this was all some test. And the test was whether I am truly celibate, or was there a circumstance where I would fall to have sex or to get romantically involved with a woman.

Well, Eric, what is the reason why you have no involvement with any woman?

Lord Jesus, you know well this that I say. Of girls who were available to me, there was never one among them who would have been a wise choice for me to marry. You agree with this, O’ Lord?

Eric, you are correct, but only due to the fundamental reason why celibacy and virginity are the higher and better roads to walk than that of the marital embrace. And you know this is written in the Council of Trent.

So I have this question for you, Eric. Why do you continue to ponder over an already answered question?

I ponder because the falsifier keeps messing up your commands to me in my mind.

Then let Me make it very simple in your mind. For you in your position, any pull in the direction of sex, marriage, romance, or relationship with a girl is Satanic in nature. Reject them all at the door.

And so, you will have me rule on those two marriages of the next world: Your marriage to Mary and your marriage to Kateri Tekakwitha. How do I rule on these, you ask?

Your marriage to Mary is unconsummated and perpetual in nature. It cannot end except by an act of adultery against Mary. If Mary wishes it, she can bind you to other women, over whom she has complete control. And all these bindings are unconsummated in nature. And that is why they can exist without transgression. And Kateri Tekakwitha has been bound to you by Mary in such unconsummated bonds. Many will be these bonds throughout the Kingdom of Heaven, and they will be perpetual and unconsummated in nature. Amen.

But unconsummated marriages do not have children born to them, am I correct? Wrong. Children are still born to them, but without the curse of Adam and Eve. That is why Mary said to you that she and you will be the founder couple. You and her will be the new Adam and Eve. This post now comes to its conclusion. Publish it, for it is complete. Amen.

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